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  1. Possibly your best bet. I think the others have sold out.
  2. I'm not sure one needs to have prior knowledge of the theft. I am not a solicitor and will not that I'm well acquainted with the law, but it's my understanding that one just needs to have a reasonable cause to be suspicious that the item you're buying has been stolen. So if someone who looks intoxicated tries to sell you a bag of meat in a pub, you might suspect that the person has not acquired this by legal means. So what you're saying, @Cookie Monster, is that it's widely accepted that @Stmirrenshirts.com purchased his shirts legitimately, with no reason to suspect they were stolen. In that case, the guy has been ripped off and is then being asked to part with a prized item - which he clearly values highly, having displayed it on his website for fellow Buddies to admire - and is then being hounded online, and told he's immoral scum? How is any of that justifiable?
  3. I suppose it could be perceived as an admission of guilt, by a cynical person. However, I'd suggest it could also be a result of receiving abuse, threats and having allegations of criminality directed towards him. Why retain a Twitter account if, for example, he's getting abusive DMs? As for his website, perhaps he feels that sharing his collection is no longer worth the hassle? Genuine question @alanb - if people were phoning you up and saying abusive or threatening things, would you not consider changing your telephone number or unplugging your phone? How is that any different?
  4. Apparently it definitely was stolen: According to West Bank's post, above. I hope he's got evidence, because he's publicly accused @Stmirrenshirts.com of handling stolen goods, which is a criminal offence. If he cannot prove that, I'd imagine that's defamatory. Definitely worth contacted a solicitor about this sort of thing.
  5. Haha! If I was @Stmirrenshirts.com I'd have taken screenprints and reported the defamatory posts to Twitter from the start, and would be contacting solicitors. If it's true he's received threatening messages, these would also be reported and Police Scotland notified. I'd probably be looking to amicably settle the issue with the family, but I'd want proof that they were stolen, in which case I would be informing the police of the seller's details in order that the criminal can be apprehended. I don't know the full story, though.
  6. Well I hope it's fair, because otherwise @Stmirrenshirts.com would be well advised to take legal advice and sue for defamation: Regardless of how he spent the money, if he has paid money for it then he has been deceived. We're talking about a fellow Buddie who has amassed a collection of St Mirren memorabilia which he delighted in sharing with the rest of us via his website, which is now unavailable. Unless there's any proof that he's been underhand in his dealings, then that is defamation. If I was him I'd be taking screenshots of defamatory accusations made against him on Twitter, and perhaps seeing if he can establish the account holders' identities. Perhaps he can contact Twitter. He might have grounds to sue.
  7. 100% agree with you. I think it's a wonderful ground, as is Cappielow. Far more character than our sterile, breeze block home. According to a poster on P&B we've bought over 1,000 tickets already so far.
  8. Well spotted. Twitter is a virtual signaller's paradise - folk looking to appear righteous, champion the underdog, etc. Unless @Stmirrenshirts.com is being accused of stealing them, it is presumably the case that he has paid handsomely for something. Do you know the means by which an ebay seller has acquired his wares? I recently bought a couple of St Mirren programmes, and I don't know anything about the seller. The fact that the family are vague about the details is slightly bizarre, and I think folk have no business hounding @Stmirrenshirts.com without proof that he's done something wrong. On the contrary, at best they sound like sanctimonious busy-bodies looking for acclamation, at worst a virtual lynch mob.
  9. If nobody has offered to reimburse him, then I can't blame him for refusing. If I was the owner of stmirrenshirts.com, I'd want some proof that the shirts had been stolen - for example: an incident number, a letter from the police proving the theft was reported, (social) media reports, etc. At the end of the day, if the guy bought the shirts in good faith, he's as much a victim of crime as the family. I don't like the fact that there's some sort of campaign against him on Twitter, and that folk are judging him without knowing all the facts. It's not right.
  10. @eastlandssaint - any news about buses to Ayr?
  11. Instead of gossiping about the man on the basis of accusations made on Twitter, someone should phone the police or take civil action.
  12. People who wanted to make a day of it and get pissed up in the pubs in Ayr. True enough. Let's hope so. I want to see 2,000 there!
  13. Tickets purchased. I can't wait for this. I see someone in the match thread on P&B has suggested it will be a low turnout because of the train disruption and Covid restrictions. I can't even do a dot count, either.
  14. Is this game really likely to attract more than 10,000 spectators? If not, why the silly Covid Passport checks?
  15. To be fair, Morton are having a wee purple patch. They drew away to Killie, beat Dunfermline 5-0 and won away at Ayr, today. We should win it, but they won't be easy to beat, IMHO. Prediction 2-1 to the Saints. Nah, they'll be posted Monday I should think. We'll be given up to 3,000 tickets, so I don't think there will be a scramble.
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