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  1. Drew

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Reflecting a bit more on this, and in the wake of the Stubbs clusterf**k, I can just about see the value of having someone who has broad oversight of club affairs on a consistent basis, and can report back any issues as and when they arise. Certainly before things go sour to the extent they did under the previous management set-up. I would have assumed that is one of the roles of the CEO, but perhaps he (Tony) has other responsibilities that mean it is difficult to be constantly tuned in to general day-to-day affairs at the club. Gus is a level headed guy, and is actually a pretty decent human being when you talk to him. He just might be suited to this oversight type of role, and possibly fancies a new challenge without having to be under the spotlight as a team manager is in this division. Perhaps it is time to get back to supporting our club without feeling the need to question and scrutinise every decision that is made by the people who are charged with this responsibility. It is easy to throw your tuppence worth in from the sidelines, but not always particularly constructive.
  2. Drew

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Agreed. It is all a bit beige.
  3. Drew

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Christ on a bike, between this and the W7 thread, I can't remember quite so many sweaty boabies getting frantically waved around for many a long year
  4. Drew

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    So Gus has been brought back to be Tony and Oran's butler?
  5. Drew

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Is that not the manager's job?
  6. This is all becoming a bit of a storm in a tea cup. I'm not sure that the decision not to allow the group to display the banner was proportionate in terms of the potential for difficulties to arise as a result. It seemed pretty innocuous to me, but I don't have responsibility for the running of the stadium, so not my call to make. On the flip side, I don't think the decision to prohibit the banner being displayed is as outrageous as some seem to be indicating. It was a judgement call, and sometimes these have to be made. As others have suggested, it would be hoped that it wouldn't take a great deal of pragmatism and common sense on the part of all parties to resolve this and allow us all to get on with furthering our shared aim of supporting the club.
  7. Drew

    Electric Cars

    She hates giving cars names, but I might suggest that one.
  8. Drew

    Electric Cars

    I don't disagree with any of that. The technology is key but supporting it with the required infrastructure is critical. Long way to go.
  9. Drew

    Electric Cars

    There will be a requirement for many more on-street charging points. As things stand, unless you have a driveway or garage, you're unlikely to be eligible for any of the grants available to subsidise installation of a charging point. This is clearly a major issue that will need to be addressed. In saying that, as my earlier tweet suggested, some folk seem to get by without a home charging point. Charging points/stations have varying power levels and therefore speed of charge. For a pretty standard battery - say 22kw as we will have - a slower charger (3.2kw) will charge a fully depleted battery in about six hours. A rapid charger, however, would recharge the battery in about 30 - 40 minutes. It seems most people settle for recharging to about 80% when put and about. We're having a 7.5kw charger installed at home, and it will fully charge the battery in about 3 hours. The car lights will run from the standard 12v battery in the car.
  10. Drew

    Electric Cars

    Ach well, everyone needs a bit of drama in their lives
  11. Drew

    Electric Cars

    Heating fan and air con use must affect the mileage range though, same as in petrol and diesel? Aye, probably. The range is certainly reduced in the winter by all accounts.
  12. Drew

    Electric Cars

    Aye, as pod says, I understand that the electrics run off a standard battery.