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  1. And I don't understand why ANYONE would endorse the destruction of millions of peoples' lives, homes and communities to do so. The Israelis, from day one, have indiscriminately bombed hospitals, homes, villages and decanted millions to "safe areas" only to make those areas unsafe by indiscriminately bombing those regions. It really makes me wonder if there wasn't SOME truth in the disgraced labour candidates assertions.
  2. That's as likely as the Israelis lying. At the moment it is only obvious that they are trying to wipe, not just Hamas, but Palestine off the map. And the world stands by afraid to call them out lest they be called anti semitic.
  3. Poor show. Nearly as bad as killing thousands of kids!
  4. Levein's teams are usually stuffy and very conservative so 5-3.
  5. Livingston goalkeeper Shamal George said the sight of his mum, who is fighting cancer but travelled from Liverpool to watch him, in the stands was the inspiration for his penalty save against St Mirren. I'm not sure falling down and the penalty taker tapping the ball onto your legs needed much inspiration.
  6. And Scotland are the best team in the world. england won the world cup in "that year". We hammered them in their own patch the following one.
  7. As no one was willing to crowd fund an extension, (Even though I would have been willing to share the money, not the hotel, with Elvis to get him "over there"), I have returned to the cold, wet Scotland. I watched the game on Sunday with my away top on in a pub called the shamrock so you can imagine how I stood out against the green and white surroundings. The nerves of the other patrons were palpable during that first half. When Gogic hit the bar I could almost smell their fear over the usual stench. We were outstanding during that period. At the start of the second half it looked like we were a spent force as we stood off them allowing them to double their lead. After that I thought we came back into it. At the end of the day though, it was "same old, same old". Through bad luck and bad finishing, we were left with an exit sign in front of us and the dream is done for another year. Back to league duties and, hopefully, putting another nail in Martindale's, and Livi's, coffin. Edited to add. A lad with Blackburn Rovers' towels saw my Saints' one and asked where St. Mirren play. I told him where and he explained his grandad was a player with us before moving his family down south to join the Rovers in the early 1900's. Jock Cameron. Moved from there to Chelsea and became their Captain. Small world.
  8. I will never go for another party in a Uk election because I believe in an independent Scotland UNLESS I think ALBA could win in the area i live. This is NOT about the SNP. It's about why they were formed. I hope to convince any who are being duped by all the unionist, nonsensical media coverage not to be fooled into voting for red Tories who are paying lip service to Scotland to steal their votes before ignoring their wishes. SNP is the only vote that gets us to where we need to be. THEN we can consider getting rid of the SNP.
  9. I believe this is just another case of the tail wagging the dog. My only hope is that enough people stand up and say enough is enough and convince their representatives to vote against this ridiculous policy which has never worked. What is required is education. Spain, France and countries prove that price is not the driving factor. This policy is just playing to the anti alcohol brigade, mainly in the green party, who basically want alcohol to be outlawed.
  10. A fantastic result again and, by all accounts, another very good performance. Celtic next up. Given the last two results, if anyone wants to start a crowd fund to kepp me in Lanzarote for another few weeks, I'll certainly consider taking "one for the team".
  11. Down side? I won't be there. Upside? I won't be cold. Hope we continue on an upward trajectory with another good show. Dundee will be a tough nut to crack but, if we get our act together in front of goal, I think we are very capable of victory.
  12. Unfortunately I couldn't manage to get to the game as I'm sunning myself in Lanzarote ATM. What a fantastic result. Going by the stats it could have been even more. Well done to all. I'm away for a midday tipple so by for now.
  13. You mean a spittal isn't messi enough?
  14. It's probably more to do with it getting lost because some numpty starts the threads 2 years before the game to make sure he gets to do it.
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