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  1. Not if engerland are on the receiving end. Here's hoping.
  2. And it probably wouldn't stay long for long
  3. As long as our club remember there is another window before they need to worry.
  4. Hopefully the whole setup will be gone long before then and replaced with a more reflective second chamber.
  5. I wouldn't have bothered viewing FS's post as I have him on ignore but this proves I'm right to keep him in that category. I will answer this though. I don't need to speak to ALL fans as I have spoken to enough, from lots of different clubs, to realise that there are many who don't think it's working and that it is adding to the controversy. It's Maxwell who needs to back up his claim. Some of the VAR decisions have been nothing short of shocking and appears to suggest that, the more time our officials have to look at incidents, the more bizarre their conclusions.
  6. I agree. I feel really sorry for the Mexicans. At least they looked as if they wanted it. The Poles brought nowt to the party. I hope they get royally thumped by France.
  7. I would be amazed if the managers and boards agree that it's working. As for Maxwell suggesting the majority of fans thinking it's working. What planet is he on? It's a crock of shit and should be binned for the rest of the season.
  8. I rate Keanu as much as any Saints' fan, but I doubt he'll be on Celtic's radar for the sort of sum we would hope for. IF they took him, they'd be looking to get him on the cheap and I think our board would allow it.
  9. According to his daughter, it's a scheduled stay and she expects to celebrate New Year with the Brazilian genius.
  10. Yes. And it's now down to 178.9 for diesel.
  11. Probably. Better to ask when he's not injured or unfit.
  12. Why are there so many "pundits" and "reporters" out there at the licence payers expense? There is no need for ANY of them to have travelled. With technology as it is they could do it all from Salford. It's an f'n disgrace.
  13. And I think the ship has sailed as far as Morelos going for millions is concerned.
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