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  1. All you've done is prove that the Bonnyrigg programme you loved was just a rip off.
  2. A year of BoJo and his cronies should do the trick!
  3. Very true but they wouldn't have a valid case for the demand. It would have been much less vocally supported.
  4. Boris can bung his big ben bong up his bum!
  5. Looking at that, I would be PRAYING for an updated picture if that was me.🤣
  6. could you point out where he added anything other than "low value content"? I think I must have blinked.
  7. Please re-read my post. Where did I say Anything proves anything. My post was in reply to Dougjamie who WAS using these signing as proof that Gus was instrumental in the signings so your question should have been inversed and directed at him. As for the "continuity". Don't ask me if I wanted signings without a manager at the helm. Ask GL WHY he intimated that this was the very reason for hiring Gus in the first place. And, as for your accusation of me being a "booboy". Where was the criticism in my post? I was reflecting on the very legitimate reasons why people were questioning his appointment at that time in response to Dougjamie's post saying these signing somehow proved Gus was doing what GL claimed AT THE TIME what Gus' remit was. Let me spell that out for you. C.O.N.T.I.N.U.I.T.Y.
  8. We sign 3 players? Two of whom are from a place JIM knows well? How does that prove Gus' hand was on the tiller in this respect? I suspect Jim knew more about the lads than Gus but, we might never know. This wasn't what the detractors were citing anyway. It was about continuity when we were in transition and that wasn't evident at the time.
  9. As this lad can play anywhere across the forward line and as a number 10 I assume this is the nail in the coffin for Mullin. Welcome aboard Jamie.
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS It's a good part of the reason why I don't frequent this site as often. Semi sensible threads being polluted by puerile futile nonsense and stupid threads being started by the usual folk, some who have even admitted to not wanting to financially support the club, cluttering up the website. Welcome aboard Connor. I hope you don't get to read these good wishes as it means you'll also start to wonder if you've landed in a loonie bin.
  11. Watson needs to be replaced with someone who can actually mimic and the material needs to be better. I honestly couldn't tell who he was impersonating until they said and his material is sh!te. IMO the concept is still good but the content is terrible.
  12. Back on topic. A happy new year and I hope 2020 is a great year for all Buddies and THE Buddies.🙏
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