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  1. We’ve played Hamilton at 4 different venues. Douglas Park, New Douglas Park, Firhill and Cliftonhill we’re all home to Accies within the space of about 4 seasons in the 90’s.
  2. Still alive according to Companies House. 84 years old though.
  3. Don’t think this post has aged well.😀
  4. That's more like it. Is he still at Morecambe? If so then you'd imagine he'd be getting a decent wage. Maybe he hasnt moved from Scotland and wants to come back.
  5. Bobby Pender was his name. Had apparently worked with Van Basten when he was injured but was found to be a fake by one of the tabloids.
  6. Hamilton yet again proving to be like an unflushable turd.
  7. Record since the Hampden underwear spoiling episode. 3 wins, 1 defeat, 10 scored, 4 conceded. Pretty good going if you ask me. McInnes under pressure at Aberdeen, hope he keeps his job.
  8. A suspended points deduction of 6 points would have been an appropriate punishment. If we f**ked up again before the end of the season then it’s 6 points off, this would ensure that the games actually got played.
  9. Aitken’s star really has crashed in the last 12 months.
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