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  1. Played against him at school. Johnstone high he played for.good player in those days .we used to beat them as if you stopped the ball getting to him they had little else.
  2. Sorry I just like boxing.
  3. Do not like any sport where it is a judges opinion who wins. Prefer to know who has won whilst watching it.
  4. Part of the problem lies with newspapers doing away with sub editors. The number of spelling and grammatical errors in newspapers now is incredible.
  5. I .must be in a small minority but I never had any problems with the old ST supplier.
  6. I rarely even carry a phone.really cannot be arsed having to work out what To do and then remember phone every week. Think last season had a bigger effect on me than I thought. The watching on TV ripped my knitting. Only saw about half of our games and did not miss the rest. .might just go to away games if allowed and rubber the homes ones.
  7. afraid I am struggling to get any enthusiasm up this season. Last season sickened me. If it is only an e ticket I will be asking for a refund and chucking it.In 58 years of following Saints I have never felt so little interest at the start of a season
  8. Slasher went with wee Simon who ended up Living in Walsall. His mother livedabove the Toby jug in lawn street. Simon died some years ago.
  9. Clear and obvious? Never a penalty.
  10. If I knew how to do that I would not have asked.
  11. Just renewed . Quite easy. However i received an e mail with new ticket attached. A bar code on a bit of paper. What the hell do you do with that? Do we get a proper ticket later?
  12. There were definately tennis courts at anchor rec. Not sure how long ago but they were there.
  13. England should reach semis now. They will fancy themselves. Mind they always do.
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