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  1. It's that time of year. He's run out of programme covers to post.
  2. Please note for all season ticket holders in the Tony Fitzpatrick Family Stand, your ticket, as in previous seasons, does not include the Old Firm games. When the decision is finalised regarding retention of this stand, following the fan survey, we will provide information on attendance for these fixtures.
  3. A bit surprised, but he won't let us down.
  4. It was clearly booked in before he hit "form" and we wouldn't have missed him 😂
  5. I'm positive I heard or read Robinson saying it was Thursday (I may be wrong). It does seem odd timing though.
  6. Main is available tomorrow, his op is on Thursday.
  7. Well that was all very enjoyable. A really good team performance (apart from McCarthy, who I thought looked a bit out of sorts). Gogic absolutely strolled it.
  8. Agreed. He played in Power's position and had 10 times the energy, drive and composure.
  9. Pretty sure Goodwin said he was heading back to Cyprus.
  10. After Robinson's post match interview I think you may be disappointed, he clearly rates him highly.
  11. Not a great watch but got the job done. Well worked goal. Thought Gogic was very good and Main finally put in a proper shift. Great to get a win there after a long wait. Fraser's handball was hilarious 😂
  12. In that case, should the club not conduct a poll of the 3000+ season ticket holders, who's views they also have at their fingertips ?
  13. Smithers Jones


    Cheers. I got the update email yesterday.
  14. I have seen some strange posts today, but this is just nonsense.
  15. Smithers Jones


    Anything of note happen at last night's meeting ?
  16. We do not miss Connolly. Durmus on the other hand has been greatly missed.
  17. This is clearly taken very late in the game as the West Stand had an awful lot more there than this suggests. If the game is over as a contest and supporters want to get back to their cars or walk back into town safely and without incident I don't blame them. Having to deal with these arseholes appearing from both ends of the ground is not an enjoyable experience.
  18. You could have any game plan you want. If you defend like that you will get what you deserve.
  19. No complaints at the score so far. We have been awful.
  20. Smithers Jones


    There's not much anyone can do about this 😂
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