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  1. gies instructions on how to delete a thread can ye?


    I need to delete a thread as cunts are getting on my tits

    and I am going to get barred again.



  2. Is it not just the case that the North Sea Oil Rig gravy train is over? Did the same thing not happen in the mid 80's when the London Stock Exchange changed from an open outcry trading pit to electronic screen based trading? All of the loadsamnoney pit trader types in the weird jackets were suddenly out of a lucrative paying job. Is this not just a sign of the times?
  3. I loved them in the 80s just never got around to going to see them live.
  4. Tears for Fears this friday then the proclaimers a week on sunday
  5. That would be an interesting picket line.
  6. No "wee" nairo or "nibbles" nibali?
  7. New application based on Kodi addons that gives you lots of sports and movie channels. https://www.tvaddons.ag/freetelly-launch/ Have a look if you like,
  8. See you next year for the Tour de France 2017, hope alberto contador and nairo quintana are fitter and can run chris froome closer than this year.
  9. Not sure I would agree with the guys on St Mirren radio, they are saying we should be encouraged by todays performance and hamilton are flattered by the score, sounds to me like we got a doing.
  10. We can't blame it on the pitch as we beat livingston on a plastic pitch.
  11. Spanish Movistar rider izagirre took it, he took the most chances on the hard wet descent.
  12. Hugely impressed by the sky train, every single day they are there protecting Chris Froome, he does compliment them every day and he would be nowhere without them.
  13. Vincenzo Nibali "Nibbles" is 8 secs away from the leader on the road, this might be one for him but it looks tough in the rain and 9.5 miles to go and its a tricky decent in to morzine and it might go to whoever is in the lead at the top of this last climb. If I was to walk up to Vincenzo Nibali and call him "nibbles mate" I honestly think he would sink his boot right in my plums
  14. Jersey Positions before todays stage and likely to be the same at the end. Yellow Jersey Chris "vroom-vroom" Froome Green Jersey Pete "Shaggy" Sagan King of the Mountains Rafal Majka raffy, majjy ach feck knows what the cool bikey nickname is White Jersey Best Young Rider Adam Babyface Whiskers Yates who I believe has not been in Bud the Bakers bed , might be struggling to make the podium for second or third place.
  15. Thats a lot of slapheads, are these in tribute to clarskon and irvines baboon arse haircuts?
  16. Now the fans own the club, will you be the "fan" on the St Mirren Board, remember it doesn't go on how many posts you've made.
  17. Horrible videos of tanks running over people on liveleak.com
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