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  1. This for me, summed up our season. When we get into promising areas we have no idea what to do, and because we don't know what to do, we have become more and more scared to get forward and support as we know nothing will come of it and the opposition will then launch their own attack.
  2. Incapable of doing the absolute basics (even when under no real pressure).
  3. Main offers nothing in a forward position or when it comes to helping out his teammates who are bursting their guts to defend. He looks like he doesn't care.
  4. Aye, he'll be busy, that's for sure. Fingers crossed.
  5. Just my opinion, but I don't rate him. Hope he changes my mind tonight .
  6. That team is worse than I feared. Dunne starts again 😵
  7. You could have at least tried to get them a Saints home shirt ?
  8. Spot on. Man attends football match with his son, wow.
  9. If they have watched how we play, why would any striker even consider coming to us. Chasing or leaping for aimless hoofs from Dunne can't be of much interest to anyone.
  10. Is that the same ones that "highlighted" the chairman's tweets about Rangers ?
  11. Even then it's a struggle to say anything we do is 'attacking'
  12. We really are terrible to watch and it's getting worse every week.
  13. On here ? Can't believe that folk would post unconfirmed shite for no reason.
  14. He was very consistent though.......he misjudged everything that came at him.
  15. Well, that was awful. WTF are the set-pieces all about? We work hard to earn a corner and we all cheer, and then we all realise that nothing will come from it. It will either hit the first defender or more likely sail aimlessly beyond everyone, regardless of who takes them. We started the second half quite well but the delay with the Sheridan injury and Flynn going off killed it. Not good enough all round.
  16. Never a penalty and didn't look like a re-take (looked like right his foot was still on the line) but we'll take it. 14 points from the first round of games is a great return.
  17. Have you managed to get it to load at all ? Seems to be down.
  18. Watching on hesgoal. No commentary. All you can hear is the away support in fine voice.
  19. They were not charged for these games as part of their sesson ticket. If they want to attend they will need to purchase a ticket for either the main or west stand. Quite simple really.
  20. I think most of us realise that there have been a few things that have happened over the last couple of months which were unexpected (ticketing platform, main strip sponsor) add to that the covid impact which I presume meant a reduction in backroom staff etc. but there are 2 things that have really annoyed me most. Firstly, how can a football club (who is reliant on their paying supporters) have no details of who they are or how to contact them ? Secondly, the way that the club has 'engaged' with their support over such matters has been dreadful. I have absolutely no doubt that the club are now working hard to put things right but they need to be much clearer when they actually do try and explain what has gone wrong. I'm not sure of the exact number but around 2500 people have decided to renew their tickets (following a season of no games to attend, the club should be more than grateful) so clarity is key from now on.
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