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  1. I do indeed. Good day out apart from the score. Ended up in a nightclub (Coco’s I believe it was called. Now I believe it’s a nursery) I believe my brother scored that night though, but that’s a “hole different ball game”
  2. Celtic deficit? Is that due to loss of champions league money?
  3. I’m not gloating chap. Due to all the media hype, I’m only asking a question. It reminded me of the “Armageddon” when Rangers ceased to exist. Look how that turned out.
  4. Anyone noticed if the shelves at Boots pharmacy are empty, massive queues at the petrol pumps, food shortages? Can’t say I have. Early days I guess.
  5. Not sure if that’s the one you mean. That song was my ring tone for many years after I watched the video for the first time.
  6. Yup. So much for JG’s interview regarding “Going for the Jugular”........... with one very small person up front????
  7. Not to me it doesn’t, as you say he’s history. I made my comments based on, 1. Some suggested JG was being frugal with the truth. 3. There’s about three pages of he said she said, opinions and speculation. Therefore, there is a lack of clarity (IMO) on the situation, so if the club had made a statement it would have put it to bed and allowed some forum members to move on and berate one another on another topic. [emoji4]
  8. Maybe the club should come out and say exactly what transpired? The fact that hasn’t happened (that I’ve seen at least) seems a bit strange. • Did Kilmarnock contact the club regarding Mr Wank Broadfoot’s availability? • Did Kilmarnock pay a fee? • Did Wank Broadfoot buy out his contract? Ifs buts and maybes, but at the end of the day he wasn’t getting a game so no great loss IMO. We move onwards and hopefully upwards?
  9. I honestly don’t believe Rice being in the stand will make a difference to how Hamilton play. They’ll probably pack their defence and let us have the ball (like us playing SEVCO the other week) and hit on the break. Hopefully we can get an early goal which means their game plan goes out the window. We need to get the ball out wide, pull out their defenders and hitting crosses in from the byline...... just my tuppence worth.
  10. Apparently it was to free up a place in the treatment room.
  11. Hold on......... The ball’s supposed to leave the ground?
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