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  1. My of god Div we’ve been hacked

    I know who's behind this ..........Wi Wan Leeg
  2. How many seats do the bigots get ?

    Give them as many seats as they like at a price of a hundred quid a ticket to cover the cost of fumigating the place after they've gone. Sounds fair.
  3. When Is The Champions DVD Out ?

    Shull does, but he can't figure out why they don't play on his Pye radiogram. He's probably got them playing on the wrong speed.
  4. When Is The Champions DVD Out ?

    We only won the poxy championship ffs. Hardly merits a DVD a book or even a team photo.
  5. No. Everyone did their team job, but this is about POTY, get it? Like MVP, understand.? Now let's put it in perspective. If Morgan had not been there we possibly would not have won he championship and instead we would be in the playoffs. That's just how it is. Morgan was the difference. Sorry to keep rubbing it in. Other teams were 'scared' of him. Why the F do you think Brendan Rodgers wanted him so much? .......Div, see the trouble you're causing. All these tossers trying to be 'alternative. It's Morgan's by a mile. He's got a Celtic jumper to prove it.
  6. They're scared you might bag them shull. And why wouldn't you? That's the best part.
  7. You guys are just trying to be interesting. If it were not for Morgan we would not be where we are. He scored many goals this season out of nothing and won us three points repeatedly. For gawd sake give Morgan the recognition he deserves. No contest!
  8. 38 Years Ago Today

    Some of you guys need to get a life outside of supporting St.Mirren ffs. Those were the days, what a load of sentimental BS. NOW........ what have you done since then to justify your miserable existence, apart from supporting yer fitba team? Probably F all worth talking about I'm guessing.........lol
  9. Well done !

    Aye, well we thought we better get in quick before it's too late.
  10. Well done !

    For your short attention span no doubt. Too many big words as well for you. More of a 'Mary had a little lamb' person are we? How's your colouring in book going?
  11. Goal of the season

    The goal of the season isn't on your list. It was Morgan's screamer that set the ball rolling for both him and us. Which one was that again???
  12. Well done !

    Thanks. Hope we can do as well next season as you did this season. That will be hard to match. Well done.
  13. How many points will win the league?

    Well done E=Mc2.... got the thread back on track. Take the other talk to another thread. So is this the day we clinch the league? The definitive answer to the thread is currently 71, but if we beat Livi the most they ( our closest contender) can get is then 67, so in theory 68 would be enough, and we'll have 73........5 more than we needed as it turned out. We need to win it today and I don't mean with a draw. We are at home after all. 2-0 to Saints.
  14. How many points will win the league?

    We could finish with less than 70 points, albeit we have 70 at present, once SFA deduct points from us for breaching the rules.
  15. How many points will win the league?

    Fair enough everyone. Hopefully a cracking game and we prevail. Beating our closest contender would be a nice way to clinch it.