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  1. Earlier in the season when we were going through that losing streak, the manager admitted that he'd been too cautious in the way we were setting up and changed things. The last 4 or 5 games have seen us play in a similar way to those games. If he doesn't change how we approach and set up for games very soon, then this season will only be heading one way - and that is another fight to stay up. Time for some experience to be brought back into that midfield. Ryan Flynn was arguably one of our best players before his injury- get him back in the team. If he makes the right changes for this game and has the correct approach, then we've every chance of picking up points, If he persists with the cautious approach, then we'll get nothing.
  2. It's not always that good after a victory either. Perennial gloom merchants make sure of that.
  3. Starting lineup and 1st half tactics all wrong. I have a feeling similar to the Gretna cup defeat- definitely what could have been. Gutted.
  4. Got my matchday programme delivered this morning. Good quality and a decent read.
  5. I think you need to get it for a month minimum, and then just cancel it.
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    It was for hand ball.
  7. I know our form has recently dipped, so all the more reason for putting in a big performance. Earlier in the season when we were on that run of losing games, we eventually managed to turn it around. Livi are a team playing with confidence, in a system that works for them- but they are definitely not unbeatable.
  8. Just about everyone thought the same after we drew The Ran**** in the previous round. Livi will lose at some point, and Sunday's as good a day as any.
  9. Goodwin supposedly doing the punditry for Sky tonight.
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