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  1. The School playground was a long time ago for me but anytime I want to get nostalgic I just check on you guys in this forum and it all comes flooding back!
  2. Works for me but have to agree that something on the outside of the stadium would be even better If you look at Evertons ground it has panels all the way round like these ones showing the history of the club in a timeline
  3. Making the point that I don't care how good or cheap another teams service is as this is the ONLY service available to me as a Saints fan. You may think unnecessary but your point may as well have compared Sky or BT sport to SMFC tv so IMHO also unnecessary. If you think something is not worth the money don't buy it simple but comparing a service which is similar but not the same seems kinda pointless. SS
  4. Yes but funny enough I don't support Hibs I support Saints. Its all in the eye of the beholder, if there was a cheaper, better way to be able to see almost every home game (aside from the few I get up to see) I would probably use it, but as this is the option then its good with me. Could it be improved, yes and hopefully it will continue to develop and mature as time goes on with more features etc. SS
  5. I think the service is well worth the money, that however is based on the standard of football on offer currently, start of last year I would have payed them not to show the games A great service that will hopefully keep improving and I like the balance of the commentators. I found it funny last year that they were so made up to catch a flight coming into land over the top of the stand, apparently they had been trying to get that shot for 2 years or so. SS
  6. God you guys are boring, thought this was a football forum or in this case about the new bridge, obviously my mistake.
  7. St.Ricky, someone already posted that Baird only got a 1 match ban and has served it I believe
  8. Pretty sure it was irvine that got sent off v livi unless we are in some sort of alternate reality??
  9. The more they mark Gavin the more space left for the likes of Morgan, Smith, Sutton, Duffy, Stewart and Mcgennis when he is back will be left to exploit not to mention Kirkpatrick who likes to shoot. It has been a while since I could look at a saints team and be hard pressed to pick the next scorer when there are so many options and places goals could come from. Then usually when you have an attacking side your defence is suspect but again ours is solid (ok there have been afew soft goals) and when we have all players fit there are not any others in the division as strong. Then we have 2 good GK at the club Shulls opinion of Samson aside he has proven himself to be solid and at our level a good keeper with the young lad Stewart improving every time I see him. All in all even with some hiccups the futures bright in Paisley for the first time in many years, Gavin is a symptom of that, long may it continue. SS
  10. I cannot bring myself to post as too upset at the range of posted on this board mind you at least SD does not post on here
  11. I am guessing that renting the stadium is a drain on finances and stopping some revenue raising so the fact they have arranged the gifting of the stadium to them and writeoff of outstanding rent by Tulloch looks like a good bit of business.
  12. That haircut is the result of all the heading the ball I hope as no one does that on purpose
  13. Disagree but no need for insults. DD could be an inspired signing or could be utter tripe but when he pulls on the jersey he gets my benefit of the doubt. If he is poor then I will criticise him but not before. SS
  14. Shock news in Paisley as someone agrees with Shull about anything
  15. To be honest I am happy with either Eckersley or Stelios at LB, both are superb players. However When Eckersley plays I just know he is a solid dependable player, but I get genuinely excited any time Stelios picks up the ball as he is a Maverick and you do not know whether it is the solid dependable player who has got the ball or the genius driving at the opposition defence causing panic and goals. For me what Stelios does to the fans is worth more. SS To add to that Stelios has the potential to go into the hall of fame if he continues to do what he does , Eckersley does not.
  16. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/rangers-supporters-campaign-world-war-10952292 This article is so funny, especially for a new club asking for WWII titles for a liquidated one and to say its all in the name of sporting integrity, almost snorted my tea when I read it. SS
  17. Best bit about the Peter Houston Interview is right at the start when even the Paisley Seagulls get in on the act laughing at him, or perhaps that is just mw projecting how I feel but thats how I think it sounds.
  18. Love Stelios and on Saturday he did everything right, defensively he was sound, going forward he is immense, winding up the opposition he did so well one of them got sent off and his rallying of the support after he scored you could see it meant something to him. Was so happy when he signed on again and hope he is with us for some time yet after this season
  19. Thought Samson had a good game today and as someone said if he had a bad game Falkirks had a nightmare losing 3 , two of which went across him. You cannot make up this rubbish
  20. Yep as people said with a goal like the 3rd one and setting up the second Reilly really is not the answer
  21. 3 goals from 4 games he really is not trying hard enough slacker
  22. Not that I know of, as a member you need to let them know in advance so they can ensure there are not too many inside. Well worth doing though as it is a good facility.
  23. Been a member since the start and only used it once due to getting to very few games based on my location in far far awaysville and got to say based on that visit with 3 guests it was well worth the money. 3 guests were a Liverpool ST holder, Everton ST holder and a Leeds fan but we can forget him :), they were very impressed with the facility for fans and the show around we got from Alan, most impressive for them was the disabled supporters platform and the community within the bar. So while some complain about things remember that these 3 guys who support massive clubs were left impressed at the level of contact and facilities that we little club guys get compared to their big bucks money machines.
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