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  1. JJ McG

    January Arrivals

    Wants to go down south, Hull city 1 of the teams mentioned.
  2. JJ McG

    January Arrivals

    Waldo is having a shocker today.
  3. JJ McG

    Speculation Thread

    Lyons was at Ralston training with 1st team yesterday mate, last I heard was it wouldn’t be announced until Monday now. Expect the keeper to be announced today though.
  4. JJ McG

    Cammy Smith

    Are you handing your season ticket back?
  5. JJ McG

    Speculation Thread

  6. JJ McG

    Speculation Thread

    7.45 tonight
  7. JJ McG

    Speculation Thread

    Just the 1 in tonight now mate.
  8. JJ McG

    Speculation Thread

    I’m afraid so champ.
  9. JJ McG

    January Arrivals

    I’m afraid not champ. 7pm tonight
  10. JJ McG

    Speculation Thread

    Will be announced tonight
  11. JJ McG

    Speculation Thread

    tonight is the night
  12. JJ McG

    January Exits

    No chance, signings will arrive this week and next.