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  1. That was a sickener. We controlled most of the game without really troubling their keeper. Had we picked better options in the final third in the first half we'd have won the match. Why Shaughnessy gave up on the ball for their goal I'll never know but, that not withstanding, where were our defenders when the ball came in? I felt JG should have removed Erhahon a bit earlier and brought on Dennis to see if he and Erwin could do something after we went down 1-0. He could have redressed it with the removal of Erwin for McAllister. On this showing we need to hope that the other teams slit each others throat as I don't see us helping ourselves. Unfortunately I don't think ICT will be quaking in their boots at the prospect of facing us.

  2. 16 hours ago, TPAFKA Jersey 2 said:

    Agree Goodie will be the best placed to decide but I wouldn’t play him just because we’re paying his wages. We’ll be paying the wages of lots of players who won’t feature for the rest of the season.

    My second point covers this though. I think he'll be wanting to show his worth. Besides that. I'm not suggesting an automatic start. Just that he isn't left out because of pettiness.

  3. 2 minutes ago, TPAFKA Jersey 2 said:

    I agree on the no harm no foul, but I would drop him now for the rest of the season. We need to move on without him. Only 5 games (plus cup) to go so no big requirement to play him. He’s not that good that we’d be cutting our nose off to spite our face. 

    We'd still be paying his wages so, if Goodie thinks his head is in the right frame, we'd be daft not to play him. In fact I'd go further. If he really wants that "bigger move", he'll bust a gut for the team.

  4. Get real here people. Every player is looking for the best deal and some. like Doyle Hayes, are likely to command a bit more attention than others. Professional players are like most contract workers. They'll go where they get the best deal. The club put down a firm offer and wait to see if someone betters it. No harm. No foul.

  5. On 4/6/2021 at 8:39 PM, faraway saint said:

    The reality is Scotland does not have enough teams with "half decent support" to fill the top league.






    On 4/6/2021 at 9:04 PM, faraway saint said:

    I'm not, but the terms @beyond our ken used smacks of elitism purely based on attendances.

    I strongly dislike this approach in any sport. 

    Oh, I knew you'd run off a list, so are you really suggesting the leagues are only based on support? 

    That would be interesting, bigger crowds but a crap product, I'm sure you can see why that approach is only decent on paper. 


    Beep beep beep.

  6. 2 hours ago, faraway saint said:

    The football gods seem to be smiling on us.

    We got a rub of the green against the Czechs and it seem Austria will be losing quite a few German based players for the big game tomorrow night.

    It would be a great start to get 3 points with two "easier" game coming up straight after, although we do struggle against Israel. (Draw almost a cert)

    I must have misheard as I thought the Beeb said the German contingent were ok to travel now.

    ETA. It appears not the old firm believe this too.

    Austria set to face Scotland with full-strength squad - Not The Old Firm

  7. On 12/7/2020 at 10:18 PM, Yflab said:

    I too felt sorry for Bertie. I think he would have been a better manager for Scotland had he had club experience here. 


    On 12/7/2020 at 10:27 PM, TPAFKA Jersey 2 said:

    He also had the worst group of players ever available to a Scotland manger.

    The team that played in the 2-2 draw in the Faroes was frightenly bad. Apart from a central defence of Dailly/Weir and a centre mid paring of Lambert/Ferguson, the team was comical.

    Despite all that he got us to a play off. Something only Craigie Broon and now Clarke have managed. And Clarke wasn’t via a proper group. 
    His competitive record actually wasn’t that bad. Most of our horrendous results under him were in friendlies. 

    I think it must be remembered that wee broonie  refused to blood the young talent before he fecked off. Near half the Scotland squad gave up when he got the job so Berti had to try to rebuild during qualifiers. I still think he may have got it right if he had a little more time and a lot more patience from the supporters.

  8. 2 hours ago, E=Mc2 said:

    An excellent way to visualise a scenario, but a draw against Hamilton even if they win their other 4 games, would give us 41 points and they would have 40. 

    I was discounting Hamilton because, if we drew with them and all other results were as printed we could be in eleventh place on goal difference.

