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  1. No Dykes at Livvi. New striker at Saints. Ross County going well. Hamilton pointless. St J and Aberdeen below us. I like this season, so far.
  2. Not a bad morning but a mixed day forecast. Breezy, cool but dry. Good weather for the match.
  3. Another 3 points on the board
  4. This season Gers better and better.
  5. Fabulous evening but clouded over by the tragedy near Stonehaven.
  6. It won't have escaped your attention., surely, that when we opened up a bit in the second half we lost two goals compared with one deflected goal in the first.
  7. Stranger and stranger.
  8. Shaping up well. Sitting 6th. Stop the league now.
  9. Pick up anything over the next two games and it's a more than decent start.
  10. Can't be money surely.
  11. Strange decision.
  12. That they may do. I'm more concerned with St Mirren
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