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  1. St.Ricky

    Breaking News

    EAB. I agree with not being able to start threads within the sin bin. Alternatively have those started within the sin bin only visible to those within it. Agree on the Alias issue but happy with how Div moderates the forum in general.
  2. St.Ricky

    Breaking News

    I'm done Shull. Ovet and out.
  3. St.Ricky

    Breaking News

    Sometimes Shull, you just don't do yourself any favours! Something we can all be guilty of but man, oh man.
  4. St.Ricky

    Breaking News

    Thanks - Thats up to St Div! I'd go with Threads started in the Sin Bin only being seen in the Sin Bin and not in the main forum. I'd also go with the sin bin posts being seen only by those in the sin bin. That makes sense to me. Final thought then I intend to leave off posting on this topic, I know it's difficult to stop the use of multiple alias personas by one person but it would be good to see hapen.
  5. St.Ricky

    Breaking News

    We differ on Shull DJ. I get that. And yes - The Forum should be about all aspects of the club from each of our viewpoints., I agree. But - when I joined, I found him helpfull and supportive as I also found with yourself and a number of others. He has lost his way a bit - Grant you that (so had I). Too much name calling in general on here . On the use of an Alias other than the one we register with, I'd also like to see that stopped.
  6. St.Ricky

    Breaking News

    OK EAB. and Munoz But Shull has redeeming features.
  7. St.Ricky

    Breaking News

    Come on Shull. The forum out there needs you, imo, but without the OF, right wing and cost hangups. Without those you are a real asset.
  8. St.Ricky

    Breaking News

    TBF You have just illustrated the point that DJ was making superbly.
  9. St.Ricky

    Breaking News

    Like you Bazil. I have no idea who wanted them in the sin bin. I went too far. I'm in here. I accept that. I'm not railing against anybody.
  10. Honest appraisal by JG. Motherwell are,in my opinion, the best attacking team we have played so far this season. First half - we were overrun. Second half was 50/50. We created decent chances that,on another day, might well have gone in.
  11. The table does say... Hold your nerve! But.. Appreciate your take. Too tight to call where things will go so, as yet, no need for doom and gloom.
  12. We are 3 points away from 7th place. From 7th to last is a 4 point spread. Really tight. Need to hold our nerve (and score goals)
  13. St.Ricky

    Breaking News

    I transgressed. I am paying the price. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mia Maxima cupla. That's the way the system works. It might be wise to realise and respect that if people want to Forum to continue.
  14. St.Ricky

    Breaking News

    Time for a break. Work to do. Thanks Shull
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