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  1. I’ve been clear from the start . EVERY player who pulls on the Saints strip joins with my best wishes and hopes of success. Some players are a bit of a punt , some come with a decent track record and then some come in who have done the square root of f**k all previously at this level . Main most definitely falls into the latter category - he reached the heady heights of being a 1 goal in 6 “striker “ with ‘well but for me he was most definitely a Meh signing . I really really hope he rams my doubts down my throat and becomes a Saints hero in 22-23 but given the fact he can’t win a header, can’t run, his second touch is a tackle , can’t shoot and looks n plays like a Rugby league player - I won’t hold my breath .
  2. So he’s been playing with an Ankle or heel injury which miraculously got better for the last 4 games of the season ? Nah , not buying it . Surely injuries clear up or need treatment to clear them up early . Nothing to do with a new boss coming in and him thinking, “Shit , I’d better get my finger out and stop being a useless lump of wood “ Oh , & btw , perhaps he also thought “this new Kiwi guy they’ve brought In who’s never played at this level really is showing me up “ And lastly from me , yes he played better in the last 3 or 4 games but he was hardly the f**king messiah !! He simply got a wee bit nearer to where we need Premier level players to be .
  3. Some injury , must have been affecting him for 10 years
  4. He had an operation to switch his feet over on to the correct legs .
  5. Good to hear 👍. Hope you all enjoyed the trip ⚽️😎👍
  6. There is the other thing , the f**king annoying noise of Electric racing cars. 🤨 F 1 is the pinnacle of Motorsport and will continue to be so for a while yet. Yes, Formula E is improving and Attracting more sponsors, teams & better drivers but it’s far from the finished article. I’ve done Goodwood , Silverstone and many other motorsport venues over the years , nothing beats the roar of a big kick ass engine - apart from the sheer power of A fighter jet display 😎, which I will be seeing plenty of in two weeks time at RIAT ( Royal international air tattoo ) 😎 Cant wait 👍 Awesome 👏
  7. Lewis arriving at Sliverstone yesterday , Multi millionaire, supreme driving talent - Nae mirrors in his House 😂😂😂
  8. I don’t think Grieve got the shot away , looks like the defender stuck his toe in and prodded the ball forward to Ayunga who tucked it away well ⚽️👍
  9. I hope you told him it’s meter and a half . Private sector n all that 😂
  10. Fantastic response from Venus Williams to the most idiotic question from a half baked journo 👍 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/tennis/62021304
  11. Looks like th much anticipated and hoped for Pay day bump hasn’t materialised . Here’s hoping for an Early bird deadline dash for the tape 🤞
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