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  1. 5 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

    So far, the concern is being part time, will they run out of steam, add in the loan guy they have from Livingstone is, seemingly, going back in January, a massive asset in that league.

    Not sure the fitness will be a problem as even p/t players now are fit. Will miss the big boy up front though











  2. 1 minute ago, BuddieinEK said:
    6 minutes ago, guinness said:
    Inverness 0 Kilmarnock 0. Half time. Reasonable game. Inverness started much the better side but Kilmarnock comeback into it towards half time.

    Ridgers and Judas Broadfoot via Brad Lyons!

    Did Not realise that Lyons was the one who was with us.

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