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  1. There's a fundraising effort already in place for St. Mirren: https://donateaticket.com/donate/st-mirren/ - it just needs a club official to give the site permission. I understand the website is a not-profit venture.
  2. I give up. I thought this was a forum for St. Mirren fans, yet I suspect half the regular posters on here would actually be quite pleased if the club folded. Goodbye.
  3. It surely hasn't escaped your attention that the club's revenue streams - which, to quote you, 'keep a club alive' - have recently dried up? Some season ticket holders are demanding refunds, there are no gate receipts from matches, I'm unsure whether the TV broadcasters will honour their contracts in full now, the airdome is closed as is the club shop. I'm just a regular fan. I only joined SMISA last month. I would prefer to leave the crowdfunding to people who hold positions within the club, especially when nobody will have heard of me.
  4. Isn't that what National Insurance and taxes are for?
  5. So help to change it, then. Get involved with SMISA, etc. When it is fan owned it can really become a community club. As for the grasping, unfortunately in this day and age, football's become all about money. Players are mostly mercenaries whose collective salaries eat up money. If the clubs wants to compete, it needs financial resources. Those are the facts.
  6. What is the club? What does it mean to you? Many would say that St. Mirren is a Paisley institution, founded in the Victorian era, back in 1877. It is a focal point for the community, where local people unite to support the team which represents their town, and the county of Renfrewshire. It has created a lot of fond memories for people, some indelible such as cup triumphs, wins against the Old Firm, promotions and magical nights such as the recent Motherwell cup game. Then there's the comaraderie, the friendships and bonding that comes from a mutual love of the team. The anticipation of a new season, the trip to the ground and seeing a sea of black and white, the songs, the displays. I fear this unprecedented crisis could harm the club. Who knows how long football will remain suspended? I have heard it suggested the lockdown could continue on and off for eighteen months! Let's hope that's wild speculation with no basis in reality, but then again isn't it best to be prepared? It will, hopefully, soon be owned by the community, and I think it must be preserved, whatever the cost. I have to assume that people who spend so much of their time on a forum dedicated to the discussion of St, Mirren care for the club, and are literally supporters of this cherished institution. Why else would they be here?
  7. So what association do you have with St. Mirren these days, Shull?
  8. Absolutely, that will teach me not to read my posts. I've had a long day stuck in front of a computer and I'm shattered. Few historians doubt the historicity of Jesus, btw. Even the heathen lefty types at The Guardian tend to agree on that: - https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/apr/14/what-is-the-historical-evidence-that-jesus-christ-lived-and-died I don't think it's credible for a mythical figure to have spawned such a massive religion, let's not forget that the Roman Empire were unable to suppress Christianity, despite feeding Christians to the lions, and ultimately adopted it as their faith. Have you read the Balfour Declaration? 'Dear Lord Rothschild...' One has to wonder why the Foreign Secretary was writing to a global banker and promising him a country's territory in 1917. A crazy conspiracy theorist might suggest the government was looking for money to finance the war, or he was honouring a bargain struck to bring America into it...or something.
  9. I agree with some of what you've written, Shull. Unfortunately the game down south is awash with money and has inflated players' wages.
  10. There's been this terrible pandemic, known as Covid-19, which resulted in the league being postponed. This has left clubs with expenses but little income, as there are no gate receipts. Anybody would think you live on some remote island...
  11. Not really, it promises eternal life in heaven and the redemption of our earthly sins. It is exceedingly prescient. Also the Bible states that the Jewsih people are God's chosen people (as does Judaism). I believe Jews constitute 0.2% of the world's population, but 20% of Nobel prize winners. Christ was Jewish (or at least half-Jewish), as was: Karl Marx - father of socialism. (Trotsky was also Jewish, and Lenin partly-Jewish) Freud - father of psychology. Boas - father of modern anthropology. Durkheim - father of sociology. Einstein - synonymous with genius, and arguably the greatest scientist of the twentieth century. Oppenheimer - father of the bomb. I think it could be argued that those people above influenced and shaped the modern world, and I'd say far more of a contribution than anyone else. That's not even mentioning their contribution to music, art, literature, film (Speilberg, Kubrick), finance (Rothschild, Goldman Sachs, etc). Of course Judaism also spawned Christianity and Islam, too.
  12. Dunfermline have raised £14,955 - https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/supporttheparsfund
  13. It states in the Bible that the Jewish people will restore the temple in Jerusalem (i.e. build the third temple), I believe. Interestingly, I understand the New Testament was mostly written around one or two hundred years after Jesus' death, i.e. around AD 100. I believe the Romans destroyed the second temple in AD 70, when the Jews were expelled from Palestine - thus creating the Jewish diaspora. So at the time the New Testament was compiled the Jewish people certainly were not in a position to restore the temple, and it was not likely to be imminent. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 essentially re-established a Jewish territory in Palestine. Israel was created shortly after WWII. East Jerusalem, where the temple would be rebuilt was captured in 1967, I think. Only now, with Jews moving back into East Jerusalem is it looking like the temple could be rebuilt. In other words, the Bible predicted the Jewish state would be restored approx. 1,800 years ago. It only became feasible ~100 years ago, and is only now looking like a real possibility. Coincidentally, it's the same era as the existence of nuclear weapons and the technology to make the mark of the beast a reality. A quick Google search elicited this as the top result: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1043186/End-of-the-world-prophecy-Jerusalem-third-temple-Bible-apocalypse
  14. So far: Albion Rovers have raised £7,230 - https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/albionrovers1882 Dumbarton FC have raised £15,189 - https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/dumbarton-fc-sos East Fife have raised £3,705 - https://www.gofundme.com/f/supportthemightyfife Partick Thistle have raised £23,700 - https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-the-jags Raith Rovers have raised £43,285 - https://justgiving.com/crowdfunding/raithroversfc Surely we could raise something? I'd be genuinely interested to know how you financially contribute to St. Mirren, Shull?
  15. Quite a few other clubs have them. If 5,000 supporters were to contribute £20 each, that'd be £100k, which is quite realistic IMHO.
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