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  1. Typo. ? 😂. No , a typo would have been something like MinU instead of ManU . C’Mon Bud, you made a rip roaring James of it !! We’ve all done it …. Throw it over your shoulder and move on . As for the content of the post still standing , unless Man United have signed Grealish , I don’t think it ever stood at all.
  2. I’ve checked & double checked , no sign of Him here either 🤷‍♂️ http://www.fc-utd.co.uk/squad/first-team
  3. When do you think he’ll notice ? 😂
  4. No , I don’t think I have missed the point. We he relinquished his position it was made clear that the enhanced security given to certain members of the Royal family would be withdrawn. When he returned to UK last year, he felt that the security given to him when not with the Royal family was not strict enough ( certainly not what he had been used to) and as he intended to return with his Family ,and understandably wanted to ensure the safety of his family, he wanted his old levels reinstated . when This was not forthcoming by UK gov , he offered to foot the bill - not something that is normally done, I.e, We don’t do Hired Guns !! I Understand he didn’t ask to be born a Prince and had spent a lifetime having this level of attention and therefore security , but there’s a dead easy way to settle this, Just bin the whole f**king lot of them . Id stop short of the French approach to getting rid of their Royals, better to just change the locks when they’re off on their next taxpayer funded jolly.
  5. Isn’t it better to have a significant amount of fans with a voice rather than none at all as was previously the case.? As for SMISA, I don’t know for sure but I’d be reasonably confident that if non smisa members had a valid point to make which might benefit the club, they’d be happy to listen .
  6. What sort of influence did you have as a customer under the previous regime ?
  7. 1. Can you play upfront ? 2. You busy on Tuesday ? 3. can you arrange your own transport to Dundee ?
  8. My thoughts on the Novak debacle for what it’s worth ? Initially thought - f**k him, he knows the rules . Then it changed to : Haud oan a minute, he’s done everything the Aussie tennis authorities asked of him - why detain him ? Then it transpires he lied in his application , I was back again to f**k him !! With lies, deception and a dismissive attitude to the rules ……. NOVAK FOR P.M. 👌😎
  9. That’s a very good point . Goody seems to have intimated that some of the current squad Hopefully Erwin & Main among them) will be ushered toward the exit door this window, why not get these young ‘uns on the bench and give them some game time ?
  10. Unfortunately for Benitez, unless Everton were in theEuropean slots at this point , he was always going to be at risk .
  11. So he thinks our Police and security services can simply be bought and hired at will like some dodgy gun slinging mercenaries. ? f**k off Harry - you chose to leave , deal with it !!, Get the lot of them tae f**k - leeches every one !!
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