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  1. St.Ricky

    Irish, Ulster and Scottish Teams in Europe

    I wonder why I am not surprised.
  2. St.Ricky

    Does EPL Football Need Fans?

    Perhaps because of Faraway...
  3. Will make sure I make it to the next game.
  4. St.Ricky

    Irish, Ulster and Scottish Teams in Europe

    Shull. Agree. But... Given a lot of time.. This will pass. In my opinion. Over and out.
  5. St.Ricky

    Irish, Ulster and Scottish Teams in Europe

    At least a few of our senior clubs were formed by people with Masonic connections Shull. Where do we stop discriminating?
  6. St.Ricky

    Aberdeen v St Mirren Bet Fred Cup

    Apologies..... Extra time then penakties
  7. St.Ricky

    Golf and Golfing

    When your game is like mine..... every hole is a potential monster!
  8. St.Ricky

    Saints v Celtic, Friday 14th September

    Tickets are now on sale to those season ticket holders in the South Stand who want a seat in the West Stand for this match.
  9. St.Ricky

    Safety Of Our Fans

    Has anyone mentioned that the club have put on sale tickets for the Celtic game for Family Stand Ticket Holders?
  10. St.Ricky

    Safety Of Our Fans

    The point is that the Club consider that they have done this by virtue of having a SMISA director on the board. My issue would be clarifying what "he" is authorised to do on behalf of the fans group. Having said that, I would hate to be that person.
  11. St.Ricky

    Safety Of Our Fans

    I am not a SMISA member but read what others are writing. There is, in my opinion, some validity in both arguments. I think that the presence on the board of a SMISA representative might be taken as involving SMISA in all decisions. The onus then falls on that person to ensure that they represent the views of the SMISA members and are held accountable by them. SMISA, not GLS, has the role of listening to and representing members through the available communications. There are items which, by law will require the agreement of SMISA. How this is handled internally by SMISA is a matter for the committee and members as they have decided to structure their own governance.
  12. St.Ricky

    Irish, Ulster and Scottish Teams in Europe

    And I am suggesting that progress has been made despite obstacles in the way. This scourge will disappear but it will take a generation or two yet. I share a deep dislike of this stuff Shull. Apologies if it seemed like an attempt to teach. It was reply to a particular post.
  13. St.Ricky

    Speculation Thread

    Love this - quote of the week for me.
  14. St.Ricky

    Irish, Ulster and Scottish Teams in Europe

    Wendy The origins of at least 4 of our teams are directly linked to a period where Scotland was booming economically and looked to Ireland, both North and South for workers to work in the mines, shipyards, iron and steel and other industries. Like any immigrant group they formed close communities and in at least 4 cases this included forming football teams. These were Hibernian, Celtic and Dundee Hibernian (Now United) plus Rangers. The shipyards at Govan followed the Belfast model of Harland and Wolf and employed almost entirely a "Protestant" workforce, Rangers then became the club of choice for the latter group. Hibernian were the most closed of these clubs in the early days in terms of players who had to be church going catholic. The others, including Rangers in the early days, discriminated but had prominent players of other persuasions. The Turbulence of the First World War in which all of Ireland sent troops was followed by the Irish gaining independence and the partition of Northern Ireland as a mainly protestant state. The second world war exacerbated feelings as Eire chose, as was their right, to remain Neutral. During the period until the late 1960's and the start of the "Troubles" it was not unusual for newspapers to carry articles which were anti Irish. Employers (some Banks for example) did not employ Catholics. The two big Glasgow Clubs reflected the times in which they lived and the employment practices at Rangers reflected this. Arguments can be made that separate schooling helped underline the apparent divide between the groups but that is a complicated argument. Hibs and Dundee United moved on and left their Irish Identity alive but Not Front and Centre. Society helped create the Glasgow Clubs as they are. Emptying Glasgow of its population in the 60s,70s,80s meant that displaced people (around 500,000) took with them their "loyalties" throughout Scotlnd. Sectarianism is less of a factor now than in the past but has a generation or two to go to come close to eradication. My view anyway - for what its worth,