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  1. That’s debatable, with the club you are referring to it’s a bit like the virus question, is it alive or dead?
  2. Why? Can’t you make sure you have a drink of water before you leave the house? It’s 90 minutes not a trek through the Sahara.
  3. Got to agree, how do the Spanish, french, Greeks and Italians manage every year? Not to mention the countless British that holiday abroad every year 😂
  4. and how does that relate to Motherwell losing 2-1 ?
  5. Although that form had disappeared by the next game
  6. Not feeling confident about any of our games lately, this is a must win game! If we lose then I fear the players confidence will go and further heavy defeats will lead to Robinson being sacked in mid October. If we win however, it should provide the spark of self belief that I think has been missing so far.
  7. You sure? sounds like the sort of thing Dundee Utd fans would do (I will just Let you think about that one)
  8. So there was no football hooligans before the thatcher government?
  9. Before it closed 2009? It’s was Ross house which was mainly for management teams and health promotion units, however I believe it was previously used as the student nurse accommodation for the area....a few stories have been told about the party’s that occurred over the years, oh Matron!
  10. I bet he still believes the current buns won 55 titles 😅
  11. and what did Mrs FS have to say about that you dirty dog 🐶
  12. So it’s definitely not the back of the adulterers court in Riyadh ?
  13. I wonder how many will be picked out from the Sevco or Septic games?
  14. Inflation is also good for savers, haven’t seen rates like this since before 2008 !!
  15. Ducking stool first then?
  16. Like the video above shows, it’s not just the Runes the Azov battalion use....Hitler youth flag and Black sun ! This makes it very It hard to argue against Putin when he is claiming that the Ukraine has been infiltrated by Neo-Nazis. Also interesting that they were formed from an Ultras fan group, better keep an eye on the W7 section 😙😅
  17. Monty was a regular in the Court Bar back in the day and although living in London was a great Paisley Buddie. RIP
  18. Yeah, and what about all those nasty Hindus still using the swastika after the nazis usurped it. And all those Germans still using German. And ...
  19. Unfortunately law, reason, logic and science have now given way too plot of idiocracy
  20. Don’t know it’s a bit of a mystery 😂
  21. Craig McLachlan, 56, who played heartthrob Henry Ramsay between 1987 and 1989, had an integral part in one of the most-viewed weddings in soap history in walking his sister Charlene Mitchell - played by Kylie - down the aisle. McLachlan says he was not invited to partake or have any mention of his character in the programme's final scenes due to "cancel culture" following sexual assault charges against him in 2020. The father-of-one was cleared of the seven charges of assault and indecent assault on four women when he was in an Australian production of The Rocky Horror Show in 2014. A spokeswoman for McLachlan said: "Henry’s dead mother is being reincarnated for the final episode — but cancel culture won’t allow her son Henry to appear or even be acknowledged. "What Craig and his partner have endured over the past four-and-a-half years — only to come out the other side and be confronted by, among other things, the attempted permanent erasing of his part in Neighbours history — is devastating. "Craig was not invited to take part in the closing episode or indeed to contribute in any way to the end of Neighbours."
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