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  1. 1 hour ago, faraway saint said:

    Seen a few news items that the Raleigh Chopper is being released at an eye watering £995

    I was fortunate enough to have the original, seemingly costing around £32.

    The classic orange colour from Halfords (I think, the corner of Orchard st/Causeyside Street), I remember riding it home and plenty of looks from people as it was just out. 

    I’m sure you would have got lots of looks riding down Causeyside street displaying your chopper to all 😱

  2. 3 hours ago, Wilbur said:

    The SMiSA stadium is in Paisley, not far from Glasgow, Scotland. Have you ever been there when a St Mirren fixture has taken place. If you ever do come along you might actually realise what Keanu Baccus does for us. He is usually excellent. 

    Or are you just an ignorant twat ?

    You could have saved yourself so much time by simply posting the last 6 words. - job done 🤷‍♂️

  3. 39 minutes ago, Albanian Buddy said:

    Seems like Ian enjoyed his privacy while during his playing career and after. 

    Wonderful player - considering he replaced Peter Weir he was very well thought of as a player for Saints. Did he ever miss a penalty?

    Scored my personal favourite ever goal at Love St - number 4 against Celtic in my favourite ever game - nearly 40 years ago! 



    St Mirren:-
    Thomson, Clark, Hamilton, McCormack (Jarvie), Cooper, Fulton, Fitzpatrick, McAvennie (Alexander), McDougall, Abercrombie, Scanlon
    Goals:- Clarke 25, McCormack 32, McDougall 45, Scanlon 88.

    Bonner, McGrain, Sinclair, Aitken, McAdam, W McStay (Halpin), McClair, P McStay, McGarvey, MacLeod, Burns.
    Sub not used- Brian Whittaker.
    Goals:- Burns 9, Aitken 19.

    Att:- 13,062.


    I’ve tried looking for that goal , given it was against Celtic, I assume there would have been footage of it , either a Scotsport clip or something else but can’t find it .  
    When Weir went to dons and Scanlon came the other way I think most of us thought we were getting lesser player - how wrong we were . A great exiting  player to watch .

  4. 3 hours ago, Albanian Buddy said:

    Absolutely nothing of note by Roddy Forsyth…….I’m not a subscriber but there are ways and means.

    First article

    “Our attempts to discover the whereabouts of Ian Scanlon - the Howard Hughes of Scottish football - have so far failed to locate the notoriously secretive former Notts County, Aberdeen and St Mirren winger, but they have yielded a rich seam of anecdote about his idiosyncrasies.

    Mark McGhee, now manager of Motherwell, who was cited to this column as Scanlon's former buddy at Pittodrie, had this to say: "The problem with tracking Ian down is that the last search party never came back - and that was Lord Lucan riding on Shergar."

    McGhee, though, was able to illuminate our mention of Scanlon's aversion to answering his phone or opening his door, a habit which reatly irritated Sir Alex Ferguson, in his pre-knighthood days as Aberdeen manager.

    "Fergie had something important to tell Ian but he knew there was no point in phoning him, so he went up to his house," McGhee recalled. "At that time Ian had a sheepdog called Shep and he was always going on about how inseparable they were and that they had a telepathic bond.

    "So Fergie went to the house and rang the doorbell. Shep started barking inside, but after a couple of minutes nothing happened, so Fergie rang the bell again.

    "This time there wasn't a sound from the dog. Fergie waited another couple of minutes, by which time he was raging. So he rang the bell again but there was no sound - because Scan had disconnected the bell.

    "Next day Ian came in to Pittodrie, cool as you like. Fergie started on at him about not answering the door and shouted: "The bell wouldnae even ring!" Scan said: "Oh, was it you that broke it?"

    Another feature of Scanlon's time with Aberdeen was his insistence that his next move would be to a club in the United States.When he ultimately signed for St Mirren, the incredulous Dons players immediately demanded to know why.

    "Because they're the club nearest to an airport anywhere in Scotland," Scan explained to his bemused clubmates.

    Breaking News: This column's hunt for Scanlon has triggered a correspondence on the Notts County Mad fans' website.

    Scanlon's cousin, Andrew, has been in touch to say that Ian still lives in Paisley, never having made the airport, it seems. Another contributor alleges that Scanlon told him at the time of his fall-out with Notts County that he was going into oil management because he had inherited an oil well in a will.”

