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  1. What has happened to the Club Shop? Where can I buy the new strip? Hope you're all well. 'Mon the Saints! 😇
  2. Presumably it won't be in their interests to lose clients who're, no doubt, paying through their nose for care. It will also damage their reputations. Other than that, it might be difficult to prove negligence.
  3. Boxing is a very skilful art - requiring agility, technique, speed and composure under pressure. Demonstrating that skill, against a willing opponent of roughly the same weight (or size and stature) is not the behaviour of a 'common primate'. I think a more rounded competition would also involve a game of chess, a short literary composition and perhaps an 800 metre race. You could add swimming, singing and weight lifting, too.
  4. Grown men tend to be egotistical, Oaksoft. Whether it's working out in the gym, driving fast cars, wearing designer clothes, bragging about the size of their genitalia or how much they can drink, or their golf handicap, how many push-ups they can do....or flaunting their intellect. Men are competitive and egotistical by their very nature. There's almost certainly an evolutionary reason for that, or perhaps it comes back to original sin. If you've ever drunk in a less salubrious pub, you will probably be aware that it's not a good idea to make extended eye contact with another male, as it can be seen as aggressive and a challenge. "What the f**k are you looking at?" I suppose you're correct, it is 'chimp-like' in the sense that it's driven by one of man's baser instincts. However, we're not talking about a car park with no rules, but a boxing match, in a ring, with a referee. Pugilism is a noble art in that it allows man to release his aggression and fight, whilst simultaneously restraining himself by adhering to a set of rules - no gouging, biting, kicking, etc. The internet is brilliant in many respects - it allows all of us Buddies to communicate with one another from all across the country, and the world. It also provides people with a sense of security, given that they're sitting in the safety of their home. Unfortunately, some people cannot resist the temptation to behave mischievously and in a manner that wouldn't be countenanced, even by themselves, were they physically amongst those they target. Could you imagine everybody on this forum sitting around a table and saying some of the things that they write on here? It simply wouldn't happen. Unlike you, I don't find it boring - I find it both fascinating and amusing. "Give a man a mask and he will tell you the truth", said Oscar Wilde, I believe. "Give a man a the means to interact with others anonymously, and from the safety of his own home, and you will encounter the 'characters' that one finds on blackandwhitearmy.com." - W6er Why let it bother you? Just laugh at it and move on to a something more sensible. By leaving the forum, you're admitting that it gets to you, and it shouldn't. It really shouldn't.
  5. I don't see the harm in a charity boxing match! Boxing is a (combat) sport, and with gloves and a referee, I think it's a very gentlemanly way to decide things. The only potential problem is if the contestants were in different weight divisions.
  6. If it's given to low paid folk, and is significantly more than they would normally receive, then some folk will definitely try to contract it. Essentially the government will be rewarding them for contracting it. What is the self-isolation period? Ten days? Fifty quid a day is a lot of money for some folk.
  7. It will merely provide an incentive for some folk to catch the virus.
  8. I won't be taking the vaccine.
  9. Just to clarify, all three of us are season ticket holders! So we do have two spare log ins! But I would like you to buy a stream, please Shull!
  10. Mate, you've no idea how much I appreciate this. Good to read the Police Scotland/HMRC matter was closed. The SMTV season ticket attendance figures mean nothing - three of us use the one login. My only fear is that people might not bother to renew their season tickets next season, or you'll find a whole family just purchasing a kid's ST and all can watch. Kyle Magennis move was what I heard and suspected. Nobody can blame the lad for wanting to play for a bigger club at the end of the day. It's a pity safe standing was never discussed. Maybe next year?
  11. I don't share your optimism. On the one hand we have beaten Livi twice this season, however how typical would it be to lose this one? I'm not sure form goes out of the window, I think that's basically an old footballing cliche, which I doubt is substantiated by any real evidence. Psychology is a huge factor in football, so let's hope Livi get gubbed tonight, and maybe that will influence the result on Sunday. The only positive, which is another footballing cliche, is that 'our name's on the Cup' and, having beaten Aberdeen and Rangers, we are simply destined to win it. 3-1 Livingston.
  12. Some folk would say he was hounded off the forum. I still don't understand what he did to deserve it. As far as I could tell, he was a genuine fan who passionately supported our club.
  13. Partly environmental - we're depleting resources and there has been concern about mankind's impact on the environment. That's the benevolent version. The more cynical one is that the world's elite see us, the hoi polloi, as "useless eaters"; parasites. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Reset#:~:text=The Great Reset is a,and WEF director Klaus Schwab. Every once in a while capitalism needs to 're-set'. In the past this has been through wars - kill off a lot of useless eaters at the same time. Nowadays that wouldn't be practical with the weapons we have. I do think there will be a few skirmishes over the next couple of decades. Possibly TPTB will look to reduce the population through war, but obviously that's risky. I think Iran's next for regime change.
  14. I want that scarf! There's nothing to identify it as a QPFC scarf, so I can wear it to Saints' games.
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