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  1. Makes sense. Tedious. You bet. Effective? ... Highly Questionable. Time? Only when I have down time. Back to the real world. My second outing in 4 months today. The first was an unscheduled visit to A & E with my wife. No fun. This one is scheduled. Going to order a new car. More fun.
  2. Imagine that club being involved in anything underhand. It would never happen. Mind you after Mr Green and White got in there followed by the King of Tax Fraud who were all preceded by the Steal (deliberate) Man of EBT fame... There is some precedent. But.. Its Wee Boaby posting.
  3. Thanks Tommy. Missed it but will watch it on catch up.
  4. Remember who is posting. It's Wee Boaby. Everything is big to him.
  5. Absolutely hence the horse trading has started. I admire your restraint in concentrating on the paucity of sense in his argument rather than his grammatical errors.
  6. Are you talking about our friend from Leeds or Wee Boaby from Arbroath?
  7. Apparently and, as a fan of his, I hope so.
  8. I heard that there are some luxury lodges available in Scotland. Pitlochry and Stonehaven perhaps.
  9. Good to see that Jack is determined to do well in the coming season.
  10. Surprised that people were allowed to board without masks. Not disputing your account.
  11. Lol. I like it. Mr F just doesn't like his own medicine dished back to him. If you can't take it, don't give it. I don't know the man. No desire too but he is quick to call people foolish, mentally challenged, a liar or even mentally ill. Now, personally I don't give a jot but I have watched him and his cohorts give some people such a hard time that they stop posting. Not nice. Not nice at all.
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