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  1. From PM & DL. They are also looking at a derby county keeper too.
  2. http://www.swanseacity.net/team/player-profile/index.aspx?playerid=423000&tcmuri=181095 One of two Paul matters is tracking.
  3. i think you'll see DL trying to bring in a 2nd or 3rd choice GK from the championship or the BPL. Personally i'd take a gamble on Craig Gordon on a pay as you play deal.... That way its up to him to prove his fitness and force himself to be number 1.
  4. I would rather see SG and the consortium stay on and the club set up a members scheme where those who can afford to and want to can support the club by giving £10 a month and in return the club can work with local businesses and groups to give members discounts at shops and services.... this way the club give back to the supporters and the supportes give to the club....
  5. big bud

    Share Purchase

    Not sure that SMiSA are in a positon to buy any shares at all. Their website has not been updated since May 08 so I sent a message to see why. Got a message back saying that it hadn't worked out and had given up. So SMiSA seems to be no more. However fans group can still buy the club.
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