B&W Army Player of the Year Awards 2019-2020

Season 2019-2020 was the usual rollercoaster of emotions that goes with supporting our beloved club.

The late departure of Oran Kearney meant we were playing catch up last Summer but the appointment of Goody quickly got the fans excited and it's fair to say that despite a couple of sticky spells there is no doubt at all that the team got better and better as the season wore on.

9th was no more than we deserved. We'd probably have finished higher had it not been for that bloody pandemic.

The recruitment at the club continues to be far more hit than miss these days, a very welcome change to previous seasons and it's encouraging to see the nucleus of a very decent squad will still be in place whenever we see football returning.

So, despite the season finishing early the show must go on, we have trophies to award!

As usual we will be running two awards this year, firstly for the Tam McGarry Young Player of the Year which is open to all players who were aged 21 or under when the season began and our Player of the Year award which is open to all players.

In both categories players must have made 5 or more first team appearances during the season.

So, use your two votes wisely. It's limited to one entry per IP address and the poll closes at 7pm this Friday May 29th.

We will announce the results on Friday night and work with the club to get the trophies to the winners.

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