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  1. VPN thingy

    Today's game is definitely on, 20 minutes gone still no score.
  2. W7 Fans & Banners

    Listen guys, I reckon if you turn up with a large banner that says "WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN" the powers at be will be hard pressed to come and take it off you, There would be an uproar. Similarly if people wave black and white flags nobody is going to be stupid enough to try and remove those. W7 if you want to win this battle use a bit of savvy and reverse psychology. Good luck. Some good can come of this if you use your loaf.
  3. Love Street. Now & Then

    Best memory I have was going through the turnstiles on a Wednesday evening and walking up the steps to see the luminous floodlit park. I loved the atmosphere at night. The players looked luminous too. Their shirts dazzling in the floodlights, small floodlights but very effective nonetheless. Best part of 40,000 on the big nights and a bag of chips on the way hope. Magic....... I'm talking around 1960ish.
  4. Xmas Outfit Competition

    We should play in green to blend in with the grass, two tone vertical green with a wee dandelion motif on the chest. That of course is the summer strip, winter should be two tone green and slush grey with a wee brown jobby on the chest. That will look real good against Barcelona, and also walking doon the high street past the cenotaph. Wear the jobby with pride, after all, we've shit bricks over the years, We need to pummel Ayr United, power to the jobby...
  5. Where is our season heading now?

    Most likely finish above Dumbarton, Dunfermline and Ayr. And that's it. Next year promotion will be on the agenda with a degree of justification. Hibs and Dundee United will be replaced by Partick and Dundee so that should make the task less difficult if we continue to improve through JR.
  6. Black Shorts

    Don't like them, hate them, bring back the white shorts and true black & white tops. Traditionalist.
  7. Being a saints fan ???

    Good luck with your health ES, wishing you all the best...
  8. Seat plaque removal-why

    Gee shull, you been living in that cardboard box that long?
  9. Seat plaque removal-why

    You lot really need to shake off that Paisley tantrum temperament. Leave the place, get a life, you'll all die from either boredom or each other's complaining. Maybe that's what keeps you going. Wear the badge, "Product of Paisley", slogan set against a black and white sad ass smiley face. "Poor Me"..... lol
  10. Seat plaque removal-why

    Go and pick it up ya lazy b. Take a taxi there, hang the expense. "Sorry sir, we huvnae got it, can yi cum back the morra?" "Aye, nae bother, I'll get another taxi, good tae support the local taxi lads, wi a bit a luck I'll huv tae come back the next day as weel - whit wis it a came in fur again?"
  11. Seat plaque removal-why

    Well I see a solution to all the discontent with being a St.Mirren supporter but you won't like it... So just continue to be resigned to the fact that you are forever destined to be subjected to mediocrity and second best... Suck it up...
  12. Firstly, onya JB fur snotting the bastard, but next time soon as yi ur bitten scream blue murda an roll aroon the grun an then whin the ref cums ower, pint tae yir airm an say, "Luk ref, that rotten bugger bit ma airm, that is violent conduct o the wurst sort, a cud bi deed the morra fae the Falkirk minging rabbies ur the pox ur baith. Then they go doon tae ten men ;-) guid idea eh? Aye, yais yir noggin, an a don't mean nut the bastard. JB is ma tap man noo...
  13. Relegation

    Nahhhhhh, we'll be fine wance we start winning aw oor games, but I'd rule oot promotion this year.
  14. Typical, when all else fails, blame the weather. There is some much shite on the park the place should be steaming...