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  1. Big win, Alan power was superb today. County next, let’s make it 3 wins on the bounce.
  2. Maybe still trying to get up to full match fitness, just looks clumsy and holds onto it too long when he should be releasing it.
  3. Matt Miller has been poor every time I’ve seen him, looks clumsy and laboured.
  4. Brilliant result, we came out a completely different team that 2nd half, McGrath totally upped his game and what a signing Ronan is going to be for us, Brophy also had another decent game and was unlucky not to score again, he is a handful. Erhahon shouldn’t be in that starting 11 for me, far too lazy and just looks half arsed most of the time, I could see Goodwin getting annoyed at him yesterday.
  5. Good header for the goal but McGrath needs to go and attack that ball and clear it, he just watches it, he’s been very poor today as has the whole team. This is a poor Aberdeen team and we are making them look half decent, brophy is getting zero service.
  6. Scott Allan would of been a poor signing, definitely looks done 🙃
  7. Don't agree bud. Allan is a good player going forward. But as the highlights show his defensive work is not so good. Don't think he's a luxury we can afford. McGrath is hardly baresi at the back mate? My opinion is Scott Allan would make us tick and would waltz into our team. It’s all about opinions mate.
  8. Unpopular opinion but i would quite happily swap McGrath for Allan and I’m gutted the deal didn’t go through.
  9. We need to drop the 2 up top and play Brophy as the lone striker from now on with McGrath in behind.
  10. Brophy having his best game in a st mirren shirt.
  11. We would of got the best deal out of that had that McGrath deal went through. Ships sailed now, no danger will we see Allan in a st mirren top now.
  12. Scott Allan has changed this game, seemingly he was a cripple and wouldn’t of been a good signing for us according to Ronnie. What a signing he would of been had we got it over the line.
  13. We are shite, there midfield is bossing it and it’s far too easy, lucky if we get in 0-0 at half time.
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