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  1. Self awareness is something you really lack.
  2. Has done his reputation and standing a world of good with his efforts. He can be very proud of his contribution.
  3. Good luck to Keanu and Australia tomorrow. You're doing all Saints fans proud.
  4. Aye, but does he like a dodgy bet or two?
  5. Possibly, but i imagine he'll have a few options. The more interest in him the better.
  6. I think we'll probably be lucky to have him after the upcoming transfer window.
  7. Good luck to Keanu and Australia tomorrow.
  8. Was hoping for Drumchapel but happy enough with Dundee. Gives us a decent chance of progressing.
  9. England getting found out for the very ordinary team that they are.
  10. Do you have another points prediction now that you're on a roll ?
  11. I've watched it a few times since the game- not a penalty for me.
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