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  1. Scotland only set Namibia 109. This was the only game they had a chance in. Did well to qualifying but have very poor in the finals.
  2. Was surprised to see this mentioned in the Official site. They do not always mention ex Saints players in there.
  3. Would be accept anything? Never mentions his time with us as if he has dismissed it from his memory.
  4. South African wicketkeeper withdraws from match versus West Indies after being ordered to take a knee. What happened to freedom of expression?
  5. Afghanistan finish 190 for 4. Reckon about 40 or 50 too many for Scotland. Difference in class evident.
  6. Afghanistan off to a good start. 82-2 after 10. Fortunately just got the guy out that was doing the damage out.
  7. Scotland win easily by 8 wickets. Brilliant performance.
  8. Celtic win 2-0. Should have been about 5-1. No idea why this was on at 3.30 in the afternoon.
  9. Excellent performance. Really deserved.
  10. Ended 1-6. Great night for partick.
  11. 4-0 partick. Running away with it. Couple of good goals.
  12. Hamilton 0 Patrick 1 Reasonable match. Rory Log again doing the co-commentator. He is actually quite good compared to some of them. Half time.
  13. Very poor first half. Tierney on the wing looks our best st at the moment to get decent balls into the box.
  14. Jeez that was exciting . Well done. Deserved over the piece.
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