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  1. 1 hour ago, Hunterian said:

    That would assume Hibs taking full points in their last 2 games. Will you be betting on that?

    Hi Hunterian ,

    I’ll take your bet . A pint of lager ( or Beverage of your choice worth less than £4.85 )  on that by virtue of them winning both games but I’ll fancy the ‘Dee will drop points against “them” and also get horsed by Aberdeen .

    I’ll see in the pub of your choice at full time on April whateverthef**kitis to collect my winning pint . Cheers 🍻 

  2. On 3/20/2024 at 8:35 PM, faraway saint said:

    The forum, after another nail delivered recently, is on it's last legs anyway.

    As for your question, I'd assume the current moderator will do his usual and monitor the forum closely. :lol:

    Specifically, the bill criminalizes threatening or abusive behavior based on a person's age, disability, race, color, nationality (including citizenship), or ethnic or national origins, religion or perceived religious affiliation, sexual orientation, transgender identity, or variations in sex characteristics.

    Don’t know where you got the cut n paste bit but hopefully whoever put that together is first to be prosecuted for crimes against spelling - it’s colour !!

    something must be done about this blatant spellaphobia !! 😑


  3. I know there was a thread previously for this but I can’t find it !!

    We play 6 a side indoor at the MOBO facility on Inchinnan road 8pm on Mondays .

     We are always happy to take new players - all ages ,all levels of ability  ( but not too fast 😉)  If anyone would like to add their name to the list , looking to get back into playing & helping to drink the kitty 🍻 just drop me a msg .
    Would like to keep the game going and have as many Buds as possible in the squad. 

  4. VAR is a shambles and should be got rid of, brings nothing to the game, instead of clearing up controversy it muddies the water even further . It breaks up the flow of the game and leaves fans and players alike confused and bewildered.

    Yes , I know it’s humans that make the ultimate decisions but for me I’d rather discuss the performance of a useless, incompetent or biased ref in the pub after the game rather than said ref, how many more arseholes in a wee office somewhere, multiple camera angles , stupid offside lines & replays and even more baffling decisions .

    Saturdays Motherwell game was a beauty ….. to disallow ‘Wells goal after the ball shaves off a jumping players arm which he Knew nothing about then refuse the same team a Penalty after Shinnie blatantly hits the ball with his elbow is beyond belief !  What f**king good did the cameras and slo-mos do there 

    keep yer pitchside monitor, yer  ref doing his ‘it’s a TV programme ‘Charades crap & a couple of guys hiding in a wee office . Costs money we don’t have & delays the game unnecessarily.

  5. Don’t mind admitting that after his early games with us & his subsequent slide to Arbroaths bench last season I wondered why we had given him a two year deal .

    Early this season he showed some real improvement before slipping back to mediocre again ……however , two goals in two games which helped secure 4 points where 0 looked the most likely outcome has most certainly earned him massive brownie points from me .  
    He is still very raw , spends as much time on his arse as on his feet and still needs to remember to take the ball with him at times but let’s hope he can continue the form of the last couple of games and more. 

  6. 48 minutes ago, lenziebud said:

    The problem at Aberdeen is not Warnock.

    Its players and board and probably the vast majority of it is with players.

    They lost to Darvel that tells you where the issue is.

    No excuses for them, in a corporate environment they'd be managed out a long time ago. 

    Warnock has been a success virtually everywhere he has been. He may seem a maverick in the media but he's a shrewd operator. No idea why he even bothered with Aberdeen at his age.

    Never really spend a lot of time listening to Miller on football matters.

    Hopefully they maintain their form tomorrow and we can get another win.

    Only two of the starting eleven who lost to Darvel are still at the club . As shit as they were that day, I don’t think they can be blamed for Dons current predicament.  


  7. 1 hour ago, fan4ever said:

    It pains me to right this and I am sure fault with both clubs hooligans. But I should be able to go to a match and feel safe walking to my car however that is twice I have felt threatened. I have had a group of what I can o ly call thugs running towards me with their faces covered. I want whoever knows who they are to shame them. We will lose our good name as a family club. I looked about me today and seen people walking with young children. We had young football teams in today. We will start to lose godd law abiding fans through non educated thugs who call themselves st mirren fans who find it fun to fight other fans a disgrace. Get rid of W7 if this is what it brings to the club

    Absolutely spot on.  

  8. 32 minutes ago, ALBIONSAINT said:

    I must have been at a different game from some of the posters on here? We played some great pressing football today against a team with a budget that out strips ours by a country mile. We put their ex-England and Man City keeper under severe pressure with shots and multiple corners and our defence on the whole managed to contain two Japan internationalists, while our midfield battle against players who are used to playing in top European teams. Some folks on here are starting to sound like old firm fans. 


  9. 11 hours ago, Ronnie said:

    Watched Dundee's highlights v Hearts they play at such a high tempo more than any other team in league imo and seem to make plenty of chances in every match.

    I can't see them not scoring Wednesday so hopefully we have our shooting boots on to score at least two which we will probably need to win.

    Sent from my T610K using Tapatalk

    They do play a pressing game and seem to know where the goals are , however their defence can be shambolic at times . It’s up to us to keep the pressure on. 
    I’m sure there will be goals but game could be decided by which team wins the midfield battle.  This won’t be easy but I’m hopeful of a narrow win. 

  10. 25 minutes ago, antrin said:

    Far be it be it for me to suggest that faraway/long John baldy is more accurate than usual about anything, but…

    …this time (despite fartaway/long John baldy not being allowed to post in here) I think he’s right.

    The Cameron/pig thing is probably shite.

    (although it might have been a studenty fancy of his…j

    The Cameron / Pig thing is probably shite ??  

    Perhaps . But methinks someone is telling Porkies.  😉

  11. 1 hour ago, WeeBud said:

    In fairness I think it’s fairly well documented that this was part of Cameron’s initiation process into the Bullingdon Club, an absolutely abhorrent collection of entitled, rich kids that believe their role is to shite all over the “lesser” classes as some sort of right of passage.

    But he denied it .
    And we all know when an oxbridge Tory posh boy denies something - they’re definitely honestly telling the truth 😂🙄 

  12. 6 hours ago, Long John Baldy said:

    This type of nonsense from a majority of the SNP support does more harm than good.

    Continual bitter name calling, highlighting ANYTHING they see as some sort of point scoring rather than focusing on the decent stuff, and there are some, just continues to see me, and plenty like me, never vote for anything SNP related. 

    It's rife on this forum, it was even worse during the build up to the referendum in 2014, especially on other social media platforms, and will never cease. 

    But he did f**k a pig ……& a dead one at that . Do you have a problem with the truth ? 🤷‍♂️

  13. 54 minutes ago, alanb said:

    Some media speculation around Curtis Main returning to Scotland with us,Motherwell and Dundee being linked with him.

    Would definitely need at least one striker out to accommodate him.

    Curtis Main did very well for us last season but let’s not forget, he was f**king mince the previous one !    
    IF he returned , I would hope it was the 22/23 version . 

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