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  1. Dreadful result. Made a number of chances but finishing awful. Mandron missed a sitter as did Jamieson. Mandron is quite a good player but not a finisher. Was surprised when he took the penalty . Everyone around me immediately said , oh no he will side foot it, . Surprised Boyd Munce or even Gogic did not take the penalty and put their laces through it. Hopefully beat St Johnstone next week but convinced we will lose 1-0 at Ross County as well. Still have no idea why signed Scott on a two year deal as he has not been fit for years.
  2. Almost 8000 at Starks Park tonight. 5000 expected at Falkir k tomorrtow. Scottish football might not be the highest quality but still entertains. Raith keeper makes great save in last few seconds and Raith h old out to win.
  3. Away and watch the English Premiership and give us all peace.
  4. 2-1 Raifh. As good a goal as you will see anywhere. United the better side in second half but R overs may just have nicked it.
  5. Yes I really enjoy the BBC coverage of t h e Championship. Also the Scottish Cup. Viaplay always show Celtic and Rangers so leaves the BBC to show the Best matches.
  6. 1-1 Entertaining match. Thank God there is no VAR or game could go on all night. Lots of meaty challenges and tussles in the box.
  7. 1-0 to Raith against Dundee United in front of a full house. Brilliant start to the match. Chances at both ends.
  8. Genuinely thought he had died decades ago.
  9. Just heard the sad news Malky has passed away. He had been unwell for a while and has now died. I do not have any other details at the moment.
  10. Fair comment but I struggle to see during his career anything that would tempt me to give him a two year deal. Good spell at Motherwell then mostly injured for a couple of years.
  11. Sorry I would just add I really hope we have not offered Scott a two year deal. Cannot see what the manager is seeing.
  12. Really disappointed. Celtic were not very good. We lost two very poor goals and simply cannot score. Gogic the only one who looked like scoring. Two or three great efforts one brilliantly saved by Hart. Killtie missed an absolute sitter. Mandon played very well but did not look like scoring. Ayunga came on and looks more and more like a pub player. Fraser was also very poor. Rest all played OK but we lack quality going forward. Missed Bolton who , I think , would have stopped the first goal. Boy who came on for Elvis was not impressive. Three huge games coming up against the three bottom teams. Win less than two and season could crumble away.
  13. Against Aberdeen I did not think we were very good though did enough. First half against Hibernian we were very good and for most of the Dundee match we were much better than them without being great. So I would agree that most of the time we have been better than the opposition rather than them being particularly poor.
  14. Well deserved victory. Centre forward Oakley and goalkeeper Mullan very good indeed.
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