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  1. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    No problem chap. I’m watching the game on Saints TV, which due to the streaming has had a few issues meaning when Saints scored it was about 3 minutes behind play. So wasn’t sure if I’d missed any bookings.
  2. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    I must have missed any Saints bookings..... Dunfermline have had two bookings. 🤷‍♂️
  3. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    Higginbotham fairly putting in some hefty challenges. I’d be surprised if Dunfermline end the game with 11 men.
  4. Brechin v St Mirren (9th December)

    Pretty shit if that’s the case. There are supporters like myself that live or work overseas. I’ve signed up for Saints TV but that only covers home games. I watched the Livi game on Periscope the other week which was a bonus as I was in the car (passenger seat) on my way home from work so couldn’t watch it on Saints TV. Big miss.
  5. St Mirren V Dumbarton 02/12/2017

    Anniversary kit according to Saints TV. 🤷‍♂️
  6. ICT vs St. Mirren 25/11/17

    You’re most welcome chap.
  7. ICT vs St. Mirren 25/11/17

    My point being. It doesn’t matter if ICT have had 20 shots, fact of the matter is it’s still 0-0 for all those with the doom and gloom mentality [emoji6]
  8. ICT vs St. Mirren 25/11/17

    The only stats that matter at the end of the game is who won.
  9. To be fair. This is LTHV’s cup final. Some of these guys will probably never play in another game like this, let’s not be too critical of them.
  10. Let's All Laugh At Sevco/ Celtic Thread !

    Whatever happened to the “Financial Fair Play” rules? • 6.7 million loss in revenue last season. • operating costs of 32 million. • over 15 million in debt to interest free loans. • Over 7 million required for the next two seasons. SEVCO are relying on European football to bring down their debt? That’s a bit like walking into a car showroom, putting down a deposit and saying I’ll pay the rest of I win the lottery.
  11. Lewis Morgan

    Ideally Morgan should have signed the contract offer from Saints with the guarantee that if an offer matching Saints Value came in, then he could leave. Personally (and I thought the same about Mallan) I believe he’s jumping ship too soon.
  12. St mirren tv for Morton game

    Four minutes gone and SMFCUWS telling me it’s offline [emoji85]
  13. Falkirk v St Mirren Championship 21/10/17

    I’m pretty sure it’s an issue/concern that’s not gone unnoticed by JR. though I wasn’t at the game and only keeping updated on here I can only go by the posts. Still, difficult fixture and I believe that’s 4 clean sheets for Falkirk since Hartley took over. Maybe he’s trying to get them tight at the back and gaining points which will give them confidence as the games go on. Turning defeats into draws and draws into wins? Still. Happy with a point.
  14. Falkirk v St Mirren Championship 21/10/17

    Hahahaha....... [emoji87]
  15. Falkirk v St Mirren Championship 21/10/17

    Hard one to predict and could go either way. They have a new manager and most teams get a positive reaction from that. Being overseas the only league game I’ve attended this season so far was against Falkirk. They could and should have been two up within the first twenty minutes, so they are a capable side. I believe we need to be on top form to get the three points today and make sure we don’t give away sloppy goals. I’d take a draw just now but hoping for three points. I hope it’s a great day out for those Saints fans attending, stay safe and enjoy the game.