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  1. Just sticking with any freebies offered on these matches - for example a free £5 bet builder for the England game tonight. In fact they are offering this on all of England’s games.
  2. Well done. I wasn’t far away with a freebie bet builder - a red card for Charlton would have returned nearly £900.
  3. Cheers - your luck will turn.. I have a small budget too that is augmented by any freebies from the bookies.
  4. First acca up for a wee while 😁
  5. Unlucky tonight with this free 2 quid from Bet365’s golden goals promo 😕
  6. The top arrived the day after the game. Either the Royal Mail tracker is broken or the postman in Oz is an exiled Celtic fan.
  7. Yep - all three sons and the grandson pictured are all Buds. Honestly they had a choice about which team to support - as if that would ever happen 😇.
  8. The lad with the Saints top is my grandson. I sent him a top with Baccus and number 17 on the back but it didn’t arrive on time for him to get it signed at the game today. Posted on 29th August and it hasn’t even left the UK yet according to the Royal Mail tracker😕.
  9. You could be right. There is a photo over on P&B of the celebrations following the second goal and there are a fair number in the stand sitting with their arms folded so to them GIRFUY!
  10. Maybe wrong here but there was a suspiciously large group in S1 yesterday who didn’t appear to get too excited at either goal and a fair number of them left with more than 10 mins to go. Possibly guests with no allegiance to either team.
  11. Out for a meal last night with my son ahead of his birthday today and he showed me that he had a tenner on us at 12/1. I thought well that’s £10 down the drain. He cashed out £95 when we went 2 up - some consolation since he didn’t get to the game today.
  12. Really good week made even better with a nice return on a free bet today !
  13. Douglas Henshall was right - it is fun when a certain team gets stuffed.
  14. All matches now postponed this weekend. https://spfl.co.uk/
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