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  1. My mate just text me this from the ground- perfect, a pint and the game.....
  2. Good idea. Can't see many people against this.
  3. Out of contract. Good luck to him, was a decent player for us.
  4. I think if Gogic was going to sign for us, he'd have done it by now. Hope im wrong.
  5. Great news. Welcome aboard.
  6. Did the same with me. Either its a glitch or we'll be on course to selling 7k season tickets 😃
  7. If you think the club is well run just now, just wait till we get our John McGinn windfall. Well done to club for navigating through difficult times.
  8. https://www.stmirren.com/fans-news/4467-help-a-buddie
  9. I thought McGinn looked tired towards the tail of the season. A good rest and a change of club will probably see him recapture his previous good form. He's not on the downslope of his career yet.
  10. He's got to worth £30m going by the crazy Premiership prices.
  11. Would be lovely, but more likely £35-£45m.
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