    My bad. We'd be 1 better off than Kilmarnock.

  9. 1 hour ago, E=Mc2 said:

    Dear Elvis,

    We have 40 points at present.

    If we were to lose all remaining 5 games.

    Scenario 1.

    if Accies win all their 5 games they will have 42 points. 

    Then if Kilmarnock win 4, as they will have lost to Hamilton, they will have 40 points . Same as us if we lost all our games. Killie could be above us on goal difference.

    Then if Ross County won 3 games ( remember they have been beaten by Accies and Killie) they will have 38 points. 

    Then if Motherwell won 2 games (they were beaten by Accies, Killie, and Ross County) they would have 41 points.

    Then Dundee Utd were only to beat us having lost to the other 4 teams they would have 42 points.

    In the above scenario we could be in the play off spot on goal difference with Ross County below us.

    Scenario 2.

    If Killie win all 5 games they have 43 points.

    If Hamilton win 4 having been beat by Kilmarnock they would achieve 39 points.

    Then if Ross County win 3 games again they can only achieve 38 points.

    In the above scenario we would not be in the play off or relegation spot.

    Scenario 3.

    If Ross County win all 5 games they can achieve 44 points.

    Again Killie can achieve 40 points by winning their 4 games.

    Hamilton can then only achieve 36 points by winning 3 games.

    Motherwell could win 2 games and have 41 points.

    Utd could win one game and have 42 points.

    So potentially we could be in the playoffs by goal difference.

    Scenario 4.

    Killie draw with Hamilton and both win their other 4 games.

    Killie have 41 points. Hamilton have 40. Hamilton could be above us on goal difference for the playoff space. Ross County would be below on 38 points at most.

    Scenario 5.

    Hamilton draw with Ross County and both win their other 4 games. 

    Hamilton finish with 40 points. Ross County have 42 points. Most Killie can achieve is 37 points.

    We could be in the playoffs on goal difference.

    Scenario 6.

    Killie draw with Ross County and both win their remaining games.

    Ross county finish with 42 points and Killie finish with 41 points.

    Hamilton can only achieve 36 points.

    Motherwell could get 41 points and Dundee Utd could get 42.

    We would be in the playoffs with 40 points.

    Scenario 7.

    Hamilton draw with Dundee Utd and win all other games and have 40 points.

    Kilmarnock win their 4 games and have 40 points.

    Ross County win their 3 games and have 38 points.

    Motherwell can win 2 and end up with 41 points by beating us and Utd.

    Utd beat us and with the draw have 43 points.


    I cannot calculate any scenario that has us bottom of the league.


    Are yer glad I’m back?














    It isn't rocket science. Einstein not required. I think I'd already explained this far more concisely before today's result.

  10. 39 minutes ago, cambiebud said:

    Covid cost us. Players were knackered playing 3 games a week coupled with injuries and ran out of steam. Still it’s great to be going into the last 5 games knowing we cannot be dragged into the relegation scrap. Successful season considering

    Theoretically, we can. What cost us was the four in a row home draws. Win one of them and we were almost certainly there. We didn't. We didn't set up with that mentality. We now need the manager to step up and get the team playing on the front foot to win one, just one game, in the next five to ensure we aren't dragged into any dog fight. Who would bet on us beating Dundee U, Motherwell, Ross County, Hamilton or a resurgent Kilmarnock? 

  11. 4 hours ago, bazil85 said:

    Yeah seen that & some sources saying he’s been in Scotland U17s as well as U16s, hopefully the next one to get some game time. 

    IF we get that coveted 6th place we could do worse than give these lads a shot in the run in. We don't expect to get any better than 5th and some of the first team lads will probably be moved on in the summer.

  12. 2 hours ago, Bud the Baker said:

    It's the old "will we replace him with someone better" conundrum - at 30 I think he's worth a new year deal.

    Not for me. I don't get those who think he brings enough to the table. He doesn't do enough of the dirty part of the game  to get a pass on not scoring enough for a number 9. There are plenty of non scoring strikers who would put in a shift and hold the ball up better.

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