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  1. All the work had seemingly already been done behind the scenes though........
  2. Nelson scoring and having an excellent debut by sounds of it.
  3. How long does Kearney’s free pass last for? I know it’s Celtic but this is embarrassing, no shape, no plan, nothing, absolutely garbage. Airdrie caused them more problems at the weekend.
  4. Pathetic start, can see this being double figures. If you can’t even do the f**king basics right then what chance do you have?
  5. Malec was offered a deal as was the winger mate, both knocked back.
  6. Tansey will come good, lacking match sharpness but it will come.
  7. He was very guilty of this in our cup game against Aberdeen when JR was still manager, couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
  8. Very much in the game but expected to go to England.
  9. Hardly doing us a favour mate, the boy is a decent player.
  10. Wants to go down south, Hull city 1 of the teams mentioned.
  11. Waldo is having a shocker today.
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