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  1. Shows what I know. Ends 2-2. ICT excellent in second half. Game still a!i've for second leg. St Johnstone were hanging on a bit at the end.
  2. Yes think game over. Very one sided. ICT poor.
  3. Agree with you but can it see it. Think they are .missing too many players.
  4. Most of them I their 30s. Would struggle to make it look real
  5. Still call it Love Street and always will.
  6. Port Vale win on penalties.
  7. Port Vale 1 Swindon 0. Half time. 2-2 on aggregate
  8. See the boy who barged into Billy Sharp got the jail for nearly 6 months.
  9. Yes. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Watched Forest for a year when they won European Cup. Some very lean years since. Glad to see them back.
  10. Mansfield win 1-0. Good physical encounter. Mr Collum would have had about 6 red cards.
  11. Northampton 0 Mansfield 1. Not a bad first half
  12. I liked Baird. Bit of pace and whole hearted. Just made the odd mistake too many.
  13. Poor poor match. Arbroath much the better side. St Johnstone will beat Inverness after two truly awful matches. Might give them a .miss
  14. Quite enjoyable second half. Queens seem to draw every match. Excellent goal Queens scored. Airdrie equalise with a penalty
  15. 0-0 half time. Plenty of effort not much skill. Pitch not helping. Quite enjoyable though.
  16. Good game. Arbroath probably slightly the better side but Inverness had the better chances. Looking forward to Friday.
  17. Not a bad game. Still fancy Inverness but could go either way.
  18. Yes thought Erhahon looked much better today.
  19. Just over 300. Obviously chucked it. If I had to watch Charlie Adams I would have chucked it too. You can see he has been a player but, dearie me, he is One of the least fit players I have ever seen
  20. Rattled? Aye right. Goodnight.
  21. Are you the full bob? You seem to get very angry about very little. Perhaps you need the calming tea. One of the few times I have .mentioned The Rangers . Anyway I have other things to do so I bid you goodnight. Why was football in inverted commas?
  22. You seem to care way more about Rangers than anyone else on here. I admit I really do not like them but you seem to like them a bit much. Arbroath number 1. Rangers 2 and St Mirren a distant third.
  23. The worse things are usually the first things on the News. A football story should not lead a National News bulletin. Anyway I am watching the football so who cares.
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