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  1. I don't share your optimism. On the one hand we have beaten Livi twice this season, however how typical would it be to lose this one? I'm not sure form goes out of the window, I think that's basically an old footballing cliche, which I doubt is substantiated by any real evidence. Psychology is a huge factor in football, so let's hope Livi get gubbed tonight, and maybe that will influence the result on Sunday. The only positive, which is another footballing cliche, is that 'our name's on the Cup' and, having beaten Aberdeen and Rangers, we are simply destined to win it. 3-1 Livingston.
  2. Some folk would say he was hounded off the forum. I still don't understand what he did to deserve it. As far as I could tell, he was a genuine fan who passionately supported our club.
  3. Partly environmental - we're depleting resources and there has been concern about mankind's impact on the environment. That's the benevolent version. The more cynical one is that the world's elite see us, the hoi polloi, as "useless eaters"; parasites. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Reset#:~:text=The Great Reset is a,and WEF director Klaus Schwab. Every once in a while capitalism needs to 're-set'. In the past this has been through wars - kill off a lot of useless eaters at the same time. Nowadays that wouldn't be practical with the weapons we have. I do think there will be a few skirmishes over the next couple of decades. Possibly TPTB will look to reduce the population through war, but obviously that's risky. I think Iran's next for regime change.
  4. I want that scarf! There's nothing to identify it as a QPFC scarf, so I can wear it to Saints' games.
  5. Interesting stuff! I don't suppose you have the link to the original graph? I am of the opinion that what we're witnessing is an economic re-set. Aye, there's a virus, and it's quite a nasty bug that will kill some of the elderly and sick, but very few healthy people under the age of sixty will die from it. It's being used as a pretext for social and economic change.
  6. Why would you have had the accounts sent to you?
  7. Ach, given everything that's happened this year I can understand why there might be a wee delay. Hopefully it'll be sorted soon. Happy New Year everybody! :)
  8. Despite your pessimism, I've never had reason to doubt your allegiance! Happy birthday. 😁
  9. What an incredible result! I am absolutely delighted with everything about tonight. I just hope we manage to go all the way.
  10. How can we be certain that voter fraud hasn't taken place, btw?
  11. When do the strips get revealed? [and don't you dare say 'just after the poll results are announced!' LOL]
  12. When will the results of the polls be announced?
  13. No, it was more like not going anywhere near the stadium!
  14. If we beat Rangers, guaranteed we'll go out to Alloa in the next round. This season I know how it feels to be like Faraway Saint...
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