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  1. St.Ricky

    Speculation Thread

    Not unexpected surely? We are just over half way through the month. Most (?) Top 6 Scottish Clubs have been abroad. Expect more to happen in the second half of January.
  2. St.Ricky

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    This again illustrates why I haven't joined in the purchase. It's not about trust... It's about business.
  3. St.Ricky

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    Forgive me bazil. Wasn't there a clear business case for the purchas and maintenance of the pitch
  4. St.Ricky

    The Beautiful Game on the Box

    Friday evening. Cowdenbeath v The Govan Team.
  5. St.Ricky

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    I would also go for Option 1 Murals. Second Choice would be Bank.
  6. St.Ricky

    Brexit Negotiations

    You are in combative mode today DJ
  7. St.Ricky

    Brexit Negotiations

    Not for the first (or last time) we disagree.
  8. St.Ricky

    Brexit Negotiations

    No opinion is worthless. Doesn't mean that I will agree with every one put forward but I feel no need to rubbish it because it conflicts with mine or is expressed n a way that I might think of as "quaint" or unusual as we all approach things from our individual standpoints. These are indeed interesting times. These are challenging times but we have had many before. Bin strikes, power cuts, 3 day weeks and going back further machine guns mounted at our pit heads by Churchill. The advent of New Labour brought an emphasis on the central ground in politics. Since then people's politics appear to have become more polarised on both the left and the right. Brexit has added to this with the rise of the right in UKIP / Tory Right and the dissatisfaction of people in traditional Labour areas helping to confuse issues. An issue as big as this transcends party politics and our current mechanisms are struggling to cope. Personally, I voted Remain. The reasons I voted Remain are unchanged. I wonder if those who voted Leave feel the same way as the impact of that choice becomes clearer.
  9. St.Ricky

    Brexit Negotiations

    Only in your imagination.
  10. St.Ricky

    Brexit Negotiations

    Serving rather than self serving. Makes sense. Also bring real life experience. Agreed. Said on here often that there are many posters who know or have met interesting and influential people. Me perhaps, less than most.
  11. St.Ricky

    January Arrivals

    I hope he's right and that there is Big News to come out today.
  12. St.Ricky

    Speculation Thread

    I'm not looking for gifts. As another poster showed, in previous transfer windows, the later in the window the player signed then the better quality they tended to be.
  13. St.Ricky

    January Arrivals

    Are you stirring Porridge?
  14. St.Ricky

    Speculation Thread

    Only time will tell. I hope Sweeper is right and that we get a couple more in today or tomorrow. Big striker, winger and natural left back. After that loan players of quality in advanced positions.