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  1. Don't think it was an AGM, think it was SMiSA's quarterly meeting.
  2. Aye, funny how certain accounts have been rather quiet since the election results were announced. Still waiting on details of a former member of staff being awarded £30,000 by a tribunal - information that would be in the public domain if it happened.
  3. Baccus has made the Aussie World Cup squad. No place for Strain sadly. https://www.footballaustralia.com.au/news/socceroos-fifa-world-cup-qatar-2022tm-squad-announced
  4. Finally started - will leave it to others to point out the obvious. https://www.smisa.net/election
  5. It would appear all employment tribunal results are published here: https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions I can find no details of any employment tribunals involving St Mirren FC. There are a few involving Kibble from the last few years, all but one of which was struck off and the exception was dismissed. It may be there is another company name or contractor I should be searching for. I've tried searching a few names that have previously been suggested here as stadium manager with no luck. Any further information you could provide about this, or the other tribunals, mentioned would be much appreciated as it would help me find this information which is already in the public domain. You'll be aware there is plenty of scepticism, to put it mildly, over the claims posted by yourself and others so this is a great opportunity for you to back up your case and win many of us round.
  6. Voting for the new SMiSA board members (not the SMiSA person to sit on the club board) was due to begin yesterday and run until Friday: https://www.smisa.net/news-archive/5-general-smisa-news/338-smisa-board-election-and-other-news Anyone know why it hasn't started yet?
  7. Makes it even more bizarre that at least one of them seemingly wants back in.
  8. Fully agree, however going by posts on here (and having listened to the latest Misery Hunters podcast) you could be forgiven for thinking certain people are lining up a return.
  9. Wonder if any former St Mirren directors will put their names forward to join the SMiSA board?
  10. Noticed on Sportscene he was a guest at Parkhead yesterday and addressed the fans from the pitch. If we haven't already, maybe Saints should invite him to a game soon too?
  11. Our academy hasn't produced any players who were born in May, prefer mint choc chip ice cream and watch Better Cal Saul who have been sold to Real Madrid for £20 million therefore it is an utter failure. I was going to post a sensible response but others have done that for me.
  12. Is it now no longer a three monthly spend? I notice there's another proposal looking for support today which is the third one in what seems like a month or so. Not complaining if it has changed, just curious as to when it happened. The info may well be on this thread but I've missed it because I've blocked SMISA's equivalent of Nadine Dorries.
  13. Stu


    There's some info here: https://www.smisa.net/news-archive/5-general-smisa-news/328-annual-report-and-agm-update I'm not a fan of entering a team in the Lowland League.
  14. Billy Thomson being inducted along with Peter Godfrey and Sutton at the dinner in May.
  15. Is that what the Kibble executive chef will be serving?
  16. Calling Paeslack a "football star" is the definition of fake news.
  17. Pretty similar to my view on it. It's not up to the club to come up with the policy and procedures - that's already been done by the SFA/SPFL and medical experts. It's up to the club to ensure those polices are followed and enforced. On that front, bringing in a former union guy (regardless of background) is probably a good move as they'll be used to ensuring polices are in place and not being ignored. Going by the SFA guidance I saw on P&B, we were required to have two people to handle various coronavirus duties at the club and I'd imagine people already employed took those duties on during the summer. I don't get the impression the two folk appointed earlier this week were brought in because no one had taken on these tasks as that would surely have been flagged up before now.
  18. I blame the Kibble. We didn't have any positive cases until they turned up.
  19. Guessing he might be away with one of the Northern Ireland youth teams.
  20. You're complaining about dull football and think the way to solve that is Gus MacPherson?!
  21. At the risk of being whooshed, not all GP practices are able to offer the flu vaccine this year de to the need for social distancing etc. Other places such as community hospitals, town halls and, it seems football grounds are also being used.
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