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  1. Feeling good - doing the ‘Told you so Dance ‘ [emoji209][emoji91][emoji298]️[emoji322]
  2. Time for optimism- we have not lost a game in our last 6 games the same cannot be said of The Arabs - it is game on 🐼🐼🐼🐼
  3. I will start the bidding at £50
  4. It was the Fever ( Saturday Night ) that did it - COYS[emoji209][emoji460]️
  5. I think it would be a fair shout from all Saints fans to expect that spending money in the club shop would help the club rather than a private individual. Perhaps now that there is a new board then all commercial arrangements would be up for review ( as is healthy and normal business practice) ln the meantime for those who want to buy someone a Saints gift where ALL profit goes to the St.Mirren F.C., then - my shout would be to buy a brick on the stadium wall - a gift for life
  6. Yes - the Official St.Mirren and SMFansCouncil Twitter accounts have posted - thanks C
  7. Hi Tom - all non perishables are ok - thanks for asking
  8. Yes - collection bins will be at turnstiles outside ground from 2pm
  9. The St.Mirren Fans Council have organised another food bank collection for this Saturday. We will be there before the match to collect dry goods, tins, toiletries, all sorts of non perishables for those who are a lot less fortunate than us. Please help us beat last year's total of 626 meals! Make sure and share this far and wide, hopefully the Ayr fans will support this too.
  10. The session went really well - Jack gave a presentation on power point on how he is approaching the training regime . This involved a number of different slides showing the work on formations etc. A good example of his and James preparations was for the recent game v Ayr . They studied a number of games Ayr played including video footage and this revealed Ayr were narrow in Midfield so that is why Saints played more wide . James also showed how they are using new technology at Ralston ( supplied by the Fans Council) . This involved showing players receiving , trapping and shooting. They have also moved tactical boards to Ralston and are creating a specialised area. On the Q& A most of the time was spent on squad depth , fitness , confidence . Jack did feel that his first impressions are the squad is imbalanced as we don't have left side defence or enough midfield cover . Additional insight was provided re the approach to January and with the board present that was most helpful. The management feel the team are growing in confidence and the Ayr result helped . The team believe that they are better than many of the teams above are committed to getting vital league points starting Sat . Jack , James and the board thanked the fans for their recent vocal support as they feel it is really making a difference .
  11. The Meet the Gaffer night is open to ALL Saints Fans - the idea by holding it in the 1877 club was to let everyone have a look (if they had not seen it already ) all you need to do is send an email to [email protected] to attend
  12. Wednesday 16th November 7pm - Open to ALL Saints Fans - Meet the Gaffer @ Q&A
  13. The AGM Event is open to ALL SMFC Fans ... Hope to see you there
  14. St Mirren Fans Council AGM SMFC Webteam Fans News The St Mirren Fans Council will be holding their AGM in the 1877 Supporters Club within the Paisley 2021 Stadium next week. The event will be on Wednesday 16th November, will start at 7pm prompt and be open to all St Mirren fans. As part of the evenings proceedings there will be an opportunity to meet and hear from the new St Mirren management team Jack Ross and James Fowler. The Fans Council will a Q&A session with the new manager and also the new board of directors who will also be attending the event. All you have to do to attend is register your interest by emailing [email protected] Please act quickly as numbers are limited. We look forward to seeing you there and thank you for your continued support.
  15. This is the Email sent out by the club Falkirk Match Opening Times This Saturday we play host to Falkirk with a late 5-15 pm kick off. As a result we will be opening the supporters club from 2-30 pm until kick off and reopening after the match to 8pm. We are continueing to try innovative changes to keep the club busy and give value to members and as a result of our previous promotion (Members guests free and non members £3) we have attracted new members where guests got a chance to experience the facilities for the first time. The offer for our previous Queen of the South game proved very popular and we had the highest attendance at the club this season with 154 members and guests at the club.However, to ensure the bars profitability we will reintroduce a sign in charge, but at a reduced level of £3 for members guests reduced from the previous norm of £6. Also, to protect the value of membership we will NOT allow non members to use the facility this weekend ,unless signed in by a member. Our priority will always be to members but we will continue to make improvements to the club and try some innovative ways to maximise the profitability of the bar along with with providing value for membership. Also, we plan to share more information about the club to ensure our communication with members helps provide a better understanding of the club and the bars profitability.For example the large drop down screen only has BT Sport whereas both smaller wall mounted TVs can provide both Sky and BT Sport. We want everyone to feel part of OUR supporters club and we appreciate feedback to help us keep improving the facility so please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] Also, please use this e mail address to book in any guests for this Saturday's game. There are big changes afoot with a new Manager to be appointed soon .Keep the faith and COYS ! We currently have 203 members and 20 places still available. Alan Wardrop SMFC
  16. Clarification - The only reason the trial made a loss on the day was due to rental of the marquee and the heating hire. If an area which is already within the stadium is used as a storage room can be converted into a bar and then used on match day and of course as a function area sounds a good idea . To me and any business person this would be classed as sweating your asset. The only thing that remains is for this area to be used more frequently and for more uses. The Street stuff team already use it to practice and have functions as it has a wooden floor and they do not have to rent out other halls As stated previously the club is in its infancy and there is an opportunity for members to get involved and shape its future. It would be good to see this energy channelled in a positive direction rather than sit back and snipe. If everyone connected with SMFC had sat back and did that then we would still have a large area in the club called a void area / storage room We had that for 7 years Now let's make the club a success by getting ideas put into action and supporting the new owners with a positive productive culture .
  17. In the spirit of keeping this thread on track here are a few facts :- The SMFansCouncil trialled a Fan Event to gauge interest , this was held in a marquee and had a pop up bar , tv , kids zone and a live band Whilst a loss was incurred on the day due to high rental costs of tent , heating etc (which was funded by Fans Council ) the day was viewed a success by the fan uptake and feedback . This gave the green light to put a plan in place to convince the board ( at the time ) that a permanent facility would be beneficial to enhance the match day experience. The void area in the club was identified as a venue and a green light would only be given if the Fans council could raise funds and interest. This happened with 200 fans commuting to a founders fee of £50 per head . This £10k gave the project a start . The next step was to get Saints Fans to show commitment to a members club by commuting to a subscription - over 200 fans signed up with a promise that the monies would be taken once the club was a reality. So the Fans Council was the vehicle to get it up and running - this has happened . This club was handed over to SMFC and is operated by St.Mirren F.C. A management committee is set up to deal with all matters re the running of the club This is headed up by Alan Wardrop who is now a Director of St.Mirren under the New Management team, So the club is now in the hands of the person who started the trial and project managed the completion . A suggestion would be to send your ideas for improvement direct to him The club itself has only been opened on match day a handful of times and for those who have visited it is impressive We just need to now treat it as an income generator to help the team and St.Mirren
  18. I have sent a copy of this post to Tony Fitzpatrick on email highlighting the issue Regards SMFansCouncil
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