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  1. So have I. I have attached the full Council report for your information it includes 3.5 St Mirren returned the documents on 7 September 2021 and following a review by Environmental Health and Building Standards, further clarification was requested from St Mirren FC. This included, but was not limited to: • Covid Protocols • Operational Plan • Staffing and Stewarding • Physical Distancing • Food/Drink provision • Staggering of entry times • Communications 210910 - St Mirren capacity exemption report.pdf
  2. NO. The Regulatory Functions Board meeting yesterday (Friday) at 3.30pm had to be held because despite knowing since the 9th of August that a certificate was required, St . Mirren only very recently applied for today’s game against Dundee United. I do not know if they have applied for any future games.
  3. Friday morning and a sound from the letterbox. My season tickets at last. ! Paid nearly £1000 for them some time ago. No it's a letter from the local Jehovah's Witnessess - would I like to learn more about the Bible etc etc etc...... Seems they are better organised than my local football club who eventually (took 2 attempts over 2 weeks - no e-mails no callbacks) took my fairly hard earned cash and promised me three season tickets. If this was the service from ANY other company I would have long since taken my business elsewhere. Instead my 'customer' loyalty of over 40 years is being used (abused) to excuse very poor service. Is it too late to demand a refund ? Am I mad to pay £1000 to support a business which treats its customers like this ? Answers on a postcard to Kibble (SMFC Branch) Greehill Road, Paisley. Don't expect a reply. 😬
  4. Any one from SMISA or the St. Mirren Board like to explain why Refrewshire Council have had to call an emergency meeting of its Regulatory Function Board (at 3.30pm Friday) to approve the club's very late application for an outdoor event Covid exemption certificate ? I assume if the certificate is not granted or amended in some way the game may be in doubt ? Are you not just loving the new professional way the Club is being run ? https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-stadia-and-live-events-advice-for-event-organisers/ "From 9 August 2021 - Outdoors events should not exceed 5000 attendees, unless granted an exemption by a local authority". Agenda Document Pack - Regulatory Functions Board - 10_09_2021.pdf
  5. I know it mught be a novel idea but why does Jim Gillespie Chief Executive of Kibble and vice chairmain of St. Mirren not come on here and explain away the exodus of almost all the staff, the ticket fiasco, the unfinshed work at Ralston (ran out of wood I hear), the real reason the catering outlets had no equipment in them, the real reason the pie etc. supplier would not deal with the Kibble pals, the stwarding fiasco (Is the ground operating legally on Sunday ?), why the club doctor has left etc etc etc etc. what involvement his family members now have in the club - and that's just for starters ! But no, a Kibble employee and loyal supporter(aye right) has to sign up to tell us the backgound of the chef. You could not make this up. Fans owned club - don't make me laugh. Where is Mr. Gilmour when you need him.
  6. Only Campbell Kennedy and Tommy the groundsman seem to be left.
  7. From the St. mirren fans Facebook page. Dr Wong has left after 20 odd years at the club…. Another exit under hush hush circumstances…. Apparently the club has hired a bouncer to prevent “Pete” (former turnstiles operator) from collecting his equipment. I’m aware Josh Magennis held a meeting with someone representing the new stewarding company but to me it remains apparent that the new company is barely even a company. They have next to no properly qualified staff and the ones I have encountered so far don’t even know who they are working for!!!
  8. Kermit tells me renovations at Ralston training ground have been halted - the contractors have left the building (unfinished). Very professional all this Kibble & Co. Does anyone in SMISA care ?
  9. I hear the Stadium manager has left the club https://uk.linkedin.com/in/elliot-brown-3bbb538a I see our Head of Brand Management and Sales Ali DeFoy had another wee job last Saturday
  10. Does anyone know why Jim Gillespie Chief Executive of Kibble and St. Mirren’s Vice Chairman and his wife set up their own building company in May 2020 ? https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/SC661529/officers GILLESPIE PROJECTS LIMITED Nature of business Development of building projects
  11. Does anyone know if Darren Baillie sole director of ASIGURA FACILITIES MANAGEMENT LTD, Airdrie, the new stewarding company, is the cousin of Jim Gillespie Chief Executive of Kibble and St. Mirren’s Vice Chairman ?
