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  1. Froomey Wee bertie the conductor Wee nairo, I know them all, because you know I am such a cool bikey mod. ♫♫why do you have to be so cool you're such a fool, bikeys stick together♫♫ Marcel Kittle wee big kitty, hey aren't you a cool bikey mod? There are some right fùcking pricks that post on here
  2. How did you find it out it was on st mirren radio? I checked their twitter feed before the game and there was no mention of it. For future reference how do we find out if away games will be on st mirren radio? I am appealing to the gentleman in you so try not to answer this one as a cùntish taxi driver who has short arms and long pockets.
  3. Thats your work done for the day isn't it you fùcking child! Away and play in the railway.
  4. Well done Mark Cavendish, not wee mark, or cav (or any other nickname) as I don't know him and wouldn't be a pretentious bellend to make out I did know him by calling him wee or cav, so I use his full name. 4 stage wins is incredible, I thought he would have chucked it by now to concentrate on the olympics, one or two more stage wins (including the champs Elysees) is not out of the question.
  5. Why is the livvy game not on sky sports, bt sport or BBC Scotland, are all of these organizations biased against st mirren also? UNLIKE MY POST YA f**kIN TWAT
  6. Britons in Turkey told to stay indoors Turkeys in Britain told to stay outdoors I'll get my coat
  7. Every season some dumb cùnt comes on to the match day thread and asks for links for a game that is not likely to be on the telly or radio, this game is one of those. Even though I know there is no coverage I am still going to be an irritating cùnt and ask.... Anyone have a link for todays game, is it on sky btsport or bbc radio scotland, is it on open mics etc etc? Link for the game http://www.itsnotonanywhereyadaftcunt.com
  8. Quote from Bernard Matthews ............. "Gobble Gobble"
  9. No podium presentations tonight, just a tribute to the victims from last nights horrible events in nice.
  10. Chris Froome still in yellow after coming second in the individual time trial and gaining 2 minutes on Nairo Quintana, froome has won the tour de france it is safe to say. Adam Yates down to 3rd, hope he makes the podium as 2nd or 3rd place a week on sunday.
  11. Froome still in yellow, rightly so! After re-adjustments Froome in yellow and yates in second, froome now over a minute up on Nairo Quintana Normal service resumed.
  12. Froome tweet he wasn't happy with the first back up bike the movistar team car offered him
  13. Provisionally adam yates is in yellow - unbelievable This is the same as when the 1km kite came down, so they have to take the times of all people level or behind froome when the accident occurred
  14. froome and porte caught in accident unbelievable, froome is running up the mountain without his bike he ditched his bike and had to get one from the neutral service car. Adam yates might be going in to yellow, the race has been blown apart due to froome being in an accident with a motorbike, there will have to be some sorting out. Porte banged in to a camera motorcycle and somehow froome ditched his Sky bike in the melee and started running up the mountain for a couple of minutes before getting a replacement bike from the neutral service car. I have been watching the tour de france for 32 years and have never seen anything like it. They will have to take the time from where the accident was, all of those who were level or behind froome will take there time from there, surely froome will still be in yellow.
  15. Ventoux climb off due to high winds, finishing a few k's from the top. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cycling/36787198 "Thursday's planned finish on top of Mont Ventoux has been cancelled because of high winds in Provence. The 12th stage will now finish several kilometres down the mountain at Chalet Reynard." Best stage off now, thats the tour all but over, its a procession to paris now
  16. Froome attacking on a sprint stage, he's left the other gc riders behind and is putting time on nairo quintana, what a move. Second to peter sagan on this stage.
  17. Mark Cavendish's tour is almost over, he has had a mechanical and cannot contest the sprint today.
  18. Cavendish not abandoned yet, he might try and equal the record on the sprint stage tomorrow, but it will be more difficult without his lead out man mark renshaw.
  19. Check this Wee top Mod Cool Bikey rider undergoing intensive training on yesterdays rest day "He don't need no stinky helmet"
  20. TEAM WANKER sponsored by those Cool Bikeys of Blackandwhitearmy.com
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