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  1. Qatars World Cup team are rewarded for their tournament performances.
  2. Yep , both have been largely anonymous in this World Cup so far. For two players who almost certainly will not see another W.Cup I find it incredible how lacklustre both have been .
  3. Wales should bring Gareth Bale on.
  4. Any road, I’m off to watch the big game, and if it’s rubbish I’ll turn to BBC1 and watch Wales V Engerlund
  5. Sorry Bud, if they were handing out medals for pish posted, you’d be in with a shout for Gold with that beaut 😂 Have a nice evening whoever you are . 😂
  6. Wow, I’ve seen some shit on here in my time but that is on a different level 😂😂😂
  7. This could be a banana skin if we don’t approach it right. Our sparkling Home form has slipped somewhat over the last few games and now sees us 8th in last 4 home form table . Dundee don’t travel particularly well but they will be up for this one . So much depends on how we return from the World Cup break .
  8. He is good…. But he’s no Curtis Main . 😎
  9. Diesel still at £1.82 in most places today 😡
  10. On a Football / yoon theme. I watched tonight’s game in the company of two Ibrox ST holders. While myself and the other non H*ns were having a laugh at Engerlunds impotence against the Yanks , one of said H*ns piped up with “ at least they’re there, your lot couldn’t even make it “. When we pressed on who “your lot” were , the reply was The Jocks !! The fact that these folk would rather support England over Scotland baffles me 🤷‍♂️. Unbelievable Jeff !
  11. Agree 100%. But I do like watching the women’s game 😊 oh shit , the pc polis will be after me for that one 😬
  12. During the USA game , one of the pundits ( Think it was Alex Scott ?) commented on the fact that the USA mens and women’s teams get paid the same and she reckons other associations should follow suit - they play the same game with the same rules so why not, was the core of her argument. There’s a woman sings Karaoke in the Abbey Bar who’s brilliant , I think she should be paid the same as Beyoncé - both doing the same thing , so why not 🤷‍♂️
  13. Hibs / Hearts saying they are going to break the record for an SWPL Edinburgh derby, expecting over 10000. FFS , I should bloody well think so - the price for a ticket ? £0. , free , gratis, f**k all !! . I applaud the initiative to give all these free tickets away to schools & groups but to trumpet it as if it’s some sort of great advance in the women’s game and commercial success is farcical.
  14. I see the PDE match report refers to a “bumper crowd”. Does anyone know what it was ?
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