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  1. I heard Brophy is on 3k p/w from a fairly reliable source.
  2. Some effort from McGinn also to be walking a tightrope after his soft yellow , and stroll through the rest of the game. F'n brilliant.
  3. With season ticket sales going directly to the transfer budget, it's a no brainer for me. We'll all get back when we get back.
  4. Would definitely have Mallan back.
  5. Welcome aboard, hope you prove me wrong.
  6. Obika or Main ? No contest for me.
  7. Main cant score , cant run, not great at holding the ball up, what's not to like.
  8. Chelsea deserved that, and more importantly my balance is back to zero. Bastardz
  9. I wasn't going to bother but got a free £5 bet... Stuck it on a draw at full time. Hard to tell how it will go, but just get the feeling its City's time. Chelsea have had the better of recent exchanges, so this might factor in the minds if the City players. 3-1 City, Foden hatrick.
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