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  1. Feck knows who lucy is but, there are some who are suggesting it was, at least in part, down to the excuses given. So, what valid points? IF they were likely to have affected the result, they might have been relevant but they didn't. Saints had plenty of time to score goals and prevent losing them through basic errors.
  2. We can go around the houses trying to blame Accies or the ref for our result but, at the end of the day, it comes down to the fact we weren't good enough to get a result. It really is that simple. Goodie picked the wrong team and those on the park were inept to say the least. Who actually thinks we would have scored another goal if we had another four minutes to play on? We had 93 minutes to do so. If we play half as bad next week we'll get horsed by the Saintees.
  3. According to this: It seems the saintees are already through anyway.
  4. I would rather Saints let Jamie's contract run down than sell him to the dons for next to nowt. If he has a good start to the 21-22 season there may be interest from league 1 or championship sides in England who, even if it were January, would probably offer more to get him then. He needs to trust and believe in his own ability.
  5. I see the idiots obsession isn't diminishing. What a tit.
  6. Do you want to read that back to yourself?
  7. BBC1 Scotland I think. ETA. Iplayer probably has BBC, "English version".
  8. Given both Motherwell and United are only one and two points behind us respectively I would think points were more relevant. They're the only two that could catch us.
  9. Great result. At least the players can now concentrate fully on the cup with 9th the worst we can finish. oh. And I see the idiot is still obsessed. Pitiful really.
  10. Self reflection I see. Not very articulate but certainly obsessed.
  11. Your infatuation with me knows no bounds. You really need new patter asshole.
  12. I'm happy to let you as you obviously don't understand the meaning of the word ironic.
  13. I really don't know. As far as I know they haven't explained how they KNOW what was said. I suppose they're taking the two the rangers' players word for it. A very dangerous precedent if that is the case.
  14. So you could tell it was a racist comment how? Sherlock Holmes has nothing on you. I don't support racism but I do support the concept that someone is innocent until/unless they're proven guilty. Something that appears to have escaped your philosophy. I don't agree with you, so that makes me racist? This typifies every discussion you have. If someone has the audacity to counter your argument they're drunk, stupid or, now, racist. I prefer to deal in facts, not supposition. The only thing that is certain is that Kamara didn't like what he heard.
  15. In what way was it obvious? Two the rangers players accused him of it. He definitely said something that he didn't want noted but I didn't hear it. I assume you didn't hear it. He could have said something derogatory without it being racist. Because you don't care what I think doesn't make it "obvious" that it was a racist comment. No matter how many times you claim it. Like I say. I've no doubt it was derogatory so a ban of some sort is definitely due but I still believe in innocent unless PROVEN guilty. You seem to think that you know what was said without hearing it. A fantastic trick.
  16. I had other commitments on Friday so only saw the game today. Not pretty at times, especially in the first half, but a win is a win and we move on. Killie will be no pushovers, especially on that plastic pitch.
  17. Was there other evidence apart from the two the rangers' players say so? If not then I don't think it would be right to dole out a lifetime ban on opposition players evidence alone. In fact I believe the player is intending to appeal the ten games.
  18. I think it's a bit too late for this. Even winning tonight they would have to overtake Newcastle turning over an 8 point gap with 7 games to go and reverse quite a big goal difference. Allardyce has certainly changed their fortunes right enough.
  19. That was a sickener. We controlled most of the game without really troubling their keeper. Had we picked better options in the final third in the first half we'd have won the match. Why Shaughnessy gave up on the ball for their goal I'll never know but, that not withstanding, where were our defenders when the ball came in? I felt JG should have removed Erhahon a bit earlier and brought on Dennis to see if he and Erwin could do something after we went down 1-0. He could have redressed it with the removal of Erwin for McAllister. On this showing we need to hope that the other teams slit each others throat as I don't see us helping ourselves. Unfortunately I don't think ICT will be quaking in their boots at the prospect of facing us.
  20. I've not looked and I'll take your word for it but, in that case, it shows how far their fans think they've fallen. As for the game. If we play to win and play as well as we can then I've no doubt we're better than Alexander's lot.
  21. My second point covers this though. I think he'll be wanting to show his worth. Besides that. I'm not suggesting an automatic start. Just that he isn't left out because of pettiness.
  22. We'd still be paying his wages so, if Goodie thinks his head is in the right frame, we'd be daft not to play him. In fact I'd go further. If he really wants that "bigger move", he'll bust a gut for the team.
  23. I thought he already died. Will they re release Purple Reign?
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