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  1. His legal representative said he offered to pay the costs of police protection in January 2020 at Sandringham, when talks with the Queen were being held over the Sussexes' future role. But the offer was dismissed, the representative said. so why can’t the queen pay for it out her healthy budget? It was her decision, why take a public body to court where taxpayers money will be used to defend the decision that the Queen made in the first place?
  2. Legal fight = taxpayer money to defend
  3. Within 4 weeks it’s went from “ a tsunami of cases with between 300-6000 deaths each day” to “ are we seeing the end of the pandemic” I hope it’s the latter as I am absolutely pissed off with it all now.
  4. Even when they are gone they still want to bleed the taxpayers dry......
  5. The old adage, “doing something is better than doing nothing “ not always
  6. I am starting to question whether it was done to encourage people to get a 3rd jab? As has been widely reported in recent days, we can’t vaccinate the whole population every time a new variant comes along.
  7. It would be interesting to see find out who the buyer is? Hope it’s not the British taxpayer
  8. I was half right, it’s back from the dead 💀
  9. Is that based on that massive meta analysis that was carried out on 126 patients over a 2 day period 😂 I am still waiting for the 300-6000 deaths a day.......
  10. See this thread has done a Sevco 😂
  11. Very sly move from the Royals, remove his Royal vestiture so that any damages are based on private assets. See he has sold his Swiss ski lodge for £6.6 million, that will be resting in Sarah Ferguson’s bank account no doubt.
  12. I thought it was a work event!
  13. Could be the next Jamie Vardy? You will know if he is because we won’t sign him and he will be playing for Chelsea in 5 years time.
  14. Still no sign of the 300-6000 deaths per day. Probably got mixed up with the wine bottles leaving number 10.
  15. Just finished Get back on Disney + tonight, six hours of the Fab Four smoking fags, drinking tea and generally mucking about in two studios recording the let it be album. If you want to save some time, the 1st and 3rd episodes are best. It’s well worth a watch.
  16. The book of Boba Fett is pretty good also. I am not really a big Star Wars fan, however the way Disney have made these two series is pretty cool.
  17. Not sure why this made the BBC news as a sample of (126) is far too small to gather any meaningful information. Can you imagine going to the Scottish or any government and asking for funding for a new project with evidence which consisted of 126 people over 2days!
  18. Not yet, the 300-6000 deaths per day that we’re modelled haven’t started yet.
  19. There are so many answers so I will get it started.... help you fill in your bookies line?
  20. The Queens home at Balmoral must look beautiful this time of year.
  21. Okay, I admit my business plan was written on the back of a beermat, however build it and they will come
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