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  1. I read it's for the 2019-20 season so I think it must be looking forward to when partial lifting of isolation. Probably anticipating that the young and fit would be allowed some semblance of freedom by then.
  2. In the case of Coronovirus the percentage may be further reduced when it's decided that many didn't die OF the virus but WITH the virus.
  3. Good job you had all those toilet rolls handy!🤣
  4. RIP. But I'll wait for the retraction or alteration as far as the cause is concerned.
  5. Everybody's immune system is different. Any virus could kill seemingly healthy people. The big thing about this virus appears to be that, if you put 10 people in a room with the flu virus, probably 8 will not get the flu. Put 10 people in with this virus it's likely 10 will succumb.
  6. Given he was answering you directly about something you claimed, it's a bit rich of you to counteract his claim by citing an entirely different club.
  7. That percentage is probably much higher than reality as it is calculated on the number of KNOWN cases. As testing is still not taking place extensively it's highly likely there are far more who have, or have had, the virus.
  8. That's all well and good but, an it might turn out not to be true, we've been told the police are going to stop vehicles in transit to check. That's the bit I think would cause danger of infection of the police or the driver. And what answer would they get anyway. I'm on my way to do my weekly shop? I'm going for a prescription? They certainly won't be told, "I'm off to the beach for a mass barbeque".
  9. We are being issued with headed letter confirmation that we are essential workers. Apparently the police will be clamping down on driving unnecessarily. A step too far I think. If you're in your car you're self isolating anyway. Police stopping a car and getting close to the driver is, as far as I'm concerned, counterproductive.
  10. The fatality numbers are meaningful. It's never good to hear about people dying. That's not the same as the statistics as they are comparing a definite to an unknown. The tests are absolutely relevant because this would assist in knowing the real numbers of people who had the virus. There's also the fact that they're are doubts about whether the fact some had the virus died due to it or due to it alone. Too many unknowns.
  11. What absolute bollocks. If anything Sturgeon has been leading the way in protecting Scots from the virus. Working WITH the UK Government while, when the need was felt, implementing measures ahead of the rest of the UK. The Westminster Government have been bloody minded by NOT working with the EU to obtain vital medical supplies and ventilators because, in their words, we are no longer part of the EU. Absolutely shocking behaviour.
  12. I don't know how bad this is or how bad it is going to get but, until we have widespread testing the statistics are pretty meaningless. A guess. A stab in the dark. I think the Government were far too slow to act in getting these tests out there.
  13. I am happy to accept being wrong I should have looked it up on google! There are far more Englunders than I thought. 55,000,000 in England 5,300,000 in Scotland So around 10% My bad
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