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  1. Dump the bloody Greens before anything else.
  2. Brilliant match. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  3. Boy looked very unfit. Need to get him working hard over next two weeks. Week off comes at a good time for him.
  4. One of the few games this season I have actually enjoyed. First half we were awful. Goodwin did his usual and had his team sit back in the second half and we should have got ahead but we have no forwards at all. We got a soft penalty a d scored and I thought we would go on and win the match. Last ten minutes Dundee United has four good chances and we had one. Overall a quite an enjoyable match though the overall standard of the players is abysmal . I really believe the standard of Scottish football has never been worse. Rangers and Celtic are poor and the rest nowhere near that good. Overall sh it league but today's game was enjoyable.
  5. Finishes 1-1. No idea how Arbroath got a point. Unbelievable double save by ex Morton keeper Gaston from a penalty. Really enjoyed the game. I know the standard is very poor but the game was still entertaining. The overall standard of Scottish football is the worst it has ever been but some matches are still enjoyable.
  6. Arbroath 0 Morton 1 at half time. Smashing game. 100 MPH. Morton the better side but Arbroath also had a few chances.
  7. Falkir k win 2-1. Poor second half. Ayr gave away a silly penalty then missed a penalty then conceded an own goal. Be interesting if Falkir k draw Inverness.
  8. Ayr 1-0 up at Falkirk. Much the better side in the first 15 then mostly Falkirk since. Decent game.
  9. Was slightly surprised at how few people watch MOTD. Just over 2 million weekly. Thought it would have been higher.
  10. Did OK tonight. Had one effort off the post. Will never suit the system we p!ay. We either change our style, unlikely, or try to get a fee for him.
  11. Inverness beat Kilmarnock to reach Scottish Cup semi final. Much the better team. Ayr and Falkirk still in it. Pity we got Celtic so early as this was a year a smaller club could have won it.
  12. Presumably means an open part of the park will now be enclosed and be unavailable to the public. Played a Poloc many times. Smashing ground. Used to be very noisy with the police dog training centre next d oor. Shame after 145 years.
  13. Watched the first 20 minutes then realised I really did not give a toss who won so turned over. Do not think the EPL is for me.
  14. We started well got 1 up then stupidly got a man sent off. Jeez just boot it out the park. When we went to 10 the gam e was over. Thought we were very poor in the second half. No need to sit on t he edge of our box for the whole of the second half. You still need to show some a aggression rather than be completely passive. For the ordering off ,just let him go. He might miss. The goa!ie might save it. At worst it is 1-1 with 11 versus 11. We messed about a bit just before the sending off a d I think Dunne got caught up in that. Tried to be a smart arse instead of just clearing it. Now misses Dundee United game where I ful!y expect us to give a strugg!ing team the usual resu!t against us. A comfortable home win.
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