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  1. JJ McG

    Cole Kpekawa signs

    Getting this guy on a 2 year deal is terrific business.
  2. JJ McG

    First Team Squad

    We were good tonight mate, I had concerns but we were good and our energy levels were superb. For a team that hasn’t played a competitive match together that was impressive.
  3. JJ McG

    First Team Squad

    1 of my best pals is a hibs fan and I was talking to him tonight and he says Stubbs’s recruitment is 2nd to none and was his strongest point at hibs.
  4. Kpekawa is a f**king centre half, superb.
  5. Also very encouraging to here we are close to getting some big signings over the line.
  6. Playing some really decent stuff here.
  7. Kpekawa looks the business, got told he would play centre half for us this season. Bit of a coup I think, went for 450k a couple of seasons back and is highly rated.
  8. Terrible line up, fear the worst.
  9. JJ McG

    4 told they can leave

    We are in for an absolute doing, it will be another Partick like last season. Thankfully the league doesn’t start for a couple of weeks yet so gives us time to get some quality in hopefully.
  10. JJ McG

    4 told they can leave

    Hippolyte not given a fair crack of the whip in my opinion, not convinced by Stubbs’s recruitment so far.
  11. JJ McG

    Danny Rogers - confirmed

    He doesn’t, Samson will only get a start when we play Aberdeen I think. I like Samson but Rodgers is a big upgrade.
  12. JJ McG

    Danny Rogers - confirmed

    Like most of your posts on here....
  13. JJ McG

    John McGinn

    Can’t see celtic paying 3 million, they will tell him to sit tight then get him on a pre contract in January.
  14. JJ McG

    Danny Rogers - confirmed

    Terrific signing.