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  1. Aberdeen were dirty bassas today, thought they were very fortunate to finish the game with just one red card. Thankfully we took advantage of the extra man and put in a very decent 2nd half performance.
  2. Fine lines. Fulham looked a definite. I very nearly accepted the £200 odd cash out offer. Ah well.
  3. A Cove Rangers winner with a minute to go cost me £475 for 4 draws. Huddersfield cost me in my other line. Pish.
  4. St Mirren beat me for £820 for a £2 bet today. Had Dumbarton away to Falkirk, Killie away, Arbroath away, Ayr away. When McAllister went driving into the box in the 93rd minute and got his shot away I nearly creamed myself. Aw well.
  5. Looks like it. Given that we've drawn a blank in our last 3 games, I'm not sure it will have a negative affect.
  6. Opinions of people who don't give anything towards the cause mean f**k all.
  7. As unfortunate as this is, its probably two we can afford to lose at this point of the season.. Also, McCarthy is a better player than Dunne.
  8. Difficult game but not impossible to take something (draw). Another weeks training will help the new players bed in. Will be interesting to see if Power or Ethan come back into the fold.
  9. Definitely. Was our best player today.
  10. Their work rate cant be faulted, unfortunately that's not enough. Getting rid of a striker that scored goals and replacing him with one that doesn't is baffling. On the plus side, there are 5 clubs that are without a win- maybe we can draw our way to safety.
  11. Very poor 1st half, improved performance 2nd. Not sure what Dennis has to do to get a start. He's probably the most natural finisher out of the forwards we have.
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