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  1. Russia 2 up at half time in Kazakhstan.
  2. I believe part of the problem that those in charge of taking charge of BREXIT and out the EU are remainers. Nearly three years to get it sorted and no further forward, absolute joke. Another referendum could end up best of three, or the remain campaign gets their way. In my opinion regardless of what way individuals voted the government should have carried out the will of the majority.
  3. Scotland 2 down after 10 minutes. Thank feck I couldn’t find a live stream.
  4. Cheers chap. I used that for the Aberdeen and Hearts games.
  5. Is this game being shown on TV? I’m in Trinidad and can’t rely on Saints TV anymore. If anyone could send any available links it’ll be greatly appreciated.
  6. Your lucky that you can get to watch Saints TV, I can’t get the login page. Been piss poor for me this season.
  7. That’s the shocker of the night, coupon buster.
  8. Tansey didn’t go in to hurt the Hearts player and I said at the time it looked as though he tried to pull out of the tackle. I haven’t had the luxury of reviewing it over and over, and at the time neither did the ref. I believe these compliance officers (or officer) can easily be swayed by media influence, and that to me is wrong. The ref seen it, booked him and that should be the end of it. What next, reviewing controversial goals, penalties awarded that have had a major influence on the outcome of a game and being overturned days later?
  9. It looked as though he tried to pull out the tackle to be fair. But you’re right, he’d have been off if he’d gone in 100%.
  10. Just seen this on YouTube. Apologies if it’s been posted already.
  11. Next two games Dundee home to Hibs then away to SEVCO. Hamilton home to SEVCO then away to Aberdeen. Can’t see Hamilton taking any points with maybe Dundee taking a point at home to Hibs. If we can get something from the Hearts game then beat Livingston....... then it’s game on.
  12. I was sure Ferdinand had gone off at halftime, then I realised that Erhahon got his haircut
  13. Aberdeen fans starting to get a tad frustrated.
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