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  1. I think it's on Twitter, and I'm not on it. It was someone else's phone I seen it on.
  2. I've just seen a photo of him in mid air but no video.
  3. Going by the state of quite a few of them, I'd be surprised if they remembered anything of the game. Willie one shoe definitely didn't.
  4. Hopefully both clubs will agree on a sensible ticket price and keep it as low as possible. A large home support can only help our chances of progressing.
  5. By the time this game comes along , we might have 4 or 5 players playing that didn't feature in our last game against them.
  6. Home advantage is a plus, but very difficult game.
  7. Come on , give us a decent draw.
  8. It's a shame they've not asked Rod Stewart back.
  9. Getting any lower league team and home tie would be most welcome.
  10. Sheffield Wednesday are on that list also after yesterday's pumping at home.
  11. Arbroath definitely, not so sure about Hibs.
  12. Perfect day weather wise for today's game.
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