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  1. Is it not the case their average attendance is greater because they give behind the goals to Celtic and Rangers. It's an 18000 capacity, isn't it?
  2. The board need to be careful. If the next appt is a similar disaster, the finger will start pointing at the board.
  3. Can't disagree at all div, though I am concerned that Rice and Jackson remain as did Tommy Craig. You have to remove the the weeds to have a healthy garden. Rumours of Jackson pocketing money for players we've brought in just stinks of narcissm and self interest and the club should be treated with greater respect..
  4. You don't seem to be listening, or reading. You think stubbs should've remained? How far behind do we have to be before we're inevitably looking at relegation before you'd act to remove what has been a poor appointment?
  5. You are trying too hard to simplify this.
  6. Yes, and I'm calm. Read your post and I'm not sure how the board are getting the blame. If every manager was a JR we'd be flying. They've acted swiftly cause it's evident recruitment has been poor along with performances. Now the window is closed and this is what we're left with..[emoji85]
  7. But we didn't beat livi. They pumped us by 2 and it could've been more
  8. Are you going to the games? We were lucky against Dundee. We were comprehensively beaten by Aberdeen and comprehensively beaten by 10 man Rangers, even with 10 men. Comprehensively beaten by livi who took the piss out of us. Comprehensively beaten by hearts who had 30 shots against us. It took us a series of penalty kicks against lesser opponents to get out of cup and nearly blew that. I said he'd be gone by Halloween as I believed we were on a run of 6 straight defeats after the livi performance looking at the fixtures. I don't see your point if to go on losing under stubbs somehow improves our standing as a club.
  9. Hmmm..im not sure anymore. Neither inspire me. There's Chris Sutton slagging us as disgraceful on radio 5 for getting rid of him..[emoji23]
  10. Did he? So he was blaming the board as well..not his recruitment? Hmm
  11. There was a time when I would've agreed but now? [emoji53]
  12. to the contrary. I am impressed that the club recognise that it isn't working an act quickly. maybe because I've been of the opinion that it wasn't working..i don't think he could've left the playing staff in a worse state in such a short period of time. shocking recruitment
  13. His recruitment was poor. He disengaged from players and fans. He sat down when we went behind. He played players out of position. Kepekwa is pish and the others he brought in can't get a game for colts. His rhetoric is depressing and he walks away leaving our team a mess a wealthy man after less than 10 competitive games beating his 14 games at rotherham. He wasn't a popular choice and needed to get off to a flier to turn that around..anyone coming in has a job on their hands now..get tam docherty in temporary charge
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