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  1. The big fella sold the evening times at the cross I think? Can’t remember his name but think he took over from wee Dougie. I think the woman smoking a fag to the right might be one of the Davidsons from Feegie?
  2. CBEs, Knighthoods, get your honours while they last....
  3. It’s the best series on any of the streaming channels. They must spend a fortune on each episode.
  4. I sometimes wonder if it is actually worthwhile trying to improve certain area’s of Paisley?
  5. Just watched this weeks episode of the boys. Watch out for the love sausage 😅
  6. Very surprised we are even in the running for him ! Hope it’s true, did he not have a bit of a colourful past?
  7. Watched first episode of Season three of umbrella academy on Netflix, brilliant stuff 👍🏻
  8. Also a pretty decent bar
  9. I remember going to Blackpool on the bus from the Gordon street depot.
  10. I wish I could be as virtuous as Prince William, I mean look at him, spending an afternoon on the streets with the homeless, and a photographer and a PR team and his security team. Do people really believe this Guff? I bet he didn’t ask the guy if he wanted to come and live in one of the rooms of his big palace.
  11. Bet he is in the union 😅 no wonder the criminal justice system is failing when the police are investigating this nonsense.
  12. Naughty Slarti, we play nice on this thread, it’s the only safe space on the forum.
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