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  1. Went onto ticket website. Was offered a season ticker for 2016-2017 or a ticket for 2020-2021 south.wtf? Will wait to see what happens with hearts new plans. Might not bother st all.
  2. According to BBC hearts have been asked to reexamine temporary reconstruction of the league backed by Celtic,rangrdd,Aberdeen. What a load of shite.
  3. Absolutely. One of the most joyous moments I've ever had supporting st mirren. 10 years of almost constant decline washed away in a glorious season of wonderful attacking football. I remember getting back to the bus as they replayed chick young telling jimmy calderwood we had scored in injury time. Not again he said. He was just about in tears. Great day.
  4. Wary of buying a season ticket then they bring colts into the league structure. That finishes me if they do that.
  5. This was the most emotional match I ever remember being at. Huge crowd all going absolutely mental. Fabulous stuff.
  6. My street very busy today with people walking for exercise. Also people with children visiting other people. Grandparents etc.they do not seem to be getting the message.
  7. After end May majority of players in League not under contract
  8. Sorry meant for a 16-18 or whatever the cut off is. I agree a child should be much cheaper.
  9. One other point. How many of us on Saturday paid £30.00? Lot of people I know got in for £17 as an OAP/ child/ student or whatever
  10. If you bring it down to £9 you are basically going to end up like the Juniors. See how many people watch that. All you would have was 42 even smaller teams than now. £20.00 is , I think, a reasonable amount for working adults with reductions for unemployed, children , OAPs etc.
  11. Must admit I left at half time as I thought if the manager and the players do not give a toss why should I.
  12. Celtic filled half the away bit on Saturday with their own supporters. they could not give a toss if we turned up or not. Same for Rangers. they can both fill their grounds with their own muppets. The £30 payers were joined by the ones who had paid less as we were shoehorned into one small bit. Therefore it would not bother them if all other clubs boycotted them. As long as their supporters cough up nothing will change.
  13. Can see us relegated then kibble suggest a plastic pitch to help train youngsters in some shite while then we basically stay in the lower leagues for ever.
  14. We must try and Beat hearts not draw with them. Biggest problem with the manager is he sets up to draw every match. He us so negative it I'd embarrassng.
  15. Not a bad game. Inverness almost took lead through Walsh. Certainly trying to get forward.
  16. I voted no but will accept the majority as long as basil stops going on and on and on and on
  17. if Kibble is only interested in using the catering side etc for training purposes would it really matter to them which division we are in? Is there not a danger they could veto some decision that could keep us up but be costly?
  18. I am one of the SMISA members who pays their money and takes little other interest in the running of the assoc. However since this is such an important issue I thought I better register and vote . I logged on to the site you vote on. Can I ask that Ms Sturgeon can use a similar site if we have another independence referendum?. Loads of items extolling the virtues of the new deal and only a YES button visible. If you have the temerity to vote NO you have to use a wee drop down box to uncover the NO button. Certainly not an even handed approach. Will there be independent verification of the voting numbers?
  19. We do not have enough pace about the team to play counter attacking football. We need to press forward and try to create chances as our conversion rate is poor.Could be new guy we have yet to see is pacy and might help us change tactics. Time will tell.
  20. For all you slag LPM the feeling I got at Easter Road from the SMISA members I spoke to is one of great distrust to a proposal eight Months in the making without a murmur. The original plan merely ripped up and discarded. For all the confidence shown on here I think it could be a very close vote. Also do not think something like this should be decided on a simple majority. Should be 75% of all members for such a huge change.
  21. I believe after the Jan break we have only 1 home fixture scheduled for a Saturday at 3.00 and that is Rangers which will probably be moved. Really do feel it is becoming ridiculous. Will need to think about season ticket for next Season.
  22. First tie out. Broxburn at home. That will do nicely.
  23. I think most of us probably thought he would struggle at times. Club obviously hoped he would be fit more often that he has been. I assume his wages are in line with his fitness levels and his predicted level of involvement.. Good player when he plays.
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