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  1. I was more thinking about them getting pelted with rotten eggs, etc, as they walk south.

    Well I suppose it would cover up the stench!

    Moving on.

    More than ever we need our board, and those of the other 10, to be bold and make sure they are holding firm and are not going to capitulate when they meet on Monday. Call it D Day if you like. Dundee or Dunfermline.

    After the majority of the SFL clubs refused to be Donkeyaster and Reekin's patsies the SPL chairmen need to show the same resolve and make sure the hangover of the past few months is put firmly behind us.

    Once again the Dons are first to put their heads above the parapet here asking their fans to get behind their team.

    Our board should issue a statement, NOW, before any vote and assure those fans waivering that they are not and are steadfast and sure in their belief that their is life after the demise of the Glasgow giants.

  2. unlike you ime a st mirren fan so of course i am concerned that if we go into administration it could KILL our club, of course it could there is never any guarantees that you can get out of administration without liquidation , as rangers have just proven

    I am really starting to wonder what your real motives are here.

    Is it to encourage people to follow Saints? Or is it an attempt to deflect from the issues and, by way of suggesting the demise of Rangers, (which, in case you didn't know, has already happened), will kill all clubs throughout the northern hemisphere given they are all but omnipitent in your blue eyes, make sure the surge of support for the right course of action is diluted somewhat?

  3. I'm sure none of us want to see people lose their jobs as a direct result of this Rangers 'situation' - but that may happen. This may sound harsh - but that prospect simply is not a reason to brush the reasons Rangers got into trouble under the carpet. We are talking about over a decade of financial doping and cheating. A prima facie case of illegal double contracts. Offences just short of match fixing. Previous owners under crminal investigation. Administrators under investigation. Threats made to SFA officials and other club's property due to comments made by Rangers manager. Rangers club ambassador marching to Hampden (OUR national stadium), and announcing that Rangers won't forget those who 'wronged them'. They took the SFA to court. They deliberately witheld paying tax and PAYE. They made zero compulsory redundancies despite needing to save one million pounds per month. They attempted to sign Daniel Cousin at 5k-7.5k per week, while their tea ladies, ticket office staff, cleaners etc were under threat of losing their jobs. Their current owner has who exactly as investors?.....

    The fact anyone is even talking about what can be done 'save Rangers' is disgusting. Aside from the fact of course we aren't even 'saving Rangers'. We are discussing a newco club attempting to start up. Unbelievable. The lack of clear leadership and decision making from both the SPL and SFA is frightening. Any other club and the bullet between the eyes would have been administered weeks and weeks ago - no way would we still be going through this sordid charade.

    This is like an Island of sense in what is becoming a sea of p*sh.

    We need to focus on the real issues which are well highlighted in your post and not be sidetracked by the propoganda and threats coming from the boardrooms/heirarchy.thumbup2.gif

  4. The ways he's thinking though there wouldn't be an SFL1.

    If there's agreement on going to a 16 team league then what we might see is a new vote where the 1st division clubs are asked to take Newco in 2012/13. For 2013/14 we'd then go to an SPL1 and 2 with maybe 16 teams in each.

    I want the blue bigots punished but, let's face it, we all know they'll be back in the not too distant future. Status quo in the leagues and newco in Division 3 or newco in Division 1 with the #

    promise of a 16 team league. Would go for the latter every time.

    Do we? Seriously.Of the clubs in the SFL who have expressed an opinion I haven't seen one which looked favourably on Sevco's bid for League entry so, unless Green does go down the "Harlem Globetrotters" route how can the hope to keep a team, any team, together?

    The end may be nigh for the blue brigade.

  5. I still don't see why a vote is required.

    From the Scottish FA mandatory criteria which declares that the following criteria are mandatory for any club to be eligible for a Club Licence Award. The distinctions between SPL, SFL and SHFL criteria are highlighted.

    SPL rules state that, and I quote from criteria 8.1.1.,

    Each club shall be required to provide a copy of its audited annual financial statements prepared according to the Companies Act 1985 and relevant accounting standards (UK Generally Accepted Accounting Practice). Audited financial statements shall include the auditor’s report.

    How can a club which did not exist until last week have an audited annual statement?

    Surely this excludes them from Scottish professional football altogether.

  6. SFA impose a punishment. The appeal fails. Rangers ignore "football bodies rules", takes the case to the courts and claim no organization is above the law of the land.

    Now he says that if the players don't transfer to any Newco they will be in breach of contract.

    Well Mr. Green. Stick this in your pipe........

    Protection of employment regulations suggest that employees must be offered but are under no obligation to accept the terms of transfer to a new company.

    AFAIC, You can't have it both ways.

    Edited to add.

    On another front.

    Given that part of the reason for HMRC's opposition to a CVA was to facilitate an investigation and pursuit of possible claims against those responsible for the company’s financial affairs which would include the administrations of David Murray and Craig Whyte.

    Would it not also include Duff and Duffer themselves, as they have been responsible for the company’s financial affairs for the last four months.

    If so then perhaps the sale of assets is not such a "done deal" after all.

  7. The Administrators are still suggesting that Green can buy the grounds for a fraction of their worth stiffing the taxpayer out of millions. At the end of the day HMRC will get F'all out of Whyte and Murray so surely the assets THEY owned should be auctioned off piecemeal to the highest bidder to maximise the return. Anything less is criminal AFAIC.

  8. It seems that the new CEO of Rangers, (his words, not mine), is already displaying the Rangers' mentality in thinking that they are above the law and can influence the taxman,

    Green has urged fans to exert political pressure to ensure the tax authority accepts the reduced payments on offer.

