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  1. Goodwin is going to be out on his arse a lot quicker than some folk think.
  2. A result that papers over cracks. The st mirren midfield is dreadful, we don’t have 1 player capable of putting a foot on the ball and dictating a game against a league 1 side never mind premier league side.
  3. Thoroughly deserved equaliser, they should be beating us and I think they will now. We are atrocious.
  4. Bring back Tommy Craig. This st mirren team is absolute dug shite.
  5. McAllister is f**king rotten, can’t beat the 1st man with a dead ball, waste of a jersey.
  6. Releasing McGinn and replacing him with shite like Sheron was a ridiculous decision.
  7. Goodwin has had a shocker with selections and tactics the past couple of games.
  8. You’re having a shocker Waldo 😂
  9. Has anyone got no volume or is it just me?
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