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  1. One game doesn't really constitute a run.
  2. I think it happened during the night (Saturday into Sunday).
  3. I think the home support was down about 1000 yesterday on the average.
  4. Just like that, they did.
  5. Man United's defending has been very poor. Surely they cant be as bad second half.
  6. Looking for a consolation for Man Utd. Got a wee single on Liverpool btts&w.
  7. Excellent 1st 25 minutes but then took our eye of the ball. Conor Ronan was our man of the match.
  8. Nothing wrong with passive supporting. As you and your "mate" Shull have previously said, you've paid your dues. You'll miss me going over 3 rows arse before tit when our winner goes in , in the 84th minute.
  9. To anyone that is still undecided about going tomorrow- get yourself a ticket and get to the game. A win tomorrow and we're 4 points off the top. FTOF.
  10. If there was no Celtic or Rangers , sectarianism wouldn't exist in Scotland. I also have had friends over the years that supported these clubs who freely use ,f that ob this in my company. Thankfully I'm not friends with these people anymore.
  11. Rangers supporters have been bigoted since I started going to football in the 70's. What have they as a club(old or new) done to eradicate this ? - F A. If some mutants from Ulster are getting their sash in a twist over this, I say well done.
  12. I do, even though the majority of his tweets happened before he was appointed Chairman. He should have been more careful with his valid opinions/jokes.
  13. Let's be honest- John only said things we've all thought or said ourselves. Rangers fans showing fake anger at this is frankly amusing.
  14. The **** are permanently raging- born raging.
  15. Including slipping on his arse and passing it straight out of play. A very erratic performance. A cert to score against us though.
  16. PSV result cost me for a 6 teams acca. That's twice this week.
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