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  1. That's what Gillingham claim on their website, which also has this incredible line: "He was released by Manchester United earlier this summer, his career pathway only blocked by experienced first-teamers such as Paul Pogba, Juan Mata and Jesse Lingard."
  2. The person who wrote that report is an idiot 😝 All tickets may have been sold but the ground wasn't full. There were empty seats near me and it wouldn't take many for the crowd to dip under 8,000. The attendance on the BBC site was the one I listed earlier and would be the official attendance based on the number of people who turned up rather than tickets sold. The report claims it was capacity because that's what the club said at the time, but if you click line-ups at the bottom you'll see it has an attendance of 7,732: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48324854#tab-2 I'd wager few, if any, stadiums anywhere in the world have ever been full to capacity regardless of what club's claim. There will always be a few empty seats for one reason or another. Doesn't make any difference to how many seats we have though so the stadium would be classed as category four.
  3. No we didn't Attendance was 7,732.
  4. Unless it's a monstrosity like the 2014/15 shirts, I don't get too worked up about the kits. The front of both of this year's are fine. The back of the home one is ridiculous though. No reason not to have stripes there - not our fault if folk in the media can't be bothered doing some research to find out who our players are. There's so many other ways we could have made it easier to see the names and numbers without going down the blank back route again.
  5. That website barely classes as journalism and should be ignored. It's even more of a joke than the tabloids.
  6. The only way Pat Bonner would be able to recognise our players is if we put them in green and white hoops.
  7. Going by this we have two people involved with "conferencing", which I'm guessing would cover events. https://www.stmirren.com/club/contacting-st-mirren/club-directory
  8. He would but he wants game time which is unlikely to happen with us if Hladky stays. https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/sport/17682689.jordan-holmes-says-he-turned-down-afc-bournemouth-contract-offer-to-seek-regular-football/
  9. Would be rather underwhelmed if our central defensive options for the new season end up being Baird, MacKenzie and Popescu. And Heaton Could do with another quality signing in that department, especially if the plan going forward is to go with a back three. Gary Mac as a back-up option who is also a coach would make sense, he'll probably spend half the season injured anyway so we might as well have him doing something.
  10. Apologies if extra staff have been hired in the last few years but actually having a commercial "department", rather than just one person, would be a start
  11. Is Muir definitely away? Does seem a bit odd that he's been let go so quickly after getting a Scotland under-19 cap - which is pretty hard to do when you're not at the Old Firm. Would have thought it was maybe worth keeping hold of him to send out on loan and see how he does. Did someone not suggest a wee while back there was some unrest on the youth side of things because of someone who'd recently arrived at the club? Think it was only one post - hopefully this isn't a result of that and the decision has been made for the right reasons. There's been outcry a few times over the years when seemingly talented youngsters have been let go but, for the most part, we seem to have got it right. How many youth players we've released have gone on to perform at the sort of level that would have made it worth keeping? The only one that really gets brought up is Craig Slater but he was seemingly up against McLean and McGinn for a slot so that one was probably right too. Anyone know of any other youngsters being let go? And, on a more positive note, who are the ones we can expect to make the step-up to the first team in the near future?
  12. Probably delay things as the new manager will want to assess the squad. Hopefully he'll come in and write Popescu off after a week, just like Stubbs did with some of our players last summer. Think it was suggested they have money troubles so our best bet me be they punt him for a knock-down fee to get some cash in and reduce the wage bill.
  13. He is a rep for Cadbury's (at least, he was two years ago https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/alloa-athletic/jim-goodwin-from-midfield-hardman-to-sweetie-salesman-1-4432724) however I have a feeling the well paid bit was to wind-up Dundee fans as to the reason he wasn't their new manager. He's reached the stage where he'd take a decent full-time club job but he sure as hell isn't going to be our new assistant.
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