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  1. Ten years ago this very day:
  2. The Bobby Robson documentary on Netflix is pretty good. I think One Night in Turin is still on Amazon Prime. It's about England at Italia 90, has a tremendous soundtrack and ends with them going out on penalties. What's not to like? If you like motorsport, Drive to Survive on Netflix is essential viewing as is Uppity about Willy T Ribbs. For stuff that isn't documentaries, Darkest Hour was good as was, surprisingly, Peter Rabbit 😂
  3. Fully expect the postponement to be announced when I'm half way up the M74.
  4. Only had a chance to listen to the first 20 minutes so far but I'm sure Mark McMillan from the Kibble said they are 98 per cent self funded so don't think they are doing it to get more grants. Looking forward to listening to the rest of it as I have a few concerns so hopefully they are addressed.
  5. A silly question but I'd appreciate a sensible answer from someone I don't have on ignore (so that wipes out about half the posters on this thread). If Kibble's involvement leads to increased use of facilities, as is mentioned in the documents, are they entitled to a percentage of the increased income or does it all go to the club? Basically, is their involvement purely to get experience etc for their staff or will they be benefitting financially as well?
  6. Looking forward to a sensible, rational, grown-up debate on these proposals. Anyone know of a forum where I'm likely to find that?
  7. Yeah, imagine answering a question you've been asked about a player whose manager has already told the media you've made a move for him.
  8. His name is/was on a list of players available for transfer or looking for clubs on the PFA website. I wonder if Ross means he found the talks about McGinn encouraging rather than being encouraged to sign him (which is the sort of thing I'd expect from the old board). Either that or we have a great replacement lined up or other potential signings coming in if we can free up some cash. If not it's a bit odd.
  9. As much as Flynn has done well, I really hope we have another rightback coming in if McGinn goes. Would rather someone who naturally plays there, plus it would mean Flynn can go back into midfield now Magennis is out. Fair play to Paul McGinn if he ends up at Easter Road. He's a good player for a bottom six club like ourselves but not sure he's good enough for Hibs. Guessing Ross sees him as the best, most reliable, affordable option at such short notice.
  10. As I said on the other thread, looks amazing and would be fantastic for the town but will probably end up being just the latest masterplan for the town (and other Scottish towns) that never comes to fruition.
  11. Looks great, would be fantastic but almost certainly won't happen. Lost count of the number of similar plans I've seen for Paisley and other Scottish towns that have come to feck all. Would be wonderful if this bucks the trend but won't get my hopes up.
  12. Stu

    Robert Archibald

    I'm sure one of the articles I read earlier mentioned his dad was called Bobby and had played basketball as well.
  13. Sad news that basketball player Robert Archibald, who was originally from Paisley, has died. The only Scot to have played in the NBA. I remember he got his big move about the time I was doing work experience at the Gazette between school and going to uni. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/basketball/51248659
  14. Goalie Peter Urminsky signing today according to The Sun.
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