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  1. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/saints-prospect-jay-henderson-says-20577950
  2. This sounds like the sort of thing Cairters Corner might be interested in looking into (dunno how to tag folk in the app).
  3. Aye, he'd probably be more suited to a central role. Would be very surprised if he comes back but just a funny coincidence that they mentioned the Totally Football League Show podcast yesterday that he'd had a fall out with his manager and then today someone on here suggests we might be looking for a winger. Would love to have him back, we would have been bottom without him last season.
  4. If we're trying for a winger, it seems Adam Hammill may have played his last game for Scunthorpe...
  5. Seemingly we're one of a number of clubs looking at signing Oli Shaw on loan from Hibs.
  6. David McKenna was a reasonable lower league striker after leaving us. Think the problem for him and Baird was promotion came at the wrong time for them - had we stayed in the first division a bit longer they'd maybe have got more game time. I think Basher, McGarry, McKenna and Reilly are the only strikers to come through our youth set-up to have scored for the first team since the turn of the century, which is pretty poor considering we've produced decent players in every other position. And of that four Basher was in his mid twenties when he came back and Reilly has ended up in midfield.
  7. It wasn't a dig at him, it was a dig at Rice who claimed Stubbs had pretty much ignored his input during their brief spell together at Saints.
  8. Is the Brian Rice that has signed Sam Stubbs for Hamilton the same Brian Rice that claimed Alan Stubbs ignored most of what he wanted to do while they were both at St Mirren?
  9. One of the many trialists from this game is apparently going to sign for Newcastle.
  10. The quotes from Goodwin as requested.
  11. I take it the "don't believe the papers" stance only applies to things folk don't want to hear or don't want to be true Would be delighted to have McAllister back, especially permanently. Get him in then a striker, leftback and centre half should have us in good shape.
  12. Fair enough, wasn't sure if any of them were coding/design things you could sort.
  13. Maybe imagining it, but in the past I thought if you went to the fixtures section you were able to click the scoreline to read the match report. Doesn't seem to be an option any more. Also, would it be possible to add an option to change seasons so you can easily find reports from previous seasons? I occasionally need them for research purpose otherwise I'm fully behind making it as hard as possible for folk to read my pish. Would also be handy if reports included links to videos of interviews, highlights etc. I don't ask for much.
  14. I seem to remember a story on here that Ross had agreed to sign Halkett (although it may have been another Livi defender) and Stubbs cancelled it. As for Kellerman, sure Goodwin said that he has dislocated his shoulder so maybe that's why we're looking at another midfielder.
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