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  1. Poor tactics, under performing players, wrong team selections all point to a routine home win unfortunately. Not even sure if I'll pay for the privilege for the 1st time this season- apathy has well and truly crept in.
  2. No arguments from me on our current state.
  3. Not quite optimism, just trying to put a slight positive slant on things(if truth be known, I fear the worst under current stewardship)
  4. Nah, not for me. Our crisis started from when Shaughnessy got sent off against County, and then the keeper Coronavirus situation , and then finished off with the Tait sending off. All these these things haven't helped the team or manager, but I can't help but feel , its Goodwin's tactics and team selection that is the main reason for our current run of poor form. Absolutely no cutting edge which results in very few chances being created.
  5. I know someone who once had magic mushrooms on a piece with brown sauce. Beyond foul.
  6. My first Guinness on a Friday night after a shite week at work is always pleasing.
  7. You can just feel the excitement building for this one.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/21/scottish-ministers-considering-strict-new-covid-rules-leak-reveals
  9. We have the worst form in the Premiership over the last 5 games. If ever there was a time for a much needed win, it's this one. Hopefully JG has seen the mistakes he's made , and learns from them. No more excuses please.
  10. https://www.businessinsider.com/why-are-older-people-racist-2018-7
  11. Thickasf**k. You probably dont even realise he was taking the kunt out of people like you.
  12. Take the knee and shut the f**k up.
  13. Could be worse father, at least I'm not a racist. Now fuk off.
  14. If only you could bin the broken bottles in your head, there might be something to build on. Sieg heil mein Shull.
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