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  1. 3,106 sold! Edit: Apologies. I see @waldorf34 beat me to it...browsing on my phone.
  2. Are you over, mate? I have seen a few fans, but not many. Hoping for at least a couple of hundred. Given it's Linfield's open day, I'm hoping at least a couple of thousand of them.
  3. According to the someone in the comments, he will be at Windsor Park on Saturday:
  4. Bah! I hadn't seen your post. I can't believe it's still 3,039 after 7 hours! Still, pay day tomorrow. By Monday I am optimistically predicting we will have sold 3,200.
  5. I have never watched it before! It's pretty good, actually. I remember it from Rainman as it is referenced a couple of times by Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise:
  6. That's referenced in the film Rain Man, is it not? I think folk should make use of the ignore button if they cannot get on. We're all, or mostly, adults.
  7. Stephen Robinson helping his native economy. I think Northern Ireland is the perfect place to go - similar weather, not too far to travel, but also somewhere a bit different. Same with the Republic. We should maybe alternate between Belfast, Dublin & Cork and get a wee city break each year. Also, let's not forget St. Mirren/Mirin was Irish. 💚 ☘️
  8. To be fair, I don't use Facebook. Keep on posting them, please!
  9. Ah, you know I'm only joshing, Chief! Seriously. I really enjoy the photos on here, so thanks.
  10. Thanks for this. We hit the woodwork twice, too. A good result, and a promising start to the season, albeit obviously a friendly game. I just hope that he plays some of out youngsters this year.
  11. Payday for me is Thursday. I expect another 200 sold by the weekend.
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