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  1. Just wondering as they all have the same name
  2. Why not . At least we get a laugh at some of his “exclusives” [emoji23]
  3. I’m getting sick f**king fed up debunking this myth that Belfast is less than an hour away [emoji35] Have these people never used a f**king airport ?!? Or alternatively , they are simply deliberately trotting this crap out to yet again have a cheap and inaccurate swipe at the club.
  4. I’ve never known a close season with so little juicy speculation. Where is flareybob when you need him ?
  5. He was staying in rented accommodation at the new estate on Hawkhead Road .
  6. As has been covered previously. Commuting to & from Belfast is NOT simply “ 10 minutes to Airport and a 35 minute flight “ If you can make that journey ( Training ground to home ) in 45 minutes I’ll happily buy you beers for the rest of the year . As I said , it’s nearer 2 1/2 to 3 hours each way . And that’s without delays. My flight home from Belfast City airport , from leaving hotel to landing two weeks ago took 4 hours 15 mins. Not counting travel home from airport.
  7. tweet from Ronnie Charters , @STVronnie At St Mirren training ground this morning with no sign of manager Oran Kearney. Allan McManus taking training Players thoughts [emoji116] Gary McKenzie: “Maybe you can tell me, not got a clue” Kyle Magennis: “Don’t know what happening, we haven’t been told anything” More on @STVSport
  8. To summarise. Only a handful of people actually know the full story and absolutely none of them are on this forum [emoji849]
  9. Now , the rumours are that Ok wanted to commute daily . I’ve said before I’d no issue with people commuting but just think of the logistics in this case, IF , and I stress IF this is indeed his request. First flight from Belfast intl is 07:45 this would entail OK leaving home at 06:00 approx . Get to Ralston about 9:00 Return flights from Paisley international leave diff times each day between 15:30 -16:45 . This could mean him leaving after only 5 hours on site (incl lunch ) on at least a couple of days . Not ideal for the club or players . From OKs perspective , I would say continued 12 hour days with two flights a day would pretty quickly take its toll on the man .....and his family life. Sorry saga , hope it gets sorted soon. Sorry for sounding like a travel agent again but with the amount of travel, driving and flying I do myself , I can tell you it is not the ideal scenario .
  10. Possibly the only true fact so far in this sorry saga.
  11. You clearly said after the game . So are you seriously suggesting we play a game against a team ,knowing our manager has left us and will be going to them after the game .... but to keep it a secret ? Who’s the dafty ? You really are a f**kin loonball .
  12. I am well aware of that. See my subsequent posts [emoji849]
  13. If only we could find someone who liked starting threads [emoji848].
  14. Oh aye , so we play Coleraine in a friendly with Oran in the saints dugout then GLS announces the morning after that he is leaving to take up his old job . Aye , that’ll work .[emoji849]. I can already see you and your anti GLS gang polishing the baseball bats and looking out the pitchforks for the next beating ! “Scott has sold us down the river “,” Board have taken is for mugs”, “ SMiSA shafted yet again “ IF he is going , go now. Move on . We’ll get over it and Coleraine will simply be happy to have OK back and will be thinking St.Who ?
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