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  1. You were 1 who was constantly posting we are in the shit because you were listening to rumours. I can dig out you’re posts if you want?
  2. Hopefully you can give it a rest now and stop being a pain in the arse.
  3. Turns out things are nowhere near as bad as they were getting made out to be after all. Was cleared up at the AGM last night, money in the bank and we should make a profit this season. Mr Gilmour was very quiet last night.
  4. Letting Kiltie go would come back to bite us on the arse as he would get a game for most clubs in the league, he’s the been the creative spark the past couple of games, he’s the only 1 that’s got something different about him, he brings more to the squad than the likes of what Gogic is currently, he’ll be sitting on a nice wage as well.
  5. That penalty was touch and go, looks like Fraser pulls out, slight touch but not much contact at all.
  6. That’s probably what I would go with but can’t see us starting like that unfortunately.
  7. Need to keep Kiltie in the team as well, he made a huge difference last night.
  8. My exact thoughts on Ayunga too, that lazy shot that he fired over the bar was embarrassing, he looked half arsed when he came on. Brophy also done far more during his time on, chasing lost causes and closing everything down.
  9. Embarrassing time wasting in the corner when we are 1 up and they have 10 men, finish them off ffs.
  10. St Johnstones passing is far better than ours, we are miles off it.
  11. We’ve been atrocious for weeks now. Midfield is garbage.
  12. It’s been rotten mate, you watching the right game? 😅
  13. I got Ross County at 8/1 lastnight with bet365
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