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  1. they were the two defenders in the 3-5-2 so its 1-5-2 now
  2. 2 men down, buchanan off too for second yellow
  3. eckersley off after some handbbags at 10 paces right under the nose of the linesman that was a straight red so he will be out for 3 games, on todays performance thats a plus point.
  4. I was hoping for a similar performance to last week, looked like it might be a launch towards being league contenders, very poor today by st mirren, looks like the tactics were all wrong particularly in the 1st half, the 3 defenders in the 3-5-2 formation looked like they didn't have a cunts clue, equally piss poor in the second half.
  5. well at least you are consistent. consistently thick but consistent.
  6. too many players having an off day,
  7. 3-0 end of story over to you wankbag elvis
  8. if stelios farted now he would probably follow through he's had a cunt of a day
  9. Somebody has put the game on periscope https://www.pscp.tv/w/1LyxBELWjOLJN on that page if you put it in to theatre mode its no bad
  10. defence could not cope with 3-5-2 need to change this at half time
  11. try this https://t.co/92S6EnPRPi
  12. st mirren are playing 3-5-2 and dunfermline are exploiting this and should have been 2 up there
  13. 1-0 pars saints defence hesitated and mcmanus nipped in