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  1. guinness

    League 3

    New league 3 to be started. 4 lowland league. 4 highland league and 4 colts including guess who? With promotion into the rest of the league setup. If highland league do not fancy it then Ross county and Inverness colts in. Anything to get the two shites another team in the league.
  2. guinness

    Scotland v Israel Nations League 20/11/18

    So international class players can only play in one position? That would suggest they are not international class.
  3. Why are the authorities justifying themselves? Yellow card. end of story. If the club officially denigrates the referee charge them with something, but stop justifying it.
  4. guinness

    Samson to Sunderland

    They come. They go. Life goes on.
  5. guinness

    Why Are We Cheating ?

    Strangest thing about both the dives by Edwards and Jackson was that they were actually in a position to go through on goal.they dived rather than try to score.
  6. guinness

    St Mirren v Hearts 24 November 2018

    Stop playing hodson and mcginn.one or the other. Neither can play midfield.
  7. How does an away season ticket work?
  8. guinness

    Latest Scores

    1 -1 .Celtic nerd to replace right back.2 -1 Celtic scored straight from kick off. Great game.
  9. guinness

    Latest Scores

    Celtic game turning into a good game. Both teams trying to get forward. Some very good play from both sides.
  10. guinness

    Latest Scores

    Watching it live I thought Morelos was offside but TV suggested he might have been on. Very close.second half though they were very poor.
  11. guinness

    Latest Scores

    1 - 0 Celtic. Not in it first 10 minutes but playing quite well now. Other team look pretty good too.
  12. guinness

    Latest Scores

    Rangers almost equalised in injury time. Goalie saved them from a bigger defeat. Both defences shocking. Now for the other half to lose too.
  13. guinness

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    Cannot believe folk still bother voting in these things. If the fans ever take over they will be skint in months but will have lots of shiny new things.
  14. guinness

    Fixture List for December

    All this to get a three week break in January. Lot of nonsense.