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  1. He looks like a class act, had control through out the game
  2. His father Jock had great ball control
  3. It would certainly help disperse the smell of shite
  4. The forum has certainly taken a diverse change since I was last on about 4 months ago, gender topics, who is out? very LGBTQ+
  5. Akin Famewo ! I thought this was a typical Flareybob exclusive 😂
  6. I don’t think we should be in full panic mode yet, From what I have seen from our home games we are not too bad, could today just be one of those days? We really need to sign someone like Adam Hammel, a bit of real quality up front and I think we can turn it around. The next 4 games will be very important in defining our season.
  7. I kind of agree with the above, however for me it always seems to be teams that haven’t won in ages or haven’t scored in open play all season, then we always seem to oblige. Hearts hadn’t won at home for 7 months until today!!
  8. Well he is certainly going to Wrexham soon 😉
  9. The sun is shining in Paisley, We are Hearts bogey team, 1-0 win to the buddies
  10. I would name the main stand; The Cannyseethefitbaforthesun stand
  11. I want in on this , looks fun emphasising in bold
  12. I was 50/50 about going today, however when I seen the price it was an easy decision, I won’t be giving them my money. How can they justify this price? How many fans do they bring to stmirren, 150-200 ? If they had any sense they would charge the minimum they are allowed to charge and generate more money from the food and drink sales
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