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  1. Are you no' banned yet? I refer you to the answer I gave some moments ago
  2. Shit fart fanny wank turd bollock piss - Hoof Hearted
  3. To be is to do.” ― Jean-Paul Sartre. doo be doo be doo - Frank Sinatra
  4. Cu Next Tuesday some people should just be barred. hoof hearted was a good alias in my opinion, ach feck it thats just the way the jobbie splatters betty swallocks is good tae
  5. well at least you didn't give us that irritating bluto shite "hope this helps" still condescending & irritating but you knew that anyway.
  6. Can you still get your name on one at the stadium and if so for about how much? U
  7. Noticed this myself, a non fat yardley, as rare as rocking horse shite. imagine having to empty his chanty
  8. beware of the sphincter police, I got a copyright warning the last time I did this.
  9. Full Time, Routine win for the super saints.
  10. next game on 17th against Livingston, should be a good one.
  11. waterlogged pitch at abernethy cheesy biscuits
  12. Saints should try and capitalize on the change of qofs keeper, he's only 19 and inexperienced, put him under pressure and get more goals
  13. looking forward to hearing gypsies tramps and thieves when celtic come next season
  14. ross had a word with the referee there, wonder if he was asking why the qofs player wasn't sent off for hand ball
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