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  1. When I seen that headline, I thought there was a bit of dogging going on [emoji87]
  2. He’s done none too bad for some with the mental capacity of a small child. You’re entitled to your opinion though.
  3. I agree with what you’re saying with regards that Trump is trying to deliver on his presidential campaign promises. Personally I didn’t know a great deal about Trump apart from his business empire (which I knew in name only) and he was on the American version of the Apprentice. Now. When you look at the antics of the opposition, it’s like they get up each morning and think of ways to get him removed from office. That’s probably because the Democrats don’t have anyone to compete with him. I actually respect him for what he’s trying to do with regards to, • America first. • Removing troops out of countries his predecessors got the US involved in. • Illegal immigration. • Ripping up the trade deal with China as its alleged it was all in their favour. Maybe that’s why the Bidens received 1.6 billion if true. It’s hard to take him serious at times (mainly because of that haircut) He’s not the best speaker and he has made a few howlers, I don’t believe he’d be a strong debater as he’s not from the typical presidential stock. He’s not a typical politician because that was never his background, he’s a very successful businessman and very bullish which is probably why he doesn’t take any shit.
  4. Totally agree regarding previous US administrations (Republican or Democrat) meddling in foreign countries mainly for their own benefit. No easy fix but but if Assad were to be removed I believe we’d have another Libyan situation on our hands. As much as I’d like the Middle East to sort out their own problems, I don’t think they’re capable.
  5. Part of Trump’s presidential campaign was to bring the troops home, he’s now doing that. He’s also stated that he doesn’t want US troops to be the worlds policemen........ I can’t blame him for that. The US has been slated in previous years for being too keen to get involved in other countries issues (Probably one of the reasons John Bolton got his P45) but they’re now being slated by many (even Republicans) for withdrawing troops. Yup, no doubt Assad skimmed off a good few millions, but that seems endemic with countries of that ilk (Middle East and North, Central and East African) Gaddafi, Hussein etc.
  6. As Assad is a Shia Muslim (hence the backing from Iran) going to Saudi is a non starter. The US had no U.N. mandate to be in Syria, nor approval from the Syrian government. Going back through to the times of Assad’s father’s rule, there was between 20% to 25% of the population were non Muslim with Damascus having a large Syrian Christian and Syrian Jewish population, Assad protected minority ethnic groups and Syria was a more “Western” country as compared to the likes of Saudi. Regime change in Syria will never happen and if it does it’ll be an Iranian backed Shia puppet as the Sunni’s are in the minority. I’m sure I read that Sunni’s returning or wanting to return must pledge allegiance to Assad or they won’t be allowed back, but I’d need to check up on that. If peace is to come back to Syria then Assad must work with the U.N. and neighboring countries including Israel, but I believe Russia could have the biggest influence assisting Syria to get back on its feet. It could be argued that Middle Eastern and North African Muslim countries were/are ruled by tyranny and in my opinion it’ll be very hard to change that tribal and religious mindset............ but that’s another debate entirely.
  7. So what’s your solution then Bud? I believe that Turkey want to set up a 30 mile buffer zone so that they (Turkey) can start sending some of the 3 million refugees back to Syria. America has less than 1000 service personnel in Syria, which are not all combat personnel. Russia also has troops in Syria, so if Turkey do get heavy handed then the chances are it’ll escalate.
  8. I’ll give a Vlad a call. I don’t see any logical reason why Russia would object, do you?
  9. Trump did say he wanted to take his troops out, nothing wrong with that. I suggest the UN send Peacekeepers in and set up a buffer zone, I don’t believe Johnny Turk will go into Syria if there’s a UN presence.
  10. Hope you and the family have a good day out chap. PS. Do you think your dad could do a job as a striker?
  11. The stats don’t look too bad, 14 shots on goal. All be it I wasn’t there so it could have been 14 knee, shin toe trundlers. Pointless putting Djorkaeff on when 2 down and only a few minutes to go. It’ll be interesting to see JG’s post match interview. Are there any free agent strikers out there that could walk into the team and do the business.......
  12. Too late, what’s the point at this stage of the game.
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