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  1. Not even a Lidl bit funny. It’s just a pity the gig Asda happen that weekend
  2. Lewes army & navy stores on the right, I remember annoying my mam to buy me a pair of tackity boots out of there.
  3. Could be a risky trip, team named after a saint from a town called Paisley, we just can’t win
  4. My contact in Spain just informed me that we will shortly have a young goalkeeper from Spennymoor town FC on trial, his dad played in goals for Celtic
  5. Things Tony might say before the start of the season #1 “ I would hope that after winning the league next year, stmirren will have a decent chance of joining the English premiership “
  6. This is exactly why Tony comes out with these outlandish claims, it gets people talking about Stmirren, it gets the #stmirren shared all over the place and brings interest and potential fans to the club. Tony is using a old and successful marketing ploy.
  7. PR department on overdrive tonight with stmirren product placement on Coronation street
  8. Who stole your scone? Have you seen some of the threads that are started on here
  9. Coronation street tonight, how long till eastenders ?
  10. Absolutely. It’s not all about spending big.
  11. I don’t want to start a new thread on this subject, so I thought this was the best thread to post my thoughts on from Yesterday . It was a great day to be a saints fan, not because of the game or even the performance, the result obviously helped, however it was the way our support celebrated that really defines us from other teams, the Bull inn, bank house and other pubs really showed what it means to be a buddie. Every saints fan I met on the walk home joined me in a song. Here’s to many more years of punching above our weight.
  12. If attendance stays at the same growth rate of 20% over the next 5 years then yes we will need a bigger stadium. It’s not rocket science
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