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  1. stlucifer

    Brexit Negotiations

    The lies are still coming out. People trusted those who claimed leaving was a dawdle. The ordinary person in the street trusted those who claimed immigration would be down to nowt just by putting a x in the right place. The NHS would be funded to excess for generations by the money the country would save. Tell me the lies the remain campaign spouted that came close to those whoppers. No matter how many people dissed this, little englanders just saw those boats being turned away and those pound signs flashing on the red cross of the hospitals. Those who still want to leave on the strength of this, and there are many, are still lying to themselves. Throughout the campaign many tried to tell them that immigrants came from all over the world and many were needed but there were still those so xenophobic that they willed themselves to believe the borders could not only be controlled, but closed. Many who were less fanatical and voted for the lies are reconsidering. IF it weren't the case do you really think those entrenched on that side of the fence would be decrying the right for a rethink?
  2. stlucifer

    Brexit Negotiations

    It's not "failing to accept". It's re-evaluating when the facts prove the initial main campaign promises are lies. It IS democracy. IF you, and I don't mean you as a specific as you obviously could never be duped, find you've been lied to then you sure as hell have a right to revisit your initial decision.
  3. stlucifer

    Brexit Negotiations

    The choice was vague allowing for individual interpretation. YOU may be satisfied with possible catastrophic outcome from "just leaving" but there are many that are voicing concerns over the route this government is dragging us down. Like I say. There is no such thing as just leave. There needs to be a way to leave. That's where the so called leave campaign falls down because it is split within that faction. ,At least remain meant remain. brexit means sod all, or a multitude of brexits. Take your pick, but. no matter what you thought you were voting for, one things for sure, not all of the 17,000,000 who voted with you agree with your idea of leaving.
  4. stlucifer

    Brexit Negotiations

    3 day week? Tories were in power. Bins overflowing. It happened quite recently and, with the cuts to local councils, will be happening quite a lot due in no part to the workers. Miners battling? Again the tories. And that was a tory ploy to destroy the unions.
  5. stlucifer

    Brexit Negotiations

    There in lies the crux of the matter. There is NO consensus about ANY one "deal". There are so many different views as to what is best. There will never be agreement as to the way to exit. People go on about 17,000,000 being betrayed. What about the near 16,000,000 who voted to remain? Of the 17,000,000 there are various levels of leave. IF the question of leave or remain had been thought out and expanded, that number for remain would probably have changed very little but those who chose to leave would have been split because, as has been noted ad nausea, there is no ideal method of disentangling us from a machine we have been integrated with for forty odd years. As for MPs going against the wishes of the people they represent. What about those whose constituents voted to remain? Who should they represent? The slim majority of the country who voted for what they thought leave meant or the people who actually voted them in? With all the ramifications of leave coming to the surface I really don't see why there shouldn't be a REAL vote on the options. It's actually the way it should have been done in the first place. Due to the infighting and UKIP fear of the tories they put the cart before the horse in a blatant attempt at self preservation. In fact that VonC in the government was only doomed to failure through exactly that. DUP turkeys weren't going to vote for being stuffed.
  6. Quite simply because no English clubs at a decent level even look at the Scottish game as anything other than diddy football. To think they would take this seriously is absolute pie in the sky. Money in English football, all the way down the league is way beyond our level. And money is what would drive this, or not, as the case may be.
  7. stlucifer

    January Signings

    Remind me. Which one is Dodds?
  8. stlucifer

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    I don't really have any grudge against JR but I'm certain Danny Lennon is always welcome back at St. Mirren's home. Many will never forget what he did for our club.
  9. stlucifer

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    I suspect that's why Jack felt secure enough to take such a big job so early in his career. He basically has a full season to learn how to run such a major operation. He's anything but foolish is JR.
  10. stlucifer

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    NOt sure the rot would have continued anyway. Any reasonable manager with Sunderland's resources could make a fist of it in that league. Promotion is the absolute minimum they would expect. JR's real test will be next season should he manage the first objective.
  11. stlucifer

    Brexit Negotiations

    Calm/Reasonable Warnock is an oxymoron. The guys a complete nutter.
  12. stlucifer

    Speculation Thread

    To be honest I would have felt more secure with a "backy-in!"!
  13. stlucifer

    January Arrivals

    Guilty of believing the beeb. As Jim Diamond said, I should've known better. That said. I am still hoping this experiment works better than the Stubbs' one.
  14. stlucifer

    January Exits

    I really believe we've let a gem slip through our fingers here. I thought he might just be the next to earn us a fee. Good luck Conor. I think you've got a future in the game and Stranraer might reap the rewards.