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  1. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    The financial burden makes it 2-0....... well done Sutton [emoji87] Joking aside, he is probably past his best but if he could add another 8 to 10 goals from coming off the bench this season..... he’s worth having.
  2. New Manager For Scotland Football Club Needed

    Ginger Yashin............ I thought that was a type of biscuit [emoji87]
  3. New Manager For Scotland Football Club Needed

    Apologies chap. I thought you were referring to the standard of player and the standard of the Scottish game in general, due to the fact that the World Cup qualifiers were split into Groups........ not leagues.
  4. New Manager For Scotland Football Club Needed

    Not that I’m an expert on other leagues, but on the basis of your post (A league littered with Averageness) Iceland and Northern Ireland have qualified, Wales or Republic of Ireland will Qualify, none of which have leagues any better than the SPL. It could be argued that Scotland had a more difficult group than some of the other teams that have either qualified or are in with a chance (Denmark and Croatia) You could also argue that if Craig Gordon had been on his game at Hampden against England, then we could have had three points in that game. The bottom line is, we didn’t qualify and I still believe that Strachan is the best man for the job. But those are just my opinions.
  5. A good few years ago (in the old stadium family stand) we were playing Celtic. Artur Boruc in particular came under constant fire from one loud mouth idiot for the entire first half. At half time I made my point to Paisley’s finest from K Division on this individual’s behaviour. The response I received was “We’re not here for issues like that, that is the responsibility of the stewards in the first instance” I was totally taken aback by that. When I then approached the head steward whom was in earshot of my conversation with the police. His response was “Boruc will be to the other end of the ground and probably won’t hear it” It makes you wonder.
  6. Yup, we have our share of idiots that are an embarrassment, not only to fans in and around the area they sit........ but also to the club.
  7. Surely someone must have a video of “Sweary woman” in action (by that mean, going through her repertoire of verbal abuse..... not home made adult videos) I wonder if she’s related to Fergie that was famous for similar at Hamilton Accies.
  8. McGills Buses Win It For Today

    Some of these drivers believe schedule is more important than the safety of their passengers. The bus driver has a duty of care which at times when you see the standard of driving, they must forget they have passengers.
  9. McGills Buses Win It For Today

    Is it the guy with the beard and heavily tattooed arms? [emoji87]
  10. QoS Game

    Had to do a double take ........ wasn’t sure what Stelios was polishing at first there [emoji87]
  11. Surely we can't lose another???? Must be a kick in the nuts to ICT to get back in the game only to lose a goal so quickly.
  12. st mirren tv com

    That'll explain it........ there was me thinking of running to the bookies and putting money on the next scorer [emoji87]
  13. st mirren tv com

    I watched the game yesterday from Trinidad. I'm not sure, but seems there's around a 30 second delay as I was getting goal notifications through on "FlashScores" before the goal was shown? Also the last few minutes the commentary didn't match the actual play. I'm not complaining though as I can always turn off "FlashScores" notifications. Good service from the team, well done chaps.
  14. st mirren tv com

    I watched Falkirk TV after the 3-1 game, just to hear Peter Houston's reaction. What they do is also interview two players for their thoughts. I thought that was a pretty good idea and maybe something Saints could look at.
  15. I'm in contact with James from SMFCTV, hopefully he can assist