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  1. I can only imagine, however I did work in Greenock for a few years and it was a delight going in after beating the Ton!
  2. Is this the right room for the audition of the new gay musical “ it’s coming homo” ?
  3. The buses were cancelled in Edinburgh on the 17th March to appease Hearts supporters who are still traumatised by 2013 😂
  4. I listened to his interview on radio the other day, he has played tennis since 4 years old and it’s basically his whole life. He should get into coaching youngsters as his passion for the sport is astounding.
  5. 🥱 boring, get some new material Shull.
  6. No worries. Yeh they will still be using the online platform for next season.
  7. There not for free, you need to buy a season ticket
  8. Throw in games against the old firm just to make it even more divisive (how come I got Ross county game and he got Celtic game) The forum will melt 😂 hopefully it will just be for the first 4-5 games and it will increase incrementally 👍🏻
  9. I seem to remember a certain first minister warning against setting arbitrary dates for coming out of levels.....don’t think it was popular at the time.
  10. Having never recovered from 78, I have come to the conclusion that Scotland is not a footballing nation. Now Rugby is a different matter.
  11. I will miss ICC, he posted some great Stmirren stuff and didn’t post lots of divisive nonsense.
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