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  1. Callum Gilhooley

    Samson to Sunderland

    What ? You mean ..... Someone on here was talking SHITE !?! Surely not ? I would hope the individual concerned had the good grace to admit he’d made a James hunt of it .
  2. Callum Gilhooley

    St.mirrens First choice keeper

    Loan was cancelled
  3. Callum Gilhooley

    Telly Programmes

    On BBC two now. Driven . The Billy Monger story. . Incredible story of a truly inspirational young man.
  4. Callum Gilhooley

    St.mirrens First choice keeper

    And how do you know he did ? .........
  5. Callum Gilhooley

    Scottish Football and the SPFL Premiership on the way up

    Ach f**k. I f**kin hate sky .
  6. Should the No1 slot go to the returning from injury Danny Rogers or the unknown quantity Dean Lyness ?
  7. Callum Gilhooley

    Accounts to the Year Ended May 2018

    If you accept what is offered, surely that’s what the player is worth ? If we don’t think so , we hold on to the player as he has two years of his contract left. If he is good enough he will be in demand, if no one wants to offer more than , say ,what Morgan went for ...then that’s his value .
  8. Callum Gilhooley

    Will You Be There ? Hearts & Hamilton

    Nae mibbees about it . Aye for the Jam tarts game . Pished in Blackpool for the Accies game .
  9. Callum Gilhooley

    Samson to Sunderland

    I dont think Sammy was anywhere near the best keeper we ever had but he was certainly wasnt as bad as some would have you believe. A very good keeper for Saints. Over 130 appearances, League cup winner, Championship winner, Penalty saver extraordinaire, home clean sheet record holder & thoroughly decent guy. Whats not to like ?
  10. Callum Gilhooley

    Samson to Sunderland

    You do know you can skim and don’t need to comment don’t you ?
  11. Callum Gilhooley

    Samson to Sunderland

    * Breaking News * Fifa have decreed that all Golden Boot awards must be scrapped immediately as it is deemed unfair for one person to receive an award or accolade without giving all his pals one too . [emoji13]
  12. Callum Gilhooley

    Speculation Thread

    Well , two of them did. But I take your point !
  13. Callum Gilhooley

    Samson to Sunderland

    Hope your right regards the confidence bit. Not an ideal position to be in , one goalie on loan coming back from injury and one who is only here till January .