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  1. He was involved in pretty much every goal we scored during his time with us. If he wasn't scoring it himself, he was providing the assist or winning a penalty. If he hadn't been with us for those few months we wouldn't have had a hope of staying up as we'd have been even further adrift before the January window.
  2. It's also a bit disingenuous to say Stephen McGinn single handedly kept us up. He was a huge part of The Great Escape but so too were other players, in particular Stevie Mallan.
  3. "Buchanon"? That was to stop shull battering in Liam Buchanan 140 times.
  4. I was bored so made a quiz of all the players to have made a first team appearance since Tommy Craig took over. Some names I'd rather forget... https://www.sporcle.com/games/SMTID/st-mirren-players-2014-2019 Should help pass the time
  5. Ten years since the barrier came down and Saints stayed up:
  6. As promised, here is my nonsense: http://smtid.blogspot.com/2020/04/season-of-my-life.html
  7. Absolutely. One of the most joyous moments I've ever had supporting st mirren. 10 years of almost constant decline washed away in a glorious season of wonderful attacking football. I believe some numpty has written 2,000+ words of pish on this subject for a blog post they're going to publish on Wednesday...
  8. Absolutely no surprise you like the prick.
  9. I have watched the first quarter of an hour of the second series of Sunderland Till I Die and come to the conclusion Charlie Methven is a f**king idiot.
  10. Ten years ago this very day:
  11. The Bobby Robson documentary on Netflix is pretty good. I think One Night in Turin is still on Amazon Prime. It's about England at Italia 90, has a tremendous soundtrack and ends with them going out on penalties. What's not to like? If you like motorsport, Drive to Survive on Netflix is essential viewing as is Uppity about Willy T Ribbs. For stuff that isn't documentaries, Darkest Hour was good as was, surprisingly, Peter Rabbit 😂
  12. Fully expect the postponement to be announced when I'm half way up the M74.
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