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  1. Make the most of it before the new hate bill comes into effect. Following the new bill you can expect such arguments as “ I disagree, I think the sky was overcast today to the south west rather than the south east” and “ I would say mulch is a far superior weed suppressant than bark” we will all look back on the heady days when the forum was a place to vent your spleen with impunity
  2. Still no "number" for either of our STs, we really are an administrative shambles at times ! Got mine a few days ago, don’t really understand its purpose?
  3. This is the original instructions on the official site, it clearly asks you to email [email protected], I did this and didn’t get a reply, thankfully some kind posters on her gave me the correct information to log on. Whether the service is in house or bought in, the club have a duty to ensure it is delivering a decent level of service. Season ticket holders will be given a unique ID based on the name on their season ticket and the number, our managers access would be jim-goodwin-012345678910 We will have more details tomorrow on test events happening this week to ensure everything is in place for Saturday’s match. We will require accurate email addresses from everyone, with a test email being sent out at 6pm this evening. If you do not receive a test email from us please contact [email protected] with your full name, season ticket number (the number on your season ticket card) and an accurate email address. Please remember to check your spam folder for this test email.
  4. We have an appointment with Div
  5. Not sure why FS, but I can never access your video clips ?
  6. Have to agree with your point. I have emailed twice, no response, I have used the message service in the contact the club section of the official website, nothing. I certainly don’t feel like I am in that number! it’s just so strange that they managed to contact me on a weekly basis via email to ask me to renew my ST and to buy a cardboard cut out for the stadium but can’t help me out with some technical issues with St Mirren TV! They are at risk of taking fans loyalty for granted, which is not a good idea in these difficult Financial Times.
  7. Championship might just be his level. He was okay with us but I didn’t see anything that would make me think he was anything above average to good.
  8. Yeh but beat Celtic 4-0 less than a week later, best midweek game ever
  9. If only we could move the goals to the right, left or up by 3 feet he would be prolific 😂
  10. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/tributes-paid-inspiring-paisley-pensioner-22461232?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  11. He needed have gone to France, he could have come to Stmirren To lose , I will get my coat.
  12. I have clicked the button that asks if you have forgotten your password (which I haven’t but seemed like a good idea) but have not had a email to reset. Answers on a postcard please....
  13. I never tried to tune in on Saturday as I was up north with no tinter-net, I had managed to get logged on for the test signal on Wednesday evening, however when I tried to sign in today it came up with this? Invalid credentials, please try again.
  14. yes, go to official site and click on stmirren tv banner then login (don’t register) using the instructions below. They are running a test broadcast until tomorrow at 10pm to make sure your connection works 👍🏻 Get your season ticket card. enter a login in the following format (all lower case) firstname-lastname-season ticket number (12 digits). that same season ticket number, enter it as the password once logged in, go to account settings to change the password then check the test link and click
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