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  1. 2nd to every ball, nobody taking responsibility, utter pish.
  2. Erwin looks like he is towing a trailer.
  3. Hope I’m wrong but can’t see Doyle Hayes staying.
  4. Doyle Hayes on a new contract is the most important signing of January we could make, a serious player, glides through games and makes it look easy.
  5. Players sharing cars to training is embarrassing. Only have ourselves to blame.
  6. The board must be getting very itchy feet with Goodwin, anybody else would be under real pressure with his recent record. Cup winning captain might buy him a bit of extra time but he can’t dine out on it for much longer, tactics and substitutions dreadful.
  7. Foley is miles off the player from last season, looks done now.
  8. Dreadful from us. Erhahon going off has weakened our midfield big time, 2nd to every ball now.
  9. We need to move the ball far quicker, up tempo. We are going to struggle to score goals all season unfortunately.
  10. Goodwin is going to be out on his arse a lot quicker than some folk think.
  11. A result that papers over cracks. The st mirren midfield is dreadful, we don’t have 1 player capable of putting a foot on the ball and dictating a game against a league 1 side never mind premier league side.
  12. Thoroughly deserved equaliser, they should be beating us and I think they will now. We are atrocious.
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