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  1. To be honest, I can see why.
  2. Was it because you were “coffin “ or “dead drunk” I know, I will get my coat.
  3. I was in Bobby & Graham’s getting a trim. To be honest it didn’t surprise me, the USA had been stomping all over the Middle East in the years running up to the attack. The biggest mystery is why the USA didn’t blame Saudi Arabia, there fingerprints are all over it.
  4. For anyone who hasn’t watched the longest running scripted comedy series ever....it’s on Netflix and is highly recommended.
  5. Yeah, I heard Div has these guys lined up to sponsor the forum 👍🏻
  6. You and Bazil need a strict Freudian 😂
  7. They believed that a viable business could operate in a competitive leisure market by staffing it with some experienced staff and Kibble trainees, here wait a minute? ..........
  8. You could have had the best marketing team in the country working on “the experience” it was there costing model that hamstrung it.
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