What to look forward to in the coming half of the St. Mirren season

What to look forward to in the coming half of the St. Mirren season

The highly criticised World Cup in Qatar is just weeks away. With Scotland once again failing to qualify, the World Cup with its surrounding controversy is unlikely to draw massive enthusiasm from those of us with the core part of our football interest in the pitches of Scotland.

But it’s also going to lead to an unusually long break in the regular season. The action for St Mirren picks back up on the 17th of December with an away game at Motherwell, with the first home game after the break being played against Aberdeen on Christmas Eve. The season for the Black and White faithful has contained both positives, and there are several things to look forward to. Per usual the two Old Firm clubs are in a class of their own, but St Mirren are holding their own in the table. If betting and gambling is something you enjoy, you can visit Videoslots to see the coming odds for the upcoming matches.

Will St Mirren be able to keep the results rolling in?

Many pundits and supporters thought that St Mirren would be fighting for survival in the bottom of the table, just like last year. But the Black and Whites of Paisley have performed very well up until now and a relegation battle seems more and more far-fetched. The results this far have been shockingly positive seen to the disaster that was last season and there is plenty of hope to be seen.

Will the new system continue to be effective?

Stephen Robinson came in and more or less turned last season around on his own. After the disastrous eleven game streak without wins before Christmas of last year, Robinson was just what St Mirren needed. The new system implemented under Robinson started to bear fruit late in the last season but over the summer and the initial phases of the season more and more promising signs have started to appear due to the new playing style.

Hopefully the team can continue their stride and fight for the top three and four positions with the entertaining football that is being played. The hope for the coming season and moving forward is that we’ll be able to keep him signed. Robinson and his style of play has taken some time to develop and hopefully that development can continue to blossom.

The players

The six big signings ahead of the season have produced a mixed bag of results when it comes to performance. Carson, Gallagher, and O’Hara were all said to be solid signings ahead of the season and they have all played well.  But the big name that has stood out so far is Ayunga. Many were unsure of what he would be able to bring to the team, but he has produced very solidly. Keeping Ayunga hot and keen to continue scoring is going to be a very important component to be able to keep the good results coming.