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  1. Gentleman! We're all Saints supporters, Paisley Buddies - a fraternity. The black and white brother (and sister) hood Let's not fall out. May you reconcile your differences and henceforth live in peace.
  2. I purchased a ticket from Well directly and it clearly states sit where you want. Just checked mine, and they don't state that. But good to know, cheers.
  3. Strange comment. You think I'm masquerading as a St. Mirren supporter? LOL I've had a lot of time on my hands recently, which is unusual for me.
  4. Well there are 365.25 days of the year, how many times did you think we'd played Celtic?
  5. What is wrong with people today? Are they really such sensitive souls that songs about the Pope, Queen and Ulster genuinely upset them? What really irritates me is people who often born and raised in Paisley, that support these clubs, instead of the one that represents their town. It annoys me that we have empty seats whilst they sell out stadiums which are five or six times larger than ours, thanks in no small part to people travelling from all over Scotland rather than support their local team. But I say pack them in and take their money off them. FTOF.
  6. I will be going to that one, so I needed some sort of crumb of comfort. Can you believe we're going as part of a birthday celebration?! It will be some day if we get a point or three, but chances are we'll get skelped...
  7. Why do I get the feeling your comment is about my obsessive nature and not the number of tickets sold... LOL
  8. Dot Count: https://www.eticketing.co.uk/motherwellfc/EDP/Event/Index/158 SL2 = 15 sold SL3 = 80 sold Total = 95 sold
  9. Toxic atmosphere? When did society become so sensitive and delicate?
  10. www.stmirren.info - found this really interesting website which details the history of the club. I was even able to discern that we have never lost to Celtic on March 7!
  11. Thanks for the advice. It looks as though people have selected particular seats on Motherwell's website, but so long as everybody's made aware of the etiquette then I am sure there will be no problem.
  12. On Monday St Mirren announced that they were not selling tickets for Tuesday's replay against Motherwell. Fans were instead advised to register on Motherwell's website and purchase rickets or pay on the night. I, and quite a few others, did as instructed and have been allocated specific seats. It now transpires St. Mirren are selling tickets and advising people to sit where they like. The reason I purchased my tickets is because I wanted specific seats, and may arrive late due to work commitments. It's now possible that I could turn up and find folk already sitting in my seats. As far as I am aware there is no 'sit where you like' policy, and I imagine this may cause problems...
  13. Sneaky b***ards! The club have modified the web page, and now it appears that tickets have always been available from the club shop. Fortunately Google's cache still shows the wep page as it was on Monday! I would have gone to the club shop had I known. Now there will be trouble, as I suspect many folk, me included, have selected particular seats. This is how fights start...
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