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  1. So many questions, so few answers, not sure this should be in the match day and travel section? Maybe better in general discussion.
  2. To true, our form in 2013 was pretty poor before and after winning the cup. We ended up finishing 2nd bottom.
  3. Going off topic for a moment, I was reminiscing this evening about and old mate of mine that lived in the Barry huts outside Carnoustie back in the early 90s , are they still there?
  4. Why have they waited so long to explain this? Could have killed the story at the start of December.
  5. Don’t know? Sounds like wishful thinking on his part.
  6. Take away Covid they would just be idiots, driving around during a lockdown with no insurance, I see the dafties from Scotland who got stopped in Wales didn’t have insurance either. When is this vaccine for stupidity getting developed?
  7. Off to the dressing room while it’s empty 😉😆
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