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  1. Big Billy was more effective than Sutton and Coco the clown put together yesterday!
  2. There was a young striker called Mehmet Who stuggled and to hit the goalnet Drew feels he should get a chance I wouldnae gie him a second glance He needs ditched or we'll be doon in a moment
  3. OK Drew you win my dictionary is kept in my bedroom and I don't want to wake my wife therefore I can't check what you are getting at by 'cognitive functioning' brainbox. However, my point is that you don't need to be Einstein to enjoy the beautiful game of football and you don't need to have a huge IQ to get into Love Street on a Saturday. We are all on here to give our honest opinions and my opinion is worth as much as yours even if you have more qualifications than the accounts of ENRON. So GIRFUY
  4. 1) Naw man 2) For the purpose of an informal forum I will spell anythin' anyway I want 3) Yes I think pompous is spot on, u appear 2 b the type of tosser that would call a shovel an 'earth moving implement'! Oh how very dare me
  5. No need for that JJ was only expressing his opinion ur agressive comment sparked that so you deserved it! Take you 20 hours to swallow a dictionary you pompous prat? Anyway Mehmet is rubbish he has had 18 months as a buddy and not offered enough at any time during that period.
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