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  1. Would be happy with that. Give the fans a chance to say thanks for the great job he did, and then pump them. Win, win.
  2. They are reportedly paying wages of 5k a week for some players. Financial madness for a club their size in the current climate.
  3. Could be in trouble..... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54727478
  4. Definitely won't be that rare, but it has to be my 87 Cup Final programme.
  5. With the way things have panned out this season with regards to Covid, the club probably had to do something like this.
  6. Also, Inverness scored with 4 minutes to go, so the cash out might have been easier to refuse.
  7. Ladbrokes site was down from 2.50 this afternoon. It was showing cash out suspended from kick off. If it hadn't been for their shite site I'd have probably been tempted. Loads of complaints on their Twitter. Cheers.
  8. I've put one behind the bar for you.
  9. Win our 2 games in hand and we're up to possibly 6th. Easy.
  10. 4 draws up today- St Johnstone, Inverness, East Fife and Annan Athletic. £5 netted me £540.14. Bingo !
  11. Don't think the rules for that have been put in place yet, so that won't happen.
  12. Mo Ross has proved he's one of these footballers/people that can't be trusted opening their mouths. I reckon Motherwell will make sure he is gagged from now on.
  13. I wasn't referring to Dundee.
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