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  1. As has been said , he has a point . I’ve always thought it was ludicrous that you could play football with your pal from next door at the weekend buy walked separate ways on a school day . All schools should be non denominational, it might go some way to help rid us of Scotlands sectarian shame ……….eventually !
  2. One of the early inductees to the St.Mirren hall of fame and rightly so. R.I.P. Aber. 😔
  3. I assume you mean the Scottish championship , if so …….Really ? Like who ? Don’t you think there’s a good reason most of them are plying their trade in championship ?
  4. Selective reading does you no favours. I Clearly said Tory driven . Would you argue with that statement ? Hands up time from me - I’ve rightly accused you for selective reading when I was guilty myself by missing your point about my pension pre Truss - we’ll call that one a score draw .🙄
  5. Two things : 1. No one asked about my pension pre Truss so I didn’t feel compelled to answer 🤷‍♂️ 2. thank you for your graph , not only does it highlight the drop after that budget but also shows an even bigger drop in early Jan 2020 ……wonder which Tory driven event caused that ? No ? , here’s a clue it begins with Br & ends with exit 😡
  6. It has almost got back on track but the money which was lost has never been recovered fully . The f**k up was totally the fault of the Tory party . and let’s not forget, it was “quickly remedied “ as you put it by the financial services market ( not the Tory Government) who exerted such pressure on the idiot Tory PM & Chancellor forcing them to be kicked out. eta. Btw , I’ll be round to your place tomorrow to pan yer windows in & I’ll be back next week to board them up. make sure you’ve got my reward for putting it right 😎
  7. Love how that smarmy c**t Sunak was crowing about interest rates being at 2.3% while conveniently omitting the fact that it was his stupid Tory pals who f**ked it up in the first place causing rampant inflation and decimated pension funds !! Thats like me panning in all your windows then boarding them up for you & expecting a pat on the back !!
  8. Got mine done ok yesterday . 10 minutes - no issues . 👍⚽️
  9. Well done to the club in keeping the rise to just 5% . I will certainly be taking advantage of the early bird offer as I’m sure many thousands more will . Good to see the family stand offer again & the new Youth inventive. 👏👏👏 Really couldn’t care less if some Auld fart taxi / private hire tosser decides not to buy - he won’t be missed. 👋
  10. They are certainly smaller than I had expected but still look good . Hope the local neds leave them alone 😡
  11. Hi Hunterian , I’ll take your bet . A pint of lager ( or Beverage of your choice worth less than £4.85 ) on that by virtue of them winning both games but I’ll fancy the ‘Dee will drop points against “them” and also get horsed by Aberdeen . I’ll see in the pub of your choice at full time on April whateverthef**kitis to collect my winning pint . Cheers 🍻
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