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  1. stlucifer

    4 told they can leave

    But this needs to be cleared up.
  2. stlucifer

    4 told they can leave

    Shows how much you know. He's a striker. Not a sweeper.
  3. stlucifer

    Dominic Raab - New Brexit Secretary

    At least the last scenario is unlikely to happen. Come to think of it, it may be more likely than having a good EU exit. That is what it is. The "Brexit" buzz word is just that. No one knows what it means. People fell for the trendy new word and the lies that went with it. I really believe if they reran the referendum a very different outcome would happen now the lies about controlling borders and giving a massive windfall to the NHS have been stripped away. Reality is a sharp shock.
  4. stlucifer

    Speculation Thread

    There'll be Doolin and Doolin don't wants High and low, they'll shout the odds. Easy money, for half a season, Would be as well with, Billy Dodds! (There's a song in there).
  5. stlucifer

    St Mirren Women's Football Club

    That I didn't notice. The apology is open.
  6. stlucifer

    St Mirren Women's Football Club

    If you were looking at another picture then I will openly apologise.
  7. stlucifer

    St Mirren Women's Football Club

    FFS! You do know this is the twenty first century?
  8. stlucifer

    Season 18/19 St Mirren Kit

    My wife just washed mine yesterday after I had worn it on holiday to get my pic taken with my grandson and I holding the Champion League trophy at the Nou Camp. The DIADORA logo has decided it wasn't sponsoring the shirt anymore!
  9. stlucifer

    Time to bin Interstadia

    IE instead of edge mate. ETA I should have added that IE works with windows 10
  10. stlucifer

    Time to bin Interstadia

    Exactly what I got with edge. ie definitely works.
  11. stlucifer

    Time to bin Interstadia

    I just opened it in ie and it works fine.
  12. stlucifer

    Time to bin Interstadia

    I've never had a problem but I usually get our tickets for our seats. I went to order tonight for Spartans and Sunderland and the site asked me to pick my seat but their was no layout to pick from. Just a blank box. I'm using Microsoft edge on windows.
  13. Not being in the relegation/playoff dogfight for the last round of 5 games.
  14. stlucifer

    World Cup Russia 2018

    Yep. And the striker would be blamed if he misses. But even when we talk about our own players we often separate their goal's tally by saying something akin to, "He scored 20 goals but x amount were penalties".
  15. stlucifer

    World Cup Russia 2018

    I wish! It's more to do with the way the media are hyping Kane's achievements. Looking at the overall campaign he was anonymous against the better teams. They do count and he will probably, barring a miracle score line today, he'll get the boot and the English media will herald him as a world cup great. I just don't think he did enough to deserve the accolade.