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  1. It's a tough tie. Dundee will be up for it, and they beat us last season, as I recall; it only takes a bit of an off day or having a player sent off early on. However, it's a home tie and we are favourites.
  2. Where would it be played? If it's that wee stadium in Maryhill that they used today, we'd get very few tickets.
  3. Who does everyone want? Like most, I suspect, I really don't want an SPL side, or Inverness CT. Ideally it would be away to a local(ish) side: 1. Morton 2. Partick Thistle 3. Falkirk 4. Pollok or Ayr. 5. Clyde or Dumbarton.
  4. Four away games from our next five fixtures? 😖 Our form this season: https://www.soccerstats.com/homeaway.asp?league=scotland Sorry, folks! However, I predict a maximum of six points, and possible as little as three.
  5. I had HesGoals on and missed that. Great stuff.
  6. W6er

    Mr Gilmour

    I have always wanted that, too. I'm paying £12 per month to SMISA. Hopefully that's where the money will come from.
  7. W6er

    Mr Gilmour

    I abstained for the same reason, but had I known about Gilmour I would have endorsed him.
  8. Since when was the national team a football club? 🤨
  9. I got to see the goal! Ayunga has been on fire, from the little I have seen.
  10. Depends how well they are doing. There is definitely potential there to be a reasonably big club (by Scottish standards). Dunno the capacity of Lesser Hampden, mind you. It will be about 4,000. Their potential is to become another Partick Thistle, IMHO.
  11. You should be posting in my Doomsday thread...
  12. Oh, how I would LOVE to be proved wrong, but I'm going for 3-0 Rangers. Still, it's our best start for decades and I was wrong about Celtic, so...hopefully when I log in again loads of folk will have quoted me to tell me I got it all wrong and we were magnificent.
  13. Unfortunately, as much as I hope I'm wrong, I think so too. Still going, though...just in case.
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