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  1. 17 minutes ago, southsidebud said:


    I reckon that's a good shout - I know that I will consider paying up to a tenner for quite a few of the away games - and we don't usually travel.

    There will be a lot of football starved fans (like me) who may pay to watch quite a few more games than they would normally travel to in the current climate. If the clubs get the pricing right - they may get a pleasant surprise - even if the OF home games are block booked by Sky 

    They could introduce an away virtual season ticket, with all the profits going into one big pot to be evenly distributed amongst all clubs. 

  2. 34 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

    That's what the fud from down sowf has posted? :lol:

    At least where I live I can breath in fresh air.

    At least where I live I can leave my door unlocked from morning till night.

    At least where I live I don't need to worry that some religious lunatic will run me over with a vehicle.

    At least where I live I don't need to worry some religious lunatic will attack me with sharp knifes.

    I'd rather live here that some scummy scheme down sowf...........................

    There were a total of 187 street level crime incidents in Chingford in March 2020. The largest category was Anti Social Behaviour, followed by Violent Crime. Below are these incidents broken down by category.


    Crime Category Incidents
    Anti Social Behaviour 51
    Violent Crime 51
    Vehicle Crime 34
    Burglary 14
    Other Theft 12
    Drugs 9
    Criminal Damage Arson 7
    Public Order 4
    Robbery 4
    Bicycle Theft 1
    All Crime 187

    Did you steal the bike ?

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