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  1. Yeah , it looks like the defender gets enough of the ball but then the Duck emerges with it. Can only be one answer......
  2. Hopefully the big man comes back buzzing after that goal and win and fires us to safety with a few goals in the run in.
  3. Although you've failed your Foundation Arithmetic exam, you do make a valid point with regards to lack of promotion. Something I've always felt was lacking.
  4. Is what it is and we just need to get on with it. Flip side is , if we get a result(against StJ) the pressure will be well and truly on Dundee. 2 big results and momentum will be with us.
  5. Cuba 10.30 PM Sunday at home.
  6. Are you in there Shull ? Will I get the guard?
  7. Are you ok Shull ? Shull can you hear me ?
  8. I have to confess to not being that interested in international fitbaw, but with this squad's inclusion of 3 ex Saints players I'll be showing a little more interest than usual. Can anyone remember a time this has happened previously?
  9. Hate Dundee, always have. A nothing team when I was growing up , and f all has changed in adult life to suggest otherwise. Cant think of many things better football wise than relegating those tax dodging bastards.
  10. Was both teams to score and pick the winner. I've been a goal away about 5 times this season, the worst being needing a goal for 3K for a 5er bet ! A big reward bet that rarely reaps dividends.
  11. It was a 4 team acca , Bury postponed. Looking forward to that outcome.
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