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  1. So by your reckoning , Goals scored In National cup competitions shouldn’t count towards a players tally if they were scored against lower league opponents? Really ? You’ve not thought this through have you ? 🤷‍♂️
  2. Official Twitter account says Brophy got #4
  3. Can we just cut n paste this and attach it to all of his future trolling attempts ?
  4. Going by the link you shared he scored 20 goals in 2 seasons (57 appearances) so thank you for clarifying that I was right. He did indeed score 20 goals . 12 first season 8 in second when he ( probably) didn’t play as many minutes so yes, a 10 goal a season player . From the St.Mirren site .
  5. I love our town and proudly tell people that’s where I’m from . Anything that enhances the experience of living, shopping, visiting Paisley should be supported and applauded . To encourage more folk into the town centre and to make it a more pleasurable experience ,perhaps the next stage could be to rid the town centre of the f**king Jakies & Junkies that seem to plague it and clean up the dog shit 😏 Callum for Mayor 😎👍
  6. Well perhaps the beeb article should be re-named and totally re-written then ? Maybe - a catchy headline like * Exclusive *‘work continues in Paisley Museum refurb - well it’s been going on for years but we’d like a picture of four Hi Vis types shoving spades into the ground as if it’s actually just beginning “ That should do it 👍. I missed my true vocation as a headline writer.
  7. Ah , fair enough . But the Museum closed in sept 2018 . Wtf they been doing since then ?🤷‍♂️ I have a vision of a team of workies, hard hats ,hi-vis and a mug of tea in hand standing looking at it waiting for Davie to turn up with the van with the big hammer.
  8. I’ll be honest , with the length of time it’s been shut already and the hoardings have been there , I thought the work had been done and this was the grand unveiling !! - good luck to the project .
  9. Brophy , like all others at the club, should be judged by what he does in a Saints strip - not what has gone before. I wasn’t impressed when Main arrived but he will get my full support when he takes to the park - I’m not about to write him off because of past performances or scoring rate. & here’s the but …… if they ( or other strikers) are playing regularly and not scoring or at least providing assists by mid season …. Most people’s patience may well be stretched to the limit . Fingers crossed 🤞
  10. When was the last Q&A. ? I know there was one on Zoom but can’t remember when it was ?
  11. 90 minutes before kick off to get in ? Yer having a f**king laugh 🤪 Its only 500 folk FFS , what happens after the game ? another f**king 90 minutes 🙄
  12. Would you care to remind us all of the circumstances surrounding Bobby Zlamal coming to Saints on loan ? I’ll help you out . Player was available, parent club happy to help, player happy to showcase his skills , can travel , turns out for a team with positive result.
  13. Really ? In Scotland where 80% of the population live within the central belt alone and there are scores of fringe players who would welcome a chance to shine ? Where there’s a will there’s a way .
  14. Someone want to tell the village bluenose troll it’s actually Italy V England ?
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