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  1. That interview is a disgrace. No "top man" to Jimbo at the end
  2. Stu

    Speculation Thread

    To add to that from the BBC: Stubbs indicated that he is looking to add a goal threat having concentrated on working on his defence. "Over the next three weeks, we will look to work on that," he said. "At times we didn't reward ourselves for some of our good play. "It is an area of the pitch where we have good payers, but I hope to add to that and make a few marquee signings." Looking forward to the arrivals of Jimmy Tent and Barry Gazebo.
  3. Stu

    Cole Kpekawa signs

    Looks pretty handy. Tremendous goal-saving clearance/tackle in the second half. Was also impressed when he made a mistake he quickly recovered it.
  4. Stu

    Hayden Coulson - Confirmed

    Looks a cracking player. He's going to give me a few heart attacks over the season as he bombs forward but a small price to pay.
  5. Stu

    First Team Squad

    Tonight should hopefully have settled a few concerns about the squad - especially with Stubbs saying there's more to come in the next few days, some of whom are meant to be exciting.
  6. Well that was rather unexpected. Wasn't as worried as some folk going into the game but was still a bit concerned, however it was clear pretty early on that the players were more than capable. The team selection seemed bizarre. I'd assumed Kirkpatrick would be out the door by the end of the month and forgot we had MacPherson. Both had great games. I hope Kirkpatrick;s injury isn't too bad. After not doing particularly well on the few chances he got last season he was really good (although should have scored) and it would be a shame if that injury keeps him out for a while. Kpekawa and Coulson were superb and King looked handy when he came on. only thing I thought Stubbs got wrong was replacing Smith with Cooke. Dunno if it's coincidence but that coincided with our worst period of the game. Would just have done a straight swap with Mullen. Pleasantly surprised but not getting too carried away. Killie were missing two of the best players in Boyd and O'Donnell (although we were missing Magennis) and I can remember plenty of new signings who look superb at first but turn out to be crap (Paeslack, Crilly and Agnew spring to mind). But a good first game for a new manager and a new team
  7. Great chance for Kirkpatrick - or Fitzpatrick if you're the BT commentator.
  8. Stu

    Speculation Thread

    Stubbs saying pre-match he's hopeful of bringing in a few players over the next few days, some of them quite exciting. Guessing he's waiting until after the World Cup final...
  9. No Magennis, guessing he's injured. MacKenzie there but no McShane or Eckersley. Stewart and Kirkpatrick in the squad although would be surprised if that was still the case come the start of the season. No number nine or 11 in the squad at the moment - too simplistic to say at least one more striker and winger/attacking midfielder to come in?
  10. No idea what to expect from the side tonight. We may get humped, or we may dish out a humping (probably less likely that one). There's no need to panic/get carried away whatever happens though. We got gubbed 5-0 off Partick Thistle last season and look how things panned out for the two teams. The year before it was Hamilton who pumped us and, er, never mind on that one!
  11. Stu

    4 told they can leave

    Surprised Stubbs doesn't rate Hippolyte considering he spent a few years playing non-league football in England
  12. Going by page 124 of the rules: https://spfl.co.uk/docs/067_324__rulesofthespflasat19_january_2018_1518083042.pdf Four from within Scotland, maximum of one over 23 and one from a club in the same division. As many as you like from outwith Scotland.
  13. Stu

    Ross Stewart (GK) to Livingston

    Done: http://livingstonfc.co.uk/theres-a-new-pair-of-gloves-in-town/
  14. Looking forward to hearing what research the BT commentary team have done on our new signings. We should have a sweepstake on how many times the Jamie Vardy Academy is mentioned.