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  1. Wonder if the technical director had a say in this?
  2. Think that's what he had when he was with us first time around and it was manageable - then he went to Derby who seemed to feel it could be fixed with an operation and that's why he was out for so long.
  3. Stu

    O.F. Disappearing act?

    saintmirren.net, which is the server the forum was on (as opposed to the main site, which is on stmirren.com) was owned and paid for by the late Kenny Pointon. The renewal has now expired and needs to be sorted out. Nothing more sinister than that. Can't say I miss the OS forum as I was reading it less and less thanks to Dickson, although it was funny seeing "our" and "we" creeping into the posts of a man who definitely was not a St Mirren fan.
  4. Stu

    January Arrivals

    https://www.gsp.ro/fotbal/liga-1/exclusiv-dinamo-a-mai-cedat-un-jucator-laurentiu-corbu-a-fost-imprumutat-la-st-mirren-558881.html Put into Google Translate and you get: Dinamo escaped an undesirable. Right-back Laurentiu Corbu, 24, was loaned until the end of the season at St. Mirren, in the first league in Scotland, where two weeks ago, and the late Mihai Popescu. Although Laurenţiu Corbu is the defender of Dinamo who made the most mistakes this season in League One, Mircea Rednic announced that he did not rely on his services, so the defender did not travel to Antalya camp. In the last period, the right defender was trained separately in Săftica, under the command of the second Iulian Mihăescu, along with the other undesirable from the lot, Katsikas and Pesici. Laurenţiu Corbu is at Dinamo in 2015 when he was brought from Urban Titu. This season, Corbu scored 13 matches. St. Mirren is ranked last in Scotland's first league, with 12 points in 23 matches. Both Corbu and Popescu were brought to St. Mirren by FIFA agent Antonis Antoniou.
  5. Stu

    January Arrivals

    Plus Nelson spent the first half of the season at Darlington. Imagine the reaction if we'd paid money for someone who'd been playing for them. Had Dundee signed these guys from, say, Portsmouth then no one would be that bothered - but because it's Sunderland it's somehow treachery from Ross.
  6. Stu

    January Arrivals

    This. The amount of folk I've seen whining about Ross shafting us again by giving these guys to Sunderland is incredible. How do we know they weren't offered to us and we said no? Maybe Kearney doesn't rate them or maybe we can't afford them. Who knows, perhaps Ross has done us a favour by deliberately giving Dundee a couple of duds And if we had sign them they same folk moaning now would probably have been moaning about us signing players with sod all experience. I'm not defending our transfer dealings and lack of signings today by any means, but there's plenty to be critical of without making stuff up.
  7. Stu

    Hamilton Sack The Manager

    One of the papers this morning claiming Barry Ferguson and Alex Rae are in the running.
  8. Is this a permanent deal? The article on the OS doesn't mention anything about a loan.
  9. Stu

    January Arrivals

    Are we aware that the Ebanks-Blake stuff is from one of these in the know agent accounts on Twitter, which is probably being run by some spotty little herbert in his bedroom?
  10. Stu

    Speculation Thread

    Cardiff striker Ibrahim Meite on trial according to The Sun.
  11. Stu

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    Cheers div So the fans pay for the 4G pitch, are being asked to pay for a game on it and are now being asked to pay for its upkeep. Hmmm. Murals for me.
  12. Stu

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    For some reason I've received the e-mail with my link to vote but not the one that goes into detail about the options. Would someone be able to post it here or send it to me in a DM? Ta in advance.
  13. Stu

    January Arrivals

    He's an alias but I'm fairly sure he's not one of shull's.
  14. Stu

    Speculation Thread

    Is Ferdinand not under contract but there's a clause he can activate if he wants to go back down south? On that basis the club doesn't need to offer him anything.
  15. Stu

    January Arrivals

    Going by this, yes on both counts: http://www.stmirren.info/id345.html If the Slovakian striker signs he won't be the first though as we had Marian Kello (couldn't have told you where he was from before seeing that link).