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  1. I obviously want a Saints win, but a tiny bit of me feels very sorry for David Martindale.
  2. You're probably right. I was absolutely shattered, to be honest. A long day at work followed by a delayed kick off didn't help.
  3. Your optimism isn't shared by the majority of fans, unfortunately, going by ticket sales. It's rubbish that we have to lose Kwon now, as he looked very good the other night. Was it not his pass that put Olusanya through on goal?
  4. How can he say the pitch was poor? It looked fine from where I was sitting! 😮
  5. A good, solid performance. Toyosi's goal was the icing on the cake. I thought Bolton's sending off was harsh - can we appeal it? The consensus seems to be it would've been a second yellow anyway. Ultimately, we've created a bit of daylight between us and the chasing pack. I have heard it said that 40 points is usually enough to guarantee top-six. We're nearly there! But finishing sixth would be disappointing. I want a European spot.
  6. It's going to be a cold one tomorrow night, so wrap up warm, Buddies!
  7. A terrible uptake on tickets! 😮 At this rate Celtic fans will outnumber us.
  8. Hopefully Big Joe will do us a favour again...
  9. Good to read, though jet lag might be a problem for him. I doubt he will start.
  10. This is a hugely significant game in terms of our top-six chances, a proper six-pointer. The table speaks for itself: Hearts are basically a shoe-in to finish third, now; they're on fire. Fourth place will be contested by any of the teams from 4th to 8th, IMHO. - Killie host Livingston on Tuesday, so we have to anticipate they will take all three points from that. - Dundee can catch us with their games in hand, as things stand. Of course, we're in a better position having the points in the bag, though. - Hibs can go within 3 points of us, if they win their game in hand. However, after today's performance and the terrible run they're on that doesn't look likely unless their new players gel very quickly. They're also home to Celtic on Wednesday! - Aberdeen can get within a point of us, if they win their games in hand. They're away to Rangers on Tuesday, so I do not fancy their chances there. A win is important as it will keep us in touch with Killie, who will likely be on 36 points Come 10 pm on Wednesday. Beating Dundee will mean that we'll put daylight between us even if they were to win their games in hand. With Aberdeen and Hibs playing the Old Firm this is a real opportunity for us. I cannot state that enough.
  11. Me, too. But even he can't torpedo this one, surely?
  12. Don't...please! We'll probably lose it 4-3, now. Which reminds me, where's @elvis?
  13. How I wish I'd gone to Easter Road! I always consider the Butterfly Effect though. If I'd gone through, we would not be 3-0 up!
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