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  1. First half I thought we played quite well. Every challenge we made was given as a free kick  whilst they got away with a number of poor challenges we did not even get a foul for. The assault by Carter Vickers on Kiltie was not even given as a freedkick. Celtic are obviously a better side than us but, by Christ , they get every decisiongoing. Team who win the League this season will be the one with the most crooked decisions in their favour. Probably Rangers but a close run thing. 

  2. Morton 1 Dundee United 4. By god Morton are absolutely rotten. Every goal was a defensive disaster. Hard to tell if Dundee United were any good as Morton were so bad. United certainly getting great results to clinch promotion. I previously thought they would get promoted but Goodwin would still be sacked. Looks like they will win League in a canter and would be very difficult to get rid of Goodwin. Not a great advert for the Championship. United will need to spend in the summer as the present team will struggle badly a League up.

  3. Very little imagination from Scotland. Too many slow square passes. The boy Patterson is good going forward but very poor defensively. Northern Ireland playing this as a proper match while Scotland seem to be in exhibition mode. If they want to avoid a few injuries they will need to start tackling properly and play with more aggression. Need to move the ball much quicker.

  4. The second half was appalling. Comfortably ahead at half time. Kilmarnock made a couple of tweaks to how they set up and we seemed to lose the plot. Lost a couple of soft goals and instead of sending on Kwon or Baccus to shore up the midfield he brought on Jamieson.  Gogic has been our best player this season but he was awful in the second half. Why Dunne is at the club, after wishing to leave because he thought he was better than us is a mystery to me . Taylor would be a better option.  Cannot ever remember us losing so badly from being 2-0 ahead. worry now is where our next points come from. Last season we picked up 2 points from our last 7 matches. We are looking at something similar this season. Not surprised to see the extra 1000 fans shuffle off at 3-2. See you all again at a final or a League decider. 


  5. Dunfermline win comfortably. Slight problem late on after fortunate United goal.  Good performance by Dunfermline . Way this League goes would not be surprised if Raith lose tomorrow. United may well still win League but would need to sign a few new players for Premier League. Still think American owners would not be averse to sacking a manager even though he has won the League if they thought it made sense to help them consolidate in the Premier. 



  6. 6 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

    Dunfermline 2-0 Dundee Utd, half time. :lol:

    Dunfermline have been very good but Dundee United have been poor. Last ten minutes United came into it a bit more but have a lot of work to do to pull this back .Decent game though. Goodwin could be under pressure if they lose. No way they would get rid of him before the end of the season but no guarantees even if they get promoted he will be in charge next season.

  7. Finishes 1-0 Hearts. Much better second half. Morton had a few chances but tired towards the end. Vargas managed not to dive to score the goal. Gordon  had one very good save at 0-0.

  8. Morton versus Hearts 0-0 at half time. Not much of a game. Morton missing their big centre and pretty toothless without him. Looks like a matter of time until Hearts score in second half. Hopefully improves.

  9. 19 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

    Liverpool 0-1 City, aye, outstanding first half played at pace with quality.

    City, just, deserving their lead. 

    Half time.

    Goalie a bit of a nutter . Lucky not to be sent off.

  10. Arbroath come back from 2-0 down to win 3-2. Usual Championship  entertainment on a Friday night.  Goalie kept them in it then t hey fought back well. Gift for Dundee United.  Raith must be gutted. 

  11. I seem to ask this every week. Why are we giving Scott a two year deal? Only positive tonight is we did not lose. Dreadful match. Standard is awful. Hardly a player on either side could trap the ball. Bad as we were we should still have nicked it. Another demonstration of why VAR should be binned.

  12. 13 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

    Jeezo. :lol:

    Not a word on our performance or result. :byebye

    Sorry arsehole I was perfectly happy with the performance. Those of us who pay large amounts of money to go to matches are getting fed up with seeing good goals cancelled for little reason. I realise it is not a huge problem for some tosser sitting in his living room or some hut outside. We were fine today. Much better than the opposition but that does not mean there are not problems with VAR .

  13. On the third goal why did VAR even look at it? Referee up with play and saw nothing wrong with the challenge. Why do VAR even look at it? Matter of opinion if it was a foul. I actually thought it was but the fact the referee did not give it I cannot understand why it was checked. Surely they should only check offside something that is black or white. Not a matter of opinion.

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