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  1. Good to see you back, Chief!
  2. Cheers for the info. I think mine might have come at last, but I'll need to pick it up from the delivery office.
  3. Personally, I think enough's enough. The elderly and those with underlying health conditions should shield, and let everyone else get on with their lives.
  4. Why is it odd to be able to agree with someone about one thing, but hold an opposing view with that person about something else?
  5. Has anybody bought from https://www.saintsshop.co.uk/category/retro-shirt and if so, how long did it take to arrive?
  6. Sneezing is not a symptom of covid19, though. Apologies to any teachers on here, but the profession appears to have lowered its standards, unfortunately.
  7. @div is online...
  8. Well, it would look too suspect were I to materialise straight away. 😉
  9. Haha! Nobody's that brazen, surely it's just a coincidence?
  10. I have to admit I have no idea why Ricky or Faraway have been confined in here, especially given one of the very recent posters in this thread has behaved far worse. Both are actual fans too. @div, free @faraway saint and @St.Ricky , please!
  11. Shull! Give me a break, please! Right, well I know when I'm not wanted. Just a wee reminder, before I disappear, that the 50/50 Lotto starts tomorrow. First prize is half the takings.
  12. Obviously I used hypothetical examples. However, there are gradients of supporters: e,g, 1 - Fans who will watch the club if we get to a final or perhaps if we're on the TV. They might well own a club scarf or other merchandise. e,g, 2 - Similar to the above, but this fair-weather supporter might watch a few games every season, but only if the club are doing well. e.g. 3 - A frequent spectator, who might watch a few games each season - the big games, plus others if nothing better to do. Might buy the shirt. e.g. 4 - A serious fan - will watch most home games. Buys the shirt each season. e.g 5 - Proper fanatic. Season ticket holder and also attends some away matches. Not all fans have the same level of interest in the club. However, I'd expect those who spend an hour or so each day on a fans' forum would be pretty fanatical about their support.
  13. I expected better from you, Oaksoft. Surely you can articulate yourself without resorting to profane abuse. Oh, and will you please provide me with some examples of me 'attacking other posters' and my 'first grade c***ery', as I genuinely don't have a clue what you're referring to. Absolutely. Why are you even discussing grades of fan unless you are supporting the view that some are better than others? So the guy who doesn't get a season ticket, and cannot be bothered going if it's raining is exactly the same calibre of fan as a guy who buys second hand clothes and eats beans on toast to buy a season ticket, then?
  14. Me too. I know it's a historical thing, but I would prefer a rivalry with Partick - they're much closer geographically and we are both the same size and live in the shadow of the Old Firm. Plus I don't like their fans - hipsters (beardy weirdies, bohemians), students and those whose sensibilities are too fragile to cope with the bigotry of the Old Firm. I really don't like Thistle, actually.
  15. You do know that this is a forum for fans of St. Mirren FC, don't you? I mean, watching the team is supposed to be the thing we all have in common and the raison d'etre of the forum. If there's one safe space anywhere on the internet for people to brag about how much they love St. Mirren, and how many games they go to, then this really is that place. Just ignore this part of the forum if you find it so annoying, and stick to arguing about the Coronavirus in General Nonsense.
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