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  1. When he was on fire, Corcoran was really good. If, I am right, he tended to turn it on against Well in particular.
  2. Excellent. Corcoran was unplayable before he ran out of steam!
  3. Did you go to the now famous march at Motherwell?
  4. A game to savour. It wont be one for feint hearts. Some great cup games between us over the years. They also bring a very decent travelling support. Old fashioned, high intensity, hard fought match expected.
  5. You wish Pod. Took his one and only chance well.
  6. It was some game. My recollection was that thousands of Saint's fans didnt get into the ground.
  7. I don't agree. Most of us develop self awareness wjich is good as it informs us about our limitations as well as our strengths. Self obsession can blind us to these and create a belief in our self that is not supported by objective analysis. He seems to have developed the idea that he is to be omnipotent. His pronouncements were vacuous at best. Reminded me of Boris Johnson replying in Parliament to the labour female MP's regarding safety and completely missing why his reply caused such offence. Final thought. Fine actor though he is, he has a history of making 180 degree turns in his opinions e.g. Corbyn whom he initially lionised but laterly decried mercilessly.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jan/18/constitutional-revolution-to-rescue-union-says-gordon-brown
  9. No need to talk about F Man like that WDWB..... Wait and see.
  10. The man is self obsessed.
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