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  1. Engerlund were a joy to watch at times tonight. Goal threats from multiple sources , brilliant wing play and players who can actually pass to their team mates .
  2. Scotland slaughtering San Marino 1 - 0 as half time approaches . [emoji57]
  3. Let’s hope it is and not an injury [emoji856]
  4. Watched the so called highlights last night. The whole team & set up were absolutely honking but special mention must go to Graeme Shinnie for the worst left back display since Stelios got ripped apart at Pittodrie. Ridiculous display .
  5. What’s David Hopkin up to these days ? [emoji848]
  6. I don’t mind the other nations teams being involved. I have a bigger issue with Colt teams being included .
  7. Hope to f**k it is first dates and no auditioning for naked attraction
  8. For the last couple of nights I’ve watched “Harry’s Heroes “ about Harry Redknapp trying to whip a team of former international players into shape for a match V Germany . Really good watch , the nick some of these guys had let themselves get into after playing ! Also highlighted the demons faced by young guys suddenly finding themselves with lots of disposable income . Paul Merson cut a very tragic figure at times . Worth a catch up .
  9. I can’t understand why you haven’t mentioned this before .
  10. Sick of the whole f**king saga and the sheer incompetence, arrogance and f**kwittery shown by this weak government.
  11. Not at the moment Bud. Unfortunately when the Dome comes down because of weather there’s always the chance it has been damaged. Need to give the club a chance to let the weather pass, assess the potential damage, do the appropriate safety checks before the all clear is given to resume games and classes .
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