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  1. Got a 6 team acca on just now. Btts - 1st one up at half time, Finn Harps. Only another 5 to go. What could go wrong?
  2. I couldn't be bothered joining in , in the Philip slagging thread. Anyway , since I have no gambling wins ( thus far today) to report, I need to write something in here.
  3. Deflecting. Some people just don't care to think about certain things. If you have pet , would you make it race to the death or worse still, eat it?
  4. I'm vegan, so there's little chance of that.
  5. What's shite about it ? You hold an old Greek guy that was fortunate enough to be picked up by the Royal Navy in higher regard than a horse that had no option to race. I suggest that it's you that's talking shite.
  6. Means nothing. Like most teams next season, we'll have 6 or 7 new players. Where we and other clubs finish will be dependent on the signings and retention of players. What happened 15 years ago has heehaw to do with next season.
  7. Living creatures are the same as other living creatures but not held in the same regard as some (royalty).
  8. If any are dead, do you think they'll have 3 days of national mourning for them ?
  9. He's talking rubbish anyway. He's no idea who will be getting signed or released from any club. Just another pish the breaks, knee jerk reaction based on an imagination.
  10. Obika will be a big miss today. He has played some of his best football against Motherwell. Another opportunity for Erwin to try and step up and get amongst the goals. 2-1 Saints.
  11. That on top of our development fee would be a healthy wedge, on top of what we've already received. Hopefully a couple of interested clubs come the end if the season.
  12. Yeah definitely. That's them had 5 straight wins on the bounce now. Can see it being pretty close. Hopefully we can get another positive result against Motherwell on Saturday to take into the cup tie.
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