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  1. munoz

    Speculation Thread

    Still 14 days till the window shuts. Ideally we'll have our business done before the last day , but as it stands, there's still plenty of time to get the right players in.
  2. munoz

    Speculation Thread

    I thought Higdon was rotten when we signed him. He turned out not bad.
  3. munoz

    Speculation Thread

    He had quick feet hands.
  4. munoz

    Speculation Thread

    Why, have we never signed a "good " player before ? I reckon with having had a look at them, they'll be good enough.
  5. munoz

    January Arrivals

    Would you take Morgan back on loan ?
  6. munoz

    January Arrivals

    Looking forward to seeing the new look Saints on Saturday. Another 3 or 4 in and we'll be more or less sorted.
  7. munoz

    January Signings

    We definitely want him. Fitzy in today's S×× praising him. Come home Lewis!
  8. munoz

    Speculation Thread

    I miss the old fashioned press conference to parade new players. They should bring them back. This casually announcing sometime after dinner takes the fun out of it.
  9. munoz

    Speculation Thread

    Would be massive if we can somehow tempt Lewis back, although I reckon unlikely. I did hear that he wouldn't be going to Sunderland though. Bringing Morgan back could be a real game changer in our relegation battle.
  10. munoz

    January Arrivals

    For a small finder's fee.
  11. munoz

    Cammy Smith

    Eckersley wanted to go part time.
  12. munoz

    January Arrivals

    Hopefully a busy day today.
  13. munoz

    January Exits

    Its reverse psychology, isn't it.
  14. munoz

    January Arrivals

    Welcome aboard Mihai.