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  1. It was a dramatic evening as the video that was shot will show when Smisa release it. Amongst other things, it was decided by the members that Smisa will hold an investigation into the wellbeing application. AW took to the floor and had a "firm and frank exchange of opinions" with two members of the club board while Paul McNeil only spoke briefly to say that he'd resigned from the charitable foundation. AW pointed out the coincidence of his resigning the same day that the complaint from the charitable foundation was given to Kibble to which he briefly replied that he resigned due to pressure of work.
  2. Not forgetting Kibble issue legal letter to Smisa demanding Needham's removal from the board.
  3. Duly noted. Let's see what is and isn't hypothetical after tomorrow's AGM.
  4. For the record, I'm glad you concede that it would not be a trivial matter.
  5. Alan Wardrop has just issued a statement to the members of the 1877 club: 1877 Club Update Monday 15th May, 2023 at 17.05 (after the Smisa election voting closed) Dear 1877 Club Member You will no doubt be aware that I have been banned from the stadium by the St.Mirren Board of Directors. Therefore, I believe this would be the right juncture to hand things over to a new committee of 1877 Club members to take the club forward. I welcome any interested member to get in touch and I will set up an initial meeting to take it forward. However, I also need to make you aware of a board plan to take away the kids zone in the 1877 club affecting 21 of our junior members and their parents and replace it with a sensory room. Personally, I think a sensory room is a great idea but I think the area under consideration is wholly inappropriate due to the close proximity to a noisy and fun supporters club. I have suggested what I believe is a far better location situated between the family stand and west stand corner where I had been working on building executive boxes. This area already has planning permission and could provide an excellent sensory room with dedicated access and fantastic views. However, I now think this is getting personal and I believe this is the start of the dismantling of the 1877 Supporters Club to be eventually replaced by additional corporate hospitality and the club moved to an outdoor venue such as a fans zone. If this proposal continues I would hate it to be because of me, so I will end my roles as club host and membership Manager as soon as a committee can be formed. Please contact me if you are interested in forming part of this 6 person (my suggestion) committee. Our club Chairman John Needham, an 1877 club member. contacted me at very short notice requesting I pass on all your personal information to him as football club Chairman which I chose not to do. Your personal information was supplied to the 1877 club and requires your permission for it to be passed from one organisation to another organisation, albeit closely linked. The 1877 club is an independent supporters club , therefore the football club has no right to your personal information without your consent .If you wish me to pass your data to Mr Needham as club Chairman please email me with your consent and I will pass it on in due course. The current situation is a sad state of affairs and if you want your voice heard please email club Chairman [email protected] or [email protected] As I am banned I will not be attending the last game of the season but will pass on the POTY trophies to be awarded by the SLO’s who do a wonderful job as volunteers and I would like to highlight their efforts. I also have new membership cards ready for collection, so perhaps someone (new committee member) can organise their distribution at the same end of season home game. Finally, this e mail gives me the opportunity to share a few wee secrets with you that only a few of my closest friends know. All the financing of the POTY trophies, buying memorabillia for display in the club, buying junior members Christmas gifts, buying food and drinks for members as a thank you for their support during Covid and providing the Buddy Bus service for free have all been at my expense. Life has been good to me so I try to give it back to the people I care about, you, my fellow buddies. Hope to see you all at away games in the future and thank you for making the 1877 Club the St.Mirren supporters club I dreamed of. Best wishes Alan Wardrop
  6. I'd add the caveat that there is a second important question that remains unanswered i.e. why did Mr. Gillespie then say in his e-mail to Smisa that the council made an error in producing plans showing the development was taking place on St.Mirren owned land only to have, according to the Herald, the council contradict that statement. The club's relationship with Kibble is supposed to be open, transparent and honest but the evidence suggests something else.
