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  1. Big fella Isn’t just all about his serve, got a sublime touch around the net .
  2. Ticketing system simply won’t work on my iPad , keep dropping the ticket in basket and when I click go to checkout it just goes back a page 😡 f**ket , I’ll just buy one on the day .
  3. I’m sure his patch was outside Burtons . Just saw your stuff about wee Dougie, could I be getting mixed up with Isaac / Zak ? Or was Zak one of their sons ?
  4. His name was Ian, can't remember his surname. Lived in Cartha Crescent opposite the high flats. Originally from Foxbar , bottom end of findhorn / Orchy crescent area I believe. Lots of stories of how he came to be like he was , One that did the rounds was that as a young lad he was helping some workies doing work to the tenement and fell off the scaffolding sustaining life changing injuries. Not sure if true or not. Before him was Wee Dougie and his son Zak did the same thing around the same time as Big Ian .
  5. They played one of her songs from Glastonbury today on Radio 2 - I couldn’t believe my ears 😮. Thought they’d got the tapes mixed up with some drunk wummin in the Abbey bar karaoke 😬 listened in to a bit more on i-player , absolutely f**king awful 😣 Time to Chuck it Diana 👎
  6. Don’t you renege on the bet now - gimme ma money 💰 Used £1 notes in a plain brown bag will do😎👍
  7. I’ll bet you £10000 that Berrettini won’t win Wimbledon singles this year . 💰
  8. Twitter feed says after Fraser Taylor’s initial effort is saved . Who is Fraser Taylor ?
  9. Tell your mate to forget the pints and get the updates coming 🙄😉
  10. I flew from there four weeks ago and it was chaotic, well over 90 mins to get through security 😡. It was a Friday early evening but they only had 2 security lines working . Hopefully it’s better for you 🤞 The City airport is far better and a lot more quiet , International can get rammed if there’s 4-5 easyJet flights departing within a short period. Oh , & if you see the big older bespectacled security supervisor with the grey beard - tell him from me he’s a lying c**t 😡.
  11. What ? 1 goal in his last 12 league appearances ? No , I hope he improves .
  12. Got to laugh though. The ATP say it’s discriminating against Russian athletes - such a principled stance and then you realise they (ATP) refuse to show the Russian flag on their own site rankings page . 🤷‍♂️ I assume the US Open points will be removed also as they have said they will refuse Visas for Russian players
  13. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned previously but Wimbledon this year has been stripped of its ranking points because of its decision to ban Russian & Belarusian competitors . ☹️
  14. Jeez , some big hitters on this list 🤨. Including a whopping £360 k for the top dog in charge of the charity for Garden Ornaments 😉 https://www.thirdsector.co.uk/charity-pay-study-2021-biggest-earners/management/article/1713966
  15. Peanuts compared to this greedy Bastard 😮 https://www.thirdsector.co.uk/wellcome-trust-paid-its-highest-earner-37m-last-year/finance/article/1452792
  16. Macca has been one of Musics greats but let’s be honest he should have chucked it at least 10 years ago . His voice has gone ☹️
  17. I got banned from Facebook for saying that very same thing 😂😂😂
  18. I’m just about to cancel my membership. It just hasn’t worked for me . Seemed like a good idea at the time but when you factor in the fact you’re still paying close season, games getting shifted around , midweek etc , it means your adding about 2-3 quid onto each pint . Eg, only one home game in March last season . the charge for visitors and the limit on numbers put my family off attending also . Its a good facility and I fully understand the costs incurred by the original members but I feel the current membership model could do with a shake up.
  19. I have to say , know the name but not one who’s made me think “ wish he was with us “ . Would JG be looking at some sort of swap perhaps ? We get Gallagher , Dons get more of our cast off toilets 🤔
  20. He’s extremely intelligent you know, but he never speaks about it 🙄😂😂😂
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