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  1. I’d say this would be the best use of a brown paper bag for you know who If there is a BAWA night oot ! 😏
  2. You have no idea what I had to put up with when I did the Diet Coke adverts. I Naively thought I’d finally be accepted as a true thespian after I left the chippendales. how wrong was I ?
  3. I apologise profusely for anything I might have said about Davie Dodds in the 80s and also , I would like it noted that as far as I’m aware , Nacho Novo isnt a c**t and Jimmy Hill had a wife. 🙄
  4. Nah , not me 😂. Was working all day today or I would have been there, I’ll be there tomorrow though 👍
  5. Bascule Bridge We are required to open of Bascule Bridge on Monday and Tuesday (1st – 2nd March) to allow a boat to navigate up the River Cart. Monday The first opening will take place at approximately noon. same again Tomorrow The return journey will see the boat returning downstream at approximately 1:30pm. These time are approximate and can vary. Tuesday The first opening will take place at approximately round 12:30. The return journey will see the boat returning downstream at approximately 2pm. The actual openings will see the road closed for a few minutes only. Regards Jamie McNelis BEng (Hons) CEng MICE Supervisory Civil Engineer (Structures) Environment & Infrastructure,
  6. Yes, that’s why I said Foley. 🙄 the “sadly not “ was reference to the fact he is no longer a St.Mirren player .
  7. We are sadly lacking a midfield general IMO. I had hoped that Foley might provide that but sadly not. The young uns are great prospects but still far too prone to silly mistakes and I wish Erhahon would cut out the silly “Top Bin” drag back ! Would love to see a more experienced hard pro alongside them to assist with their development.
  8. There’s no doubt EVs are here to stay but unless whichever government is in power in 2030 (2035 for phev ) decides to outlaw petrol & diesel cars altogether, there will still be an awful lot of legacy vehicles kicking around for another decade. Last year was the first year where the ownership of EV& PHEV combined reached double figures. with the changes to people’s work patterns in the last twelve months and reduced mileage for most people , this year could see another big jump in numbers .
  9. They should have f**king snipers on high buildings to take the selfish Bastards out 😠
  10. With Storie being there, I would imagine the wee toy plane came from Walker Street post office .
  11. When I went to Copsticks they were on the corner of Causeyside st and Gordon street . Right above the Lews store.
  12. We’d be quicker just sending Jack Ross an email 🤨
  13. Whats Dicipline ? oh, and i have no desire to be anywhere with you, far less your corner .
  14. And yet there are still countless numbers trying to deflect with what about rangers / septic / dons. We f**ked up !! Internal investigation needed to find out why this happened and who is responsible . The culprits need to be identified and disciplined accordingly . l
  15. How can clubs be held responsible for actions of employees while they are not at work ? The employees did what they did without their clubs knowledge or approval . Once the story came out , the club suspended the pair and informed the authorities. Do you , or the club for that matter know what every one of our players & staff gets up to 24/7 ? Our issues happened while players were at their work and it would appear their employer ( Out beloved club) has been negligent in their duty of care to their employees.
  16. With the events of this week worsening by the minute, I wonder if we should be looking at this for Saints new strip thread., would certainly fit in with the way things appear to be getting run..
  17. The club can only advise and emphasise the rules players must follow while away from the club.They cannot be held responsible for all players actions away from the club . It would appear that our club did not put in place the processes to keep players safe while at the club.
  18. I think the fact that we employed two “covid champions “ after these two events tells us the club knew there were flaws in our processes and were scurrying about trying to make good..... too late .
  19. Ah, ok. That would make sense. 2 away is the best of a bad lot, although still not keen .
  20. 4 for the home strip. Unlike many here , I don’t like 2 , looks like an ice hockey ref. IMO all of the away ones are honking. 3&4 just plain hideous while 1&2 look as if they should be worn by someone sitting on a Polo Pony .
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