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  1. Most international sport is the same now. I find it more and more difficult to show an interest in meetings of international selects in most sports.
  2. Just take them down to underwood road and put in the dump.
  3. Maybe we could find someone in that lot we could beat.
  4. Not sure if they were fighting with each other.
  5. guinness

    Paisley Pubs

    Cheers HSS. Must be a major refurb as it looked totally gutted. Borgia still looks a long way from finished as well from the little you can see from outside.
  6. guinness

    Paisley Pubs

    Walked down new street today. Carfuffells closed down but kilty kilty reopened as "the bar,"
  7. Watched a bit if Livingstone versus Celtic. We could only dream of their fight and commitment.
  8. We basically played a back 8 in the first half. No-one plays a forward pass if they can go square or back. Goalie is our only player. The rest are poor . second half was a bit better but not much. We will never score more goals until we set the team up to go forward. The two new centres look very poor but it might be the system. Anyway St J next. 0-1 with a 94th minute winner .
  9. Young boys versus the rangers was a very poor game. Draw probably would have been fair. But who cares? Celtic game is a higher standard though Celtic will need a second goal as Cluj look like scoringvat some point.
  10. Scotland versus the Czechs in 1973 at Hampden. Great night.
  11. If he had come to us and not scored in his first couple of matches the crowd would have been on his back immediately. He could have been destroyed by it and ended up the fat lad he was last time with us. Better for him to give us a wide berth.
  12. Absolutely. The number of midweek games they have is incredible.
  13. Main problem today was manager set us up not to lose. Not interested in winning. We must try more to win games. Draws are not much use need wins.
  14. At least a quarter of the crowd find they can beat them.
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