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  1. The lack of youth players getting a chance in the first team is concerning and it's pretty much been the case since Robinson came in. Whether that's because he doesn't rate them or they aren't ready/good enough I'll leave for others to debate because I know very little about the situation in the academy (not that lack of knowledge usually stops people having arguments online). Does anyone who knows about our youth teams know who is likely to be the next to come through? It is a bit of a surprise we found ourselves with no one to put in midfield on Tuesday, or have been playing guys out of position at right wing back rather than giving a young guy a shot. I'm guessing the guys we have in those positions either aren't deemed ready or are out on loan. You'd have to imagine Reid and whoever we lost to Burnley (apologise, forgot his name) would have been involved by now if they had hung around. It's probably the first time we've been victims of losing kids who have barely kicked a ball for the first team because a bigger club is happy to spend relatively little in the hope they come good. There's not really much else we could have done with them. Henderson would maybe have been a bit more involved had he stayed and I'd have liked us to keep him and let someone like Olusanya go if we could find a taker, even if he has improved, but he obviously wanted more regular first team football, which he wasn't going to get with our system - and seemingly hasn't at County because of injury. I think some of the kids got some game time in the League Cup. Since then, we've rarely been in a position to chuck the young guys on for some experience late on without any pressure to do something because most of our league games have been tight. I did find it odd we didn't put Jamieson on against St Johnstone (and we made a number of subs at 3-0), however he then got brought on against Hibs and has had some game time since then. Apart from him, I don't think we've had that many young players on the bench - I think Lennon was on it for one league game and away on loan shortly after. It's a shame as since we sold Erhahon - and Robinson deserves a lot of credit for his progression, even though he was well established in the first team when he arrived - we haven't really had one of our youth products getting regular first team games and I can't remember the last time we have been in that position for as long as this. We had a great run of midfielders and you can draw a pretty much unbroken line from Erhahon back as far as you care to go - I'd traced it back to McLean, then remembered Stephen McGinn - and he broke through at pretty much the same time we sold Lappin (with Shuggy there the whole time!). And that's not forgetting guys in other positions who did well for us like Naismith, McAusland, Baird and Kelly, who were all good players even if they didn't get big moves. Hopefully Taylor will get his shot, either this season or next. Going by his comments on the Open Goal podcast, Robinson really rates him - however given he joked he'd have liked to loan him to Barcelona for experience due to his style of play I don't think he would have been the answer on Tuesday night!
  2. An old friend back in the dugout this weekend…
  3. While there will almost certainly be GDPR issues, it's funny how there was no mention of that in The Herald article: https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/homenews/23519345.alan-wardrop-mr-st-mirren-takes-legal-advice-stadium-ban/ He said the club chairman had also asked if he could provide an up to date membership list for the 1877 club together with "access to the mailbox and email address by return in order to facilitate the use of the club by members on Saturday". But he is refusing to co-operate in disgust at how he has been treated. "It does mean that club members may not be able to get to the club," he said. "There are 240 members of the club. What they have done to me in banning me is totally unfair. This could happen to any supporter." If there's one way to ensure a journalist asks a question about a specific subject it's to tell them not to ask a question about that specific subject. Could anyone going to the SMiSA AGM please ask if, or perhaps when, we'll be consulted on this conference league B team nonsense that is doing the rounds. Absolutely no excuse for members not to be asked their views.
  4. Sadly, this seems to be the way of things when it comes to discussing most issues related to SMiSA, the club board and the Kibble. New accounts appear often appear and we have people posting to support their own and/or their pal's agendas. It's not even well disguised either - it's blatantly obvious who the "fan who wishes to remain anonymous" is. It's a shame because there have probably been legitimate concerns raised about this grant application, but it gets lost on all the points scoring and people pushing their own agendas. But this all seems acceptable - making it even more laughable that the younger candidates got into trouble at the last SMiSA board elections for posting on Twitter asking folk to vote for them as that was classed as "electioneering" and apparently isn't allowed.
  5. Not sure if I agree about increased transparency considering they announced two new co-opted board members, forgetting (deliberately or otherwise) to announce a third one until unveiling him as the new chairman, replacing a guy who has quit a week or so earlier with no explanation (not even the standard “personal reasons” vagueness) as to why he had gone - the third chairman in less than a year to quit. Some worrying stuff in Alan Wardrop’s statement however it’s hard to see how we get rid of Kibble unless they get bought out. I also find the attempt to change the constitution around co-opting members slightly worrying but sadly you can only vote against that if you attend the AGM, which I’m unable to. Shame there isn’t another amendment stopping a co-opted board member becoming chairman unless voted through at an AGM.
  6. After that first paragraph he goes on to point out the loss related to 2021/22 and not this season when we cut the Old Firm allocation.
  7. I think Thommo would have signed regardless but he was definitely involved in Teale coming to the club as they knew each other (were perhaps even friends) from their time at Ayr. Whether that connection counts as business acumen is a pedantic debate I'll leave for others 😂 To be clear, I'm not criticising Brian Caldwell as I feel he did a good job. This link should take you to the relevant document at Companies House from December 2021 (the 2022 version isn't available yet): shorturl.at/cpTV5 Out of interest, anyone know how you would go about transferring shares into a different name? No point having them registered to my dad any more.
  8. I agree. If Tony didn't have the previous connection with the club I doubt he'd have got the job. However... ...now that you've been told GLS had no involvement in appointing the previous person you blamed, you now seem to be shifting the blame on to someone he did bring into the club. Where does this all end? Do we blame the previous board for inviting GLS to be a director in the first place and giving him a taste of what life in the boardroom was like? Don't think Tony had a financial background either, did we have a finance assistant then? The argument could be made that Brian Caldwell was doing the job of more than two people given how few staff we had and that there should have been a finance assistant etc back then too. Just because we didn't have one doesn't mean we couldn't have done with one - fairly sure there have been folk at the club doing two or three different jobs at the same time over the past few years.
  9. Overheard Stephen Craigan saying today there has been a bid from an English League One aide for Erhahon.
  10. Tony was appointed early in 2016 by the previous board - a few months before the SMiSA/Gordon Scott takeover plan went public. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/35431468
  11. Signed on loan for Carlisle. https://www.newsandstar.co.uk/sport/23240354.leeds-uniteds-alfie-mccalmont-wanted-join-carlisle-united/
  12. The younger guys stood in the SMISA elections a few weeks back and were the only ones that didn't get elected. I was a bit disappointed neither of them get on as most committees are crying out for younger folk to put themselves forward and get involved and it seemed like a missed opportunity, so pleased that they are now on the committee.
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