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  1. At the Euros they then played out from the back, not just kicked it upfield.
  2. One strange new tactic. At goal kicks Gogic rolls the ball across the six yard box and the goalkeeper kicks it aimlessly up the park normally to the other side. Very odd. Early days but unconvinced by goalkeeper.
  3. Agree Taylor and Sutherland did well when they came on .
  4. Forgot to mention Iocovitty lasted six minutes and went off with what looked like a hamstring injury . See you at Christmas.
  5. Not a great performance. Two full backs looked alright. Gogic not great but will imp rove. Boy Smith looked very slow. Big lad but slow. Fraser was awful. I know this is hobby horse of mine but he must not Be in the starting eleven. Looks completely done. Olysa nyo apart forwards looked verypoor. Mandro n barely got a kick. Hopefully this was just a pre season run out and we will improve. Not sure why so many full time players look so lacking in fitness. Will need a huge improvement for Thur sday.
  6. Better team won. Spain were the better team throughout the competition. Pundits always go on about Southgates substitutions. Maybe he should just pick the right team.
  7. Poor poor match. No-one will try anything. Always the safe pass. First save in th e 45th minute. Spain overpassing and England often going long. England look quite dangerous on the odd occasion they go forward at pace.
  8. Spain the Best team in the competition by a mile. Wish they would stop taking their foot off the pedal when a goal up. Enjoyable match. France were more open than they have been up to now such led to a better match.
  9. Harvies reopened today. £5.30 for a pint of Guinness. Offers on other beers early in the week but £5.30 for Guinness.
  10. I just feel he is a bit one paced and tends to push players in the penalty box. Good backup player but I feel he is not sharp enough to start. All about opinions. He is steady but I think we could do better.
  11. As long as it does not make Fraser a starter this season.
  12. Hope not. We look much more secure when he plays.
  13. Always one of my favourite grounds. Looks quite good.
  14. In a game you must win to have no shots on goal was exceptionally poor.
  15. Too slow and too predictable. Have to up the pace and try shooting.
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