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  1. Just one more thing, sir. You make a good point.
  2. Nigel Clough has failed at several teams, why is he the man to improve Baccus?
  3. I was surprised, Joe Hart says goodbye to all the players even though he’ll see them 5 minutes later. Should have been at least a minute extra for that.
  4. You’ll recall our result last game of the season in the Sir Tom glory season.
  5. Hunterian


    As has been remarked previously the lure of Euro footie should tempt better players and perhaps push our budget up a bit. Cautious optimism. Enjoy these moments as they could disappear in a flicker. Without sounding like an old man I was at those last 2 Euro games in ‘87, I was a quarter of the age I am now!!
  6. Yeah, their support were disappointing. That said, our support would have drowned them out and clearly , as with the team, realised the importance of the day. When did Dundee last see European nights?
  7. Tanser blocked the keeper but the yellow was a bit harsh
  8. The backing from start to finish was immense. Reminded me of the support in Sir Tom’s era. Team responded, Dundee were poor, 3 points back to Paisley and I’m smiling all the way back to Inverness.
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