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  1. I still have the ZX Spectrum + in the loft. I brought it down for the grandkids to see and, needless to say, they were far from impressed with the loading process and the graphics when it eventually came to life. Paperboy and Daley Thompson's decathlon were the two I loaded for them. I have to say. Once they got into it, they enjoyed them.
  2. Why don't you find aspirins in the jungle? Parrot's eat em all.
  3. Noisy stadium? You definitely weren't there. 🤣
  4. Feck me. Perhaps you should consider changing your pseudonym to Calamero.
  5. It was announced that tickets will be available from Monday.
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ He was arguing with the biggest fanny on here already though. Yourself FS.
  7. Contrary to what Ronnie said, I agree we were the better team in the second half, not that that was difficult to be, but United had a gilt edge chance which should have been converted. Given how powder puff we are up front, that would have won the game. First half we were dreadful. The referee was up to the usual standards too.
  8. AFTER you followed me around. Get the timeline right clown. ETA. Now I feel dirty falling for your lure. Go away and find someone to converse with at your own level. I'm sure there must be a 3 year old near where you live.
  9. Aside from NOT highlighting your spelling. (Take note). I will try to simplify this for the more stupid. (And that does mean you). I acknowledged your post. "Yep". Then went on to expand on this with the more relevant figure. i.e. The profit. Or am I not allowed to make a comment of my own without, you, my apparent wee lapdog, snapping at my ankles? Self explanatory to even the thickest of people. Or so I thought. How wrong was I? I obviously overestimated your capacity to understand.
  10. Your mum was GG? That explains why you're a horse's arse!
  11. So you questioned my statement because you can't help but try to prove me wrong? Even when I'm not. I believe you should try ignoring the space I inadvertently put between my words and concentrate on the obvious empty one between your ears.
  12. But thats a total income. To explain. The profit is what Man U earn after costs. Hope this helps.
  13. I saw it through a shop window and seriously thought it WAS a movie. It seemed far fetched at the time. To say I was shocked when I found out it was true life is an understatement.
  14. Explain? Man U's initial outlay, as far as I read, was 12.5 million. BBC reported they had made over 13 million from sales so is 13 not more than 12.5?
  15. Yep. Man U already made more in profit from shirts alone than the initial fee.
  16. I always have liked 3-5-2 as a formation but Goodie playing it without the personnel seemed foolish in the extreme. It may well be I was a bit previous condemning the manager as it might work out. The team as a unit would be getting accustomed to it and we may well have the players now to actually make it work. We wait and see.
  17. All four arrived and all correct. Wallet compares well with some I found from previous tickets.
  18. Go else where for your needy validation as it's like conversing with a slug with you.
  19. You are no more than an intellectual puddle so I don't think there's any chance of that being the case you idiot.
  20. Still not got any of our four tickets yet. Given the mess the club are in I don't expect that will change short term as it's no surprise they can't get this roll out to run smoothly.
  21. What is even meant to be funny? It's true. Have you missed me so much you need to find something, anything to reply to my posts? Your a sad lad really.
  22. Fantastic for Canada to have two young players born on their shores contesting a major tennis final.
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