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  1. My first involvement with gambling came some time between 1969-71. I didn’t have a bet but a classmate at Renfrew High gave me a couple of quid to bring my transistor into school so that he could listen to a midweek race. He had a big bet on it - I vaguely remember something about £40 which I think would have been what he stood to win. His brother was a bookie so it may have been a £40 bet with some jiggery pokerey going on ,
  2. Bet365 seem to have been quite generous (I know that they can afford to be) with their free bets recently. My weekly bets only total on average £20-£25 per week depending on the amount of Sunday or midweek games but most weeks this is has been supplemented by one or two free £5 bets for the football and another one for the horses which I assume is an attempt to lure me in to betting on the gee-gees.
  3. Unlike the Boomtown Rats I do like Mondays 😀
  4. Dreadful day on the coupon saved by a free bet 😀
  5. Weekends wagers paid for by courtesy of a free fiver and a goal in the 96th minute for Barnsley 😀
  6. A bit less ambitious tonight but same bloody result 😕
  7. I know and then Firmino had a decent chance after that he should have done better with.
  8. I was already ahead on the day so didn’t matter.
  9. This is becoming a habit - ouch!
  10. Not quite so fortunate with my freebie today
  11. Article from the Sunday Times today...maybe a wee bit mistimed! Stephen Robinson has big shoes to fill in quest to end 37-year wait for top six spot As he sets about building on the solid base left by Jim Goodwin at St Mirren, Stephen Robinson is still waiting for someone to tell him exactly when the club last finished in the top six. That’s the ambition of the Paisley club, but it’s one beyond their budget, which is well below the likes of Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs and falls short of a few other contenders too. The answer to Robinson’s question is revealing, daunting even. St Mirren finished fifth in 1985, helped by Frank McAvennie’s goals before he moved to West Ham United. With apologies to the evergreen Frank, it really was that long ago. They finished seventh in three of the four seasons that followed but their best since is eighth — in 2012 and 2014. The feeling among fans is that Robinson’s appointment can go one of two ways: either he picks up the baton from Goodwin and runs with it — he guided Motherwell to two cup finals and a third-placed finish during his time at Fir Park — or he’ll drop it and St Mirren will be back where Goodwin found them, staying in the Premiership by the skin of their teeth. Even under Goodwin, the margins between success and failure were slim. St Mirren failed to win any of 11 league games between mid-October and the winter shutdown. After Christmas, they went on a run of six wins from seven games that catapulted them up the table and Goodwin into becoming Aberdeen manager. “For a long period before Christmas they really struggled, we had a good period for a month after the break, where we won six out of seven including two [Scottish Cup] games against Ayr and Kelty,” Robinson says. “It certainly wasn’t perfect before Christmas and it was a run of results that made everything look really rosy. We’re somewhere in between the form before and after Christmas. “Jim did a fantastic job. I am a friend of Jim’s and Aberdeen have got a fantastic manager, but everybody does it differently and it will take time to put your stamp on it and your people into the team. Jim started getting it towards the top six, I’m now tasked with taking it a stage further and getting us there, but there’s another six or seven teams thinking that.” Robinson is already recruiting, with Mark O’Hara set to arrive from Motherwell in the summer to bolster the midfield. Rumours that the classy Steven Davis could arrive from Rangers have excited the St Mirren support, although Robinson refuses to be drawn on that one, despite having worked closely with the Northern Ireland veteran. “I’d absolutely love to sign Steve Davis, he’s a top-class player, probably the best I’ve worked with, but I don’t want to speak about players that are under contract to the end of the season. I don’t think any manager should ever speak about anybody else’s players.” To make room for the new recruits, players will leave, probably including some he’d prefer to keep, such as the goalkeeper Jak Alnwick, who is out of contract and attracting interest from Aberdeen, Hibs and England. If Wolverhampton Wanderers do not call Connor Ronan back to Molineux, there will also be a queue of clubs waiting to take the playmaker on loan next season after the success of this season’s stint at St Mirren. “The budget is okay but it doesn’t have unlimited resources, so you have to be clever with what you do,” Robinson says. “I have to generate some money to bring the players I want in and a lot of money has already been committed to players, so you have to build the squad around them. Ultimately, I have to have the players I want in the team, we’re not a top-six side yet and I have to get more bodies in to help us to do that.” The model is similar to the one he was familiar with at Motherwell, a transition to fan ownership of a community club existing in the shadows cast by Rangers and Celtic. Does that fan involvement bring additional pressure for the manager? “Not really,” Robinson says. “I’d been at Motherwell seven years as assistant manager and manager. I’d a real connection with people there. When there’s good times you really enjoy it, but I worked hard, as every manager does, and you take things personally when it doesn’t go right. There’s nobody angrier than me after a defeat, it takes me three days to start speaking to people again. “In terms of the fan ownership, it’s a good thing. It’s people who care, who have similar beliefs and interests. There’s no magic wand of £20 million to go and do it, but there’s a real common goal at St Mirren that they want to take the club forward and I think they have a real chance.
  12. Sometimes free bet rewards can be actually be rewarding 🙂
  13. This made up for a pretty poor day yesterday.
  14. Wasn’t much of an omen - only 9 goalless games today across all leagues and I managed to pick five of them!
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