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  1. "He's a little bit different to some of the other strikers we have at the moment". Jim. You mean he actually scores goals? We'll soon knock that out of him. Welcome aboard Alex
  2. 2.75 million. Not to be sniffed at. Come on Fergie. Get a move on.
  3. A very Merry Christmas to all you Buddies and I hope you are all safe and well and this continues well into 2022.
  4. If that were all I'd agree but the football has, so far this season, been atrocious and he has performed ridiculously badly on the recruitment side as far as forwards are concerned with, allegedly, the highest budget ever afforded to a Saints manager in recent times.. Unfortunately I can't see the turnaround anytime soon under JG. Once again I sit on the sidelines hoping I'm mistaken but fearing the worst.
  5. Rangers lose court battle with Sports Direct and forced to disclose Castore deal details that could cost them millions (thescottishsun.co.uk) 🤣🤣 Christmas 3 days early!
  6. Because he probably has a contracted salary greater than we would reasonably pay. If we don't come close to it he has no incentive to move ATM.
  7. Unfortunately we'd need someone to want Main or Erwin. The other option is paying the rest of their contracts without having them in the squad. I don't think that would leave wiggle room to pay the sort of salary Cummings would want.
  8. Do I? Look back at all the posts idiot.
  9. And what cheery and interesting posts have you ever contributed to the forum? You are almost single handedly killing this forum. You are a bore and a fool. You continually claim anyone who dares out you as the fool. You are a scourge on this site and chase anyone who is actually interesting away from it.
  10. Ma whit? It would be great if he took his own advice.
  11. Not sure given the bigot bias that's rife up here. It would stop them from giving the obligatory penalty when required.
  12. To have those wishes all fulfilled he'd have had to done more than sat on Santa's knee.😱
  13. I know Dundee took a hammering v RC but it can't be overlooked that they drew with Hearts and beat Aberdeen in the two games previous. I don't think this game is the foregone conclusion some are suggesting. I believe this will be hard fought and hope we play with an intensity shown in previous games. They have strikers that have proven goal scoring records. I hope for a win but it wouldn't surprise me if that wasn't the outcome.
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