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  1. yous are stupit
  2. he'll only give it the "do you know who I am" pish, he's a legend in his own lunch time. Have you heard of mcdowall street?
  3. Yous?? whitnatno ya fuckin black neck ned
  4. have a look in the mirror dopey!
  5. is that not "wee" froome?
  6. we were shite today, but I am still a supporter of my team. you come out with the same inane drivel every week, as you are so thick and stupid you seem to have this bizarre idea that its funny, you cannot be helped as you are an imbecile.
  7. Chris Froome wins the Tour De France for the 4th time. Exceptional!
  8. yes thats right
  9. I had been watching the tdf
  10. that just pissed them off 5-0 now
  11. osman second yellow no problem studs up
  12. 0-4 pile of pish I say pile of pish
  13. partick thistle very well organized and pass it about well, but saints not tackling and challenging when thistle attack, you would expect the team to do the basics whoever the opposition is.
  14. 0-3 st mirren are honking