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  1. Who's to say Gus is better placed to decide on the merits of a player than OK , or any future manager? Madness if you ask me.
  2. I would hope it's the manager having the final say on any players coming in.
  3. Yep , bang on. As it happens Gus supposedly didn't want anything to do with them for fear of them being duds (allegedly).
  4. The Eastern European players that arrived in January weren't down to Gus.
  5. If ( IF) we don't have a proper budget, then who's fault is that ? Is Oran Kearney Irish League insider ?
  6. You believe everything you read on social media, do you ? For all you know he guessed it. Was wrong and something changed, is how I see it.
  7. If not true and he was pushed out the door - stinks even more imo. The truth won't come out.
  8. Was also 2 goals from staying up last game also. All irrelevant now.
  9. The guy that helped people keep their jobs and livelihoods.
  10. Close it now. Kearney gone, but won't be forgotten.
  11. I blame you for his departure. This Talkcrap style thread is the reason he is gone , and where wee weasel and wee angry got the idea from.
  12. I reckon the new "mystery " manager was sounded out weeks ago and Scott was just trying to force Kearney out the door. I suppose we will never know the full truth. A big gamble from Scott if the next man fails.
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