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  1. Everyone is "honest with the truth" Some may be a little less forthcoming with it though.
  2. Whether or not they car share, surely they are considered a "bubble"? Some players even share homes. That means they are classed as one unit. A family can car share so why not them.
  3. Again you say, Covid19 related. I actually agree with you that is the case. I notice you haven't said Died OF Covid19. I'm not for one minute suggesting that there were deaths due to the virus. That is certain and means there would be more people dying. I'm saying not ALL the excessive deaths were due to it. I'm saying the figures are skewed by the manner in which they are described.
  4. Is it? Or is the cause due to how the governments reacted to the virus? And the bar chart is made up from the figures of those who had covid inside the 28 day margin. NOT those who died FROM it.
  5. You blow your own argument out of the water when you correctly say, "covid mentioned". With the number actually contracting it, it's surely likely that many people dying due to not being treated for what actually is deadly to them will be found to have had covid. No one is suggesting covid is harmless to all but we need to get some real facts. Not a bar chart created to prove what the author wants to be true.
  6. Not forgetting that there will be even more who have wrongly been added to the covid numbers simply because they had the virus within the last 28 days but didn't die FROM it.
  7. Many more people are dying at home. While this quote is relating to England and Wales,, it's likely reflected in Scotland. "Figures for England and Wales show that since March around 26,000 more people than usual have died at home. Most of these deaths were not related to Covid-19. Instead, they were caused by heart disease, lung cancer, dementia and other conditions". And it could be disputed that many hospital deaths are also non covid related.
  8. It should also be taken in context. Those who said this were talking about the chance of HAVING another independence vote. It was not the SNP saying they wouldn't revisit it. It was that it took a lot to get the chance to have it and the likelihood of a Westminster government allowing another vote. Things have moved on and the overriding reason given by the "NO" campaign has been proven false. The lies have been discovered. This negates any preconceived idea of the referendum being a "once in a generation" event.
  9. But my original point wasn't JUST about road accidents. I simply used that as an extreme, though justifiable, example. I repeat. People who died of ANYTHING who had been tested positive within the last TWENTY EIGHT days have been counted as dying OF covid. I hope this simplified explanation helps.
  10. OK. Dr Basil. I know you'll tell me how you know this.
  11. Read what it actually said. It's the number of people dying OF ANYTHING if they had been tested positive in the previous 28 days. If you get knocked down on the way home after you've hibernated for the fourteen days, you're counted.
  12. And I don't disagree with your conclusion about Goodwin but I firmly believe the only reason the team were slow to take control was the state of the pitch. QotS had better chances but St. Mirren had far and away the bulk of the game ergo, I believe, were NOT played off the park.
  13. We most certainly weren't played off the park v QotS but I agree with your sentiments re Motherwell.
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