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  1. munoz

    Aberdeen v St Mirren Bet Fred Cup

    I'd say our biggest need at the moment is someone that can provide a cutting-edge. We badly miss someone that can create something out of nothing i.e. Morgan /Mallan type. We seem to be getting to the final 3rd playing some decent stuff but then it seems to break down all too often. The sooner we get some natural width to the team the better.
  2. munoz

    Aberdeen v St Mirren Bet Fred Cup

    Fair enough. You could find fault in quite a few of the performances today tbh. No point in the knee-jerk reaction after an away game at Pittodrie.
  3. munoz

    Aberdeen v St Mirren Bet Fred Cup

    More than made amends after his f up. Kept the scoreline semi respectable with 3 or 4 good saves.
  4. munoz

    Aberdeen v St Mirren Bet Fred Cup

    Missing this today due to injury. Will this be on Sheep TV ?
  5. munoz

    Aberdeen v St Mirren Bet Fred Cup

    It could be said , that if it wasn't for Sammy' s penalty heroics in the group stages we wouldn't be playing Aberdeen today.
  6. munoz

    Jim Kellermann Signs

    This might be the case, but I don't like to judge players on a couple of appearances. Surely all players deserve a bit of time, and then if they're not up to the required level the Manager will act.
  7. That's some subs bench. Not a bad starting 11 either.
  8. munoz

    Jim Kellermann Signs

    Going by Kings lack of game time, this appears to be the case. JK was ok against Dumbarton.
  9. sarcasm ˈsɑːkaz(ə)m/ noun the use of irony to mock or convey contempt. "she didn't like the note of sarcasm in his voice"
  10. Bullock against Hearts , Corcoran against Motherwell. Good enough reason as any.
  11. munoz

    Jim Kellermann Signs

    Hard to properly judge either JK or King given how little game time they've had. I'm all for Stubbs clearing the decks if it means the last few pieces of the jigsaw are going to be a step up in quality. Here's hoping.
  12. That's good to see. In recent years we've seen just how important the academy is to us in both players progressing to the 1st team , and their monetary value. Long may it continue.
  13. munoz

    Jai Quitongo

    If he's still as good as he was with Killie , then aye , go and get him.