  12. It seems this company are involved in stadium maintenance, stewarding, catering and possibly Ralston repairs. I wonder if they know anything much about season tickets ? I wonder what happens if they cant get enough qualified stewards by the St, Johnstone game on the 29th.
  13. I have just seen this posted on the St. Mirren Fans face book page and on John White the Liaison officer’s face book page. "Asigura Facilities Management Ltd are delighted to have secured the stewarding contract at St Mirren Football Club. It is our aim to engage with the club, the fans and all interested parties to enhance the match day experience for all involved. Asigura Facilities Management Ltd are currently recruiting for both Safety Stewards and SIA Licensed Stewards, the rates of pay will vary between £10-£12 per hour depending on the role”. I was wondering who the stewards were at the recent Hearts game. The one I spoke to did not even know which stand was which. A quick Google search will tell you that Asigura Facilities Management has only one director, £100 in share capital, has filed no accounts since it was set up in March 2020. The sole director is Darren Baillie who is listed elsewhere as a joiner. The Company is registered at a house in Airdrie. He was previously a director of Renderworks Ltd another Airdrie company. Given these folk are responsible for our (and our children’s) safety at the ground I am a bit worried. Is there any truth is the rumour that this company will also be doing the catering ? Is there any connection directly or indirectly with Kibble ? Asking for a friend.
  14. Some questions for the board/CE from a concerned and disappointed fan. We are season ticket holders while my daughter comes along on a reasonably regular basis. We are currently considering our position. I would like the following questions to be answered in order to better inform the supporters who ARE the club. 1. Will the directors be at the Rangers match? I have heard in my work that one or more are planning to give it a miss. If so this is taking moving seats to a whole new level. And if so would they make their empty seat available to a supporter from the South Stand? 2. If this scenario was to repeat itself again next season against the likes of Hibs/Killie/ Dundee United would the fans be moved once again to accommodate a celebrating visiting support that would be capable of filling the seats in those circumstances? 3. Will the Fans Council and SMiSA organise a meeting of fans to discuss this whole sorry mess and report back to the fan base via the websites? 4. When will season tickets for next season be on sale? Will prices be held at the current level? 5. The club have this year and without asking the views of the supporters, allowed partial rebranding of our ground by another club. Changed the name of our ground (admittedly for a defined period) without any consultation and now turned a home game into an away match that will see countless Saints fans not attend the last match of what has been a terrible season. Will the board, within reason give an undertaking to consult the supporters regarding such big issues in future? I understand that good management may make that difficult in certain circumstances but the three items above would have not been last minute, no option decisions. 6. It seems the supporters have to make way for cash. A lecture on finance is not required. I would like to see decisions taken only based on what is right, which would involve a statement from the club and consultation with fans representatives. This will ensure CONTINUING financial support from the fans going forward. Can the board guarantee this will be the case in future? 7. After a solid start the new CE has made contradicting statements in the press. Can he or the chairman clear this up. Did Rangers make requests due to 'unprecedented demand' or did they make no approach? It's not like me to withhold my name and put my thoughts in writing on a public forum but I feel after the poor turnout against Raith when it was obvious that season ticket holders had stayed away and to broaden the understanding of the current situation I have no option. Hopefully this will attract answers for my family and all supporters. Thank You.
  15. Never thought I would see the day when I would be considering if / if not I buy a season ticket next year. Not just this PR disaster but seem to remember 5 or 6 games moved away from 3pm Saturday to suit the TV. Some I could have stayed at home / in the pub and watched for free in the warm and dry ! Have not done the sums yet but it hardly makes sense any more. This after 40 years of season tickets. South stand shifting is a short term money grab with no thought of the feelings (especially of young fans). "Daddy why is the angry man in the orange shirt, waving a union flag in my seat ? What is a feenyin" ? Scottish football is in a state. Getting 2000 to 3000 at our home games but I hear there are 4000 going to Braehead to watch the Ice hockey and not at £22 a head either ! Customer care ??? I don't think so What other business would even consider moving loyal customers. I have a lot of time for SG but I think he would be a bit annoyed to be asked to give up his seat for a Rangers director. Maybe its time he gave up his seat on the board.
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