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  1. really close game tonight . One goal in it for the Bibs who probably just about deserved it. Special mention to Connor who pulled off one of the best saves ever seen with our lot at the dome ( sorry connor, cameras didnt catch it ! ) Invites are out for next week , lets get them back in early and take a moment to vote for your MOTM Good to have the Dome back in operation, despite all its problems , it really is a great facility when operational.
  2. Callum Gilhooley

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    This is f**kin torture [emoji34]
  3. I heard the Stokes deal may be back on . Anyone heard ?
  4. Callum Gilhooley

    World Cup Russia 2018

    Why didn’t England bring on Harry Kane ?
  5. Callum Gilhooley

    World Cup Russia 2018

    Have Croatia’s second half efforts tired them for the ET ?
  6. Callum Gilhooley

    Danny Rogers - confirmed

    So Mbappe is still a possibility?
  7. Callum Gilhooley

    Jack's Return!

    Im sure it is keith you are thinking of. Left us and went to Swansea. What he said !!
  8. Callum Gilhooley

    John McGinn

    Don’t you oppress me ! [emoji54]
  9. Callum Gilhooley

    Jack's Return!

    I’m in Darlington . Darlo are playing Sunderland at home tonight. Hmm , World Cup on telly in the bar or Wee trip to Darlo for the game ?
  10. Callum Gilhooley

    John McGinn

    Still nothing on McGinn ?
  11. Callum Gilhooley

    John McGinn

    Any word on John McGinn ?
  12. Callum Gilhooley

    John McGinn

    You forgot the running track
  13. Callum Gilhooley

    Hayden Coulson

    Welcome aboard young man. Good luck for the season ahead . https://www.stmirren.com/news/club/all-news/1974-hayden-coulson-joins-saints-on-loan
  14. One thought would be a bonus !! I was in the dome today and to be honest it is in a bit of a state. Wiring for the lights is hanging everywhere, mounting points for the actual lamps have been ripped off and there are several significant rips on the inner skin of the Dome itself.
  15. Another week , another call off im afraid. The dome is STILL out of commsion. The loss of revenue to the club from this latest situation is now at £560 from the BAWA footy guys alone, god knows what the total loss is from all other dome users but it must be a fair old amount . We now havent had a game for a month , i know Gareth has organised a couple of fives games . Is it now reaching the stage where we should start looking at alternative places to play regularly rather than ad-hoc games if the Dome cannot be relied upon ? Thought please. ( preferably from those who play !)