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  1. One of my colleagues shared this with me last week, not sure if it’s genuine or fake but if it’s genuine then there should be a public enquiry.
  2. No wonder they got pumped 5-0 if he was on his phone during the game 🤭
  3. You can dedicate this to the said flakes of snow chap.
  4. I wouldn’t mind seeing that again, but from the replay it looked like Obika had his foot clipped............or maybe I need new specs.
  5. No, but he was all shook up, and fair to say..... it’s probably always on his mind.
  6. There’s a Labour Party in Scotland? [emoji15]
  7. That Poalo’s a “Chip” off the old block.
  8. That must be for viewing from the main stand cameras.
  9. Credit where credits due. I thought your prediction was way off the mark.......... but here we are.
  10. So are you saying that only white folks are/can be racist? [emoji848]
  11. What has he posted that offended you and hurt your poor wee feelings? So without actually calling me a racist, I assume that’s your assertion and I have no issue with that, because you are entitled to your opinion. In my defense, I’d say the fact that my wife is Indian Hindu and the father in-law is Muslim, I must be really bad at being a racist. 🤫
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