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  1. Can't wait for the day the bubble burts and it will ! Sky have killed football as a sport. The days of Brian Clough at Forrest and Bobby Robson at Ipswich, Norwich in Europe and 2nd in the EPL, QPR under Gerry Francis competing for the title. All gone ! Top 6-8 team now in EPL and only 2-3 really capable of winning title. Sky football in the main has now become boring and fans are switching off. Big drop in numbers last season viewing Sky.
  2. Unbelievable how desperate everyone is to blame keepers for every single goal scored these days. Every time there is a goal scored the keeper is analysed to within an inch of his life. "the keeper's gotta do better than that", "the keeper will be disappointed with himself there", "the keeper's positioning is all wrong" etc etc etc. Every single goal. Why can't we just appreciate good goals? Next they'll be blaming Shilton for not saving Maradona's handball ! Hart never had an earthly with either goal. The minute it was over and passed the wall forget it. Griffiths was off and running the minute it left his foot !
  3. Well you thought Craig Gordon had a good game from previous replies so I just compared that with your opinion of Joe Hart ? Simple really
  4. Yeah and Craig Gordon played well too !
  5. Explain to me how Joe Hart f**cked up. They were two world class free kicks from the Griffiths. his positioning was fine the free kick were total class. Griffiths is total class in those situations, can put the ball anywhere. As for Gordon well ................................ You don't seriously think Gordon played well ?
  6. Its the worst performance I've seen from Craig Gordon. I think he's a top keeper but today he was alll over the place. Indecisive and flapping at everything. First goal at total mess and second goal rooted to his line (his biggest failing as a keeper). 45-50 yard ball into the box, a foot inside the six yard box is a keepers ball every day of the week, month, year however long you want to make it. Can't believe Hart is getting blamed for the free kicks. Two world class free kicks that no keeper would have saved. We were better side in second half and a point is well desrved, 3 would have been too. Gutted to say the least.
  7. I'm pleased we didn't bring back O'Brian. I reckon JR didn't rate him and not difficult to see why. Can't believe a club like Man City had him on their books. Hoping the young guy Stewart really takes his chance and can establish himself with Samson a more than able backup.
  8. He'll resign then if needs be. Personally if I was Dundee I would chase Jim McIntyre as he is proven and a huge talent as a coach also. The turnaround job he did at Ross County in the Premiership was on a par with Ross last season.
  9. Ok good point but for me Baird at his age and stage of career should be getting more. If the club valued him highly they would get him on a minimum 2 years. He is cover for an injured or suspended McKenzie or Buchanan
  10. I think Ross will take the Dundee job if as looks likely they offer him it. If everything is sound and the soundings that Jack will take from others point that way then he will go no doubt and he'd be a fool not to. Dundee are easily middle table Premiership team with a few additions to current squad and managed correctly. They are easily a team who could make top 6 in time over a few transfer windows. So unless Jack Ross calculates that a bigger job will come along if he keeps the momentum at SMFC next season then I think he will go, no matter what Gordon Scott puts his way. For me if Jack goes its better now than mid season. If he wasn't interested it would be dead by now and its his club he supported as a boy so the pull is there So for me the big question now is who do we get next.
  11. Buchanan will start before Baird IMO. Baird is cover, nothing more. 1 year contract says it all. Buchanan is a smashing player and will do a real good job for us. Good and typical signing by Jack.
  12. I have a feeling Jack might not resign Stelios and O'Brien. I have a feeling he doesn't trust Stelios's character and we can do better than O'Brien Smith and McKenzie were our 2 best players last season. Great signings
  13. Hopefully not St Mirren, better keepers around
  14. No its not its me too and from what i can see a good few others also. We can do better than O'Brien
  15. Another relegation battle for Stevie Mallan !
  16. I would doubt Mallan is going anywhere near the Barnsley first team squad at the moment. He be going into development academy and we'll see if he can make it from there. He's not good enough currently for Barnsley first team. He is without doubt making the right move. Interesting that nobody else has tried to sign him. 200K is the best the board can get for him. Macgennis will slot into his position nicely and we'll have forgotten about him by October
  17. Eckersley is a better player than Stelios every day of the week. Thats why Jack Ross favours him every time. So is Gary Irvine and Lewis Morgan, so Super Stelios (which he isn't, he's decent and good impact player) doesn't get a game.
  18. I agree. Finishing ninth has to be first aim. Got to get minimum a point against Raith and hope that Hibs beat Ayr then we can't be bottom. Don't want to be having to go to Easter Road requiring a point or more to get 9th. If we get to play-off's I am more than confident that we will stay up. If we don't then we deserve 100% to go down. Raith match will be like a cup tie. Hugely difficult match and vital for both sides. Our previous form is out the window, this is on the day and the Dumbarton performance won't do !
  19. Hope they get relegated.Its a shocking sacking. Hartley would have kept them up but now I think they could easily go. If they do they deserve it. No chance of JR going there, not an earthly.
  20. Ok I'll give in . Didn't realise he was that tall !.
  21. Sorry but I've never really known many football fans who want a small keeper ?
  22. So you think that O'Brien is a commanding keeper then ?. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on that. For me he is non existant with balls into the box, he constantly spills the ball and his decision making can be overall quite poor. As I say I don't rate him and would definitely be looking for another keeper next season. Goram was an exception. O'Brien and Goram in the same sentence doesn't make sense.
  23. Yes its why he has no presence. Its why he never leaves his line.
  24. Agree and well done to Jack Ross for having the vision and bravery to give Morgan, McAllister and Magennis their chance given where we were at the time
  25. Have to say that I've never been overly impressed with O'Brien. He sticks like glue to his line and he constantly spills the ball. A good bit of his decision making is suspect also. He got away with one just in virtually Falkirk's first attack yesterday where instead of catching the ball at highest point he decided to catch it in his arms and Falkirk player nearly nipped in. First goal again static on the line, not expecting him to catch the cross but expecting him to anticipate ball back across goal and to close down the shot on goal. second goal no presence at all, thinks about coming and then changes his mind and weak with the shot. He's too small also. Never in a million years a Man City goalkeeper and for me borderline if he'd get a game at League Two level in England. Can't see him achieving much over next few years. Also get fed up with the "He's a young player" comments. We deperately need a solid, strong keeper next season.
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