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  1. Yea hopefully we get a pre season game with yous, Oran is exactly what you said re. dealing with players, he is brilliant with them.
  2. Many tanks, look it's like this, all clubs in NI are a stepping stone for people to move up, I wish him the best. I assume if we went to a St Mirren game v Celtic of Rangers it would be hard ot get tickets.
  3. A lot of that is spot on, every player had so much respect for him and worked for him.
  4. How would a group of Coleraine FC fans go about getting ticket for a St Mirren game, we would like to get over and see Oran and your team play a game.
  5. Oran does speak well and is an intelligent man, however I don't know why yous all think you are getting a brilliant manager, it's a different level for him now, tactically is he good enough etc, great man manager, I suppose time will tell but I wouldn't be getting to excited.
  6. Gutted to lose Oran as our manager, gentleman and very mart man, I really hope he does well for your club, group of us are wishing to come over and see him manage a game, how would we get some tickets. I believe Oran took the boat over this morning, he took training last night and told the players he is taking the St Mirren job.
  7. I can't imagine Oran having much knowledge of Scottish football or players. Coleraine don't sign players from Scotland. We usually sign local players and local as in 30 or 40 miles away. Most of our current squad all live very local to Coleraine. Add in raising a family, being a teacher and taking training two nights a week, I doubt he's ever had time to think about players in Scotlands lower leagues and I say lower as if wanting to sign a player for Coleraine from Scotland we would be looking at lower league players. Would he be allowed time as I'm sure he's never seen St Mirren play or knows any players.
  8. Was only a couple of seasons ago fans wanted Oran out, we had a run of nine defeats, we also signed badly and failed when it game to bigger games, especially cup games. Last season was the first good season we had, again we never turned up in Irish Cup final, this season was ours and Orans best, we won the Irish Cup and came 2nd in the league, that's why I'm surprised at the approach, maybe if next season Oran done the same again, but with only one cup in all his time at us it seems strange St Mirren are interested, with little budget I imagine at St Mirren, Oran will be looking to stay up just if got the job, we struggled to when had less of a budget, also who would Oran turn to for advice on current players to sign in Scotland, Kenny? I don't know how he would get on, massive step, different life etc, going from taking training two nights a week to day in working with a squad. Also took our current team a few years to become a decent side, Oran even said when appointed he needs lots of time to build a team, our current squad have been playing together a few years now, bonded well, great team spirit also, this is why Oran has them playing well, also we had a good season but we were by no means brilliant either, would he get 2 ,or 3 years to build a team, can St Mirren allow that.
  9. I'm a Coleraine FC fan, I'm surprised Oran has been approached and not Stephen Baxter of Crusaders who has had loads of success compared to Orans one trophy. Seems strange that there's interest as it's unusual for our league to have clubs outside Northern Ireland want their managers. Would he get to bring his own staff, again doubt they'd move over unless was worth quitting full time jobs for. What kind of salary would Oran expect.
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