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  1. 1 minute ago, W6er said:

    I've been following them on Twitter, as the MSM doesn't seem to want to cover them, and my understanding is that a Hindu march passed through a 'Muslim area'. Is that not the case?


    I think a few on here, living in the West of Scotland, might appreciate what's going on. 😆

    They should both start football teams to compete against each other ……one set of fans could sing the fatwah is over why don’t you go home 😂

  2. Whether cavalier or round head, today show cased the UK 🇬🇧 (and in particular Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿) to the world. The fact we can all argue and say what we do and don’t believe without threat of jail or death says a lot about the country we live in. Viva democracy 

  3. 2 hours ago, faraway saint said:

    With the Queen passing away in Scotland it's certainly put the spotlight on our country and people.

    It's given thousands a chance to pay their respects in a way that simply wouldn't have happened had she passed away down in England.

    It's shown, beyond doubt, that the Queen and the royal family have a real love for our country and that will continue with Charles holding the reins.

    Aye, she was born in England but she's had feelings for our country that many who were born here don't.

    I was thinking exactly the same, a bit of a coup for Scotland, all those little Englanders will be fuming 😤 

  4. Just watched highlights on itv news…. I thought Ruth Davidson was very neutral despite the best efforts of the itv news reader trying to stir up some anti independence rhetoric. She told her…. I don’t think this is the right time to discuss the matter. 

  5. 5 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

    Brilliant that Charles has stopped the car outside the Palace and is doing the rounds with the people.

    Brilliant move as I wouldn't have blamed him for driving straight in and out of the public gaze. :happyclapper

    Not so brilliant that people can’t pass on their condolences without holding up a mobile phone while doing it! Now that is disrespectful, would they film a funeral and post it on instagram, probably. 

  6. 18 minutes ago, antrin said:


    Found it.


    Just skip back about 208 (just!) pages of this thread.  Feb 27, 2012.

    Pages 7 onto 8…  

    Sonny posted a wee pic on p7 and sought comments/further info if any of us knew… about the Model…


    a couple of diversions onto other places but eventually Sonny found a pic that showed all those buildings… and gasworks… and allotments, the JNI scout hut and the Model.


    Thank you 👍🏻

  7. 9 hours ago, faraway saint said:

    Been watching "The Rise and Fall of the Marsh Pride", a long running documentary series over many years about the ups and downs of a swarm of lions. 😉

    Brilliant, enthralling, brutal and sad.

    Superb record of the ongoing battle between lions, their natural predators and the difficult relationship with humans. 


    Watched a bit of that the other night, very upsetting when they got poisoned by the maasai folk. 

  8. 47 minutes ago, pod said:

    ..as viewed from the tenement at No.30 New Sneddon Street c.1960's. To the right is Carlile House a former Salvation Army Hostel on New Sneddon Street, and in the background, the Railway and Paisley Abbey. To the left and on the opposite side of the River is the Tenement of No.24 Abercorn Street and its neighbour Wallneuk Church. The former Glasgow Corporation Electricity Generating Station (to power the trams) is seen in the middle, by this time it will have been converted into GC Oldfields Engineering workshops.May be an image of outdoors

    Your line about the Salvation Army hostel , reminded me of the “model” up the west end (Arthur street?) my mother would threaten me with ending up in the model if I didn’t mend my ways. 

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