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  1. Russian Saint

    Smells Of Summer

    The smell of paint that lasted about a week when the cooncil painters used to come round and do the doors and drainpipes.
  2. Russian Saint

    First Team Squad

  3. Russian Saint

    Avoid PRW Today ( if you want to )

    I was on YouTube having a gander (looking for highlights of last nights game) I spotted one item “12th July Benidorm March” ........unbelievable. It makes me ashamed to be Scottish when you see this. Bad enough in Scotland, but exporting that hatred to another country???? I want to know how the big fat guy got his drum on the plane [emoji85]
  4. Russian Saint

    First Team Squad

    Brilliant. We’ve now got two threads running with pishy Marquee jokes. [emoji85]
  5. Russian Saint

    Europa League Thread 2018/2019

    2 now for Mallan.
  6. Russian Saint

    4 told they can leave

    I could be wrong here but....... I don’t think Stubbs would have let the four head out the door if he didn’t have replacements lined up. If he’s got players in mind or lined up but keeping tight lipped, then I’m ok with that.
  7. Russian Saint

    World Cup Russia 2018

    I hope that was his wife or GF 🤣
  8. Russian Saint

    Its Plastic Nightmares

    Nothing worse than stepping on chewing gum and walking into the house or car (except maybe walking on chewing gum and dog shit) The streets of Paisley are littered with both. Singapore introduced a ban on chewing gum about 15 years ago, it’s the cleanest city I’ve ever been to. No litter and no graffiti, so it can be done.
  9. Russian Saint

    Help ???

    Yup, same here.
  10. Russian Saint

    Alan's first signings

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.plymouthherald.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/demand-truro-city-striker-cody-1042503.amp Oops, just seen this was already posted about 5 pages ago. The page hadn’t refreshed...... bloody Trinidad internet [emoji85]
  11. Russian Saint

    Alan's first signings

  12. Russian Saint

    Alan's first signings

    Leicester just payed 22 million for the boy James Maddison from Norwich. If I’m not mistaken that’s the same chap that scored a wonder goal against SEVCO while on loan at Aberdeen........ I guess that’s what we’re up against when contemplating buying guys from the English leagues. I don’t think for a minute Maddison is worth anywhere near that, but it’s the nature of the market down there.
  13. Russian Saint

    Alan's first signings

    You’re ahead of STV chap.
  14. Russian Saint

    Alan's first signings

    Moving swiftly on.
  15. Russian Saint

    Alan's first signings

    Oops. Hit the reply by mistake