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  1. Although most reports say it’s because of cost of living concerns, could it be because less than 50% of the population of England and Wales identify as Christian? I remember the three day week and rolling blackouts in the 70s, I don’t remember it ever being suggested that Christmas lights get scaled back.
  2. He has a couple of gigs in Scotland coming up soon……..
  3. Paisley Worthies, I recall my mother talking about ta ta Bella and Cuthbert
  4. Saturday 16th May 1987
  5. Thanks for this Shull, Davy Spiers gave me Banjo lessons, Davy and his wife Myra were big folk fans.
  6. Anyone know where the Attic folk club was in Paisley?
  7. Just finished Frank Skinner’s autobiography, how he lost his virginity is hilarious 🤣
  8. Strange, the latest ONS figures appear to suggest that there were more weekly excess deaths last month (1704) than at the height of the Covid pandemic in 2021 ?
  9. What a brilliant film 10/10
  10. If it was liz then it would be this song…..
  11. Steely Dan have not received the kudos that I think they deserve
  12. £1.20 for bovril and £1.75 for a steak pie ! Think I will start supporting Lochee United
  13. I know what you mean, never voted Tory but always thought John major was half decent.
  14. Could Bojo be on his way back ?
  15. House of dragon just keeps getting better and better……today’s episode was brilliant….feet bit was hilarious 😂
  16. Watched Michael palin into Iraq. (Ch5) Not bad, very interesting country with a wealth of history.
  17. Didn’t appreciate them at the time but sure do now…..
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