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  1. Latest reports on his condition are not great . 😔. I think it may have been mentioned in the previous link but apparently he has not responded well to his cancer treatment and the disease has spread . Let’s hope what is looking very much like the final moments for the Legend are as comfortable as possible . 😔
  2. 100% This . 👍 Young man can hold his head up high . Hopefully this will lead to many more caps for him and hope he’s been spreading the Gospel according to St.Mirren among some of his fellow Aussies . 🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇦🇺
  3. That would seem logical and fair but this is FIFA we’re talking about here 😏
  4. Would love to get that sort of money but the harsh reality is that we’ll get what someone is prepared to pay and we consider a good offer. . The Canadian lad has 33 full international caps while Keanu has just 4 sub appearances . Fingers crossed we get to see the best of him in a Saints strip for a wee while longer before he goes …. Hopefully for squillions 🤞
  5. Yay , money for the BAWA football guys night out 🍺😎👍⚽️
  6. Baccus was still with us on the 12th when we played Sevco . Can’t see them paying us for that 🙄
  7. I would agree with most of that . In my opinion and experience talking with others , including fans of several other teams Is there is a majority against VAR . Now not sure if this is folk against the concept of VAR or the implementation of it but for Maxwell to dismiss it by saying he disagrees that fans are saying it’s not working is a very broad and sweeping statement - have the SFA canvased fans views or is Maxwell simply listening to the ones he wants to hear ? The World Cup VAR experience has done little to convince me that this is good for the game.
  8. I wonder if the fact that Airdrie didn’t play him in the recent Cup match might signal a return ?
  9. If you stand outside in this weather making a long exposure, you’re going to catch something . 😬 Thats always providing the cops don’t get you first 🤓
  10. Qatars World Cup team are rewarded for their tournament performances.
  11. Yep , both have been largely anonymous in this World Cup so far. For two players who almost certainly will not see another W.Cup I find it incredible how lacklustre both have been .
  12. Any road, I’m off to watch the big game, and if it’s rubbish I’ll turn to BBC1 and watch Wales V Engerlund
  13. Sorry Bud, if they were handing out medals for pish posted, you’d be in with a shout for Gold with that beaut 😂 Have a nice evening whoever you are . 😂
  14. Wow, I’ve seen some shit on here in my time but that is on a different level 😂😂😂
  15. This could be a banana skin if we don’t approach it right. Our sparkling Home form has slipped somewhat over the last few games and now sees us 8th in last 4 home form table . Dundee don’t travel particularly well but they will be up for this one . So much depends on how we return from the World Cup break .
  16. He is good…. But he’s no Curtis Main . 😎
  17. Diesel still at £1.82 in most places today 😡
  18. On a Football / yoon theme. I watched tonight’s game in the company of two Ibrox ST holders. While myself and the other non H*ns were having a laugh at Engerlunds impotence against the Yanks , one of said H*ns piped up with “ at least they’re there, your lot couldn’t even make it “. When we pressed on who “your lot” were , the reply was The Jocks !! The fact that these folk would rather support England over Scotland baffles me 🤷‍♂️. Unbelievable Jeff !
  19. Agree 100%. But I do like watching the women’s game 😊 oh shit , the pc polis will be after me for that one 😬
  20. During the USA game , one of the pundits ( Think it was Alex Scott ?) commented on the fact that the USA mens and women’s teams get paid the same and she reckons other associations should follow suit - they play the same game with the same rules so why not, was the core of her argument. There’s a woman sings Karaoke in the Abbey Bar who’s brilliant , I think she should be paid the same as Beyoncé - both doing the same thing , so why not 🤷‍♂️
  21. Hibs / Hearts saying they are going to break the record for an SWPL Edinburgh derby, expecting over 10000. FFS , I should bloody well think so - the price for a ticket ? £0. , free , gratis, f**k all !! . I applaud the initiative to give all these free tickets away to schools & groups but to trumpet it as if it’s some sort of great advance in the women’s game and commercial success is farcical.
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