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  1. You would be best posting this in general StMirren discussion as a new topic. 👍🏻
  2. What if you want the Tory’s out but don’t feel that the SNP have done enough to earn your vote?
  3. So they managed to break Dr Who. An institution for many generations of kids and adults. This season has had the lowest ratings in 60 years!!! Yes that does include the Sylvester McCoy seasons!
  4. Is this how politicians help people to stay clear of food banks? A quango that is supposed to be working for the people.
  5. I suppose what it really all boils down to is my original post (don’t put your faith in politics etc) don’t hang around waiting for help as it might not come, help yourself by working as it’s the best way out of poverty. If you wait for the government/ quangos etc to help you run the risk of wearing the cloak of victim hood which can be difficult to take of again. Anyhow, I though the SNP had done away with children going hungry with the extra child benefit payments in Scotland and the bedroom tax subsidy?
  6. Different times Bazil. My parents were brought up during the 20s and 30s , way before the NHS and benefits system. We tend to look at the past through the lens of today’s enlightenment. Most people during the 60s would have stigma about taking “charity “ . As for “enabling “ being extremely ignorant, have you never heard of the quote “ give a man a fish and he won’t be hungry for a day, learn him to fish and he will never be hungry again “
  7. A hunger camp for children being axed! Isn’t Glasgow council an SNP administration? It’s almost like they know it’s all hyperbole.
  8. Maybe a good thing we left the EU? It’s looking very 1930s
  9. Are you suggesting that if you vote for Reform U.K. you are racist?
  10. How disenfranchised are Scottish voters with the greens when Reform are ahead of then in the polls!!
  11. Ethics don’t put food on the table. I don’t want to get into a whole Monty python “we were so poor” sketch, I was brought up in a poor area of Paisley. We lived from week to week on my mother’s windows pension. My mother could have applied for benefits but didn’t because of the stigma. I could have had free school meals but didn’t because of the stigma. Now when I look back, I ask myself did that experience push me to get myself into work and out of poverty, the answer is yes. I sometimes wonder if foodbanks, giving homeless tents etc is maybe just enabling the situation?
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