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  1. They shouldn't argue with that! It still represents good value. I noticed that Under 17s benefit even more from having season tickets in the Family Stand.
  2. I don't think they're on sale, yet.
  3. I'm going to this yin. First Scotland game in 16 years. 😇
  4. I know you have Don's supporting colleagues, but how can you not want them to beat one of the Old Firm?
  5. We're always told that luck evens itself out over a season. We've had our share of bad luck, and that's changed recently. Just accept it when it goes our way.
  6. I'm sure I read on P&B that Elvis was once a Celtic supporter, and years (I think decades) ago he was on the away end at Love Street as Celtic cruised into a 5-0 lead...and it just clicked that he was supporting the wrong club. 🤣
  7. When will tickets go on sale for this game, which I believe is our next one at home? I'm keen to get mine early, particularly as if they go on general sale they might go quickly with away fans sitting in the home end.
  8. I correctly predicted the 2-2 draw with Hibs. I'm going for another 2-2 draw on Sunday.
  9. My apologies, I wasn't aware that concessions applied to the unemployed. I will get off my soap box now, then.
  10. Some might say that if they can afford £12 (or any amount) to attend a football match then they are getting too much in benefits. Oh, yes! I have heard statements such as "they should get just enough to sustain them, and no more", or "we should bring back the workhouses, and force them to use contraceptives." Huxley, H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw and many others took things to the extreme, favouring eugenics. In fact if one understands how popular eugenics was prior to WWII then one might understand the scepticism surrounding the vaccine. Anyway, I digress, my point is that we're a community club, owned by fans. Should we not help those unfortunate enough to need to claim benefits? Or should we continue to price them out? Lets show the town that we care.
  11. If you are a member of SMISA you could suggest it to the committee. I am, and I received the email about the meeting next month. Unfortunately I can't attend. I also think we should offer discounts to the <23s and the unemployed. The problem is that administering these schemes could be costly. For example, how can one prove they're unemployed? Presumably a letter from the benefits agency, which would need to be checked. It could be run by volunteers who're SMISA members, though. Basically, in order to fill our coffers, and our seats, we need to price discriminate as much as possible. But then how many of our supporters who;re earning a good wage will grumble about 'unemployed layabouts' getting cheaper seats? What realistically could someone receiving benefits afford? How much could someone living on £74.70 p/w pay? £12? Also, I liked Hibs' idea of selling match bundles at a discount, instead of just a season ticket. They also have some sort of kids' club, I think the idea is that they pay something like £5 at the beginning of the season, and then attend the inferior games for £1.
  12. The Northbank do a good job, but it's not enough. I think the atmosphere would improve if we were winning, of course. Long term I think SMISA should financially support the Northbank, to cover costs of displays, and even safe standing. We need to be proactive here, and not just expect people to turn up and sing. Let's show the Northbank that they are valued and help them in any way we can. I would even go as far as subsidising their season tickets.
  13. That would be absolutely hilarious if we won it! They'd be sitting there silently seething as we're jubilant. If it was the other way around they'd be ejected. I haven't got a season ticket this year though, so my fear is it could cause a rush for tickets with thousand of Rangers fans buying them up.
  14. Thanks! It could have gone either way, to be honest. I think a draw's an excellent result. I found your fans to be welcoming and had a good chat with a couple of Hibees before the game and learned a few things about your club's history, as well as Leith's. Great stadium, good atmosphere and a thrilling game. 👍
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