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  1. Bahoken was a complete nightmare. One of our most disappointing signings ever. The penny can drop later for some players especially when they are young. Shankland and Ross Stewart good recent examples. The reality tho is Morais ain't in the youth bracket. We need strikers who can operate at this level now.
  2. This guy seems to be the latest in a long line of truly awful strikers we have had in the Premiership. Almost all our best chances in recent matches have fallen to him whether it be 1 on 1's or crosses he hasn't connected properly with. He also cant seem to run and control the ball at the same time. The ball doesn't stick when played up to him and I haven't seen him win a header yet. Mullen and Obika did more in 2 minutes than he did in the previous 75. He seemed to be trying too hard on his debut now he just seems sluggish. We can only live in hope that he will significantly improve but I remember thinking that about Ball, Bahooken , Marwood etc etc in recent times. He needs to be given a rest to brush up on his game in training.
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