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  1. Your taking it out of context, I was trying to illustrate the absurd claims that the Royals are really lizards.
  2. I have had a similar experience to you with the Royals, however even from a young age I would question how unfair it was that they lived a life of luxury for no other reason than a birth right. I don’t hate any of them as individuals but can’t quite square how in this day and age of diversity and supposed equality, that an institution such as the royals have not been examined in more detail. How can people seriously talk about equal pay for women and narrowing the gap between rich and poor when there is an unelected institution at the head of state. I am not advocating that we find a new Cromwell but the current form of the institution needs to change.
  3. Well it is only licensed for humans 😂
  4. I noticed that the old Chinese restaurant under Gilmour street station has been refurbished, looks like it might be a bar or restaurant. Which would be nice
  5. A huge sigh of relief was heard from the grouse, deer and tigers.
  6. I tried Wandavision on Disney + , just couldn’t get into it. Watched the first season of Mandalorian which is excellent 👍🏻
  7. Whenever one gets through to me I tell them my wallet is in the west wing and I will go and get it.... I then leave them on the phone for a good 20 minutes 😂 I also used to send back empty 2nd class envelopes that come with junk mail to the credit card company’s as they pay for the post 😂 pretty petty but you feel like your winning 👍🏻
  8. The internet is basically a modern version of “ a guy down the pub told me”
  9. Malta also seems to be miles ahead also. Might be a good shout for a summer/autumn holiday?
  10. Yes he is, isn’t he. I suppose if he had just kept his head down and didn’t post lots of extreme stuff he would still be on here.
  11. I wonder if Darren is still coining it in from his right wing paymasters? If I remember correctly I think Shull was a big fan?
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