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  1. You should turn up be quiet and clap the team off whatever the score. That will keep club happy.
  2. guinness

    Scotland Football Club

    Finally looks like a win but jeez it has been dire. All about results I suppose.
  3. guinness

    Scotland Football Club

    If nothing else Griffith's might score with one of the free kicks.
  4. guinness

    Scotland Football Club

    Naismith missed a sitter. No-one else will shoot. Robertson has wasted three or four chances with poor passes. Referee not helping. Every physical challenge a booking but jersey pulls and obstruction s OK.
  5. guinness

    Stubbs' Signings

    Some of these players were part time. It takes a wee white to get up to speed. They may still do us a turn.
  6. guinness

    Time Change For Sevco Game.....

    Telly rules. At least it is not Sunday lunchtime.
  7. This was actually a very enjoyable match. Some good football played by both sides. We have some good young players coming through. Some of them quite young so a distance away from first team but very promising. New manager was there. Hopefully impressed by what we have coming through.
  8. guinness

    Welcome Oran Kearney

    Why would it be a wind up? I am merely being cautious about a guy I know nothing about who has little experience at our level. I hope he does well.
  9. guinness

    Welcome Oran Kearney

    Not sure where the optimism is coming from. Eight years at the club . I believe, and won one cup in a pretty pish league. Not such a great record. Hope he does well but not confident.
  10. guinness

    Scotland Football Club

    Scotland lucky to get none. Belgium could have won by 10 if they felt like it.
  11. guinness

    New Morton manager

    Jonaton johansen
  12. guinness

    Mechelen V St Mirren

    Was at tromso and Mechelen. Tromso had the polar beer brewery. Full of fishermen early in the morning. Never put my hand in my pocket. They were some of the friendliest people anywhere. Got pissed and missed bus to game. Got a taxi to ground and had to go in home end. Smashing time though had to keep a grip if my duty free voddy as it cost a fortune in Norway.
  13. guinness

    New European Super League

    Would quickly become the same teams playing each other over and over again, same as Champions league. I believe the viewing figures for the Champions League are not particularly healthy. Once you get to quarters it is almost exactly the same teams every year. think people would tire quickly of a European League.
  14. When we play them in the league it will be free. Absolute nonsense to charge £10.
  15. guinness

    St Mirren v Livingston 25th August 18

    That is one of the worst 90 minutes I have seen for a while. The big centre half is one of the worst players I have ever seen at love st. Big centre looked pish butimproved in second half so he took him off. New right back is a dwarf. Overall a relegation performance.