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  1. We have two adults and a child. I tried to add them the first page which didn't allow me to do so. I indicated 1 adult and then, on the subsequent page, I tried to add them in. It allowed me to add the second adult but there was no facility to add a child.
  2. I don't think it is fair enough. Are they saying that, because it's a "flagship" event, Covid will give it a break? Rules for one, rules for all. Double standards undermine the message.
  3. I thought that was what this feckin' VAR was meant to stop.
  4. That was the first thought that came to my mind. There is no way someone should get more than one shot at it until every other ST holder gets a game. And the club need to make that abundantly clear before the season tickets go on sale. As TC would say, Tick tock.
  5. So far, on my grandsons prediction game, I've got Italy by 2-0 instead of 3, Wales 1-1 draw, Belgium 3-1 instead of 3-0 and England by 1-0. The only result I've got totally wrong was the Danes and I forgive myself for that. England played well and deserved the victory but, gladly, looked a little toothless upfront. Long may that continue. We need to be aware of their long ball game as they have blistering pace. After today I'm a bit more optimistic about our chances on Friday.
  6. I hope he does and it makes him change his mind about joining us. I think it would be a bullet dodged.
  7. Given how close to being the same as I predicted on my grandson's football teams' challenge, I'd say you've absolutely NO chance of this being right! 😂
  8. Wish I'd caught that before the edit but, I have to admit, my misspelling did reduce any immediate impact a little. Didn't detract from the sentiment though.
  9. Type too quick. Deserve what you get. And, yes, I'm talking about me.
  10. Hi etc. ETA. You don't even realise you're one of the main culprits.
  11. This is going to make window closing day pretty damn boring. I blame Fitzi/Goodie!
  12. And so the truth begins to raise its head again: Rangers court case sees judge spark 'same club' debate and experts argue over whether fans would support 'Glasgow Blues' (thescottishsun.co.uk)
  13. McGregor was my doc from the very start. Though I never used it I was told he was great if you wanted a couple of weeks "holiday".
  14. Seriously. I didn't want to. They were my doctors from the day I was born. I actually kept quiet about moving out of their catchment area for a few years.
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