    Second link 

    “The query was prompted by an article in Fifa Magazine about Colin Slater, the veteran local BBC radio reporter, who has been covering Notts County on air since 1968. 

    Slater's favourite game remains a 1-0 League Cup victory over Leeds United in October 1975.

    "Leeds United had reached the European Cup final a few months earlier while Notts were in the Second Division," Slater said, "and what made it more dramatic was that the only goal was scored by a Scottish winger, Ian Scanlon, who'd been recruited from a junior club, but cannot be traced by anybody now.

    "Everybody wants to know where Ian Scanlon is, but nobody can find out."

    Telegraph reader John Thomson writes: "I'm pretty sure Ian Scanlon had a pub in Glasgow around the late 1980s but then he disappeared off the map."

    The fragrant Michelle Evans, St Mirren expert for Real Radio in Scotland, told this column that she thought Scanlon had become an accountant and promised to find out more.

    So far, though, we are still in the debit column as far as current information goes.

    So where on earth is Scanny?”


    Wow, a very “complex” character indeed.    

  5. 1 hour ago, faraway saint said:

    I'm not in the "play youngsters" boat as plenty of people have paid decent money to attend and a final day victory would end the season on a high.

    Not saying these magical youngsters can't win the game I'm just more inclined to think the players who have made this season great get the chance to give us another great result. 

    Plenty time to play youngsters in the pre season games, which aren't that far away. 


    Agree . Play our best team on the day and when we are 5-0 up with 20 minutes to go , then bring them on . 😎 

    We need to see what our next crop of youngsters can do and I’m 100% for giving them a chance to show but we don’t want them hung out to dry in what is essentially a dead rubber. 

  6. 1 hour ago, guinness said:

    Finished 5-0. Still think Ross County or Kilmarnock will beat Partick.  They were quite good tonight though the awful sending off made it easy.

    Having watched most Friday night championship games this season on BBC and enjoyed the majority of them, I think the gap between bottom 3-4 in premiership to top 6 in Championship this year is as big if not bigger than it’s been in years.

    I can’t see Thistle troubling RC or Killie unless it becomes a horrible battle.  If either premiership team plays to even their mediocre level, I can see only one outcome .

    You have to remember however that I have won the grand total of absolutely f**k all betting on football outcomes to date.😬

  7. 17 minutes ago, Sue Denim said:

    “In 1977, after being dropped for a game against Carlisle United, Scanlon walked out on Notts County. After openly considering retirement from football, and making false claims to have inherited money, he joined Aberdeen.”

    I’m aware of all this history SD but that was almost 50 years ago, looking to try and get a wee bit more up to date on him. It Been almost 40 years since he left Saints.

    Was hoping some Saints fan on here might drink in the same pub as him on the Outer Hebrides or whatever 🍻👍

  8. 44 minutes ago, Albanian Buddy said:

    Not wishing to nit pick @Callum Gilhooley but his chosen first name is Ian rather than Iain just in case you are searching google for your spelling.

    I’m sure Ian Scanlon’s “disappearance” has been discussed before on here but there were rumours he had come into some money via a girlfriend who dumped him.


    Cheers for the correction 👍.  Very strange story . Hope he’s ok , just wanting peace n quiet rather than something else


  9. 6 minutes ago, HSS said:

    Lost 2-0 to Celtic,last game of season when,I think,the Love St end was being renovated 


    Christ , I have absolutely no recollection of that 😯

    I was 18 at the time and was following the team everywhere - who knows, I might even have been there but you’d think I’d remember something like that 🙄

  10. I’ve got a few doublers .

    Dumbarton at Boghead & Their new place.

    East fife at Bayview & New Bayview ( although I think that was pre season friendly) 

    Clyde at Shawfield & Broadwood 

    Livvy / Meadowbank at The Lasgane with a glass of red stadium & Meadowbank 

    Saintees at Muirton & McDairmid 

    Accies at Douglas Park & New Douglas park 

    Airdrie at Broomfield & New Broomfield or whatever it’s called.

    Stirling Alb at Anfield & Forthbank 

  11. Here’s one for the statos out there .  

    Are there any senior grounds out there that Saints haven’t played a competitive match at ?

      I used to follow the team everywhere and could at one point say I’d seen them at every league ground but with many new teams and others changing / switching their home grounds I’m some way off that now. So where haven’t we played .? 

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