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  1. Why wouldn’t they want McGrath still? He’s an attacking mid and shinnie is defensive, completely different players.
  2. Says McGrath knocked back there contract as well so he will definitely be going to England if that’s the case.
  3. Has he? seemingly Aberdeen have pulled the plug due to interest from the English championship.
  4. Better for everyone if McGrath goes now.
  5. Only club in the league that hasn’t signed anyone.
  6. He’s been successful at every other club he has been at playing further forward, McGrath’s also dropped when Goodwin started playing him deeper. The managers tactics is wasting players we currently, abysmal.
  7. Have a feeling we might see some movement today. Seen a couple of things on Twitter regarding Aberdeen saying hedges is away so expect McGrath will follow. Hopefully Kiltie will be like a new signing when McGrath goes as Kiltie isn’t a midfielder where, he is wasted there and needs to play further forward, definitely a player in there.
  8. Has he definitely played for Celtic this season? I wasn’t sure if he had.
  9. Daniel McKay away to killie, a player that would of done a job for us.
  10. Bring back Cameron Howieson 🙃 Bargain basement.
  11. The manager was given a budget to work with at the start of the season and he has wasted most of it on shite. Goodwin says in his interview he thinks our current squad is good enough to be challenging for top 6 yet says we need pace in the team, our team is 1 dimensional and teams know how to play us.
  12. We will be doing well to get 350k but when you look at the likes of Motherwell getting 500k for moult from Preston with 6 months left on his deal then you never know.
  13. Goodwin to change the abysmal tactics and league survival would do for me. It’s been a dreadful season considering all the talk about building from last season, we will do well to stay up this season. Other than Brophy our recruitment of strikers is absolutely atrocious and that’s down to the manager.
  14. I would rather he went now as well to be honest. Hope we make another move for Scott Allan
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