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  1. Let’s say OK does depart (I hope that doesn’t happen) and Goodwin is indeed the preferred replacement. As he’s currently with another club then no formal request could have been made by Saints, plus there will be some sort of compensation I’d imagine.
  2. When I seen the Thread title, I thought it was in relation to the Saints Manager position. [emoji87]
  3. The shelves are empty, every bag of Popcorn now in the hands of the Cartels.
  4. The global popcorn sector was worth $7.78bn up until news broke on speculation OK is off and has been forecast to soar to $10.3bn by the time rumours have been dispelled/confirmed according to Euromonitor International.
  5. Well said that man. I was ready to post similar after scrolling through pages of school playground comments. I’m all for differing opinions and so on, but there’s no need for such childish behaviour from supposed adults. I want to read about speculation (hence the forum title) regardless how far fetched, wishful thinking and speculative they may be.
  6. I don’t believe Trump has to do much to win the 2020 elections, the Democrats are giving him all the help he needs.
  7. A hoose in Kilmalcolm........ noo, that’s “What Every Woman Wants” [emoji85]
  8. I was thinking of going with the family to Coleraine, but had to change plans......As “Mum’s gone to Iceland” 🤣[emoji87][emoji85]
  9. Is it an Al day affair?......... ok, I’ll get ma coat [emoji87]
  10. After Brexit (and I believe it will happen) there’s no guarantee that Scotland will gain entry back into the EU, it could take years for that. A bit like SEVCO trying to get straight back into the premier league.
  11. True. However some forum members won’t be happy until the board have walked naked across burning coals, whilst flogging themselves and chanting..... Repent.... Repent.
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