St Mirren FC. Will not pay over the odds for players, according to Stephen Robinson

St Mirren FC. Will not pay over the odds for players, according to Stephen Robinson

St Mirren FC. Manager Stephen Robinson has been on a roll trying to recruit new players, and it has become quite difficult for the team to figure out the right additions to the roster. They did try to get Curtis Main recently, but unfortunately that transfer did not pay off. However, St Mirren FC is still working very hard to bring in more talent, yet that’s under very specific conditions.

For starters, Robinson said that they are not going to pay over the odds, no matter what happens. They are trying to figure out what new players to bring to the roster, although it might take a bit of time to narrow down the right candidates. Yet with that in mind, St Mirren FC is already in talks to acquire some players.

Missing on Curtis Main was a bit of a downside for the team, but they are still doing their best to try and make the most out of this opportunity. That’s not an easy thing to do however, even if they made a very good offer, according to the manager. Robinson is still trying to bring other players. According to him, he is planning to add 2 more players to the squad.

The team is close to a top 6 finish, so things are not as challenging as one might expect. When it comes to what specific positions are targeted right now, those are a forward and a left sided defender. Yet the key thing here is that he is not ready to overpay for talent, since the team will stick to a specific budget at least for the time being. That’s quite interesting, and it’s one of those things that a lot of people need to understand here.

It's interesting to note that based on what Robinson said, the team doesn’t have the “silly money” needed to throw at some players. January can be a very competitive and rather tough recruiting window, since a lot of teams are trying to improve their roster and grab some great talent. However, that might not always work for everyone, and that’s the thing.

Despite the fact that Curtis Main ended up going to another team, St Mirren FC did try their best to bring him to the team. However, the offer that Curtis received was better than what St Mirren would ever be able to offer. And the two parties seem to still have a very good relationship, which is extremely important.

Those that bet online on St Mirren FC know the team has come a long way since 18 months ago. It wasn’t in the best shape, and the smarter financial decisions have made St Mirren a better team. That’s why they are much smarter with their money at this time, and maybe this is for the best. Although we will have to see where the team will go with the new recruits and how much they will pay. Yet based on the manager’s words, they will made good offers, without throwing unnecessary amounts of money to see if the offer sticks!