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  1. Good to get another win and minutes in the legs, wasn’t much between the 2 teams, they were probably the better team in the 1st half. Ayunga looks a find, strong, fast, skilful and can finish.
  2. Was in Cyprus a couple of hours ago mate, I’m not sure he is signing for Dundee United.
  3. Aberdeen will give him a pay off to get him off the wage bill, they certainly won’t carry on paying his wages.
  4. Matt butcher not coming, he’s signing for Plymouth.
  5. No chance, It won’t even be 30 if they are willing to listen to offers.
  6. Portsmouth have dropped their interest in Butcher too.
  7. You think Goodwin is going to sign Henderson in hope they can convert him into a wing back to take over from Ramsay? You would get on well on the st mirren supporters page on Facebook with chat like that mate. Aberdeen is a dump and not many players want to go there, Ronan won’t go to Aberdeen, he will sign for Hearts before Aberdeen. Dunne is an average defender and I will volunteer to drive him to Aberdeen if we get a 6 figure bid for him.
  8. Who’s going to Aberdeen? Dunne? I can’t see many more going? Goodwin was a bluffer and I’m not sure every player believes his nonsense.
  9. The buds are in a good place on and off the pitch it seems. Training ground starting to look really good with all the work getting done too. Its all kibbles fault.
  10. Matt Butcher set to become a free agent on the 30th of June, us, Motherwell and a number of English clubs are interested.
  11. Bit of a coup landing him, a few teams were after him.
  12. JJ McG

    Alex Gogic

    Scott Burns saying as it stands Gogic will be going elsewhere.
  13. Delicious and good enough for him.
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