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  1. My mistake. I was working from memory and I had it in my head they struggled when I saw Sportscene. Still. Doesn't detract from my thoughts on how well they've played, longer term.
  2. In some cases saying, "That's some pair a tits you're getting big yin"!
  3. While I think it unlikely, given the rangers recent results, at home v Hibs: 1-0, Saintees: 1-0, Killie: 1-0, Dundee U: 1-0, Livi: 1-0 and drawing with Accies 1-1 away, they're not exactly setting the heather on fire. If we go there with the right attitude and play to the top of our game we could get the result we need to achieve our top six aspirations.
  4. And nor should it. It was, after all, their very first cup final win at, I think, their third second attempt. ETA. I was thinking about their play off final humping by Motherwell when I said third.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56290329 "Get 55 [league championships], knock all the 54s off the walls - that's the main thing for me, adding to the wonderful history of this club". Methinks he doth protest too much. 55? AYE RIGHT!! Enjoy the very first Newco.
  6. The important thing about reading a dictionary is to actually understand the meaning of the two words you look up.
  7. Simply pointing out a truth. And your spelling, grammar and punctuation are as childish as your comments.
  8. I was commenting on the very basic part of presenting. I don't think she brings anything to the table. This is just my opinion. Others may think she's the best thing since sliced bread though I seriously doubt anyone but her kin could claim this honestly.
  9. WANTING to be a presenter doesn't necessarily equate to being a good one. I've no reason to doubt she's an affable young lady. Unfortunately that doesn't make her a good anchorperson. I don't think she does a "good job". My opinion. If you think differently then so be it. I reserve the right to thinking you're easily pleased. As for me hiding behind a pseudonym? WTF has that got to do with anything. I have no ambition to go in front of a camera and try to earn my crust by commenting on any sports events. If I did I would expect people to review my efforts and comment on their opinion.
  10. RIP Saint. Saint And Greavsie Meet Spitting Image - YouTube
  11. Unashamedly stolen from facebook.
  12. Got stopped by the police at 2 am this morning. "Where might you be going at this time of the morning"? They asked. I replied, "I'm going to attend a lecture about gambling, hookers, alcohol abuse and the effects on the human body, the danger of smoking and staying out late". "Really"? the officer said in disbelief. "And who would be giving such an in depth, substantial lecture at this time of day"? So I told them, "My Wife"!!!!
  13. It was myself and, not covid, just a very heavy cold.
  14. I whole heartedly agree with your stance on unwanted comments but I cannot agree wit the above statement. She's probably the worst frontline presenter I have ever heard. She lacks knowledge and is very amateurish.
  15. There was also one where Erwin was pulled back by the arm inside the box.
  16. Was heading for Renfrew when this stopped me in my tracks. Opening of the Bascule Bridge in Renfrew - YouTube Closing the Bascule Bridge in Renfrew - YouTube
  17. You prefer the "I'm alright Jack" attitude without even contemplating that you might not be if the UK horde vaccines they aren't going to use now. A completely idiotic thing to do. You aren't focussing on what we agree on because you don't want vaccines that aren't being used to be distributed to the countries less able to buy enough to suit their needs. There is no agreement. You want the UK to hold back essential supplies, just in case. That is the fundamental difference between us. Not small by any means. And "shouting at the clouds"? Did you get that from the Beano? ETA. I'm NOT trying to be righteous. I'm being both logical and selfish. I want to protect me and mine. To do so we need everyone to be vaccinated ASAP. If you can't fathom this then there really is no point trying to explain it to you.
  18. Frothing rage? Stupid statement. I read your post completely. Though I have to say that's becoming less and less useful considering the content of your witterings. And you weren't agreeing with me. You suggested that we look after a stock for booster jabs first. That's not what I was saying therefore you didn't agree. Let me reiterate though I couldn't have been more clear to begin with. The boosters will be no good if the virus mutates to the extent o f nullifying the vaccine.
  19. Because they have NO CHOICE but to put themselves in the firing line, they have been TOLD they have to put themselves there, so it's only right, IMHO, that the Governments protect them as much as possible. The Governments have put in place many protections for people in my age group who are more likely to suffer disproportionately. There is no magic bullet here but I feel it is that Government's obligation to at least minimalize any danger that causes the people they demand go into the lion's den. As for the last paragraph. What don't you get about the word "global"? There is no point having a stock of vaccine if, due to less well off countries not having enough to vaccinate their population, the virus mutates to the extent that that stock of vaccine becomes useless.
  20. We definitely rode our luck today, second half. Never a penalty but we could have had two others, SHOULD have had at least one so probably deserved the slice of good fortune/bad refereeing. I think Yogi will be rightly disappointed not to get a point. Great win and we're now in the driving seat. Don't lose/lose badly next game, assuming the fakes get the wins I expect them to get before round 33, and it's a one game shoot out with Saintees for the coveted 6th spot.
  21. Just got my date with the syringe though I would have been happy enough to wait if the respective governments had decided teachers etc. were to take priority. I do hope the UK government are serious about giving the excess vaccines, which will be numerous, to less wealthy countries, and in tandem with giving us the protection, as this is a global issue. If the pandemic is as real a threat as the likes of WHO say then us getting the jag means diddly squat if it's still circulating and mutating.
  22. Now that is as much as an admission of deflection. Well done for admitting your duplicity.
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