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  1. 970 my mate and I were in there and never got the tickets from SAFC I would be extremely worried for next season if I were a Saints fan, our kids never broke sweat. Rangers and Celtic will have a field day against yous
  2. I've just bought 2 tickets for the first home game, what really pisses me off, they charged me £2.50 per ticket, they charged £2 for a while, which didn't bother me much as they used to post the tickets, but now you download and print them.
  3. Can someone tell me if you can pay at the gate on the day, can get my ticket via SAFC, but much prefer to watch the game near the halfway line
  4. Barney Rubble is his nickname, no need for explanation, he's still built like a brick shithouse even at his tender age.
  5. Can't help there, just what he and others have told me, Jim Thorburn who I play golf with sometimes said he played with John, he was a keeper at the Saints, Scott said in an article that it was good to play for St Mirren and follow in his dad's footsteps. Even his missus, a big Saints fan said he played for them, he started off at Middlesbrough from junior football as a lad, went to Dumbarton, Saints then Kerry City. Known him for many a year, so I've no need to doubt him
  6. John and Scott Walker, John played for them in the 60's, Scott more recently, think they are the only father and son to play for Saints, known Scott since he was a nipper, went to his 21st, 30th birthday bashes and his wedding.
  7. ve been on fantastic trips around Europe taking in some of the 120+ European ties my club has played in my days. I've watched some greats wear my clubs' shirt. Malcolm Macdonald, Keegan, Beardsley,Gascoigne, Shearer  And what did win ,Fukc all Nobody remembers a loser L
  8. If last night is anything to go by, we won't bring much. 'Mid table' we will have to see. If Mr Ross can replicate what he done for the Buddies, that will do me. I've lived in Paisley for over 35 years, more than I ever lived in Sunderland, I have a fondness of St Mirren, my pal and his boy both played for them, never been to either of St Mirrens parks, this will be the first.
  9. Oooooo must STILL be hurting Check nulled in the dictionary, obviously didn't go to Paisley Grammar
  10. Didn't say it didn't matter getting relegated twice, I said it nulled the pain, was it 6 in a row, must have lost count, you tend to do that when you get bored of doing things time and time again.. The good times with the unwashed, so you're old enough to remember the 60's when the scum won something.
  11. Can't blame them Bud, will have to improve b4 start of season
  12. No brainer Callum, enjoy your pint
  13. Believe me, beating the scum 5 times in a row, takes all the pain away from being relegated twice, still, we will take another 6 points off them come the season after next.
  14. You obviously don't know jack all about Sunderland v Newcastle, just mention 5 in a row, it would have been 6 but the scum scraped a draw late on. I was at them all. I'll be in Harvies, Tile Bar and the Bull before the game savouring the atmosphere, then back in to celebrate afterwards before I walk home, as it's always great to beat anyone who wears black n white
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