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  1. Stu

    Speculation Thread

    Cardiff striker Ibrahim Meite on trial according to The Sun.
  2. Stu

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    Cheers div So the fans pay for the 4G pitch, are being asked to pay for a game on it and are now being asked to pay for its upkeep. Hmmm. Murals for me.
  3. Stu

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    For some reason I've received the e-mail with my link to vote but not the one that goes into detail about the options. Would someone be able to post it here or send it to me in a DM? Ta in advance.
  4. Stu

    January Arrivals

    He's an alias but I'm fairly sure he's not one of shull's.
  5. Stu

    Speculation Thread

    Is Ferdinand not under contract but there's a clause he can activate if he wants to go back down south? On that basis the club doesn't need to offer him anything.
  6. Stu

    January Arrivals

    Going by this, yes on both counts: http://www.stmirren.info/id345.html If the Slovakian striker signs he won't be the first though as we had Marian Kello (couldn't have told you where he was from before seeing that link).
  7. Stu

    Scottish football trivia

    Woods (English) McGregor (Scottish) Klos (German) Waterreus (Dutch) Charbonnier (French) Dibble (Welsh) Carroll (Northern Irish) Will leave someone else to get the other four! Two of them I saw on Soccerbase when I was trying to check someone's nationality so won't post them as that's cheating. There's also nationality duplicates like Maxwell, Goram etc.
  8. Stu

    January Exits

    Seem to be a few suggestions Kellerman may go back to Aldershot. Not sure how that works with him having played for us and Fylde - unless there's different rules for England or non-league clubs, or the fact he's going back to a club he's played at before in the last 12 months.
  9. Stu

    January Exits

    Going to Livingston apparently. Stick on to score against us.
  10. Stu

    January Exits

    McShane departure confirmed: https://www.stmirren.com/news/club/all-news/2470-ian-mcshane-leaves-to-join-falkirk
  11. Stu


    A quick look at that site shows there's petitions calling for this at a number of clubs north and south of the border. The text is pretty much identical so I'm guessing it's a concerted effort to get some action. The idea is one worth exploring, however I wonder how many of the clubs have actually been asked directly whether they would consider getting rid of single use plastics? Would have thought that was a far better idea, and far more likely to get some success, than yet another online petition.
  12. Stu

    January Exits

    Was he not injured early on - or was that after Stubbs left?
  13. Stu

    Speculation Thread

    Seemingly one of the articles in today's papers about Ross McCormack going back to Motherwell claim Hibs and ourselves are also interested. Would be a fantastic signing but cannot for one moment see him coming here.
  14. Stu

    January Exits

    Kirkpatrick reminds me of Jon Robertson - came to us with a great reputation from the lower leagues, nominated for his division's player of the year but couldn't do it for us. Looked good against Killie in the cup but so did lots of folk.
  15. Stu

    Speculation Thread

    Mikey Johnstone seems to be Celtic's preferred option at the moment so Morgan could well be up for grabs. Would reckon other clubs will probably be in for him though - he'll no doubt end up at Sunderland.