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  1. Sorry to hear of the passing of a fellow Bud , especially one who seems to have been a thoroughly decent soul 🙁 R.I.P. Can anyone who knew him answer , was Stevie originally from Foxbar ? Sort of Don / Dee drive area ?
  2. I don’t know the answer to this but would be interested if anyone did. What happens when it’s betfred , LC, Scot cup matches against lower league teams ? is testing put in place for these part time players or do teams rely on players fessing up if they have a cough and can’t smell farts in the dressing room ? eta, sorry if this has been asked and answered previously
  3. Well I suppose it’s only a nett loss of three points when you factor in the three points we will get back from the Septic game .
  4. Possibly but the Hellcat had spats on the wheels, Avengers did not , like the one in the pic. Also the Avenger had strut supports at an angle like the one in the pic. Both went through Abbostsinch at some point .
  5. Could also mean including Flynn , Dennis , Mason and Finlayson .
  6. While I applaud this effort , it yet again ignores Scotland’s shame , sectarianism. Certain Clubs pay lip service to it but continue to turn a blind eye to the reality of it and some may say they actually pander to it .
  7. Yup . In the interview with Ben Banks . “The last thing we would do is sign a player who’s out long-term, that wouldn’t make any sense. The facts are that Brandon picked up a slight knock on his knee in training and he’s about a week away from full fitness.” so by that reckoning he may well be ready for at least subs bench for Well game. .....IF !!
  8. There used to be a one-eyed yellow idol to the north of Katmandu, as well. Is that near the little marble cross ?
  9. I Remember there was the little Iron bridge over the dummy railway which had been filled in long ago ,gone now .
  10. If you stand at the end of Orchy , you look down Almond Crescent , you’d go down the little path between the tenements in Almond Crescent to get to the Morar Drive bus stop.
  11. I see he has posted elsewhere but decided not to tell us who our premier standard players are . I’m still wondering .
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