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  1. 23 hours ago, Smithers Jones said:

    They were not charged for these games as part of their sesson ticket. If they want to attend they will need to purchase a ticket for either the main or west stand. Quite simple really.

    They get charged £10 or £5 for concessions to take up an empty seat in the west  or Main stand but only if bought in advance.  Normal price if bought on matchday. 

  2. On 10/6/2021 at 6:02 PM, Eric Arthur Blair said:

    I was driving past earlier today,there was a tarpaulin saying "This restaurant is closed, your nearest KFC is...". Couldn't read the last bit, I'm guessing it said Hillington or The Phoenix.

    Every bit as bad as every other KFC ? 

  3. 16 minutes ago, alanb said:

    You cannot see the queues from the directors lounge or the big padded seats

    In days gone by, a kick off could have been delayed (cash turnstiles ) but we are all pre-paid up front now, so the moneys in the bank

    I wasn’t at the game but going by the pictures I’ve seen on various SM sites, I would think you could see the queues looking between West and south stands.

    Also, isn’t that why we have a match day commander To ensure these things are monitored and acted upon  ?    Where was the communication between the senior stewards and the club officials. 

    I agree that there may be an element of “ we’ve got their money - who cares ?”  To me it’s just  another example of a growing rift between the fans ( owners !). And the prawn sandwich brigade .

  4. 1 hour ago, faraway saint said:

    Just read the report, Murray very unlucky, losing in 5 after being 2-1 up.

    A great pity, beating a player of this standard would have been a massive boost to his confidence.

    Ach, got to take something from this, his best performance for quite some time.

    Tennis apart, sound like Tsitsipas has taken a leaf from the Djokovic book of cheating.



    Watched the whole match . Yes he was unlucky but had the chances to go 2 seats up and let it slip .  Played some fantastic Tennis and looked fit as a fiddle but let Tsitsipas get under his skin with some mind games before last set

    He was .unhappy with Tsipitas taking a near 10 minute toilet break and it niggled him throughout the set.  

    Great effort but just came up short . If he had the mental strength of Federer etc, he would have won .





  5. 20 hours ago, codfish said:

    No they don’t. They have Middleton, who’d provide some pace, but they have the exact same issues up front as we do - in Callum Hendry, they have possibly the worst striker in the league, and Stevie May is a 3-a-season striker if that.

    What they do have, though, is a functioning midfield, even with Davidson getting rested.

    Saintees had More possession,  50% more shots,  100% more shots on target , 100% more corners .  At home against teams we hope to be competing against come the sharp end of the season, that is simply not good enough .


  6. 42 minutes ago, Ronnie said:

    Is the squad really that bad??? most of the players came from other SPL clubs and at various points have been part of decent teams and we have witnessed their good and bad points both against us and now for us they haven't all became bad players overnight.

    Maybe the one at the top of the tree is the problem with his insistence on a system that quite clearly doesn't work or his worry more about the opposition than let them worry about us.

    I still wonder why he signed Kiltie if it wasn't to replace Durmus? with Dunne and Tanser also being signed it leaves Kiltie with nowhere to play that suits him imo.

    Three of this seasons signings played for the team relegated last season, two others have managed about a dozen appearances last season between them and one only managed a couple of games with us in his loan spell.

    Coupled to that we  still have two “strikers” from last season who aren’t exactly prolific. 

    I think we are light in pace, lacking a goal scorer ( yet again ) and void of creative ideas both on the park and from the sidelines. we seem to be constantly struggling to take the game to teams. In my opinion, we are going to struggle to be even near top six unless we improve in all these areas pretty damn quick .

    I really hope I’m wrong but on the evidence of what I’ve seen this season so far ………. 😬😬😬

    Oh , & the discipline needs to be addressed. I’m all for being hard and competitive on the pitch but we we need to cut out the stupid stuff . 

  7. 25 minutes ago, Cookie Monster said:

    That’s all very good and well but last time I checked, none of those clubs are…….. St.Mirren FC 🤔.  And you were specifically saying that St.Mirren had reduced the price of said strips.

    Not true.     IF the club shop was selling pristine tops at over £50 and subsequently advertised at them £35 or thereabouts, that would be a reduction.   As it happens , what the club are selling is in effect , seconds. So they should be priced accordingly .
    Indeed it could be argued £35 is even too expensive for seconds. 🤷‍♂️

  8. 48 minutes ago, Gosport Buddie said:

    Just had a voicemail from Alan at Provan Sports. They're expecting a new delivery of jerseys in a few days. Unfortunately, it's more of the Skyview with stuck on logo ones. Would take too long to get a complete new batch made and the number that would have to be ordered made this a non-starter

    I liked the Sky View logo , do you think I could by a sky view sticker to put over the Digby brown one ? 

  9. 2 minutes ago, billyg said:

    Get the feeling that the wheels are coming off throughout the club. Any possible deals which appear to be close are not happening , yet in the past I'm sure they would have been sorted quickly . The lack of pace and width needs addressing immediately , even if that means selling some of our assets to provide funds for the right players to come in !

    We have assets ? 😳

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