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  1. You don't necessarily need to know who you'd prefer, Pep?, to think the person being mooted isn't the right candidate. It looks like JG is going to be approached, (no certainty he'll take it). I just don't think he'll be the right man to move us forward, or even tread water. If anyone can take heart, I thought JR was a poor choice so I hope I'm as wrong this time.
  2. We might just need blind opposition to give us a chance.
  3. Or OK's lawyers are determined to get SOMETHING. We may never know.
  4. That'll be why most clubs try to have at least one. An extra 200 or so guaranteed bums on seats for St. Mirren would be massive. It's not inconceivable that feelgood factor could bring that about. And I'm not whining about a refund as you put it. I'm saying the offer would be as relevant as the offer to reimburse for the Ireland debacle. It was a throw away remark to emphasise a point. It would never happen and I know it would never happen. It did progress the discussion though so it served it's purpose.
  5. Firstly In what universe do you have the ability to know what my motivation is? Secondly. It's not the PE teacher that I think made the difference. It's what the PE teacher got out of the squad of players toward the end of the season and the thought of how much more he could get after a full pre season. It's the realisation that we would be back at square zero again that might have made the difference for some renewing. It does become soul destroying.
  6. Why do you think clubs go out looking for "marquee signings" if not to increase sales. While this is not in the same league there was a lot of interest in OK's St. Mirren. IF the next guy comes in and does well, and IF the chairman doesn't throw him out, then we may all be on here saying Oran WHO? but, in my opinion, going by the noises on here, a lot of people were thinking about whether to renew or not. The end to our season gave them hope.
  7. It's typical of you and your aliases to read only the parts you want to. That's the opinion part.
  8. Nothing at all. I was only ensuring you knew I knew.
  9. I agree Kemp. He deserves our eternal gratitude but I think those managerial debacles should exclude him from making derogatory statements on twitter.
  10. In your opinion. There are many occasions where a specific player or manager has increased interest and sales.
  11. If I was getting a full refund? I'd honestly be very tempted. Being the optimistic fool I am I'd probably get to the ground and decide a building might fall on those bringing ridicule to our club and turn back!
  12. Why spiteful? Do you actually know the meaning of the word or are you really that stupid you just make statements without actually thinking them through? ETS. Forget that. It's obvious who the twat is and I'm answering him now.
  13. That's an assumption based on what might have been. Mine is an assumption, and I believe a qualified one, given the increase in attendances and the positivity driven by OKs "crowd management" skills, based on what actually was. The only way anyone could be sure is to make the offer and see who would return their STs. I know this is pie in the sky as Scott wouldn't take the chance. I dare him to try.
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