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  1. 1 hour ago, beyond our ken said:

    I thought they did everything

    Why aren't SMISA recruiting out of work or retired tradesmen to carry out this type of work and helping people on fixed or low incomes earn some much-needed Christmas cash?  Or maybe even some complimentary tickets for people who would otherwise not be able to attend home games.  I hope the current volunteers get something to recognise their work.

    I knew that the next few weeks without watching saints games would produce some terrible attempts to start controversy but this is brilliant 😂

  2. This type of post is not helpful, to anyone. Either come on here and say exactly what has happened or don't say anything. I have no doubt you have our club at heart but this kind of shite is pretty poor without explanation.

    Apologies, this was in response to JJ's post.

  3. Should have added, well done to John, Willie and Kenny as well for being elected and I hope you can continue the great work of those who have moved on. Unlucky to Stuart and Jack but it's great to see younger SMISA members willing to be involved. 

  4. 3 hours ago, SuperSaints1877 said:

    That is the first club doctor since Dr Wong left after many years service due to the mistreatment of staff who were told to leave. This is since the new regime swept in after the Gynhill sales pitch.

    Club staff took action that went to an industrial tribunal whose decision went against the club and cost more money to resolve.

    Unsurprisingly, this is made up nonsense.

  5. 33 minutes ago, Tommy said:

    Excellent game from us today. 

    With 3 off the woodwork, var shafting us and with 2 in the net, our win was well deserved. 

    What surprise me was the ref not giving our player a yellow after cancelling the goal, 🤔  since the Utd player went down claiming he was elbowed.

    Great to see the numbers of fans in the family stand wearing black and white regardless of cheap, free tickets being given out. 

    Sure beats seeing green and blue in the stand.  

    An other game at home with the crowd not being far away from when we play the bigots, can't wait till we only need to give them the 800 seats in W6 (i think)  :rolleyes:

    Agree 100%.  Brilliant to see the Family stand almost full, regardless of how their attendance was funded. It's a brilliant initiative and will hopefully lead to numerous new buddies for years to come. Long may it continue.

  6. 4 hours ago, glen said:

    Thanks to posters of reasoned replies. I understand the reluctance of some to believe bad news. I’m asking SMISA to step up but ask others to question what is going on instead of taking the club’s silence as a positive. Fabulous performances on the park will only continue if the team stays together. I hear, including from an academy parent, that we have to let players go asap and coaches have been quietly paid off. Players always leave but in our precarious financial state it will be by necessity.One comment here that £1.7 million is probably tucked away in a bank. Seriously !

    Ask SMISA to demand a cash in hand statement. The accounts presented to shareholders in January will be a year out of date. If worse than previous then given Saints (reckless) spending it will be worse now.

    Michelle Evans has not been replaced. That fact is pertinent. That she has found another job is a moot point.No departing staff member was thanked by the club. The Dome vandalised. Exactly, that was my point. Its age isirrelevant. It has been destroyed. There was no vandalism under the previous security company.

    Accusing me of paranoia and poking fun is classic diversionary behaviour. Assuming all is well because of silence or that information is accurate from anywhere (me included) is what bites you later.

    I ask you to read between the lines. St Mirren’s website and press releases come from Kibble’s PR. Content is shaped by the very people failing the club. Why would they tell you otherwise?



  7. I was surprised to see him benched on Saturday as I don't seem to remember him making many mistakes in recent weeks (I might be wrong). SR obviously fancies Gogic as one of his 3 central guys based on his comments when he signed. Personally I would rather Joe stayed. There will be injuries and suspensions which will come into play as the season progresses. Baccus will pick up bookings (it just looks like that will be part of his game) and will likely spend some games out where I would hope Gogic would play in his place. Dunne has been better so far this season but I'm not convinced he is consistent enough. Competition for places is healthy, hence I would rather have Joe on board.

  8. 3 minutes ago, W6er said:

    I'll be honest, I didn't even think about this match until this morning. If I had posted in this thread before the game, I reckon folk would have thought Elvis had hacked my account. Obviously, I'm delighted, and especially pleased for Main, whose goals were very well taken according to the BBC.

    Speaking of Main, I have never had much time for the big man...it looks as though he couldn't function under Jim, for whatever reason. 

    Anyway, far too early to get carried away, but it's been a while since we won 3-0 away.

    He looks more composed in his all round play and is not spending his afternoon sitting on his arse with his arms in the air pleading for fouls, he just got on with his job. Two good finishes can only boost his confidence. Fingers crossed that type of performance continues.

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