    "Fans should be urging their politicians to apply some pressure so that the CVA is accepted," he said.

    And so the arrogance continues.

  9. For me the most significant revelation in this whole saga for quite a while is the fact that Duff and Duffer had been usurped as liquidators and BDO put in their place by HMRC.

    I think this would mean that Green would not have carte blanche to take Rangers fixed assets for a pittance and that the grounds may be sold off to maxaimise the return for the creditors. This may raise enough to pay those owed as much as 90 pence in the pound. A big difference to the 2, 3 or up to 8% the CVA was destined to return.

    I also suspect that more revealing facts as to the relationships between Green&Whyte and Duff&Phelps is set to come to light.

    I do hope Whyte's sentences run concurrently as he has been so good to us!punk.gif

  10. There's more than that. There is all the Debentures TBC. My dad bought his house about 10 years ago from someone with the same Surname. He recently recieved a letter asking him if he wished to accept the CVA as the previous occupier had been a debenture holdier. The guy is deed and has been for about 15 years. I wonder how many of the debenture holders are still around. I believe the debenture is no transferable (but don't know for sure). Their inclusion on the CVA is a blatent attempt to load the dice in D&P's favour.

    Sounds like an election in a third world puppet democracy!

    I do hope you are right as, should it come to light, jail sentences may follow...... follow!whistling.gifpunk.gif

  11. Would be interesting to know how much it is costing the SFA and SPL to run their investigations into Rangers given that judges are involved in some of it and how much RFC continually appealing decisions costs the rest of Scottish football.

    We are reaching the stage where we should be saying to RFC / Duff & Phelps that if they want to appeal any more decisions by the SFA or SPL they pay the full costs of the appeals win, lose or draw!

    That would just mean the SFA and SPL would add to the list of creditors.

    After all. Rangers don't do paying their way!lol.gif

  12. So if it isn't achievable you would rather they go the newco route and be admitted into the SPL that way? Unfortunately Rangers will survive in some form or another.

    Yes. I agree. But, AFAIK, a newco Rangers, under present rules, would have no voting rights in the first few years. This would allow the ten to fight the one for voting rights enabling a fairer system to be put in place.

    As an aside I received this from a Saints supprorter and thought I was getting a lesson in history.

    "The tragic loss of life at Pearl Harbour was indeed a solemn and sobering event; a devastating attack that plunged families into anguish and despair and catapulted the world into total war the like of which had never been experienced before. What was to follow, however, was to be so catastrophic, so unimaginably brutal and horrific as to shock the world for generations to come."

    It actually turns out to be more a lesson in histrionics

    It comes from an article written by a Rangers fan as an apparent analogy of the treatment of his club as he goes on to say,

    "For many the demise of Rangers Football Club would be a spectacle to revel in; a media event to be enjoyed. Indeed, for some it would be the fulfilment of a life-long desire and the culmination of years of work. All those who nurse a consuming hatred for Rangers Football Club believe that the day they have waited and worked for all of their sad and sorry lives may now be close at hand. For them the demise of our great club will not be a, ‘date which will live in infamy’ but, rather, a date to be celebrated much like the sneaky Japanese attack on sleepy Hawaii."

    Pontifical nonsense of the highest degree.

    And they wonder why so many are enjoying the self inflicted debacle while not one of their lot admit to it being "their fault" and I include the fans as they bayed for more and more investment in search of a wholy unattainable goal.

    Hell mend you Rangers and your fans as you slip into a coma at the very least.

    I had to go searching and I don't blame anyone for not wanting to read the whole article but I assure you, It IS comedy gold!!!


  13. Not yet out of the deep pit as all bids appear to hinge on a CVA being approved.

    From the HMRC site.

    Introduction to Voluntary Arrangements

    Occasionally exceptional reasons will cause us to decline proposals.(For a CVA)

    Examples might include

    •operating a policy of withholding payment of Crown money

    A CVA might not be agreed by HMRC.

  14. The new dawn broke, Wee David Blue in,

    To be, "Simply the best? T'was a shoe in!

    Threw cash here, there,... and everywhere,

    The source of which, the fans didn't care.

    As the years flew in, it became so clear,

    That the follow brigade, had lots to fear.

    So off went SIR David, the club sold on the cheap,

    And the weearra peepul, followed like sheep.

    A new saviour stands, on the steps and declares,

    That he, Craig Whyte, would help save the bears.

    A few months on and it comes to pass,

    He was talking through, a hole in his ass

    Like a flash, he was gone. A thief in the night,

    Leaving Rangers, so deep in the shyte

    With a tax bill as big as the post office tower,

    And Rangers chasing, t'wards their final hour.

    They brought Duff'nPhelps in, the like we've not seen,

    Administrators, who it seems, don't count the beans?

    Next through the door, from "over the pond"

    A man of whom fans, were less than fond

    Though beggars and choosers should spring to mind,

    It mattered not, as those same fans would find.

    After perusing the books and reading them right,

    he decided buying the h*ns would leave Miller light

    Now the end is nigh, those fans want to Hurry,

    And sell the dying club, to a different Murray.

    But since we know now, that Rangers are skint,

    The new price might be, just one Murray mint

  15. Delighted to hear it. Like I said above the middle ground is always the best place to be. :)

    You were a little more cautious earlier; what has changed your mind?

    I actually bought into the concept quite quickly but slowly wavered due to the lack of real information and the format of the D.D.

    I have still to be totally convinced again but I truly believe the catalyst for the recent new direction and spate of quality signings is within the CiC group.

    That beiing the case I feel they must have some interest in what is best for the football club.

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