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  1. Being a supporter doesn't exclude being a realist. I didn't think Goodie was a good appointment when he was brought in and Nothing that has transpired since have given me pause for thought. I live in hope I am proven wrong as I was with JR but I cannot see us getting away with this in the top division. Yes. There are some on here that attack at every turn but there are many who see what's happening and keep their eyes open. Being a supporter means you want the best for the club so why should those who simply see things at face value be vilified? I think YOU should understand what supporting a CLUB means. It certainly doesn't mean sticking your head in the sand, let alone up the chairman's @rse.
  2. A St Mirren player that can score? Give him a start on Wed. He's still young. We'll soon knock that out of him!
  3. WTF? Are you really so moronic you think this is clever?
  4. No you haven't..At the time. It was mooted as a possibility in a speech. It wasn't tory party policy. There was a private members bill in 2013 which was thrown out early 2014 therefore the Scottish people had a right to believe the lies about the EU debate at that time and it certainly had impact on the result. AND. Even that was about accepting a renegotiation of the UK's terms. As has been said. IF it had been a definite then the YES campaigners would have jumped on the daft statement that the ONLY way to remain in the EU was to vote NO. What don't you get?
  5. A substantial amount of MP's voted for this deal to tear it apart and/or add addendums to it to the extent it becomes an entirely different beast. That's why there was a majority stopping it from being railroaded through. Mogg and co have since proven themselves to be petulant, duplicitous buffoons.
  6. Parliament decreed that the Brexit bill details had to be declared and debated before the DEAL, (not bill), could be voted on. This is effectively the repeat of the debate and vote. ETA. The DEAL was a general overview of what the EU and BoJo's cronies had agreed. The bill is a far more involved document.
  7. This is irrelevant in the sense that we did not get a choice on voting as a nation. The UK parties are constantly inferring that we are equal partners in their union so, if that were true, we SHOULD HAVE been allowed to vote as a nation. So the referendum ended all square. Status quo should have been the outcome.
  8. Ah, moved to 26th.i thought it had just been moved to the midweek after original date of 2nd Nov Suits me too. I organised a holiday, leaving on 1st of November without looking at the fixtures. This was great news even though I'm not sure what to expect from Saints.
  9. Great result. As others have said. The first half until we scored we were second best. After we scored we got a big boost and went on to stroll the game. There was only going to be one particular side winning the match. I though S. McGinn made a big difference. He seems to make time for himself and hardly put a foot wrong. Getting his foot in to defend high. Broadfoot was immense and the through pass to P. McGinn was exquisite. The strikers took their goals like, well, strikers. Who'd have thunk it? As my grandson said during the game. St. Johnstone seemed to give up. No fire. No determination to put us under pressure. Something is not Wright up in Perth! Still. We did what we had to do and did it well.
  10. We are struggling. My opinion is that people were being put off by nonsensical post and thread building of certain posters. It made hard work of looking for decent debate. I know I've got fed up trying to separate the wheat from the chaff. It reminds me of the CB trend. It lost it's appeal when too many idiots decided to get involved.
  11. Young Boys show they're men. One down, one to go.
  12. I doubt any doctor would be willing to take the blame. Pricky is terminally stupid.
  13. Given that I doubt you know the meaning of the word irony, I think I can safely ignore this remark.
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