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  1. Let’s hope there are no knife wielding maniacs in the 17000. If you are looking for this article it is hidden away in the politics section of BBC website with no picture. It’s been there for 4 hours, anyone would think they didn’t want people to see it!
  2. Two recent attacks with knives (Ireland & France) where the government have, in my opinion deflected from the actual crime and created a narrative around far right groups being the main problem? Both articles from the BBC.
  3. I just can’t understand the modern woke agenda that wants to destroy tradition…….. The club's website explains: "As the Southern states lost the war, and due to the fact that this part of America supplied us then, as now, with most of the trends that influence our music, dress and dance, it is the Southern flag (often called the Confederate Battle flag) which is folded." The ceremony is accompanied by the 1972 Elvis Presley hit, An American Trilogy, a song which combines the southern Confederacy's unofficial anthem, Dixie, with the northern Union's Battle Hymn of the Republic. The website adds that the occasion "takes the form of a more traditional salute that encompasses both a flag folding ceremony and a number of shots fired in tribute. "We dedicate the American Trilogy as a salute in memory of all those men and women lost from both sides," it says.
  4. Maybe it could be replaced with a nice rainbow flag. Worlds gone mad.
  5. It appears that the Dublin attacker was arrested in April for possession of a knife and went to court in May. He may have been motivated by a recent decrease in his benefits and was not politically or religiously aligned. The attack was not impulsive as he waited behind the crèche for ten minutes prior to the attack. He was given a deportation order in 2003 (don’t know why) and overturned it in 2008 with help of NGO. He was then naturalised as Irish. Oh and Connor Mcgregor is not happy about it all. All this information is available from the Irish times, Sunday times and Irish mirror. Nothing on the BBC about it since the riot story 2 days ago.
  6. It’s actually foot in mouth disease
  7. If it’s any consolation to you my cilice is itching like hell! I am not the first and won’t be the last to post stuff on here without fact checking. It did remind me of a story that a colleague told me some years ago, he moved from Glenburn to inchinnan, he was in the local pub and someone asked how long he had lived in the village? He said 20 years and the local said “ oh just a newcomer then”
  8. Apology accepted, thank you. Now if we can come to terms then so can Israel and Gaza 👍🏻
  9. Two questions, who is we ? And who is the pitchfork brigade? I explained to you it was a late night post and I didn’t check the individual history of the two young men. I made an assumption based on the known demographics of immigrants to Ireland (male, single, 16-45) Ireland has seen a rise in population via immigration of around 25% since 2016, I assumed wrongly he was one of these people.
  10. Heading out to the game so don’t have much time to look at all your points, however it’s good to discuss these issues like adults. I like many others gave up on the BBC and ITV a long time ago due to their patent bias. I think if you were really honest with yourself you may well agree. With the rise of online content comes risks and opportunities, if you are a middle of the road person like myself then you can look at both sectors and come up with your own verdict. With this in mind I think the interview below sums up very accurately the causes of the riots. I very much agree with both commentators who both give differing opinions. Sorry FS it’s from YouTube…..
  11. They have chosen there words well, “no link between crime “ I don’t think anyone is saying there is? What is being said by many Irish residents is there is a housing crisis and yet the country continues to receive lots of immigrants (mostly single men) single men are not family units so require individual homes. Although I don’t have the stats to back it up, there does appear to be a link between mass stabbings and immigrants. This is not just a Irish phenomena it’s happening right across Europe, alas it is very rarely reported by the MSM in the U.K.
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