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  1. Figures have shown excellent growth from 3,000 to 3,669, to 4450, to last seasons 5,341 (if I am right. So - will be reach a crowd average of 6,000 (75% of Capacity)?
  2. Wouldn't alltogether surprise me if this is the scenario (or the reverse). Football is great to watch but it's not a nice business. Do I rate OK as a Manager - Yes. Did I rate Jack Ross - yes. There was life before and after Ross and there will be life after OK. Just spare me a badge kisser or fan lover who isn't an ex player as manager.
  3. Largs. I share your view. I don't care that/if/why GLS bought out the controlling interest. I don't care that he has got himself a toy to play with and his money back guaranteed. We have progressed. Stutters here and there for sure but we have progressed.
  4. Bewildering to an ordinary fan like me. Then... I live in a constant state of bewilderment according to some.
  5. My first opportunity to see our players in action and under 10 miles from my home.
  6. R. I. P. Fiona. Met Fiona a number of times. Always positive. Her voice was unmistakable. Lovely lady.
  7. Nice of the club to put the initial of my first name on the jersey. H
  8. Always look forward to games against the Pars.
  9. Excitement value 9.5/10.0. Edge of the seat stuff. Spot on Sonny.
  10. Erhahon has grown physically over the past year and is shaping up well, IMO. Not yet the finished article and I would prefer to see him in midfield.
  11. "Also, remember a few other points for the new stadium - record season ticket sales - record average attendance - first sellout you might think it’s short-sighted but the crowds are certainly bringing in more income than before. " Makes a lot of sense to me.
  12. The overall idea (that we would be likely to be "safer") has some appeal but the present position has drama. The idea of 14 Teams with a Split and Play-Offs would bring two more clubs into the top league and retain the drama.
  13. The Dundee derbies should be tasty!
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