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  1. If Lewis is out of favour at Celtic and not injured, would he be on Jim's radar for a loan spell? Would we need to wait till January? Celtic have half a dozen players registered injured and Lewis can't get on bench..[emoji848]
  2. Funny how all those old sponsors went bust after sponsoring Saints [emoji6]
  3. Disagree. Danny is decent but falls over all too easily. Always looking for the foul rather than the goal which, to me, looks like a player void of confidence in his own ability to score..unfortunately, great strikers are few and far between and not likely to be found at St. Mirren. And if so, not likely to remain there for long..stick with obika..if nothing else, W7 song is great...on that subject, why did W7 walkout out in first half for last week [emoji848]
  4. Brilliant to see Kyle back. Keep him fit and he'll be a great addition to the team. Always felt he moved too soon, but understand why. Surprised no one else pinched him from under our noses. Chuffed tae bits [emoji23]
  5. No. He's someone who makes plenty of money, was close enough to hear and see but not close enough to be noticed..doesnt matter. Just what I was told. Doesn't change anything and nothing fans can do. We have to just hope despite the internal issues that they get it right and progress the club
  6. Och. Someone who is no longer at the club said he wouldn't trust any of them except Oran kearney..
  7. Goodwin with McPherson assistant. Trust no one but Oran kearney [emoji102]
  8. It depends what you do, doesn't it? The shambles has been going on for a couple of months now. Should've been sorted out before everyone is AWOL
  9. 9 managers in 10 years. Sorry. 10 managers in 10 years. Stability? In abundance [emoji23]
  10. Well, if the clubs welfare is paramount to the major shareholder and owner, I would've thought he'd have been here handling it..this drama has been going on from about our last half dozen games and it's coming to a head this evening when a statement is being released. I just don't see why this short commute seems central to the fallout. Maybe more to it. I hope there is because a short flight to ballymoney is hardly grounds to unsteady the ship once again when stability has been a problem for Saints. I wasn't a big fan of OK, but he got us over the line and thought he deserved a full season anyway
  11. Gordon Scott in America. Fitzpatrick abroad and no manager at first days training. Should all 3 not be here and round a table sorting this mess out? We're going to end up with Gus aren't we, cause we can't be fannying about with players to try bring in? God help us if we ever end up playing against 9 men if Gus takes over (please no)..We really are a bit of a laughing stock if we can't keep a P E teacher as manager who wants to manage a mid table amateur team..aye Tony. Top 4 we are right enough [emoji6][emoji849]
  12. What's wrong with commuting to Belfast? It takes 10 minutes to airport and a 35 minute flight. Derek mcinnes commutes to Aberdeen from Paisley as an example, a longer trip. I just don't get the problem here with that. Why bring his young family and wife to Scotland when we know football is fickle and OK would likely find himself out of a job in 2-3 years time anyway as we won't have won the champions league by then [emoji6]don't get it. It stinks
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