  7. Quelle Surprise. In face of overwhelming evidence that you, sorry, Mr Gillespie issued a statement that is untrue, you still "don't see how". Are the council - who have no skin in the game - lying? You cannot fool all of the people all of the time. You have tried your best but the truth is out and it is undeniable to all. Every St.Mirren fan that I know who follows this forum - and there are quite a few - laughs at the mention of Bazil85 and his blind, unswerving loyalty to his Kibble paymasters. I know that you'll demand the final word - as usual - but the game's up. The council have shot down in flames Kibble's version of events and I, like many, now look forward to what ludicrous defence you and Kibble put forward to misrepresenting the truth. "Deny, deny, deny", no doubt. This is the first time on this thread that I've become involved in personalities but, in my defence, I'm frustrated by your predictable response, which insults the journalist, the council and the intelligence of we St.Mirren fans.
  8. 23519622.st-mirren-faces-court-action-leaks-ignite-charity-care-centre-row/ Surely the Kibble directors and the club board weren't misrepresenting the truth? Alas, Emails from within the council contradict entirely what we've been fed. So it seems, after all, that it wasn't Alan Wardrop who was misleading the fans. The Herald has seen, as have various others within the club, council e-mails contradicting the so called "official" version that's been peddled. The council e-mails state quite specifically that "The Council assisted with the bid but the content was produced and signed off by Kibble in terms of the parameters of the proposal." "In the ensuing row, an email seen by the Herald on Sunday from Mr Gillespie said that the council "wrongly shaded in an area of land owned by St Mirren" and gave a "categoric assurance" that club land would not be used. As the dispute emerged, Kibble said Mr Wardrop's allegations are based on the "entirely false premise that there was ever any intention to build on land owned by St Mirren". The Herald on Sunday can reveal that the council does not agree that areas of land indicated on a submitted map were produced in error and say the area earmarked in the application to Scottish Government was pinpointed by Kibble. St Mirren's board insisted that the application was "unspecific" as to the precise location and that it was "not on land owned by St Mirren". But leaked emails from council managers have told a different story - with a diagram submitted to the Scottish Government for public funding showing that land proposed to be built on was, in fact, on St Mirren land." So, in summing up, first of all Kibble directors submitted an application naming the St.Mirren charitable foundation as a partner without their knowledge - a scandal in itself, which the board glossed over then, to compound that disgraceful decision, the Kibble directors submitted plans showing that the so-called non specific land was actually on specific land i.e. St.Mirren owned land. In attempting to cover this up the board and Kibble claimed, in an e-mail sent to Smisa - that it was a council error whereas the council contradict that by saying that the content of the application was produced by Kibble. No error by the council after all, they simply followed "the parameters of the proposal produced and signed off by Kibble". This contradicts what Mr Gillespie stated in his e-mail. It seems that both the club board and also Kibble directors have been, shall we say, economical with the truth. To add insult to injury and in an attempt to stifle free speech (i.e. AW's criticism of Kibble and not the club itself) the board then ban AW from the stadium? I suggest that there are a few individuals who may have to reconsider their position.
  9. Absolutely correct @Albanian Buddy. Smisa have issued no comment so far and, clearly, there's a good reason for that. The board, Kibble and the council have made statements on the issue but I'm certain that, in the aftermath of the upcoming AGM, Smisa will have something to say to the club board and to the members. Come Wednesday tough questions will, no doubt, be asked of the club board as to how this situation was allowed to develop, particularly if/when further information comes to light.
  10. Those are the facts, @Albanian Buddy. Well said. Also - why has AW been banned by the club when his criticism was of Kibble and their alleged conflict of interest.
  11. A well written response but there's a key element that no one has picked up on as far as I can see: I could be wrong but weren't AW's criticisms (and the Herald article) aimed at Kibble rather than the club? If he has only had a go at Kibble then why have the club board banned him? As an aside, I strongly suspect that the board have exceeded their authority in banning him. I'm no expert in the club's constitution but I doubt if there's a clause insisting that one can't criticise Kibble without running the risk of being banned.
  12. Has the concept of free speech been discussed at board level? What next? Will local councillor Kenny McLaren be banned from the stadium after the article in the Daily Record? Will any poster here be banned? This is alarming.
  13. The term was clearly aimed at Donald Trump, who, as of two days ago, is a proven sexual predator.
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