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  1. It does feel like we've become a 'feeder' club for Hibs, and certainly not showing the ambition of a Tony Fitzpatrick 'top 6 club'..[emoji6]
  2. Looking at the fixtures coming up, and looking at our very light, very ordinary looking squad, I'd say we're in big trouble already. Why does JG only name 4 players on the bench? Kids to? Is he making a point to the board? Is he pissed at the sale of Kyle? And if Tony Fitzpatrick ever says we're a top 6 club again, he should be sectioned..[emoji854][emoji6]
  3. That will be the argument im sure, but the league and clubs have said there is no room for this and games will have to be played. The Czech Republic game where they fielded a whole team of reserves, under 23s etc against Scotland was used as an example by league representatives and pundits alike...its a nonsense..
  4. Let them field their reserves then. We were told there will be no games postponed because of covid when we couldn't delay the hibs game due to the goalkeeping issues..let's see how this pans out, or will it be overshadowed by the draw in Europe for rangers and celtic..[emoji849]
  5. Well done Div and everyone else who donated. Great effort from great fans
  6. I was only curious as to whether he might be out of favour, injured or out on loan somewhere [emoji23] The only thing I thought thats missing from his game was pace. He had been played as a wing back on occasions and in that role he got caught a few times. But his natural role is as a midfielder. That was all. Thought if he's lost his place because of some of his defensive performances then it was a bit unfair when that's not his natural place..hes still only 18!! Still maturing. Hopefully he makes it. He stood out when he was 5 playing in the age group my son did, and all the way through till now he stood out..[emoji848]
  7. Looking through threads to see if there's any chat on him..whats happened to him. Is he injured, out on loan or what?..i always felt he lacked pace but had talent but not even making the bench now when some of the other kids are getting brought in..[emoji848]
  8. I couldn't understand why Goodwin would mention Lewis as a January target unless he had an assurance he would join us, only for the fact that it only alerts every other club that he might be available. Typically though, Lewis is getting a run in the Celtic team now so maybe not a likely mover anywhere..[emoji849]
  9. Considering the present state of injuries and starting to leak goals, I think it's imperative we hold onto Sean [emoji853]
  10. If Lewis is out of favour at Celtic and not injured, would he be on Jim's radar for a loan spell? Would we need to wait till January? Celtic have half a dozen players registered injured and Lewis can't get on bench..[emoji848]
  11. Funny how all those old sponsors went bust after sponsoring Saints [emoji6]
  12. Disagree. Danny is decent but falls over all too easily. Always looking for the foul rather than the goal which, to me, looks like a player void of confidence in his own ability to score..unfortunately, great strikers are few and far between and not likely to be found at St. Mirren. And if so, not likely to remain there for long..stick with obika..if nothing else, W7 song is great...on that subject, why did W7 walkout out in first half for last week [emoji848]
  13. Brilliant to see Kyle back. Keep him fit and he'll be a great addition to the team. Always felt he moved too soon, but understand why. Surprised no one else pinched him from under our noses. Chuffed tae bits [emoji23]
  14. No. He's someone who makes plenty of money, was close enough to hear and see but not close enough to be noticed..doesnt matter. Just what I was told. Doesn't change anything and nothing fans can do. We have to just hope despite the internal issues that they get it right and progress the club
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