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  1. No, vote what way you wish. Weather or not we get a fair result is open to options.
  2. Im not so sure it is. Most fans i know from pub, supporters bus, and mates aside now want chance change. I'd be very surprised if this survey goes against the seemingly overwhelming thoughts of our supporters.
  3. Of course, obviously. I don't earn much, but my outgoings aren't too bad. I don't think the club is saying everyone has to pay this.
  4. Welcome aboard. Plenty of experience and a good age for a keeper.
  5. With the way fuel prices are heading, at least i might still afford to get to Perth next season. Still a shite outcome though.
  6. First goal looking like it could be massive. Mon the Highlanders.
  7. Inverness need to try and start the game the same way they finished Friday night's. Attack the Fermers and they'll fold.
  8. Very enjoyable. Hopefully Caley finish them off.
  9. Will be difficult for Inverness given their suspensions and injuries, but i really hope they pump the Fermers- its high time they were taken down a peg or two, and return to their rightful place in Scottish football.
  10. Welcome aboard the top 6 juggernaut.
  11. No they shouldn't. They just did what most clubs supporters do all the time. Lets see how they behave tomorrow if they lose the cup final.
  12. I think we've applied at least 3 times that i can remember. Probably have given up as a result of that.
  13. This was probably his best piece of work.... RIP.
  14. Disgraceful comments 🤣
  15. I hope they get pumped.
  16. Him also. Don't get me started on Mickey.
  17. Rooney would be fuking terrible. Shite player.
  18. munoz

    Alex Gogic

    So what about Gogic?
  19. Loads of effort from us but just lacking in the final 3rd. The draw probably fair given the chances Livi had. Sorry to see the last of a few players, thanks all for your efforts.
  20. After Liverpool f'd my coupon yesterday, i thought it was going to be a fruitless weekend- thankfully not.
  21. Worthy of a statue right now outside the Main Stand.
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