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  1. I wonder if that path/embankment is the same one that remains in place today?
  2. Except for viewers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  3. The hauliers association predicts a 30% price increase in some imported food If the uk doesn’t get a deal with the EU !!
  4. Probably the same folk that abuse disabled parking and don’t pick up there dog shit.
  5. Michael will sort them all out 😂
  6. Michael will sort them out 😂
  7. I hate to burst your bubble on this, but you do know that Hitler built the first motorways and created the first “people’s car” the Volkswagen Beetle 😂 why do all these guys always have books to sell 💰💰💰
  8. Not so sure? I think that figure includes people who have been tested several times (nurses, care workers etc) I doubt that 1/3 of the population has been tested?
  9. Those bloody facist airlines, not letting people have free speech or letting them decide if they want to wear a mask ! 😂
  10. https://media.nature.com/original/magazine-assets/d41586-020-02278-5/d41586-020-02278-5.pdf This article is pretty good. Let’s hope it doesn’t change from pandemic to endemic ☹️😩
  11. A June preprint1 from a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) team in Cambridge analysing COVID-19 testing data from 84 countries suggests that global infections were 12 times higher and deaths 50% higher than officially reported (see ‘Predicting cases and deaths’). “There are many more cases out there than the data indicate. As a consequence, there’s higher risk of infection than people may believe there to be,” says John Sterman, co-author of the study and director of the MIT System Dynamics Group. That 11 would be 16, 7 days x 16 = 112. So that’s 112 extra preventable deaths, similarly 150 suicide deaths are also preventable. Prevention is the key factor.
  12. Watched this on Amazon prime, brilliant film based on a true story. The link below is the full movie on YouTube, looks like fairly decent quality. Gives a good insight into the brutality of the Nazi regime on there own troops. Well worth a watch.
  13. You do indeed! and the prize for the old codger of the day goes to......
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