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  1. Seriously, anyone who is suggesting that fat sally should be manager should be certified [emoji23]
  2. Yeh, give them the job cos he was brand new to you and your missus [emoji23]
  3. What relevance does Rangers and Celtic spending big money have to do with the fact that Kenny left Dunfermline fighting to avoid relegation to the 3rd tier? Dunfermline were massively overspending back then as well by the way, hence why they went into administration. So, even with the resources of an overspending cheating club, he still managed to fail!
  4. Ally McCoist is a big hero of mine. After all, his failure to qualify for the Champions League was the final nail that liquidated Rangers (RIP). Super Ally! [emoji23]
  5. Other than the fact that we finished lower than we were when he took over
  6. Sorry Rick. Can’t agree with you. I don’t rate him as a coach.
  7. A championship that included Sevco & Hearts! He did win them their first Scottish Cup in over 100 years! Still wouldn’t him tho!
  8. Not while the manager sat in the dugout and disappeared up the tunnel during games. I also don't think that our assistant manager had the background of theirs.... Hopkin even disappeared up the tunnel in the last minute of the play off first leg, caught on camera.
  9. My "conclusion" wasn't drawn on the observation. I made my observation after I was told what was happening. A quick google of their assistant manager should set alarm bells ringing.
  10. Cos I think that the assistant manager at Livi is actually the guy in charge of not only the team but also the club. Hopkin was just a front. I speculate that he asked for a pay rise and Livi decided they could get another front cheaper. Simply observing the Livi bench at games, seeing who was barking out instructions, making substitutions and, tellingly, who was disappearing up the tunnel for periods while the game was ongoing and then reappearing without anyone notcing or caring said it all to me.
  11. I don't believe Hopkin went of his own accord and I don't believe he will ever "manage" another club again.
  12. I've already stated that I think that Hartson will become the next Livi "manager". He's already at Livi and may well be interested in being the front man which allows things to continue as they are..... I also predict that Hopkin won't "manage" again.
  13. You should have just left it at that
  14. zico

    At last !

    What are you planning on having for dinner though?
  15. Wayne Rooney earns more than you. The fact that I can't prove it doesn't mean it isn't true!
  16. St. Mirren weren't in the Europa League so your point is irrelevant. Stephen Kenny operates in a far inferior league. He got the chance to prove his worth in Scotland and failed.
  17. We also finished in our highest league position in 30 years. Stephen Kenny took Dunfermline down then had them struggling in the lower league! He proved he couldn’t hack it in Scotland!
  18. Stephen Kenny had a shot in Scotland before. He failed to keep Dunfermline in the top flight and was sacked the following season as they struggled in the second tier.
  19. He’s left Livi cos the assistant manager wouldn’t give him a pay rise to continue his job as media figurehead.
  20. Livi won't miss Hopkin at all. The guy who runs their team is still there.
  21. Billy Dodds? Might as well appoint my gran. And she's been dead 30 years.
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