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  1. Turned on england v romania with about ten minutes to go. Score was 1-1. Ten minutes later 4-2 romania. Smashing entertainment .English goalie let in one awful goal. Some big exceptionally quick boys playing.
  2. Really not bothered if he stays or goes. Should have been sorted the day after the Dundee united game.
  3. Ms Black was visiting houses in her constituency only last Friday.
  4. The next penalty shoot out should be fun. Could take hours if they are as strict.
  5. Should be a very interesting appointment. Pretty good CV even if most as assistant manager. Very similar to Stevie Clarke
  6. Primary 1 defending. Play the whistle. They turned off thinking it was a bye kick.
  7. Is the uefa thing not to do with having less than 10,000 seats?
  8. Fair enough. I have stopped watching matches with var. Will save me a fortune as i can cancel BT and sky now.
  9. I repeat almost every penalty I have seen under var I have disagree with. The rules have been changed to suit var not the other way round.
  10. For offside any goalline fine. Tend to be black or white. For handball no. Swapping a referee guessing to a guy watchingbthe telly guessing. They are now even changing the handball rules to justify their guesses.most penalties I have seen for var I have disagreed with.
  11. Tried again after work and after a couple of goes all good.
  12. Tried to renew but quick renewal button does not appear to be working.
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