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  1. Aye but you'll only need to suffer it for a few years. those at the other end of the spectrum will need to beg, steal or borrow to get back into the club. And they will want to re-join.
  2. IF there is a second referendum and "remainers" get their way it will be because people who were ill informed about the pros and cons of leaving have had their eyes opened. I firmly believe there should never have been a simple yes/no vote on this very complex issue but, as there was, it's only fair to let those who genuinely thought leaving the EU would benefit the country and have now discovered that it is neither easy, nor logical to sever ties to an organisation to which we are so heavily entwined get another opportunity to revise their decision. If leavers are so confident the decision was correct they should have no fear of it being reversed. For me the people who were elected to look after our interests should do just that. That would mean revoking article 50 WITHOUT a second vote. It's become so obvious that leaving would be detrimental, nay, catastrophic for our economy and the people who will suffer for the longest didn't get a vote on the matter anyway. Is it really fair for a 60 something to devastate the potential and freedom of movement of youngsters who are only now able to have a voice? With the information now out in the public domain I think all those I mention have the right to have their views expressed in a ballot.
  3. They wouldn't get past the qualifying rounds.
  4. No. It's not true. At least not for the young kids.
  5. I agree. Millar could have broken Goldson's foot with his shin FFS!
  6. If this came to pass then, popular or not, the only sensible thing to do is unilaterally rescind article 50 and revisit the situation in the form of an election. We need strong government/s to take us way from the abyss and guide the countries through this insane period in our histories.
  7. In this instance, for obvious reasons, I'm delighted they scored. As to your point. Maybe but the time was stipulated at the end of the game so the ref didn't keep going till they scored. They scored in the allotted time. Whether the ref would have continued past that signalled 6 minutes if they hadn't is a matter for speculation.
  8. This will get the knuckledraggers going though! "I'm only 22, maybe in five years who knows I might be with a much bigger team, hopefully in England because I am very ambitious".
  9. Obviously Can't Discriminate?
  10. Before Monday I was upbeat and thought, maybe, just maybe but, after the sickening last ditch loss, I get a feeling of, we've seen this all before. I hope to be proven wrong but I think the last game might have been the turning point after nearly catching our rivals. They'll have taken a boost when that goal went in.
  11. You MIGHT see a more fair Dallas (doubtful) but you won't see an improved one. He hasn't the capability to be better. He's feckin' useless!
  12. I'm confused. Why are you confused by those two posts? They don't appear contradictory. Quite the opposite. Both say it's all about what Saints do. Just expanded in the second post to say what IoBS believes we NEED to do.
  13. http://imgur.com/gallery/uEE17 Ooops I did it again.
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