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  1. Fact is often stranger than fiction I find. Strangest one was meeting Miss Gibraltar just before she was crowned Miss World. I was introduced by a friend. She was a lovely girl as I recall. Met at a reception at the Hyatt in Rosebank, Johannesburg. Offered to introduce me to Miss Scotland and have my photos taken, but I declined. Miss Scotland was from Dunblane just a few miles from where I lived. I value my personal privacy outside that needed for work. As I say.. Fact can be stranger than fiction.
  2. St.Ricky

    Hamilton v St Mirren 22/9/18

    Is he not Captain at Accies now?
  3. St.Ricky

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    There is a Saints game on Saturday.
  4. You seriously need help.
  5. Thanks FTOF. Looks like we have quite a few.
  6. Around what period Hendo?
  7. Anything to add to the topic?
  8. Only one way to find out about any of these folks and others I guess is for someone to contact them. A job for the boys from W7 perhaps.
  9. If you say so.. Very kind of you to say that an old guy like me is one of the best. Now if you have nothing to add to the topic, toddle on.
  10. TP. What about David Tennant or Andrew Neil?
  11. I think you and F Man assume too much.. you should remember that to Assume makes an Ass out of U and Me... In these case each of you.
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    More foreign football
  13. Do you really want to prove that you don't know how to use Google? Ifso then I will happily post a link for you. But really.. Just enter snap American slang It's that simple.
  14. You've given my secret away. Jings. Any on topic thoughts?