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  1. He can't even get the facts straight. DL wasn't sacked.
  2. Even if Hearts and thistle are successful, which I doubt, it won't stop united playing in Premier next season. If they did then united would take spfl to court and the merry go round would continue. They can't. Arbitration is absolute and final.
  3. Does the fixture list not normally take into consideration Hearts and Hibs playing at home at different times? If so, either the SPFL are pretty certain Hearts/Partick complaint is dead in the water or they'll need to put DU in the hat as if they were Hearts so the fixtures can be transferred if necessary and don't have to be readjusted to prevent Hearts/Hibs home game clash.
  4. That's because it generally pisses doon six and three quarters days of the week in Renfrewshire.
  5. The bit highlighted. So do I. But in doing so you need to be looking at the science. To do this you need to decide for yourself which scientific input you accept as correct. For me, not being an expert, I looked into the scientific advice and, on doing so, I accepted that the vast majority appear to be advising that lockdown was wise. I don't really know how you educated yourself. did you do a crash course in virology or did you do as I did and looked at the scientific advice and, contrary to me, decided you didn't agree with the majority?
  6. We should start a special section for Shurly's copy and paste efforts. Field-Marshal nonsense
  7. Parler: A platform for lunatics and extremists. Shurly's dream stage.
  8. Your first sentence explains things as you start with "If" and contains "likely". It means the majority of experts tend to disagree with your assumptions and believe the lockdown had, and continues to have, an important positive impact on the scale of infection. I choose to side with those who study these things day in, day out.
  9. I see Shurly has developed a system where he doesn't have to rely on thinking. He simply copies and pastes ad nauseam right wing, offensive, and in some cases racist propaganda. Never requiring original thought. Just as well really as it would be a lonely one rattling around.
  10. This years figures are WITH lockdown. Who knows how high that figure would have been WITHOUT. Your stats only suggest that the lockdown has stopped a massive increase due to the virus.
  11. More than ALL? Another sensible input.
  12. And, as usual, pricky doesn't see that highlighting an obvious inadequacy in himself is not a rant but a simple observation.
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