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  1. I believe it has to be put into perspective. Population of France is what.......... around 65/70million?, and 50 (fifty) Covid “related” deaths for September up to and including 17th.
  2. I’ll probably get slaughtered for this by some 🤣🤣🤣
  3. I’d say from my experience that the gun owners that I know are all good intelligent law abiding people, not the type to go out shooting up the town, and I’d say that the majority of legally owned firearms are the same. I get your point regarding the use of guns, but I’d say that in the world of criminal activity, the weapons would nearly all be illegal. Guns in the wrong hands IMO is where the issues lie. I’d agree that in the UK knife crime is more prevalent than gun crime, but if some random fuc*wit is on a mission to cause carnage, they’ll use whatever they can get their hands on that’ll do maximum damage. I believe in the UK certain types of knives are now illegal (Rambo style) but knife crime is on the rise? No idea what the answer is, maybe harsher sentences for those caught in possession of weapons would be a good start.
  4. I don’t know if that’s the answer chap. People are being shot in the UK every other day, when guns are illegal. I personally have friends (not in the UK I must add) that have licenced firearms, some are concealed carry, others for home protection. All upstanding members of the community.
  5. More room for the Old Firm when they come calling.
  6. 7 black officers have been killed by gunfire so far in 2020 [emoji1573]‍♀️[emoji6]
  7. There’s a lot of debate about whether lockdown was effective or not, but during the initial few months period, flights/ferries and dinghies were still arriving every day, no checks, no quarantine. In my opinion it kinda defeated the purpose.
  8. Why have a dog and bark yourself as they say [emoji6] More white folks have been killed by police than blacks, but taking the overall demographics that would be expected. However I for one haven’t lived in a black “hood” so I can’t talk from experience...... but. These areas by all accounts are known high crime areas, drugs, prostitution, gangs and homicides. These troubled areas also attract a higher police presence to patrol those areas. With all that in mind, there’s bound to be interactions between said criminals and the police..... which on occasion doesn’t end well for one or other. America has approximately 35 millions blacks, 123 of those were killed by police in 2019, 80% were armed and deemed a justifiable killing. So for it to be said as a fact that police routinely go out to kill black people is totally incorrect. There are approximately 800.000 law enforcement officers in America. Out of that 800.000 48 police officers were murdered last year, 44 were shot and 4 where a vehicle was used, 37 killed so far to date this year. These figures come from the FBI site, not from a data platform BTW. So on those stats, there’s more chance of a police officer being killed than a black person being killed by police. Wouldn’t you agree?
  9. That’s not backing up your claim. I remember a certain media outlet claimed a Lancaster bomber was allegedly found on the moon......... turned out that was incorrect. I remember we were told that Iraq had WOMD...... turned out that was incorrect.
  10. I don’t agree with your claimed “fact that blacks are routinely murdered by armed police officers”........ that’s a helluva statement. Where did you get that fact from?
  11. You’re at the wind up.......... right? 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Does anyone know if Goodwin stopped doing post match interviews? His interviews used to be put up on YouTube, but I haven’t seen anything since the Livingston game.
  13. I hope those poor students aren’t too distressed by our history. Good to see the university is listening to the BLM movement.......... the same BLM movement applauding the attempted assassination of two police officers at the weekend.
  14. What has to be taken into consideration. 1. For two of the goals, could have been prevented if the defence had done its job. 2. He only met his team mates probably an hour or two before the game. 3. I believe Hearts only started back training again, so fitnesses levels not where they normally would for September. As you said fella, he came in and pulled us out the shit, so fair play to him.
  15. Last thing we need is another player that sells the jerseys [emoji87]
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