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  1. To be honest, I can see why.
  2. Was it because you were “coffin “ or “dead drunk” I know, I will get my coat.
  3. I was in Bobby & Graham’s getting a trim. To be honest it didn’t surprise me, the USA had been stomping all over the Middle East in the years running up to the attack. The biggest mystery is why the USA didn’t blame Saudi Arabia, there fingerprints are all over it.
  4. For anyone who hasn’t watched the longest running scripted comedy series ever....it’s on Netflix and is highly recommended.
  5. Yeah, I heard Div has these guys lined up to sponsor the forum 👍🏻
  6. You and Bazil need a strict Freudian 😂
  7. They believed that a viable business could operate in a competitive leisure market by staffing it with some experienced staff and Kibble trainees, here wait a minute? ..........
  8. You could have had the best marketing team in the country working on “the experience” it was there costing model that hamstrung it.
  9. This can happen, when the money being invested is not yours, happens all the time in Quangos and government departments. Unfortunately this is the area that Kibble operates within. They will require a good dose of reality salts before being given any further responsibilities within the club.
  10. I would be happy to eat my words if wrong Baz 👍🏻
  11. Almost like the modus operandi of a politician, here wait a minute.......
  12. I hate to rain on your parade Baz, but I have to point out that the Kibble organisation are very experienced at running specialist child and youth care services. However this does not make them “experienced business partners” The kibble have a secure funding stream from local authority SW & education departments around the country who use there services. They do not operate in a competitive market place (they are the biggest by a long way and have very little competition for contracts) so there experience in the area of social care is vast, however I would not say that this experience would be that helpful in running a football club. I think the idea of the Kibble being involved is good from a social conscience view point, however they are not experts in commercial business.
  13. Before it was a car dealership, it was the site for the Burgh council roads dept. I remember the big piles of grit and salt for the roads being stored there. The council also had a building on Wallace street ( social housing now) just along from Suzies cafe.
  14. There was a weekend of L&H films on talking pictures TV a couple of weeks ago. Putting the radio mast up on the roof was classic.....
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