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  1. Well he is certainly going to Wrexham soon 😉
  2. The sun is shining in Paisley, We are Hearts bogey team, 1-0 win to the buddies
  3. I would name the main stand; The Cannyseethefitbaforthesun stand
  4. I want in on this , looks fun emphasising in bold
  5. I was 50/50 about going today, however when I seen the price it was an easy decision, I won’t be giving them my money. How can they justify this price? How many fans do they bring to stmirren, 150-200 ? If they had any sense they would charge the minimum they are allowed to charge and generate more money from the food and drink sales
  6. Good defending from a saints team who were up against a team with top quality players. When we had possession we looked calm and competent. We have the makings of a decent team and I don’t feel that we will struggle against teams outside the ugly sisters. Feeling confident about the season ahead.
  7. I suggested this a couple of weeks ago. We could call it the Cocktogon
  8. What about Gus? He is always Russian about Central Europe looking for talent. I will get my coat
  9. Russian sacrifice was huge and somewhat overlooked by historians, probably due to the iron curtain falling so quickly after the fall of Berlin. However there is no argument that Stalin was on a par with Hitler when it came to murdering civilians. on a lighter note, Death of Stalin is an excellent film.
  10. Possession is very important in modern football, I have Alan Stubbs in here
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