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  1. Callum Gilhooley

    Growing up in 60s & 70s

    I’ll have you know the arm break was as a result of a fall from a top bunk bed .[emoji856]
  2. [emoji106][emoji23]
  3. I had Lasagne tonight . Lovely [emoji4]
  4. Think it’s time to park this one now , unify and concentrate on the common enemy . Chris Sutton 🤬
  5. That would be me then [emoji23]
  6. Sorry guys, as I’m sure you will be aware , it’s a bit windy out there so the dome is not available and tonight’s game is OFF . I have left Monday’s invites in place until the wind dies down and we see where we stand.
  7. Callum Gilhooley

    Electric Cars

    If people have concerns about lack of range of these cars , the answer is very simple . Either buy a 250 mile extension cable or simply install a 2.5ltr diesel generator in the boot of your car to recharge the batteries . f**kin simple , I should be the minister for transport & the environment me 🤪
  8. Callum Gilhooley

    Speculation Thread

    All makes sense . Wing wizard Cotteril brought in to suply ammo to his old mate NBM
  9. Callum Gilhooley

    Hamilton v St Mirren 22/9/18

    Guess . https://spfl.co.uk/stats-centre
  10. Callum Gilhooley

    Hamilton v St Mirren 22/9/18

    Wont be there, will be enjoying cold beer in Lanzarote C O Y S .
  11. Im sure there are plenty of other boozers in Renfrew where you could go to avoid the bigot brothers on telly ? Ah , ok .
  12. Callum Gilhooley

    Electric Cars

    as has been said , it is going to happen ,although im not convinced yet that full EV is yet at the stage where it will work for the majority. I have a couple of concerns. 1. As a company car driver , succesive govenments have for years pushed us towards Diesels , even offering tax advantages in the early days to get us switching. As soon as the car parc reached 51% in favour of diesels, hey presto, diesel fuel increases in cost and the BIK for diesel carries a 3% surcharge . We become an easy target for revenue . When will the tipping point come for Hybrids and EV ? 2. New diesels are some of the cleanest and most fuel efficient . Euro 6 diesel emmisions are almost half that of petrol and nox is broadly similar in both . The Sulphur dioxide emitted in the production of EV batteries has the potential to be far more serious than petrol or diesel . And thats before anyone has really thought of the environmental cost of either recycling or disposing of old batteries 3. Electricity : Where is all this electric power going to come from ? Will we be happy to accept the new nuclear power stations that will be needed ? or will we just build more Carbon fuel power stations ? that simply shifts the pollution from car to power production . Or , should we just accept that Scotland will have to be given over totally to a massive wind farm for the greater good of the UK ? 4. Lastly , watch the price on Electric charging rise as more people need it and the power production companies see easy profits and the chancellor sees a cash cow.
  13. Callum Gilhooley

    New SMISA badge

    As has been stated elsewhere, that says more about those individuals than anything else. I would hazard a guess 95% of the £25 squad will wear their badge with pride and no intention to do anyone else down.
  14. Callum Gilhooley

    How The Feck Are The Former Saints Dudes Doing ?

    Nonsense. Bob Kyle lasted 25 years
  15. Callum Gilhooley

    New SMISA badge

    Good man. So how would you feel if a non smisa season ticket holder referred to you as a superior Wanker for displaying your badge ?