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  1. I don’t normally like Sunday matches either but this one being moved means that I get to the game and also see 2 of my Saints mad sons playing in their first gig with Web, Kieran Webster from The Views’ new band, at the alldayer at St Luke’s. http://bit.ly/ALLDAYER2019
  2. Getting fed up with this too - makes the cost of each match I can make on my season ticket pretty high. Don't mind travelling up at weekends for game but midweek is a hassle because of the availability of public transport. I need to take a half day off work to attend a midweek game and then not get home until twenty to one in the morning. Will be doing that next week but not again this season. Games on TV are ok but I would rather be there and I am sure others will feel the same given what seems to be a disproportionate number of home games that have been rescheduled.
  3. Allan McGraw - also a RenfrewJuniors stalwart
  4. Think they are being bankrolled by someone and they already believe they are in the big time. Saw their team bus in Moffat when they were on their way to play Dalbeattie Star in the Scottish Cup and I don't think it would come cheap - it was bigger that the bus that Barca used when they played at Murrayfield a few years ago. Also have a look at their merchandise on their website - puts many a club to shame.
  5. Drew Busby scorer of Third Lanarks last ever goal
  6. Liverpool v Borussia Dortmund in the 1966 European Cup Winners Cup final at Hampden
  7. The attendance quoted for this game takes creative accounting to a new level !
  8. Irvine Meadow v Cambuslang Rangers 1973, probably the first game which ended 3-3. Replay ended 2-2 and Meadow won the 2nd replay 1-0
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