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  1. guinness

    International Fitba

    I watch very little international sport at all now. Very few seem this be from the nation they represent.
  2. guinness

    Latest Scores

    Think they were more upset by the blatant cheating of the officials.
  3. guinness

    Latest Scores

    Usual crap in fa cup. Joke penalty to man city when they are in trouble . do not even need var to f**k it up referee did it all by himself. Football is dying. Only large clubs allowed to win.
  4. guinness

    Latest Scores

    Good enough for you as you are the most miserable person on here.
  5. guinness

    Latest Scores

    Beautiful sunny evening at the moment.
  6. guinness

    Fakes Away

    I never mentioned drinking. I just think from your attitude that you are not that interested in football. Think you are only on here to wind folk up.
  7. guinness

    Fakes Away

    You are not a football man are you?
  8. guinness

    Fakes Away

    Why would they schedule a pitch inspection when nothing has happened?
  9. guinness

    Fakes Away

    Doubt it will be ticket. Never seen a crowd of over 4k there against us. Even if we took 2k it would be less than 5k.
  10. guinness

    BBC Scotland - The New Channel

    Showing 4 of the next 7 Ayr united matches on a Friday night. Should do wonders for the crowds.
  11. guinness

    The Beautiful Game on the Box

    Ayr united have 4 out of their next 7 matches on a Friday night for the new BBC Scotland channel. Will be interesting to see what crowds turn up for these.
  12. guinness

    Latest Scores

    Ajax have been brilliant.
  13. guinness

    Latest Scores

    Ajax beating real Madrid 4 - 1. Ajax have been brilliant.
  14. guinness

    Scotland U21 squad (Zero Saints players)

    It is just a part of a cycle. We probably have a few a couple of years away. We have probably been over represented in the last while.
  15. guinness

    Latest Scores

    Inverness win with an injury time goal. Better team won.