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  1. The boys are back in town - Thin lizzy

    Tom hark - Piranhas

    Under the moon of love - Showaddywaddy

    Na na hey hey goodbye - Steam

    Saints are coming in - Skids

    Run run away - Slade

    Fancy pants - Kenny

    Na na na na - Cosy powell

    Go west - pet shop boys

    Seasons in the sun - Second run

    Hi ho silver lining - Jeff beck

    Son of my father - Chicory tip

    Daydream believer - Monkeys

    Black and white town - Doves

    Volare - Dean martin

    Cant take my eyes off you - Andy williams

    Hey jude - The beatles

     When the saints come marching in  - Mitch miller

    Some of these should get the fans going, see you saturday.


    1. billyg


      Ta much , I forgot some of them :-)

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